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April 2008


The Abu Dhabi Raiders lead by Frank Casey will be in Bangkok 4 - 13 April and are looking for all darts challenges. The Raiders plan on bringing a squad of six players and are looking for some serious competition. Two match dates are already set - Saturday 05 April 8 PM at Flaming Moe's and Thursday 10 April 8:30 PM at Domino. Those who haven't already heard about these dates and are interested in playing can contact Sar or Dono at Flaming Moe's or Dew at Domino. Or post a message on our forum and we'll get the word to them.

We plan on keeping Frank and the Raiders as busy as they wish and will be available for play on others nights as well. Contact me or check the forum - we will post news on additional impromptu matches as they are set. - - Johnny



Firstly a big thanks for all who turned up on both Friday at D'Pelican and Moonshine and for the Saturday evening at Moonshine and Harry's Bar- great turn out and great fun.

Starting off with Friday briefly, as usual a great feed from the good folk at D'Pelican followed by a fun game at the Moonshine with entertainment provided by Mitch and some young lady who seemed to have mis-placed her clothes !!! No one was in a hurry to help her find them but instead seemed keen to photograph her mis-fortune, my memory stick on my camera was well full.

The slightly more serious biz started on Saturday with 2 teams being split up between the two venues of choice. Captain Kenny led his troops to Harry's Bar and despite not being able to speak Yorkshire-ish they put up a brave fight.

Bangkok's Silver Dollar shooter, Joe was first up and a 2-1 defeat against HH's Dickie-little in that one as between Gayle and Anna with the latter winning by the same score for Hua Hin. Again Bangkok's Jay went down in a very keenly contested 2-1 win for HH with Golf chipping in with a 5 finish to put the visitors 3 over par. Grant went down to Rune in a 2-0 defeat to put the hosts 0-4 behind before David from the Aloha bar put the home team on the scoreboard with a 2-0 victory over Ankanna. Team mate in the Bangkok league ,Scott however was desperately unlucky on his finish v Jim as Hua Hin went into a 1-5 lead.
  Captain Kenny rallied the troops for the doubles in his matching burgundy shirt and tie combo as D'Pelican duo Harry and Matt put Anna and Ankanna to the sword with a 2-0 win followed by Pisuth and the lovely Sai doing similar against Rune and Jim- 5-5 and all to play for. Wasn't to be however for the Bangkok posse as Dickie and Golf overcame Dow and Chris to put the result in Hua Hin's favour on the night. Captain Kenny joined the ranks as all joined in for the final round with a 58 check giving HH a 8-5 victory over-all. Well done to all concerned.

On to the Moonshine where glorious leader and all round great guy ,Jayke took his army of gladiators to do do battle against Osmo and his Hua Hin legion. Think I've built this one up too much already- our glorious leader was first up due to the fact everyone else was tucking into Wassana's lovely lasagna and maybe I should have done the same- a 2-0 victory to hitman Leon -losing was bad but to someone in an Arsenal shirt !!!! Up next was The Big Witkowski, Johnny against Hua Hin's Paul with another 2-0 victory for our visitors- the luck of the Irish not needed as Paul hit a 180 on the way. David on his home turf superbly pulled us a point back in a high scoring game v Theo as fellow 'Moonshine' darter KaptainX did likewise despite Joyce's 2 tons in reply. Best game of the day saw newcomer Neil and Hua Hin captain Osmo go head to head in an epic game with the flying Finn Osmo nicking it despite the close of the day of 86 by Neil. Credit to Osmo for 4 tons as well despite being another Arsenal fan. Leon in his second game of the day in a split decision got Taxi on the ropes to win 2-1 and put the visitors 4-2 ahead and all to play for.

On to the doubles and in a strategic and somewhat brilliant move by the Bangkok captain saw David and Taxi paired together to face Paul and newcomer Darren and well erm-lose 2-0. With all points needed another masterplan saw starry eyed couple Johnny and Pla pair up to face Osmo and Joyce- not being able to hold hands for 10 minutes proved too much as our visitors sealed the game 2-1 to take an unbeatable 8-4 lead. KaptainX and Neil restored respectability and saw off Leon and Theo before all took part in the final game with our darts mentor and role model taking a point for the Bangkok Christians who suffered yet another slaughter in the darting Colliseum. Bkk 5 HH 8

Thanks to all concerned-players- organisers and those who came for the free food :) Great fun- see y'all in Hua Hin  - -  Maximus Jayke
   EDITORS NOTE    Uncensored copies of all of Jayke's photos of "the unfortunate young lady who seemed to have mis-placed her clothes" are now available at Jayke's new DVD production company. To find out how to purchase a copy - contact Jayke on our forum. Additionally - we darters here in Bangkok - inviting darters everywhere for challenge matches - uphold the highest standard of a proper darts environment etiquette and would never consider any kind of cheap trick as a distraction to put off our opponents.   

April's Darter of the Month
The Tantalizing Miss Pookie

Although Pookie is not currently a member of any darts team - there's no doubt of her keen interest in our fine sport. Pookie is Jayke's girl and she comes out to watch him play. On his best of nights - Jayke's darts are absolutely boring and it it only gets less interesting from there. Pookie did play in the last Pelican Ladies Knockout. Does she throw better darts than Jayke? Of course - as well as speaking more understandable English.






  This month we had the opportunity for an interview with a long time friend of our darters here in Bangkok - Osmo.  For those new to LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League) meet the man who originally started our league.

DT) As one of the founders of the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League - tell us a bit of how, when and why LSDL started. Osmo) I started the LSDL late in 1999 when we opened a restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 23. The restaurant was called Blue Lakes and we had two dart boards and a pool table there. At that time there were two other darts leagues in Bangkok – Bangkok Darts League and Hong Kong Transpack Darts League. These leagues had teams from all over the Bangkok and sometimes it took more than an hour to get to the venues furtherest from down town. So I started a league where all the teams came from Sukhumvit area. In the first season we had teams from Soi Zero to Soi 22. I also forbid players from divisions 1 and 2 from the other leagues from playing in our league. This was to keep it purely a fun league. I introduced the Mickey Mouse game also to further promote the fun side of it. I also started Lower Sukhumvit Pool League the same year but I have no idea what has happened to it now.


NAME - Osmo Hupli
NICKNAME - When I lived in Bangkok it was Sumo. Here in HH no nickname
DATE OF BIRTH - 16 March 1960
PLACE OF BIRTH - Lappeenranta, Finland (south-east of the country on the Russian border)
DARTS USED - Make Not Known 23g

In the early days Kenny, Mike, Charlie, Taxi, Lui and Julian among others all played for our Blue Lakes' teams. When I moved to Hua Hin in early 2002, first Tom and then Mike took over the administration of the darts league. In 2002 I started a similar league here in Hua Hin and it is really good to see the two leagues playing friendlies against each other now.

DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts?
  Osmo) At the age of 35. I used to go to a place on Soi Zero and we played Mickey Mouse there. Sometimes late 1995 I started going to New Cowboy Bar and was invited to their team. I think I played my first competitive match in November 1995 under the captaincy of J.D. Many memorable darts nights there and other venues from my early days behind the oche.  
  DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game? Osmo) I don't know too much about the influence but all the above mentioned persons made the game fun for me and I think it was more the comradeship than anything else that influenced me. Of course, it was a great honour to be the vice-president of the committee welcoming Phil Taylor to Thailand in 2000 or 2001 and meeting him personally. He is my all time favourite darts player.

DT) What has been your most memorable win? Osmo) I have actually two wins that I cherish the most. First winning the top 16 individuals competition here in Hua Hin in 2005, beating my team mate Eero in the final 3-1. The other one was in May 2006 when our Bamboo Grove team played against Johnny Walker team in the last match of that season. JW were one point ahead of us and a draw would have been enough for them to clinch the championship. We were 1-3 down after the doubles and Mickey Mouse and so needed to win all the singles. I was the last player and after we had won the first two, I faced Barry (the present organiser of our league) in the decider. I beat him 2-0 and so we were the champions.

DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? Osmo) As some other players have said in previous interviews, pool has become so popular that the number of darts players have reduced quite remarkably. Also, there used to be more big competitions in Bangkok for both top players and fun players in places which were big enough to have ten or more dart boards. Those events were fun and you could meet all the players in Bangkok area and elsewhere and socialize with them.

DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand? Osmo) First, to have separate leagues or divisions for those who want to play only for fun and thus bring in new players and for those who want to play at the top level. Second, to have more tournaments for players of all levels. Third, organize tournaments and fun matches in different provinces of Thailand.

DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Osmo) I am very happy that Johnny has created this kind of web page. It is surely what we need here and I can already see that the darts community is getting more active and bringing visitors from other countries to Thailand as well. I hope more darts venues would send their information so that when we visit other places in Thailand (or other countries) we would know where to head for a game or two.




  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League Tuesday night matches begin 8 PM. Lead way is given to 8:30. If no one from the opposing team shows up or no phone call from the opposing team is received by 8:45 the team waiting at the darts board may claim the singles matches. If no one from the opposing team shows up or no phone call from the opposing team is received by 9 PM - the entire match may be claimed. This has been league policy for three seasons but fortunately has never been used - although it did start getting tardy teams to the match venues on time for a while.

Starting matches on time is again an issue, not only because some teams are really pushing the limit on when they show up. But again because of the random early closings of bars by the authorities. Starting at 8 PM - even the slowest of matches should be able to finish by midnight when some bars are now having to close.

Last but not least - many players join our league because of an an 8 PM starting time figuring that they will finish a night's play at a reasonable hour. As shocking or maybe even repulsive the idea may be to many guys in our league - some of our players actually have honest day jobs that require them to get up early the following morning. It's important that we finish early enough to allow them the chance to go home for a good night's sleep while the rest of us search out every late night watering hole in town. - - Johnny



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Latest Update  
  The current season is now getting to an interesting point nearing the finish especially in the 1st Division. Many make-up games are still pending in the Premier Division. Remember captains - any postponed games not played by the end of the season count as a forfeit. For all the latest stats check our official league website - link below. The overview stats are found there with a link to stats on more than you ever knew could be recorded thanls to the work of our own krafty KatptainK.

For those considering getting in new teams and new venues for next season - now's the time to start rallying your troupes. Contact me or KaptainX and we'll be happy to let you know what you need to join in on all the fun. Email is fine but we prefer darts talk in person over a beer. - - Johnny

Lower Sukhumvit Darts League  
The Thursday League is now between seasons.

The new season will begin this month and we will have all the details here next month.

All interested new players and teams welcome.

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.



  Hello all you 501'ers, - What a Sad lot you all are - not that there is much to report - Khun Taxi and Khun Boy have been kick off, well the fact that they are making it harder that getting blood from a stone had something to do with that, Both of these players did agree to play on the league. they both owe me a double Gin and Tonic for the 'P'ing around Fee' I Could write what I really mean but you all know Khun Soi Johnny still worries what his mum (mom) might say! Hi Mum and Sister!

So Kaptian K has promise me results from his games - but like most farang I have found it is all talk - - 3 weeks and still no results - My dear Saamii played D'Pelican Matt and lost 2-3 - well done Matt, and after being beaten by the Hua Hin as well. not a good day for darts in our house hold. So to sum up Khruu Kenny is still in the lead, and everyone else needs to play more games, a sad lot you all are. Consider yourselves all severely growled at and you all owe me a Gin and Tonic, just because you can never have too many! Until next time, ( when I will have photos' of the Grandson!)
  Cheers one and all & Happy Songkran
Gayle - Token Female Thingie
Point of contact for this league - Gayle -



  Hua Hin Darts League began play of their new season on the first of April. This season has eight teams in the first division and eight teams in the second division. Look for an update of all the action in next month's newsletter.   

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.



Calling all darters interested in a return match between the Lower Sukhumvit Dart League and the Saigon International Dart League from Vietnam. It was way back on the first two days of September that the Saigon team captained by Rick Horton with twelve players representing SIDL visited us here in Bangkok for the first leg of this challenge match.

We need a minimum of eight players - have four - others saying that they will need to know a date first before committing. Ideally would like to get at least six before trying to set a date then get eight or more once a date is set. Saigon is able to hold the event on almost any weekend. All interested dart players - check your schedules and let me know what dates are good for you and I will stay in touch with Rick until we can nail down a set date.

Ben usually heads up our international darts challenge matches but as he is still in UK I will be subbing for him until he returns. - - Johnny


This Month's Darts  Bar


Sukhumvit  Soi 20
Bangkok,  Thailand

  Your sports bar at the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 20. Air-con bar and open air bar; additional outside seating in front for 30 people. Drinks, food, TV sports, and darts in a relaxed/fun atmosphere with friendly ladies!

 DRINKS  Wide selection of beers and premium vodka, tequila, gin, and whisky. Happy hours all day from 14:00 until 01:00 with beer priced from 70 to 90 Baht; even happier hours from 16:00 to 19:00 with all beer 55 Baht.  FOOD  “Big John’s
Kitchen” at The Sport Corner kitchen serving Thai and international food.  TV SPORTS  7 large format TVs with South African satellite and local cable – 5 channels simultaneously. POOL  Brunswick 4 ½ feet by 9 feet competition table. Last but certainly not least -  DARTS  New players always welcome for friendly games or join our Tuesday night league team.

The Sport Corner's
website  CLICK HERE



  Ladies Knockout was held at D’Pelican last March 8th on a Saturday evening. It was a great turn out and everyone had fun! 19 ladies that turned up the night to register and play some great games of darts. Mostly escorted by their so called “handsome man”. We also saw a lot of the cheering squad of 50 or so men who cheered their favorite lady to win. On the night free BBQ and Thai food was served for everyone. The tournament was organized by Matt with the help of good friends to make it possible. A hand from KaptainX, Allan, Johnny and specially a valuable assistance from David.

The tournament was a double elimination knockout, best of 3 legs, 301 straight in double out.
  First match was between Gayle of Down Under Bar and Jaa of D’Pelican that ended up 2-1 in favor of Jaa. The Ist leg was won by Jaa hitting a Ton11 in her 2nd 3 darts 60 close, single 20 D20. 2nd leg to Gayle closing it with 40, D20. 3rd leg was a 50 close for Jaa when she was going for the bullseye but hitting the 16 on her first dart but managed to hit D17 with her 2nd dart. While on Board # 2 was a game between the mighty Miss Wai of New Cowboy Bar and rookie Miss Russel of D’Pelican. Russell manage to snatch the 1st leg with a 39 close, single 3 D18 but Wai started good on the 2nd leg and managed a 1 ton, high scores and leaving her with D8 hitting it with 1st dart check. 3rd leg was a close game with Russel seeing a close out but Wai closed the match with 61 in 3 darts. 19, 10 and D16. Back to board #1 was a game between Tum of D’Pelican and On, of Sports Corner Bar. On managed to win the 1st leg with with a 2 check on a D1. But Tum won the next 2 legs with a close, D4 and last leg with 18 left with a D9. Board #2 was Miss Dao of Silver Dollar and Tam with an easy win for Dao winning in straight 2 legs. Check on 2, D1 and 20, D10. 5th match was Sai from D’Pelican up against Da of the New Cowboy Bar. with Sai hitting a T25 on the first leg and finishing at 16 with a D8 but Da manage to get the 2nd leg with a 4 close with a D2. 3rd leg saw both players closing on a D1 but Sai won after some time seeing the marker took a sit and relaxed. Na of D’Pelican up against Jar of On the Rocks was quite a fast game seeing Jar win 2 legs to none. Up next was Anne of D’Pelican and Pookie of Harry’s. This match was considered one of the slowest matches of the night when no one can close the game. But still Anne a non league player who just practices at D’Pelican when no guests are around or the manager is not around, grab the game with 2 legs to none. Closing on a D1 and D2. Next stop was Ms Giffy of the Domino and rookie Miss Erika. Giffy seemed relaxed and won in 2 straight sets and managing 1 ton. All the losers mentioned went to the losers bracket with still a chance to win the tournament.  
  After these matches we took a break to make the 1st raffle draw giving away prizes like t-shirt, gift certificate and a bottle of Rum.

Then back to the next set of matches were Tum of D’pelican and Tik. Tik won 2 to none against Tum sending her to the losers bracket. Next stop was Gayle aka Miss Penelope against Rookie Erika who just cant find her rhythm and seemed nervous and lost again in two straight sets with Gayle checking on a 4, D2 and 16 D8. While in the other board Tam and Da of New cowboy. Da came back on 1 leg down to win by 2 legs to 1 but both were stuck in D1 in the third leg. Then next pair was a good match by Pat of Cats Meow and Jaa of D’Pelican with Pat winning the first leg with a ton. 2nd leg saw Pat in command but just couldn’t close on a D16 giving Jaa an opportunity to win the next 2 legs.

Pookie of Harry’s and Tum of the Pelican was considered the slowest game of the night that they have to settle and go for the bullseye in 3 darts to determine the winner of the first leg with Tum hitting nearest the bullseye. 2 legs to none in favor of Tum. Board #2 was between Dao of Silver Dollar and Oi of D’Pelican. The very confident Khun Oi easily put the game into an end with a 2 legs to none with a 2, D1 and 17, 3 D7 finish. Dao went to the losers bracket facing Miss Penelope who also lost a match but still Dao cant find her groove but manage to win only 1 leg so game was won Miss Penelope. Waiting for quite some time was rookie Miss Russell of D’Pelican vs. On of Sports Corner Bar. But Russell seemed to found her Rhythm hitting high scores but no ton and dominating the match with 2 legs to none against On finishing with 12, D6 and 36, D18. A good game was next between Pat of Cats Meow and Da of New Cowboy with both winning a leg a piece but Da won the 3rd leg with a ton sending Pat off the tournament! Followed by that game was Wai and Jar. Wai won in 2 straight with 2 tons closing on a 40, D20 and 4 D2. Na face up with Giffy after Russell withdrew from the tournament. In this game we saw some pretty good closes with Giffy closing on 74, S20, S14 and D20 but Na snatched the 2nd leg with a 63, T15, S10, D4 but so close and yet so far Giffy won the 3rd leg with 1 ton close on 38, D19. Up next, both Pelican players face each other. Jaa against Sai. Sai won in 2 straight sets with a 38 check, D19 and 6, D3.
After these matches we made the next lucky draw. And in the second time around Pat’s # was once picked again and won another bottle of alcohol! She said “never mind if I don’t win the tournament at least I won two bottles of alcohol, this will make my day”!

After the last lucky draw we saw Jaa of D’Pelican face off with Gayle in the losers bracket with Gayle winning in 2 sets to 1 sending Jaa out of the tournament. Next stop was a surprised win by K. Oi of D’Pelican, winning against K. Giffy with an impressive 1st leg 16 darts but no tons hitting 81’s and 85’s closing on a 14, D7 but Giffy snatched the 2nd leg with a 2, D1 win. Oi sent Giffy in the losers bracket winning on an 8 check, S4, D2. Another surprise win for K. Anne of D’Pelican taking 2 to none victory against Tik. Why I say it’s a surprise win fo K. Anne is because she never played in a proper tournament or league. But the next match was an upset for one of D’Pelican team member, Tum when K. Jar trashed with two straight sets with an 8 close, S4, D2 and 62 close S15, S15, D16 check. Next game we saw Jar winning against Gayle in 3 sets sending Gayle out the tournament with Jar winning the first set with a 2, D1 and Gayle 2nd set with 2, D1 also but 3rd game was a close game but Jar closed on a 32, D16.

  Da vs. Tik was up next, 1st leg was a slow game being both players stucked on D1 but for a while Da manage to close it. Tik fight back with an 35 close, S3, D16 and a comeback win for Da with a 4 close, D2. While on the other board was Wai and Sai. Wai edge out Sai in two straight sets with al two sets going to the distance and both legs were closed in D5. Sai hit the lowest score in the tournament with a 1 scored in three darts but still her first lost on the tournament. Then the next match was between Da and Giffy. two ladies made both descent throws and won 1 leg a piece. Everything was looking good for Da when on the third leg she misses a double out in 3 darts. Surprisingly Giffy made the high close of the night with an 108 close, T18, D18, D9, she got bit carried away and just jump and shout and crowd gave her a warm applause of a good display. Next was 2 undefeated players both from Pelican. K. Oi and Anne. Both players grab1leg a piece but more experienced K.Oi won the 3rd leg with a 30 close, D15 in 1 dart sending Anne to the losers bracket to face up against K. Jar. Anne managed to came from two sets down to edge out K. Jar putting herself to the last 4.

After a good display from Giffy, she now faces Sai but still prove herself to strong when she outlast Sai in two straight sets with 20 close, D10 and 80 close in three dart, two S 20’s and a D20 check. Still there were still 2 undefeated player who has to face off. It was between K. Oi and Wai. Seeing Wai throwing with a lot of consistency in her games played she doesn’t seem to
have had a hard time sweeping K. Oi in 2 straight sets winner. Now at this tim we were down to 4 ladies….. K. Oi, Anne Giffy and Wai. Giffy checkout to take the opening leg with a 22 close, S11, S3, D2. But surprisingly inexperienced Anne took the 2nd leg with a T35 and an odd close of 34, D4,D13 giving Giffy some pressure on the 3rd leg. But the very impressive Giffy shown no sign opf mercy on the 3rd leg when she outlast Anne with a 20 close, D10. with 3 players left Giffy has to face up with K. Oi to decide who’s gonna face up with undefeated Miss Wai. With Giffy finding her groove and rhythm she hit a T26 opener with her first 3 darts and closing the first leg with a very impressive 77close, S20,S7 and Double bullseye! And she surpassed her run to the Finals with a 4close, D2 finish against K. Oi. and giving her the 3rd place spot.
  FINALS! Giffy vs. Wai. Best of 3, 501. Everyone was expecting a good display from these two ladies and they got it! Both players showed a lot of consistency in their first leg throwing a ton each and both closing on a double but Giffy managed to have the 1st leg into her hand closing on a 4, D2. 2nd leg was a better game when Giffy stretching the lead to 100+ but Wai manage 2 straight tons, T40 and T38, and again both were looking for their double out but this time… it was Wai who won the 2nd leg with a 33 close, T3, D12. 3rd and final leg still both ladies showed out their skills and ability to score descent darts. Giffy manage 1 ton and seeing once again both players on the doubles. Spectators were really in the edge of their sit seeing them play. Both was under pressure and just couldn’t close. Wai was stuck on a 5 and just couldn’t seem to get herself a double out. With Giffy missing the D2 on 6 turns Wai manage to see a double after 5 turns but missed seeing Giffy shouted with Joy when she won the deciding leg thriller with 4 close, D2 check!

Last in the program was the awarding but before that we had some special prices for the “Sexy Lady of the Night” award was won by Pat with 8 votes from all the spectators. Anne won the “Friendly Lady of the Night” award with 5 votes and the final special award of the title “Mr. Gigolo” was awarded to Gary Dale with 9 votes. to wrap things up 4th place was Anne from D’Pelican, 3rd place fo K. Oi of D’Pelican, 2nd place to Miss Wai of New Cowboy bar and the winner was K. Giffy of the Domino.

  The night turned out to be a really good fun for everyone and D’Pelican would like to thank everybody for their support. hope to see you all again on the next one. - - Matt  

  The March 2008 Moonshine Knockout went in a new direction this time around seeing a different group of eager darters competing for the prizes. The Fun kicked off at 8pm-ish when the draw took place and laid out the nights plan for us all.  

  In game one, Kenny took his first win of the night against a good effort from his opponent Chris. Next up, Harry battled it out with Moonshines own Tom, Tom went through to the second round, meanwhile over at Flaming Moes Dono was trying his best to put Colin into the losers brackets and did winning the game 2-0. Next up the happy couple faced each other off but Scott saw a victorious Sai go through to meet Dono in the second round meaning Scott would have his second chance against Harry on the other side. In a close match Kenny sent Simon over to the losers bracket, The next game determined Matt's fate, where I pulled it off and went through to meet Kenny putting Matt in with Simon in second chance saloon. Another close game had Inge send David running for cover, his opponent in losers brackets yet to be determined. Tom and Jay then gave it their best shot however it was Jay went through and Tom was sent packing. CW had very good try against Kob but couldn't quite do it losing 2 -1. Dae played Boy but boy won and went on to round 2 where he beat Kob setting himself up for shot at the semi-finals against Jay.  
  On the other side Harry and Chris won their games, Harry went onto meet Kob but couldn't pull it off, then Chris put Dae out of the equation. Next, Toms LSDL captain put him in his place, David won the game. Back on the Winners side, Dono beat Sai in a close one putting Sai up with Chris on the other side. Kenny and myself had a very close game but Kenny went through sending me over to the losers side.
In last chance saloon, Matt pulled his finger out and sent Simon packing, much to the surprise of Inge who was calmly at the side lines awaiting the outcome to see who he would have to beat to stay in the game. Matt continued on his wining spree victories over Inge and then Kob who had just arrived over from the winners bracket. Meanwhile, I (KatptainK) scraped through and won my game against David, where I went on to face and win my game against Chris. In the quarterfinals on the winners side, Dono lost to Kenny and Jay sent Boy over to the other side where he had me to face, unsurprisingly Boy put me out of the game quickly.

Matt beat Dono and then lost his game to Boy, Boy had secured himself a spot in Jays line of fire who had just been shown what winning means by Kenny on the winners side in Semi's. Jay won which meant he had to face Kenny again but this time in the Finals, where unfortunately the game had to come to a sudden end as it was getting past new closing times and local law enforcement were doing their Jobs. Kenny played a strong game but Jay took the trophy and first place.

5 trophies' went to the top 4 players and 5 prizes were given out in the lucky draw. Best Sports mans prize went to Kenny, but "Kenny the kind hearted dart" who had already won a prize offered the prize to Harry. A big thanks to Harry for being our chief chalker for the night. Thanks to all who helped the event be a success and a great biggy to Mitch and Wassana for the great buffet and selection of prizes.  Thanks everyone! - - KatptainK.


Saturday 19 April at 8 PM
Free Food & Prizes
All Are Welcome
Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok
Will Professor Drink have
a write up for this one ??
Hmmm...    stay tuned

  Welcome to Jaykes take and we're into April- this month we go to Penang , look at Darts in Iran darting Potteries style. April signals the end nearing of the football season in the UK and as we know things can get a bit tense- my own team are on the verge of a glorious return to the top flight of football's elite after 23 years in the wilderness, the Premier League. We do get bad press at Stoke City however due to one or two unsavoury moments as far as the crowd is concerned- Sky Sports recently said that Stoke City would not be welcome amongst the cream of English football which I found hurtful. We do boast the greatest darts players of all time and good to see that we are practising the game on the terraces as well, as this young visitor from an opposing club found out. Good shot that man.

This month I visited Penang- kind of like this place, great Indian food, taxis that age back to when CW was a teenager and Horse racing......yes the sport of Kings. A trip to the races and as we all know the Irish lead the way in this field so I decided to educate the other half in how it was done. After baffling her with all things in how to double her money , being a chick she did the usual- pick the horse with the nicest colours. Don't worry Pookie is you money feel free to lose it

Away we went- got second place in the first race and well- she got lucky- a winner and a 125 dollar return for a 5 dollar stake, beginner's luck. Second race and I think my horse is still running as you read this- Pookie well erm, another winner and 75 dollar return!!!! Yep third race and she got a place and 50 dollars back and my horse is probably Winalot dog food now. Decided horse racing was a mug's game after that and time for a beer- you can guess the rest, my horse came in at 22-1 after we'd left I discovered reading the paper on the plane the next day. I like Penang and they're sending a dart's team to Bangkok soon so watch this space.

Quick mention of darts in Iran- yes darts is on the up and now has 600,000 registered players after a good showing in a tournament in Malaysia. "When we went to the world darts federation meeting in Australia and said we had this many people taking part, everyone laughed at us. They could not believe it," says Massoud Zohouri- some dart person. 'In a country where alcohol is strictly forbidden, pints of beer are not be seen flowing nearby and players tend to be clean-living models of athleticism rather than replicas of past arrows legend Eric Bristow.' Let's strike that one of our places to play- no beer !!!!!
    Finally a few cartoons & happy
darting to you all out there.
Be well - - Jayke


  Received an email from Kevin A Berlyn - Chairman and Founder of "Dartplayers Australia" about the William Cross Pro-Am on 2-10 August. Kevin wrote - Thai players are more than welcome to participate. It would be fantastic to have Thailand’s Champ at the William Cross. I would like to extend my personal invitation and offer your representative FREE entry into the event as well as FREE accommodation. However, I would only extend this offer to a native of your country or legal resident.

The Professional Darts Corporation will stage its first Players Championship in Australia this summer as part of the DPA's expanded William Cross Pro-Am series of events in August. The William Cross Pro-Am will be held from 2-10 August at Shoalhaven Heads Sports & Recreation Club, featuring four separate tournaments with prize money in excess of $100,000.00 Two 'Shoalhaven Classic' events will be held on 2 and 3 August, with each offering AUS$4,500 in prize money for players.

Kevin's generous offer is a fantastic opportunity for a Thai Darts Champ to become part of the darts scene at the international level. We are now in the process of organizing a Thailand Darts Champ competition. The winner will be Thailand's representative at the William Cross Pro-Am. All money raised will go to the winner for air-fare. Finding sponsors to help with the costs is also critical. Considering that many of our best Thai darts players speak little or no English we will have to raise enough money to send along a translator. Any and all suggestions and help towards making this a success is welcome and definitely appreciated.

For more information on the William Cross Pro Am  CLICK HERE  or the PDC logo.
To visit the Dartplayers Australia website  CLICK HERE  or the DPA logo.



  Recently received an email message from Yap in Penang, Malaysia. Yap is a member of the Penang Sports Club - active in nine different sports - darts being one of them. Yap is the captain of the Darts Section. Each year they organize an exploratory trip oversea to meet fellow darters and include a short holiday. Their group normally consists of 12 to 15 players (30% females) and level or standard - club darters. Have replied to Yap's email and look forward to their team's visit to Bangkok. Additional information will be posted as hopeful dates are set. To visit the Penang Sports Club's website  CLICK HERE  



  For those of you wondering why you don't see our good friend Johnny B around the darts bars much lately - it's with good reason. He's been transferred to Misawa, Japan. Misawa is a remote northern city - northern enough to get nasty winter weather including tons of snow.

The fact that Misawa had no darts league didn't chill Johnny's enthusiasm for the game. His solution - start up a new darts league. We from DT wish you all the best of success in this endeavor. Team captains here in Bangkok - a city a bit larger than Misawa - can appreciate just how difficult a challenge it is getting players to commit to playing
on a darts team.

To attract players Johnny has been holding darts tournaments to get the darts players out and attract attention to the league starting up. We look forward to a challenge match in Bangkok in the future. Although getting our players over to Misawa - hmm not likely. As Harry, captain of D'Pelican's "Pel-i-can Team" is fond of saying - "Most players in the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League believe a visa stamp in their passport is required to go beyond Asok Rd. on Sukhumvit Rd."

Check out the Misawa Dart League's webpage where you can email Johnny B  -  CLICK HERE

Apologies again for getting this on-line so late. But this time I can honestly say it's because of reports coming in so so so late.  As always - we look forward to getting things done on time but here in "The Land of Smiles" many are so laid back that they give whole new meaning to the term.

Been on this computer for far too many straight hours and now in desperate need of at least a half dozen draught pints. Really hope you enjoy our latest DT Newsletter.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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