Volume  011


December 2007


With a new team merging from the Down Under Sports Bar, I thought it would be a nice idea to explain the meaning of the name, as is not because some of us are from New Zealand (Tut Tut Harry!) The Down Under Barbarians Darts - Has taken some liberties with the use of the name, but hope to uphold its old tradition

The Barbarian Football Club, typically referred to as Barbarians and
nicknamed the "Baa-Baas", is an invitational rugby union team. The Barbarians play in traditional black and white hoops, though players retain the socks from their "home" club strip. As I would look ridiculous in black and white hoops, and it's far to hot to wear socks - we are by passing the uniform -

Membership is by invitation and the only qualifications considered when issuing an invitation are that the player's rugby is of a high enough standard and secondly that he/she should behave themselves on and off the field. Being asked to become a Barbarian is an honour and not one restricted to British players. Traditionally one uncapped player is selected for each match.

As the name suggests the club philosophy is based on attack with flowing running rugby with lots of tries, particularly in contrast to early Home Nation sides dominated by forward play. So are we - do have one English player, but he is married to an Ozzie, we have 1 Welsh player, who is married to an English, 1 Kiwi, and 1 Thai, married to an Ozzie and as of last week yet to be capped one Ozzie, but from Melbourne - plus we hope to add one traveller to the team each week.

So there you have it the meaning behind the name - - - Gayle

This month's Darter Of The Month is the lovely Miss Wan. Although not a player on the Moonshine Pub's Full Moon team Wan rarely misses a game. Those of you who have played against Full Moon know the lucky guy that she is there to cheer on! With Wan leading the cheering section it's no surprise that the team is doing better than ever this season.





  This month's interview is with Ned who's been playing darts for the Silver Dollar Bar darts team longer than ninety percent of current league players have been in Thailand. Ned's been involved with other darts leagues in town over the years doing scheduling and stats results but now has his team playing in the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League.

Ned's about as laid back as they come and a guy behind the scene - always selects one of the more attractive gals from Silver Dollar to captain the darts team. Better for recruitment as he says. To say that Ned is a man of few words is a true understatement as you will see from our interview.

DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? Ned) Well, just hanging around a bar on Soi Cowboy with a dart board. I was 45 when I first started playing.

DT) Who has the most influenced in your dart game? Ned) John Lowe because I met him a few times when TDA used to have a Thailand Open. I also had the chance to play a few games against him.
DT) What has been your most memorable win?
Ned) Several of them - can't think of one big one off hand. Never had a really big one or against a pro but had some league wins. High close 157 one season and several 180s.

DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? Ned) For what reason I don't know but darts seems it's lost its popularity.


NAME - Ned
DATE OF BIRTH - 22 Dec 1943
DARTS USED - 22 gram tungsten
HEIGHT - 5' 10"
DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand? Ned) Promote more and get more sponsors to send players to other countries. Be able to bring in some pros to promote the sport. And be able to have a Thailand Darts Open.

DT) Anything specific you’d like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Ned) Yeah ah, come on over to the Silver Dollar. That's where all my players hang out and we're always looking for a game with anyone new in town.

  Domino Pub & Restaurant will hold their annual "Lovers Trophy" a 501 Darts Couples Tournament on 24 December at 9 PM.  The price is 1,200 Baht per couple - this includes Christmas Dinner and Trophies. For reservations or more information contact Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          New Season Begins 13 Nov  
  First A Word From Our Sponsor - For those of you who still haven't met Jack and Brandon from Aqui-Pak - I asked for an introduction and description of their product - email below.  
    Hi Johnny,
As previously mentioned, we'd like to express our sincere appreciation to all members of the Darts League for allowing us to be Sponsors during 2007. Quite apart from the pleasure of meeting new acquaintances, our product Aqui-Pak was given valuable local exposure which as a result, realized sales here in Bangkok.

As a brief background, Aqui-Pak products are manufactured in Thailand and were developed by TTJ Design Co., Ltd., and our partners Thai Hygienice Products Co., Ltd., of Bangkok. Aqui-Pak is an absorbent medical packing component used in the transportation of specimen vials under IATA compliance regulations, and has become the laboratory industry standard throughout Europe and the United States.

Again Johnny, our many thanks to all, and confirm if so asked, we'd take pleasure in acting as Sponsor for the upcoming 2008 season.
Best regards,
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League - With Season 15 underway finally , the first week saw Domino1982 take control of the premier league with a 10-0 victory against the recently promoted Domino Seniors. 1982’s X’ has top spot on individual standings with Pod from Syzlaks’ doing his best to steal the title away from him. In the first division things are shaping up in different way, The New Cowboy Bar are in poll position with their top player Wai leading the individual standings too. We are thinking of modifying the score sheet to accommodate all of Wai’s tons. More next time from the LSDL.     Up to date league results are posted on the league's site.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          Week Ten / 22 Nov  
  The 5th Thailand Darts League now in it's tenth week.

Standings as of week ten
 DIVISION ONE  - Pinocchio - Domino 1982 -  G S B - Flaming Moe's -  T O T - Lazy Pelicans

 DIVISION TWO  - Domino Seniors - Offshore -  The Other Darts - Domino Stone -  In Traffic - D'Pelicans

Most 180s Amorn (Pinocchio) with 4.   Most Closes Tui (Domino Seniors) with 38.  Highest close Harry (D'Pelicans) with a 154.

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com


  Hello, yes it’s me still nagging and no I am not going away, Especially now that Johnny has given me a title. Now remember that Christmas is just around the corner, and many people will have a lot of free time, yes more than usual in Bangkok , hard to believe I know, Kind of scary if you think about it. Anyway here are the names I have so far for the up coming 1st ever in Krungtheep. 501 Singles Challenge (loud applause)

Khun’s Boy - Chris (USA) - David Hicks – Gary Dale – Gayle – Grant (like he had a choice) – Jay – Jayke (the gay one) – Johnny (Soi 22) – Kieran – Kenny (c/w Tie) Simon – Taxi – Tristan the Pom –

Those who are missing in action that I have emailed are Khun’s Ben – Gonzo Bob – CW – David ( Harry’s) – Dew @ Dominoes – Dono – Matt – Ned – and Khun Wassana and Khun Saa – shame on you girls!

I will be doing the draw in the 1st week of December as I have now put our Christmas tree up and have done all my Christmas shopping so have nothing else to do!
Token (W) Female Correspondent
Darts Thailand
Email – best501bangkok@gmail.com

 For Full Details



  After five rounds the situation is pretty much as it was expected to be. In division one both Johnny Walker teams are doing well as are Jungle Juice. Dick's Office have had a strong start to their season as well. Cat Bar had a slow start but are catching up the top teams now. Pink Flamingo are surprisingly low in the standings together with Jaew Bar and Bamboo Grove.

In division two Eero from Butterfly Rock, Mojo Trio and Lazy Daze are in top positions and they are followed by Dick's Office B, Love Bar, Good Friends and Deja Vu. As one team didn't start the league at all, there are only seven teams in division two, although there may be an additional team to make up the numbers.

In individuals, last season's champion, Stuart, in already well ahead of others. Next come Tao and Dicky from JWA. Division two's top players are Bon from Dick's Office B, Martin from Lazy Daze and Eero.  - - Osmo

The Hua Hin Darts League is sponsored
by the fine folks at Hot Property Hua Hin.

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The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


This Month's Darts  Bar



Corner of Soi Nanai & Nanai 2
Patong Beach - Phuket - Thailand


Darts & Pool       Darts League Tuesday Nights
Cheap Beer Wednesday & Sunday - All Domestic Beer 50 Baht Spirits 80 Baht
Full Menu - English Breakfast - Pies - Sausage Rolls etc.
All Premier League Football - Sports & Motorsports on Large Screen Projector TV
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Flaming  Moe's
Sukhumvit  Soi 22  Bangkok
by Professor Drink (cub reporter)

  November 15th was the date. Flaming Moe's and the Moonshine Pub were the places. A battle for darting supremacy ensued. These are the tales of the brave souls who lived to tell the tale. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent (and because this humble reporter isn't really big on accuracy)...

A record-tying 20 darters again stepped to the oche, armed with little more than darts, beer and bravado, eagerly awaiting the draw for the first round of 301. Highlights of that first round included Kenny (in what some would characterize as an uncharitable maneuver) quickly sorting Pad's young nephew Click (and using only 10 darts in one of the legs, no less), Johnny finally getting revenge on Dono after a couple of recent knockout matches that went the other way and Moonshine's Tom upsetting a stunned Jay. Other notable matches included the lovely and talented Kiwi, Gayle, squeaking past Moonshine's David, Sar knocking off a hard-charging Tom, Chris of Moe Syzlak fame putting the wood to a red-faced Boy and Billy (back once again from Korea) getting an early surprise loss to newcomer Lee Roy, who's lobbing darts out of Larry's Dive Bar these days.
  Which leads us, inevitably, to the biggest dart story of the year...nay, the decade. What am I talking about, you ask? The fact that young Goy defeated Johnny, fresh off of his victory over Dono? No. While that was undeniably entertaining, it pales in comparison to what has to be one of the greatest upsets in sporting history. The 1976 US Olympic ice-hockey team beating the Soviets? I scoff at this. Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson in the Tokyo Egg Dome? Mere child's play. David going upside Goliath's head despite the heavy Vegas odds in favor of the giant? Not even close. You all know Pad, right? Jolly Thai fella that plays darts for The Moe Syzlak Experience. You know, the guy who always wins these things. The guy that closes 160 and chucks 140s the way the rest of us hit 26s. He lost. Big deal, you say, he doesn't win everytime and there were some damned handy dart players about. Fair enough. But Lek wasn't one of them. And she beat him in two straight frames. Let that sink in for a minute. Yeah, that Lek. The little tiny one who's never played league darts. I've never seen a knock-out crowd go crazier than what happened after she lofted in the second double. A major tip of the hat to the scrappy young Lek for persevering...and to Pad for taking it all in good stride, despite the jeers of a heavily partisan crowd.  
  That highlight finished off the first round and we quickly switched gears to play 501 for the rest of the evening. This being a double elimination tournament, odds are you'll be seeing some of the same names again (this, dear readers, is what's known in the business as foreshadowing). Round 2 saw Lek's carriage turn into a Pumpkin as Gayle put an end to her Cinderella run. Kenny, whose darts can only be described as uncharacteristically accurate on the evening, put the smackdown on the always game Pod, and both Sar and Goy pulled up short, dropping their matches to Chris (who chucked the first 180 I've ever seen him throw) and Lee Roy, respectively. Other highlights included Billy eliminating Johnny in a battle of Yanks who speak Korean, Dono beating KaptainX (in what has evolved into a recurring knockout rivalry) before being handed an early exit by friend and sometime team-mate Simon and Pad dropping a 120 close on David to finish off the mustachioed Moonshiner's evening. In what would have been a stunning upset on any night other than this one, Sar then upset Simon. Goy was not to be so lucky, however, as a now fired-up Pad dropped a 180 on her on his way to a 2-nil victory.

At this point, we'd made it to the Elite 8. The first match saw Kenny, playing like a man on a mission send Gayle into the loser's bracket. Chris, also playing above his usual standard, sent Lee Roy over to the kiddy table, as well. Pod took out some earlier frustrations on Billy, finishing one leg of his victory with only 17 darts, before moving on to put an end to Lee Roy's impressive early run. And Pad may have lost to one lovely lady on the evening, but he was bound and determined not to lose to anymore, as he quickly eliminated Gayle to cap off a run that saw him take out Goy, Sar and the aforementioned Gayle, after his shocking loss to Lek.
  The final four were set: Kenny, looking almost unstoppable on the evening, Chris, the cagey underdog who just might be able to pull it out, Pod, always game and fresh off of two convincing victories, and Pad, down and out from his embarrassing loss to Lek or playing with something to prove? Read on...

First up was Pad vs. Pod. These two are personal friends and team-mates. Surely a friendly game of darts was about to ensue, right? Not so much. These two put on a darting display for the ages, but when the dust settled only one man was standing. And that man's name was Pad. After the Thai on Thai violence it was time for the two veteran farangs to square off. In a match notable for Chris' booming laughter and Kenny's almost non-stop self-cursing, the man known as Kenny the Dart earned his title and advanced to the finals.

On any other night against any other man Kenny would have emerged victorious. But hell hath no fury like a Pad who's recently been beaten by a 4 foot 11 girl who doesn't even own her own darts. Pad was not to be denied and, once again, finished his night standing proudly in the winner's circle. Joining Pad in the prize-raking ring were Kenny, Chris, Pod and Gayle (taking Lee Roy's prize after the mysterious stranger ducked out early).

Thanks to all who attended. As per usual, a good time was had by most. Special thanks are due to KaptainX whose organizational skills keep the whole thing from descending into anarchy, Grant, David, Simon and Jay, all of whom did more than their fair share of score-keeping, and last, but not least, Kenny the Dart, whose constant stream of swearing at his own darts (despite the fact that no one had ever seen him play this good before in his life) kept us all well entertained. Oh, yeah, and a special tip of the hat to Pad, Bangkok Darts Knockout's first ever three time champ. Way to go, kid.

Until next time, I remain,

Drunk and sitting in my brown naugahyde corner



 12 JANUARY 2008

   UPDATE   This event was originally scheduled for 15 Dec 2007 - Reason for postponement - Notification to bars by local authorities that bars must close on 15 Dec for election reasons.  
    Invitation Recipients - Your Chance to Win One of Three Trophies!            

Only players that receive an in
vitation are eligible to participate in this tournament. REASON This competition is specifically for those that don't usually make it to one of the final positions in a knockout. Regular Knockout will recommence in Jan 2008.



  This month we have Ben's fifth and final installment of DT's Special "Improving Your Darts". Now found in our new library section along with his four previous topics.  

Our beautiful librarians will guide you
through all this valuable learning
step by step.

Darts Thailand makes learning fun.






  This month's Jayke's Take goes to the island of Phuket- some where in Thailand about an hour by plane. Despite torrential rain and Johnny sending me walking up and down hills for about an hour , some pleasant darting venues as will be highlighted over the next month or two. After checking in to my no expense hotel, see right-( Air con was excellent) it was off to look for girlie bars and ask the staff where the best darting venues may be-

Bangla road always a good place to start- lots of chatty wee things telling me how 'hansum' I am in exchange for drinks- ladies I already knew that!!!!!!! a few odd folk as well- - particularly the fella in the Chelsea shirt, always though them Southern folk in the UK a bit odd

Although the rain played havoc with the 'threads' , Phuket a pleasant place and for those who haven't been well worth a visit- good venue to throw a few arrows if you can drag yourself away from every thing else on offer-why you want to do that is beyond me but hey- this bar must get a special mention- great name, non stop chatter about 'roos and what is the best ever Rolf Harris Cd if that your thing-they drink beer in tiny cups as well called scooners!!! Shame on them. If you want to see the Parramatta Dingbats play the Brisbane Bongos then the place to be apparently

With the new season upon us and the Emporium already having its Christmas tree up for 3 months that means we approach the festive season so the latest competition is here. This month, a free Cup Noodle to the winner ( not one of those fancy ones at 25 baht by the way). All you have to do is spot who the cunningly disguised individual in Santa-eque 'Do' is in the photo left. Give you a clue- he likes beer and erm beer.

Mark your entries ' The Johnny in Santa costume competition' and e-mail to us before the closing date of April 3rd, that's when the Cup noodle goes out of date.

Anyway folks happy darting and a merry Christmas to y'all. Next month's Jayke's Take wanders to the elegant resort of Krabi- later days.
- - -  Jayke



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For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.




  We've been in email contact with Symon, regular darts player in the Subic Bay area of the Philippines. Most recently we had the pleasure to meet Symon in person at the oche. Let it be said that Symon can hit some numbers especially when we started off. With pints of draught beer flowing as freely as the darts I can't really say who got the best of who but will give our friends in Subic Bay our fair warning. Symon is headed back your way. We look forward to your return in a few months Symon as well as any of your darting fraternity from Subic Bay that has the opportunity to stop by Bangkok.


Hi Fellow (& Lady) Chuckers
Harry's Bar& Grill is offering a whopping 25% discount to all (except Judas Jayke) members of LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts

The offer applies to all food & drink items except staff drinks and special offers, it can be used at any time. So bring your friends (assuming that you have any) to HARRY'S in Soi 33 and pick up your card.

Harry's Bar & Grill



  Ideally we would like to report no rumors and only put out the facts. But we are not always able to confirm if a rumor is true or not by the time we upload this newsletter. In the case of darts events missed here or time or date changes we will email all on our emailing list. If you would like to be added to our emailing list - email us and we will add you.

1) The Aloha Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22 will close their doors in early December for some refurbishing. When they reopen you will see a new bar and a dart board and throw area. ** Source of Rumor - The lovely Miss Charinee owner of Aloha Bar

2) Ben - on a trip back to his hometown in UK has yet to find a single one of those "Proper Darts Bars" he's gone on and on telling us about. ** Source of Rumor - Ben

3) Now that the new season of the LSDL has begun Jayke has stopped promising
every bar with a dart team that he will play for their team.  ** Source of Rumor - Every darts bar in the LSDL

4) Our good friend Paul (a.k.a. Dartoid of Dartoid's World) will be paying us another visit next month. We look forward to again meeting at the oche and tipping a "few" beers. ** Source of Rumor - Paul (a.k.a. Dartoid)

If you can confirm or dispel any of these rumors please contact us.








On behalf of the entire DT staff I would like to take this opportunity to to wish all of our readers our best wishes for the Holiday Season and all the best for the coming New Year.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny



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