February 19 & 20 Photos

    (February 19 & 20) Bangkok Dart Shooters were more photogenic than usual. Must have been the moon or more likely spirits of the liquid type.    
    (20 Feb 07)
The Overboards hosted Flaming Moe's at the Offshore Bar.





    Captain Tan reprimanding her Silver Dollar team after after a loss to Moe Syzlak at Flaming Moe's Bar.    


    Moonshine Pub saw in-house competition of their two teams facing off The Shinning and Moonshine Assassins.    

The Shinning


Moonshine Assassins


    (19 Feb 07)  Monday Night Mini League  @  Domino Pub & Restaurant    

    In Traffic Flaming Moe's    

  Domino Titans hosted Flaming Moe's and Domino Stone hosted In Traffic    


Domino Titans

Domino Stone



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