Photos - 27 Feb - 07 & 08 March

    (08 March 07) The Lazy Pelicans Team @ Flaming Moe's Bar.      

(06 March 07) "Battle with the Bull" Bully Cobras hosted Flaming Moe's @ Bully's Pub.    
    Photo left - group shot of the Old Other Office @ D'Pelican Inn. Photo right - team photo of the Old Other Office @ Flaming Moe's. Not sure of the dates of these two photos.    
    (27 Feb 07) Flaming Moe's hosted Domino Intra @ Flaming Moe's Bar.




"The Joy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat"


(27 Feb 07) Cowboy Job hosted Cat's Meow @ The New Cowboy Bar.




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