Volume  008


September 2007


  LSDL v SIDL -   On Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of September the first International darts event took place between the Lower Sukhumvit Dart League and the Saigon International Dart League from Vietnam. Captained by Rick Horton twelve players representing SIDL were entertained by members of our league and hosted by two bars from the Queen's Park Plaza, the Moonshine and Flaming Moe’s.

On Saturday the event kicked off with two games of four a side playing 1001 best of 5 games followed by 10 games of doubles 501 best of 5 and then 20 games of singles 501 best of 5.
  The results were in favour of the LSDL winning both 4x4 games 7 – 3 in doubles and 15 - 5 in singles. On the day 200 tons were hit of which Pad from the home team was biggest hitter with 24 as well as two of the four 180’s scored on the day and many high finishes and two recorded low dart wins of 15 darts. Highest check-out on the day went to Craig Ewers of the away team with 127

On Sunday due to return flight commitments only 4 hours of play was recorded and games were restricted to singles only of 501 best of 5  35 games were recorded with the home team gaining 20 – 15
  No 180’s were scored on Sunday probably due to a number of delicate heads following the previous night’s festivities and only 1 high finish of 101 courtesy of the away captain Rick.

The sharp shooter of the whole event goes to Yoong from  D'Pelican bar who though only playing 9 games still managed to achieve 23 closes and 35 tons.

Not having a perfect venue to hold this type of event didn’t dampen the quality of darts thrown or the high spirited nature of the players involved and for all the teething troubles the event went very well.

  The organizers of the event, Johnny and I would like to especially thank Kieran for his valuable assistance. And to Somsak, for supplying the dart boards, and dart accessories.

An extra special mention to the two venue hosts Wassana from the Moonshine who provided the catering and Sar from Flaming Moe’s who in addition to keeping good order at the bar also managed to take part in the play as our resident women’s champion. Thank you also to Tom and Matt from the D'Pelican who hosted the reception evening on Friday providing us all with an excellent bbq and buffet.
Thank you goes out to all the players who not only battled on the oche but also helped keep things running smoothly by chalking and recording the games.

A special mention here goes out to Sam and Noi from Dominoes who spent more time recording than actually playing, despite playing only 6 games over the weekend Sam still managed to record one of the 180’s and notch up 19 tons, frightening stuff.
  Thank you to all the players from the home side who devoted their weekend to this event. And a very, very special thank you to all the players from Vietnam who made this event possible by traveling from Saigon to play under unfamiliar conditions.

We hope your return to Saigon was achieved without incident and look forward to the return leg played in Saigon in the not too distant future.
Many thanks.  - - Ben
  Full play results  CLICK HERE

Three Group Shots.


Darter of the Month


September's featured Darter of the Month is the lovely Miss New.

Miss New works at Aloha Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Unfortunately Aloha currently has no dart board but New's love of the game and determination are responsible for probable changes in the near future. We've learned that Aloha has recently bought a dart board and it looks like it's just a matter of time before they set up a throw area.





We've all heard them and maybe some have even made them. Most popular international darts whine "Got too serious" - that's why I stopped playing league darts. "Lighting Too Dull" - "Other Team Unfriendly" - "Board No Good" - "Other Team Always Late" as well as our local whines.

 Domestic favorites from the DT's Whinery.
Watching Ned - a slow relaxed whine that puts many to sleep.
Juniper Jayke - a whine best consumed when already very drunk.
Beaujolais Ben - sharp initial taste that leaves you with a bitter after taste.

DT is compiling a list of all your favorite darts whines. Add yours to our list on our forum and it will soon be up online as a separate page.     Darts Thailand Forum  -  CLICK HERE




  Pisuth worked for years with Kennet Ywin former president of the Bangkok Dart League on the organization and administration of that league. They also refereed major tournaments like the “Thailand Open” with players from Australia, Japan, Myanmar, Sweden, Singapore, Korea and America.  Pisuth is known by all who have ever played league darts in Bangkok. This month we interview the mild mannered man with the intense concentration at the oche and high scoring throws known as "Power of P".  A special thanks to Jay - most recently joining the DT staff and providing this interview.

DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? Pisuth) The first time I held darts was when I was 19 years old. I was working for a company called “River Brother” then. Employees set up competitions and formed their own teams to compete. The single competition cost 100 baht and the team competition cost 1000 baht to join. Each team consisted of eight players. I was playing for a team called “Ace” then. At “River Brother” the employees were also playing for bottles of water, ice tea, ice coffee, meals, and money. So, making a mere 35 baht per day this was a good opportunity.
DT) Who has the most influenced in your dart game?
Pisuth) “River Brother” has been the spark in my dart journey. They looked down on people and I wanted to prove them wrong by beating them in their own game.


Name: Pisuth Humskul
Nickname: Pisuth  AKA "Power of P"
Date of birth: October 11th, 1957
Place of birth: Bangkok
Current hometown: Bangkok
Darts used: 22-23 grams (Bob Anderson)
Height: 174 cm
Occupation: Import-Export (NYK Line Thailand Co., ltd.)
DT) What has been your most memorable win? Pisuth) This was when I played in the “Bangkok Dart League”. I was a “rookie” then and played some of the most intense games with the more experienced players. The league consisted of eight teams and the game format involved six singles, three doubles, two triples, and a team game (six players). It was a one game finish format and was worth one point each. There was a lot of pressure because if you lose then you get criticized publicly.  
DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? Pisuth) The way the game is set now is not very sportive; the teams can just bring in any good/great players they want whereas when he first started he had to work his way up. Before, there were four divisions and now it is all mixed together. There is no room to attract “newbies”.

DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand? Pisuth) The players should be assigned in the division that represents their skills. Before, all the players had a card with personal record showing their abilities. This makes it more fair and sportive. There should be separate divisions…more people are interested but because they have to play against really good players they don’t want to play.


4  501 singles (1 point each)
2  601 doubles (2 points each)
1  701 triple (2 points)
1  1001 team – 4 players (1 point)
So, maximum is 11 points…this way there is a winner and no draw
DT) Anything specific you’d like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Pisuth) For those already in the league: “Be sportive and have spirit and whether win or lose don’t be angry just accept it…it is a homework…you are here to have fun and relax.” For those outside: “we will be teachers…even though some “oldies” are not willing to teach…but for me personally I would be telling you to play your own game and don’t worry about the outcome.”  


Our traveling reporter is none other than Stoke City's favorite son - Jayke.
Don't miss his unique monthly reports on the darts scene where ever his travels take him.


JAYKE'S   TAKE - Cambodia and Pattaya


Starting with Cambodia- what an adventure that was. I picked up a map of the local bars and pubs and off I set with my loyal tuk tuk driver who looked like Phil Silver's Asian love child - very chatty fella who spent very little time looking at the road and more at my map. We toured Phnom Penh for several hours checking out many bars- none of which I could find on my own map but hey. First chance of a game was at 'Walkabout'- an Aussie owned pub with some luvly ladeez sat around and an excellent dart throw- well it had a dart board and some darts. After mingling in true Jayke suave style I somehow ended up playing a female Steven Seagal look-alike who was about a foot taller than me and threw darts flight first- some at the board. Worst thing was after realising she had never thrown a dart in her life she decided to invite herself to my hotel- sadly as I told her I was leaving that night and promised to pop by on my next visit to Cambodia..........oddly she didn't believe me and did shout some comment as she saw me pass by the bar in a tuk tuk several days later.......I think it translated as ' Hey sexy man....are all Irish men that bloody handsome'

Unfortunately that was about as far as it went Dart wise- I desperately tried to find dart action in such places as 'Heart of Darkness' , 'Martini' and 'Shark' etc but just found young Vietnamese ladies who wanted to drink and sit on my knee- was desperately asking them where a good dart venue might be but they obviously weren't the arrow throwing types. Strangely neither was I that night.

After 3 days - trusty map in hand was still trying desperately to locate 'Molly Malones' - 3 confused Tuk Tuk drivers and days later no luck!!! They must have a darts board being the only Brit pub on the map. After an hour or so my loyal Tuk Tuk driver stopped and asked a few of his fellow drivers where Molly Malones was which caused great amusement as I showed them my map..............how was I supposed to know Siam Reap was another town 4 hours drive away---- why did they give me a map of another town at the airport??? I thought it was the Thai name for Phnom Penh. No wonder I'd been getting blank looks from taxi drivers all week. As far as the darts in Cambodia goes- bring your own darts and board is my advice- unless a night of passion with Steven Seagal is your thing of course !!! Hey some odd folk in our darts leagues.

Anyway on to Pattaya- well not much new here- decided to extend my horizons and find some new dart bars. First of all I tried 'Sweetheart a Go Go'- must have a dartboard in there with a name like that. Strangely the dart board must have recently been replaced by a hot tub and two poor unfortunate young things who obviously didn't have a bath tub at home and had to use the bar facilities. After a couple of hours of wondering where the dart board had gone I then tried Angel a go go- a certainty for a game of arrows if ever there was one. Yet again it must be off season as there were some poor unfortunates who couldn't afford any clothes in there and had to wiggle provocatively on a stage to keep warm it seemed. After discussing the best way to finish on 106 with 3 darts with some of the poor bare chested ladies and other things darts it was last chance saloon to find Johnny a darts bar. Well I failed in my mission as 'Classroom' was just full of schoolgirls who obviously weren't very good at science or something and were still in school uniform at the age of 30 odd. Must have been kept back several years it seemed and really needed to study more I thought.

One bar I do recommend is Bentleys on the 2nd road- a former go go (damn it...former) and now a pool and dart bar with 2 boards and a fine throw. Thursday nighters are all welcome to play-they even have those electronic score things for folk who come from Yorkshire or New Jersey to keep up!! Mark the owner a top geezer and very attentive staff- one of the few proper pub darts bars in town to be honest. Check it out if you come to Pattaya and get bored of drinking and looking at ladies!!!!



   MONDAY LEAGUE          Season  Completed  
  The “2nd Monday Darts League 2007”  As of publishing time of this newsletter we're still waiting on information of the final results as well as the end of season party details. As soon an we receive that information - it will be posted here.  Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant     dewdomino@hotmail.com  
   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Round Thirteen / 04 Sep  
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League - At round 13  - Domino Inter’ and Domino Seniors hold the top spot in both divisions. In Division 1 Flaming Moes’ comfortably hold on to second place. In the 2nd division, the Peli-Can and Domino Stone are tied with 16 game points each. Up to date league results will soon be posted on the league's site.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          New Season Starts on 13 Sep  
  The league's New Season will start 13 September 2007. Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com  
   FRIDAY LEAGUE          New League Starting 21 Sep  
  Queen's Square Darts League  is a brand new league that will begin play 21 Sep. Registration is open until 14 Sep. Fun first and with the least structured format - the intention of this league is to attract non-serious dart players and people new to darts with a friendly format. CLICK HERE  to see the team requirements and format. Point of contact for this league is Chris. queenssquaredartsleague@gmail.com  



  The standings as of week 26 see Johnnie Walker Black in the lead with 37 points followed by CAT with 35 points followed by Jungle Juice with 30 points. Next we see Pink Flamingo and Johnnie Walker Red tied at 29 points each. Next Bamboo Grove with 25 points followed by Good friends A with 20 points, one point over Jaew Bar with 19 points. Lazy Daze has 14 points followed closely by Dick’s Office and Good friends B each with 13 points. Next is Bamboo Shoots with 8 points and Love Bar with 4 points.

Still in the works is a challenge match between HHDL and LSDL. Contact Osmo in Hua Hin or Johnny in Bangkok if you’re interested in a weekend away from the usual weekend routine – one match played in Hua Hin the second in Bangkok.

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


This Month's Darts  Bar


Sukhumvit Soi 23
Bangkok - Thailand

Quiet, tranquil, peaceful & oasis are words used by travel companies about Bangkok destinations that hardly live up to these descriptions. The Ship Inn does which is all the more impressive considering that they are only steps away from all the normal chaos of Soi Cowboy.

Proper pub grub like bangers and mash, fish and chips, a real English breakfast, a pork pie, or a traditional British roast lunch make this a popular hangout with homesick British expats.

To top that off, they have a great darts throw which is why the Ship Inn is our Darts Bar of the Month. Find them on our Sukhumvit area map.





SukhumvitSoi 22

  On Friday the 17th of August 16 of Bangkok’s darting elite gathered at the Moonshine to see who would win the bragging rights for the month as the best darter on the night! It was decided that this tournament would be double elimination with all games being the best 2 out of 3 501 legs.

The night started off with a bang as Pattaya Charlie (Somsak) wiped the board with Colin with the help of 3 tons and a checkout of Double Bull, Double Top on board 2. Meanwhile on Board 1, On handed KaptainX 2 legs to 1 defeat despite KaptainX’s 2 tons. The second game on board 2 was probably the slowest game of the night, with Bob and David both having trouble hitting a double. David won in 2 legs with a double 1 finish in both legs. Both darters had multiple chances to win the match with David getting all the luck. Mean while on Board 1 Boy was giving a dart lesson to Brain, both players threw a ton in the match but Boy goes to the next round winning both legs. On board 2 Johnny squared off against Pot, both players threw a ton in the match but Pot goes through 2 legs to none. On board 1 Dono took on Pat and Pat made quick work with 2 tons and winning 2 legs to none. On board 2 Grant took on Sar and despite Sar throwing 2 tons in the 2nd leg lost to Grant 2 legs to none. The last match of the 1st round saw Matt take on Gayle, in a close match Matt advances to the 2nd round.

Next up was the loser bracket, first up was an all Moonshine match with KaptainX taking on Colin. This match took place at Flaming Moe’s. In a even match, KaptainX had enough fire power to overcome the valiant effort put up by Colin. KaptainX advances in the loser bracket. Next up was another marathon match between Brain and Bob with Brain advancing. Next up was Johnny against Dono, in another good match Dono advances. Next up was Sar verses Gayle with Gayle advances after she had to chase Sar down because Gayle had closed 41 with 19 double 16, wait a minute that is 51 not 41, so Sar came back but Gayle won in the end 2 legs to 1.

In the winners bracket first up was On against Charlie, again Charlie advances with a good display of dart throwing. Next up was a one sided match between Boy and David with Boy advancing easily into the next round. Next up was a good match between Pot and Pat with Pat nipping Pot to advance to the 3rd round. The last 2nd round match in winners bracket was between Matt and Grant. Grant threw some good darts to advance with Matt dropping to the loser bracket.

Next up was On against David and in a match that could go either way, David advanced 2 legs to 1. Pot and Matt were up next and with a good display of darts Pot advances to the 3rd round of the loser’s bracket.
  In the 3rd round of the loser’s bracket first up was Brain and KaptainX with KaptainX narrowly advancing to the next round. The second match saw Dono advancing with a victory over Gayle in a hotly contested match. The third match saw Pot demolish David to advance. The last match between Bob and Johnny saw Johnny winning in a good match.

In the third round of the winner’s bracket, Charlie and Boy faced off in a great match with Charlie losing to Boy. In the second match between Grant and Pat, Pat threw some really good darts to advance with a narrow victory over Grant.

Meanwhile in loser’s bracket Dono and KaptainX both played some good darts but KaptainX was a bit better to advance while in the other match Pot finished Johnny’s evening with some very good darts to advance to the next round. The next match Grant went through when Charlie had to leave because of an emergency. We don’t know what the emergency was but wish Charlie the best and hope he comes up to play another time. In the other match Pot beat KaptainX to advance to the next match against Grant. In a reverse of fortunes, Grant finished off Pot’s night with a good victory to, he now awaited the loser of the Pad and Boy match.

In the semi final of the winner’s bracket Boy and Pad played a great match with Pad throwing a Ton 80 to advance to the final. In the other semi-final Boy and Grant played a great match with Grant advancing 2 legs to 1.

The final was the Pad show with multiple tons and 102 finish to win the 1st leg and a 49 finish to win the final 2 legs to 0.

Well done all, it was a good night and as usual the Moonshine hosted a great tournament. The final three were Boy 3rd, Grand 2nd and Pad the grand winner.  - - - David




  The next 501 Knockout will be at Flaming Moe's - Saturday - 15 September at 8 PM. This event is co-run by Flaming Moe's & Moonshine Pub.  



 Thursday  -  23 August  -  8 PM
New Cowboy Bar  Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok

  New Cowboy Bar on Soi 22 hosted a full house crowd on Thursday, August 23rd for the first ever Cowboy Lady Playoffs. Fighting for three prizes of bottles of tequila were 14 exceptionally talented Lady players from around Bangkok. And of course the cheerleading squads of 40 or so men roared in excitement as the evening progressed into the late hours of 2:30 onwards.  
Warm ups started with Oi tossing an outer green bull and then second darting it with a Robin Hood placement onto the first dart. Six darts later she threw a 180. Looked like things might get serious here. And while competition was fierce, the good natured ladies kept their wits and hearts about them in both losing and winning.

 First Leg Games

Giffy  vs.  Moo
Noi  vs.  Gayle
Wai  vs.  Am
Jaa  vs.  Bam
Oi  vs.  Sai
Payam  vs.  Ohn
Sar  vs.  Koy


  Playing 501 with best 2 of 3 games the excitement grew quickly. Losers were still offered a chance of winning by returning through a 301 best game knockout. Scorekeeping duties were relegated to the men (for once) and Ben's boundless rooting kept the house rocking. The games went well into the night and no one seemed to lose the momentum of excitement. The full house was riveted. In the end, Giffy from Domino's placed third for a small bottle of tequila, and Am also of Domino's fame came in second for a fith of tequila and the winner of the night was Sar from Flaming Moe's who took home a big big bottle of tequila -- the liquid gold medal of darting olympics.  
  It was a night to remember, and if you were not there there probably would not have been room in the bar for you anyways. The house was packed, and with that in mind NCB will hold this event once every three months. So, until next time, practice your darts Ladies....  - - Bob  



  This month we have Ben's second installment of DT's Special "Improving Your Darts'. How well do you know your darts?  Especially useful for those of you who will be purchasing your first darts.

Know Your Darts  CLICK HERE

"Improving Your Darts" can be found from this month's newsletter and last month's. We will have new installments each month and a menu for the entire series will soon be on our main page.



    15 - 16 Sep Philippines Open Paranaque City    
    21 -22 Oct Australian Masters (Men) Geelong    
    21 -22 Oct Rene Stevenson Mem. (Women) Geelong    
    03 - 04 Nov Korean Open Seoul    

For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.


Eight months and still growing with more people contributing. We'd like to welcome Jay aboard as our newest staff member. Welcome to Chiang Mai darters and thanks to Chris for making the rounds up there and introducing DT to the darters up there. Both Chris and Jayke continue to get the word out in Pattaya and we hope to see more reports coming from there as well. If we have overlooked your favorite darts bar please let us know and we'll be happy to get you listed.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem -  - Johnny


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