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March 2007


Hua Hin Happenings


Greetings from the fishing village. Hua Hin Darts League's 7th season will commence on 6.th of March. This season we will have a record of 14 or 15 teams to stand behind the oche. If there are 15 teams, there will be two divisions, if only 14 then just one long season. Here's a brief introduction the the teams. We'll be moving from north to south.

Pink Flamingo: The only team from Cha Am are starting there second team in the league. With more experience, my guess is that they'll be in top five this season. Bamboo Grove: Champions of seasons 1, 2 and 5. Will defend last season's 3rd place with basically the same team. Newcomer Paul will be available only for the beginning and the end of the season. Bamboo Shoots: Playing at Bamboo Grove and led by veteran darter Joyce the team will mainly consist of newcomers. Ecosse: Led by Martin who played in last season's runner-up team. Martin's team is a question mark as it is a new team. Will probably end up in the upper half of the league. Johnnie Walker: The team will probably be in top five as they've joined hands with Thai Life. Barry's: Champions in seasons 3, 4 and 6 are favourites to win this season's title as well. The team play at Johnnie Walker Bar. Jungle Juice: The venue will have 1 or 2 teams but as the players are mainly new, it is hard to predict how they will do in the league. Cat Bar : Last season's runners-up will again be fighting for the championship trophy. Although Martin has left the team, Noi and Tao will ensure that the team will stay in top three. Jaew Bar: Jaew will lead her team to the new season with some new players so predicting how they'll do is a bit difficult. She herself will be a tough opponent to any player when she has a good day. Butterfly Rock: Captain Mike will now have a more experienced team than last season. Will probably finish somewhere mid-table. Dick's Office: Dick's Office will have so many new players that their outcome is also impossible to predict. They may find it hard when top 16 winner Jim goes back to Glasgow for summer. Love Bar: Another new team lead by Nong. Good Friends: Good Friends will have two teams this season. The other team will consist of some veteran players who have played elsewhere in previous seasons and this team should be in the upper part of the league at the end of the season. --- Osmo


Songkran the traditional Thai New Year has one custom of the sprinkling water for good luck. This has evolved into an all out dousing of water for anyone on the street and for days on end. Great fun for some but for others who have been in the kingdom a while - it's not something to look forward to unless you're planning on attending the Songkran Tournament.

Hua Hin certainly celebrates Songkran and water throwing goes on during the main day but no where near the mayhem in other parts of Thailand. Ten years ago Osmo created the Songkran Tournament. What better way to spend this holiday than getting together for some darts and pool and a bit of drinking. The plan is to have the darts tournament at Bamboo Grove - usual Friday Weekly Darts event on the 13th.  Singles 501 2/3, semis and final 3/5 on Saturday 14th and pool on Sunday the 15th.

Anybody planning to come, get your hotel / guesthouse rooms early as it might be difficult to find one on the day of arrival. Also plan you trip so that you don't have to sit in traffic for hours. Osmo will have more information in the near future. Watch the Darts Forum for more updates.


Darter of the Month


This month we feature Toon of the Inn Traffic Darts Team. In Traffic plays in the Thailand Darts League on Thursdays and currently in a Monday night mini league. In Traffic Bar in located in the Patpong area of Bangkok.






Tuesday's Lower Sukhumvit Darts League is now at the half way point of Season XIII. The Monday mini league has one more week of play. And Thursday's Thailand Darts League is well into the current season.

Keep in mind though that many players on both leagues travel and and some teams could really use a few more players.  If you plan on being in Bangkok and would like to join in on Tuesdays or Thursdays or both - there is a team looking for you. Post a message on the form and a team will contact you.

Latest League Standings can be found on these websites:

Lower Sukhumvit Darts League

Thailand Darts Association  -  for Thailand Darts League


This Month's Darts  Bar


D'Pelican Inn



D'Pelican Inn  hosts four dart teams - two on Tuesday's league and two on Thursday's. A great darts throw area in a large bar that offers a wide range of beers, spirits and cocktails.

Being located in a cul-de-sac just off Sukhumvit Soi 22 D'Pelican Inn is the only darts venue in Bangkok that has a peaceful, quiet outdoor beer garden for your dinning pleasure.

Another unique quality is Bangkok's only shuffle board. The last Friday of every month they have a shuffle board tournament with a free food buffet that is most definitely a feast not to be missed!

D'Pelican has a full western menu, Thai dishes and specializes in Scandinavian cuisine. Daily Specials.

Easy to find with a printable map on their website and also on-line booking for their clean & affordable rooms. Click on the hyperlink or their logo to visit their website.


(BANGKOK - Queen's Park Plaza - Sukhumvit Soi 22)

23rd February saw our first 'Flaming Moe's Darts Knockout Tournament' and what an excellent night and turnout. Early rounds saw little surprises apart from the elimination of Dono and round 2 saw Flaming Moe's own Lek eliminating Jayke who's darts have taken a turn for the worse of late (ie 2 years) and seem to be deteriorating further-co-incinciding co-incidentally with him discovering his favourite drink Smirnoff Ice in Thai supermarkets!!!!!

Big hitter Johnny was the next big shock to fall mainly due to the fact that it was past his bed time, 10-30 pm- rumours that Tiger Beer shares rose that night due to increased sales are unfounded.

Newcomers to Moe's , Mike and Anne Law from the Hong Kong Darts Association both put up sterling efforts but failed to make the last 4 - hope to see them again on their return.

In the latter rounds it was the girls who were outnumbering their male counterparts, both ----- and Nuch from Patpong's 'In Traffic' were beating all put before them as was Moe's own Sar and Lek- co hostesses Pen and Nan on the other hand seemed to be doing more damage to the bar than the board itself at at one stage we were concerned for the safety of chalker Simon as Pen went close to double top- of his head.

As expected both Simon and Ben made the semis and managed to avoid each other, both winning through vs Sar and ----- in close fought games. Moe's 2 big hitters went head to head in the final with Aussie Simon just losing out to his English team 'mate' Ben who took first prize. Congratulations to all who entered and especially the four prize winners- there was actually on top of these a special award 'The Benji Maguire Memorial Trophy' which was awarded to the worst player. A tastefully framed picture of the self proclaimed king of Sukhumvit darts went to Nan- who narrowly pipped Pen to the coveted trophy. Rumour has it she uses it to scare away cockroaches.

News has been circulating that after Ben had signed photos of himself (yes he actually did!!!) that I would be cruel enough to put one for sale on e-bay-some folk think I pick on Ben and it hurts to hear this kind of talk. Will post the e-bay link when up ;)

Thanks to all involved and due to the success are making this into a bi- monthly event in conjunction with nearby 'Moonshine Pub'. Keep in touch for the latest happenings. ---  Jayke

NOTE: The date for the next Darts Knockout at Moonshine Pub has now been decided and the article below was added on March 10th.


(BANGKOK - Queen's Park Plaza - Sukhumvit Soi 22)

Moonshine Pub will hold a singles 501 knock-out darts competition on Friday March 23rd at 8 PM.

All are welcome.
Free food buffet.
Prizes to be awarded.

Moonshine Pub & Flaming Moe's Bar (literally only steps away from each other) co-host Knockout Darts alternating home venues. With the large turn out in February two darts boards were needed. Looking forward to an even bigger turn out on March 23rd both their dart boards will be available for the competition.

Darts Thailand - now in our second month and growing. A special thanks to those contributing information and photos. Hans from Pattaya. Osmo and Barry from Hua Hin. Neil from Koh Chang. Ivar from Ban Chang. And Marc from Koh Samui currently searching for dart bars on the island.

If you know of a dart bar anywhere in Thailand please email the information and it will be added to the Dart Bars Listing page. Chaing Mai and Phuket are well known darts destinations. Internet searches have only provided out-dated information. Many thanks to those who took time and replied to our email queries but with the sad news that they are no longer dart bars.  ---  Johnny


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