Volume  026


June 2009



  So where have we been? Goofing off drinking beer and just playing darts? Fair enough - yes some of the time but most of time has been spent preparing all the upgrades you now see on the DT site. NOTE - The images of the new DT additions in this article are only images - drop down menus or links are only functional on the real items AND images are reduced here - actual devices easier to read.  

  Menu Navigation Bar -  KaptainX's new menu bar that will allow easier navigation over the entire website. Cursor over Newsletter - Leagues or DT Tools with your mouse and you'll see additional drop down menus - to every newsletter - known league in Thailand and all DT Tools including our library. This new menu navigation bar is now found on every DT page except newsletters.  

  DT Toolbar - easy and safe to download with 1) direct access to all DT pages 2) direct access to all Thailand dart leagues (with a webpage) 3) DT Alert - alerts all Toolbar users of events, possible time changes, etc. 4) a chat room - a scrolling newsreel with the latest DT news and announcements and even a gadget selection with enough games to keep Jayke amused for months.

DT Forum - In addition to the forum's new appearance keeping it in theme with the overall site the major additions are a user's photo gallery and events calendar. Users may now create and upload photos to their own gallery. Also announce your own events in addition to the DT Events Calendar. The forum is now Thai Friendly - posts can now be made in Thai with translation available to English or visa versa. Our hope is to include more of our darters uncomfortable with writing in English to post on the forum. And finally last but certainly not least - take notice to the flags on the menu bar. These pages are available in Thai as well as English. A really big DT special thanks goes to KaptainX's wife for making this possible - taking our confused English garble and translating it into sensible, understandable Thai.

We hope these new additions will make the site easier for you to navigate, and more helpful finding darts information. Also hope that it doesn't cause some of you a bit behind the computer learning curve too much aggravation. A FAQ will soon be added to the DT Tools dropdown menu to assist those not so familiar with computer tools. Have already had questions about how to create and upload your personal avatar on the forum. But in the meantime - will someone please tell Kenny that he can't buy an avatar in any Bangkok shop as he continues his quest for a shop that will sell him one. - -  Johnny





 Our good friend Paul Seigel (Dartiod) made darts history by answering the call - being the first darts celebrity brave enough to take on The Ultimate Darts Challenge - a match against the Ladies of Thailand. We'll have our report on all the fierce action but not until Paul first releases his report on his Dartoid's World website. Paul can't do that until we finish the video. Let me assure you that the entire DT Video Department editing section is working round the clock on this project - and he's making remarkable progress. As soon as KaptainX gets it finished you'll be able to see Paul's report with video on Dartoid's World. For those who were not in attendance and don't know the outcome check out Dartoid's June Poll -  "Dartoid vs. the Ladies of Thailand - What was the scoreline?" it's fun & easy just one-click.

Paul's  Website    "Dartoid's  World"    CLICK  HERE

   THE ULTIMATE DARTS CHALLENGE  - Your ranking in the PDO - WDF - ADO - PDC - Medalist or Bullshooter means nothing until you're willing to put it all on the line - take on the Ladies of Thailand. Think you're good? Show us. Show the world. Confident enough to take on this challenge? Contact us and we'll be happy to set it up. Email us at   destine-to-doom@dartsthailand.com  

Darter of the Month
The Tantalizing
Miss Tiam

Talk about darts talent. Talk about tenacity at the oche. Talk about a tempting, tantalizing darts player and I guess that you're talking about Miss Tiam. She's one of a few other lovely darts players in need of a few players to get a team involved in league darts. Don't guess that will be too much longer as I've already signed up. If you're a darts player out and about in Patong and don't yet know Patong Cafe - check out what will become your new regular hangout.





  One of the absolute perks of contributing to Darts Thailand is that you don't have to go anywhere to meet the great players. Eventually most of the greats in our beloved sport of darts make a trip to Thailand. This month I had the unique opportunity to not only meet Paul Lim but he graciously agreed to sit down for an exclusive interview. The old adage is true - the bigger they are the downright nicer they are. Paul's positive energy for darts is amazing. Just hearing him talk wants to make you pick up some darts. I wish I had a tenth of what he has as there is no doubt that Bangkok would not be able to import darts supplies fast enough to keep up with new darts enthusiasts. - - Johnny  
DT is proud to present our first audio interview.





  Paul's UK Introduction to Darts
Papua New Guinea & Singapore
USA Move to Play the Circuit
Tourney or Pub Darts & Nerves
Paul's Most Memorable Win
1st Thailand Darts Experience
Asian Darters' Unique Challenge
Steel & Soft - NOT - Steel vs. Soft
Paul's Advice to Paul (Dartoid)
Paul's Words to DT's Readers









BPDL & LSDL started season XVIII on 26th May 2009 – Both leagues now sync-up and come to close on the same date, a big improvement on last season where the Premier League finished nearly 2 months before the Fun League - Both Leagues will play-out over 10 weeks, there will be a one week spacer for administrative needs and then the Awards Giving Ceremony’, The Tournament – XVIII’ and End of Season Party’ will take place the following week.

The LSDL Premier League became the BPDL – Bangkok Premier Darts League’ for season XVIII – main reason being that the Premier League is open to teams all over Bangkok and not only the Lower Sukhumvit area.


In the BPDL, a surprise move from the TOT team back to Domino Bar after  
  spending season XVII based out of Flaming Moes. Vichai’s TDA, opened as strong as they closed last season away at Domino Bar and Flaming lost their first game of the season at home to TOT.

Season XVIII of the LSDL kinked off with 3 teams from three new venues, Sportsman entered a Fun team as well as hosting Vichai’s TDA in the Premier League. The core players from Season XVI’s First Division team – Cat’s Meow’ make a comeback for this season under a new captain – Ray – with a new name – Faulty Towers and have relocated to Taffy’s Faulty Towers on Sukhumvit Soi 22 opposite Queens Park Plaza and also BadaBing bar next door to Flaming Moes now host a team in the Tuesday Fun League.

LSDL now has 3 Divisions, with 3 new teams joining the league – Two Divisions would have meant a 4 week difference between the finish of Division One and Two. The two teams that got promoted last season did get promoted and the two that went down did go down, with Faulty Towers basically being the old Cat’s Meow they were place at the bottom of the Division One and then Sportsman and Badabing being completely new to darts were added at the bottom of the Division two. The list was then split into 3 Divisions with a BYE in the new Division Two.….More next time…KaptainX

LSDL Fun League

LSDL Premier League

    THURSDAY - 7th  THAILAND  DARTS  LEAGUE  09       

Standings as of Week 9 - - May 21st



     1) Domino 1982 8 0  
     2) GSB 6 1  
     3) TOT 6 2  
     4) Flaming Moe's 4 1  
     5) D'Pelicans 3 4  
     6) The Other Darts 3 6  
     7) Domino Stone 1 8  
     8) Domino Seniors 0 9  

Point of contact for this league -
Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.


  .The Bunker invaded Stars and in the process blocked off Soi 7 with some hap-hazard parking of the customized golf buggy. After taking both game & beer the Bunker Boys sped off in the golf buggy down beach road at 5kpm chased by the Traffic Police for illegal parking. Reminiscent of the OJ Simpson police pursuit, but in this case Mick managed to evade the TP by taking a sharp right and hiding out under a beach umbrella. In the Soi Yamoto derby the Sunshine Boys were hosted by Melly’s Crew. With the Rising Sun taking both the honors, the St John Ambulance crew had a quiet evening! With Commander Richard being relieved of his command, the new CO, Speedy Gondolez Chris led the Airborne Assaulters in their attack on Palmers. After taking both game & beer, Speedy said “Hondri hondri arriba arriba”. The Blue Mountain with an enriched team descended on Cheers like Mexicans crossing the US boarder, over running the ocky, the Coffee Shop Quartet taking not only the game but also filling up the coffee pot with free beer. Team Lucky Time travelled to the OK Corral to find that the Posse had gone through a complete metamorphous. Now led by an Anglo/American alliance, Chris & Chris aka Roger Moore & Tony Curtis aka Brett Sinclaire & Danny Wilde aka the Persuaders, put up a good fight against Team Lucky Time, however TLT managing to find the double finishes first. The culinary delights served at the break included sandwiches with a selection of 4 different fillings, a mountain of Chips (that’s French Fries for our Colonial cousins), and last but not least, a Cheese Board! For dinner reservations please call the Persuaders at least 7 days in advance.

To visit the PattayaDarts.Com website  CLICK HERE  or on their banner.



  Lance has a Pattaya Darts Squad ready to rumble - a city v city friendly darts challenge. Bangkok players are defiantly, disorganizedaly, definitely interested. Getting our players to agree on dates - one weekend in Bangkok - one in Pattaya is the toughest challenge for us. Been told to just set the dates and we will get the players. Will be talking to Lance about this and by next newsletter you will see the dates. We're all looking forward to making this a regular event.  


  (Steen's report - April - as always on-time - DT apologies for late publishing)
The last week of the season saw Queen Mary and Piccadilly share points 5-5. The result means that Queen Mary won the season undefeated. The evening had some great dart with high score being shared between Halvor, QM, and Gerry, Steve and Tony, Pic, all on 140. Steen of Queen Mary secured the important 5th point by closing his double from 73 with 19, 14, tops. (Steen went for t19, d8, but we won't tell. It looked convincing!!) Great evening, excellent food and a good way to finish a season!

Offshore secured 3rd place with a 7-3 win over Market Bar. Mike, Off, took high score with 140, but Market Bar enjoyed the beer. Celtic continued their good spell winning 8-2 over Boozers bringing them 4th. Hilltop fought hard to avoid the toilet seat and secured 5-5 against Beach House by winning the beer. Morten of HT took high score with 140. The winner of the toilet seat was Friends bar who lost 3-7 to Shakers. Pascal, SH, took high score with 140 and Shaun closed the beer from 54 with s18, d18.

March 31 results: Piccadilly* 4 - Queen Mary 5; Market Bar* 2 - Offshore 7; Celtic* 7 - Boozers 2; Hilltop* 4 - Beach House 5; Shakers* 6 - Friends Bar 3; (* winner of beer leg) Final standings (points/beer legs): 1. Queen Mary (136/14); 2. Piccadilly (122/13); 3. Offshore (101/9); 4. Celtic (98/13); 5. Market Bar (92/9); 6. Shakers (81/7); 7. Beach House (74/7); 8. Hilltop (68/5); 9. Boozers (65/7); 10. Friends Bar (63/6);

The trophy party will be in Queen Mary Tuesday 7th, starting at 8:30 PM. The new season will start on April 21st. Thank you for a good season. See you all on Tuesday. Cheers, Steen
  Steen's "Patong Beach Dart Bar Map" is on our Dart Bar Index Page - check it out. It's a printable map that's great for new-comers to find all the darts action.  


  Hua Hin has an active darts league. We are hopeful to find someone involved in that league to send us a paragraph or two to be posted here to give all of us more specific information.  

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


  Cajun Cuisine and  American and Mexican specialties. Tuesday night Mexican buffet. Fully stocked bar, a wine list and various flavors of draught beers. Open: Daily 7am to 1am - to see their menu check out their website.

Bourbon St. has one steel-tip dart board and three soft-tip boards. Photo left shows one each in the bar area. Two other soft-tip boards are in the game room along with a pool table and foos ball table.

Bourbon St. now holds the Darts Thailand - Dart Bar of the Month Record - photo at the darts throw with the owner and the most ladies. Doug and his twelve ladies now hold the record. Previous record - The Sport Corner Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 20 with owner Tim and ten ladies set in April 2008.  - - Bourbon St. website -  CLICK HERE


 EDITORIAL by "The Big Witkowski"  



  When Darts Thailand first reported news on soft-tip darts - we received major flack from hardcore steel-tip players. Being argumentative buggers by nature - we welcome this. Our stance was - and still is - that we report darts news be it steel-tip or soft-tip. However DT as well as our readers grow tired of reading about hopeful future Sunday soft-tip tournaments at Bourbon St. that never materialize. So why doesn't this happen? Why do long time steel-tip players tell us that they'd like to give a soft-tip darts tourney a try - but before they die?

1) Does Bourbon St. owner Doug (3 Medalist boards) want events?  -  YES
2) Do local steel--tip players want to check it out?  -  YES
3) Bourbon St. events will attract new players (Medalist philosophy)? -  YES
5) Can Medalist provide support with staff making this happen? -  NO
5) Has Darts Thailand introduced support personnel for training? -  YES
6) Current Situation -  SNAFU  - No Progress -  NOTHING  NEW . . .

I personally challenge Medalist to contradict a single point I've mentioned above. You boys would be better off sending a straight-shooter like Paul Lim here full time to promote your product. Your email is always welcome but we'd rather have all debate up-front and in the open. Your are welcome to post on our forum or you may offer a rebuttal that we will publish (un-edited) in next month's newsletter. - -  Johnny - DartsThailand.com

  NOTE  For those with a slow internet speed you may have to refresh or reload this page to have all the images load. Sorry for the inconvenience.  


by Professor Drink, cub reporter.

  DATELINE BANGKOK: Erm...that's about as official as it's gonna get 'cause I can barely remember any of the details. Let's just say that there was a dart-knockout competition at Flaming Moe's pub on or around March 20th and the following things may or may not have occurred at or about that time:

A ton of people showed up, which is always a good thing. A lot of these people were attractive women, which is always a better thing. The highlights were as follows:

Round one of this double elimination tournament saw Colin claw past John, a determined David rout KaptainX, Roger sneak past fan-favorite Tum and Scott steal a win from Kung (who was acting as a spot-holder for the late arriving Neill). Further round one action saw Harry get past Sar, On stun teammate Tom with a big victory and Dono (amidst a resounding course of boos) beat the lovely Sai.

  As things progressed, early favorite Pad went down to the boisterous little fella from TOT, Somnuek. Nuek's winning ways continued as he fought through a handy combo of Colin and David to emerge in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, another fan favorite, Pelican's own Harry, plowed through Scott and a despondent Dono on his way to square off with the feisty Nuek in the semi-final.

Over in the loser's bracket, the lovely Tum and the (erm...not quite so lovely) Pad were making some noise. They mowed through a series of game competitors until they squared off and, sadly for all assembled gentlemen, Pad got the best of her. But, as it turns out, David (who played some top-notch darts on the evening) had a little somethin' waitin for Pad, and the big Brit proved too much to overcome.

  David proceeded to beat his friend Colin again, setting up a show-down between himself and Harry (who'd just been knocked out of the winner's bracket by Nuek) to see which farang competitor would square off with Nuek in the final. Harry had been game all night, but, it must be said, David was on fire. He bested Harry, setting up a rematch with Somnuek for the championship trophy. After a night of settin' the place ablaze, David seemed to have run out of steam, and the little Thai lad with the big voice, Somnuek, emerged victorious. With Harry finishing third, David raking second prize, and knockout newcomer Somnuek gettin' the big boy, it was nice to see 3 new faces in the winner's circle.  

  A good time was had by most. Booze was quaffed. Women were oggled. Darts were thrown. Gotta think that qualifies as a good night out. Special thanks this time to Moonshine's David, who did far more than his fair share of scoring, and to all the lovely ladies who turned out. I think I speak for all assembled when I say, the more lasses, the better. And, as always, thanks to KaptainX whose half-assed organizational skills are still a full quarter-ass better than my own. God only knows what a wreck it would have been if that lad wasn't on hand. Goodnight, stay safe and dry, and thank you.  

  Until next time I remain drunk, confused and (given that it's the middle of Songkran) wet, sitting in my naugahyde corner. - -  Professor Drink  

The Moonshine April 2009 Knockout saw record numbers, with 36 darts players and many more supporters – The night kicked off around 8:30pm with a lot of games ahead, the initial rounds’ first games up were Tom Vs Ray, Ray is the captain of new team joining the LSDL darts league for season XVIII. Charinee played grant – Tik played Gung who is also a member of Rays new darts team and Somsak met Pad at the oche. Ray, Grant Tik and Somsak went through to the first round and the first 4 losers, Tom, Charinee, Gung and Pad went over for a second chance in the playoff bracket.

First Round Set One – 301, best-of-One, Sudden-Death - Boy beat Ghost - Corner Bar Boy’ sent Russell packing, CW beat Ray and then Adul lost his first game of the night to Ron from Sports Corner bar. Next! Tum from Flaming Moes lost a game to Harry, Miss A- visiting player from Silom won her game against Grant, Nuek beat Sai and David sent Sar over to playoffs.

First Round Set Two – Stu recently back from the UK lost to Ray The Man’ from Flaming Moes. Boggs from the White Lightening Tuesday league team knocked me off my perch when he finally got his revenge after a long run of losses against me in league and tournament play. Tik from On’s Place took a game from Su who plays out of Aloha Bar, then in a surprise game – Gayle took Giffy out of play at least in the winners brackets anyway. Somsak from Pattaya, recently out of hospital won his first match against Jeab from Corner in Queens Park Plaza and finally, Scott just didn’t have what it took to beat Kob who went through and left Scott to the losers brackets for his last chance at the finals.

  In the playoff brackets, with the first 4 games now ready to roll – Russell put an end to Chariness’ hopes for the night, Tom lost his last chance to Sai – Then in a surprisingly close match, I missed my double-out and Pad of course got his in first dart – game over for me, Then Matt from D’Pelican Inn won his game over Gung from Taffy’s new place on Suk Soi 22.

8 more games to go in the first round of the playoffs, Russell beat the second Boy in life! - Ray from Taffy’s lost her last match to Adul - Grant from Bradman’s Sports Bistro’ on Suk Soi 23, being the gentlemen he is, lost his second game to Tum! – Sai beat team mate Sar - Pad continuing on his mission to get back to the finals made short work of Stu – Su lost her game to Giffy, Roger sent Nigel home and then Matt sent Scott back to the Aloha Bar.

Back on the winners side, Second Round – Corner Bar Boy beat Ghost - Ron from the Sports Corner Bar on Soi 20 then won his match sending CW over to the playoffs – Harry beat Ae – Nuek beat David – Ray the Man was victorious again unfortunately for Boggs who was now back on my side the divide, Tik beat Gayle – Somsak beat Jeab and finally, On’ lost her marbles sending Kob through to the third round.

  The second round in the loser’s brackets, with another 12 matches to play – First up was David who fell victim the Russell’s Rampage - Russell being one of the few people to get a 180 in Knockout play here in Bangkok. Girls playing well – Ae beat Adul, however CW wasn’t as forgiving sending Tum packing and Sai got another point back for the girls winning her game against Ghost.

Next up – with a few more games to go in this round – On’ lost to Pad – Giffy had upped her play after losing to Gayle earlier on in tournament making sure she didn’t lose again, Giffy beat Jeab – Gayle lost her last chance to Roger and Boggs wasn’t having any of it, he was after the finals and the trophy beating Matt and going on to beat Roger putting that himself that much closer to his goal. Pad taught Giffy how to check-out in as less darts as possible, CW had no mercy for the beauty that beheld him, he continued his offensive beating Sai and in the last match for this round and the last game for Russell – at the end of her rampage, she fell to Ae.

Back over the winners side – Corner Bar Boy’ wasn’t letting anyone past him, he won his next match against Ron – Nuek beat Harry but not before getting a Ton80 – Nuek then lost his radiance in next match against Corner Bar Boy’ – Boy went through. Meanwhile, Ray the Man was beating Tik sending her through to the playoffs for a second chance, Kob then won his game against Somsak and went on to lose his first chance at finals to Ray The Man’.

  Now, over in the playoff brackets – Ae got serious beating Ron, CW’s end of road came when he met Harry at the oche, Harry then lost his next game to Ae who wasn’t taking any prisoners with 116 close, Ae then beat Nuek in great match. Tik lost her first losers bracket match to Pad – Somsaks run came to a close when he lost his game to Boggs who was doing well edging his way back to the final but it wasn’t quite good enough – Boggs lost his game to Pad – Then Pad went on to win his game over Kob.

The night was almost over, 36 people had played off and only 4 remained. Corner Bar Boy’ beat Ray The Man and In close match, Pad finished off Ae’s tremendous effort at the oche going through to try his might against Boy, winning his game and going on to beat Ray the Man’ in Finals.
Trophies were awarded and Congratulations given to 4th Place – Ae, 3rd Place – Boy from Corner Bar, 2nd Place - Ray the Man & in First Place - Pad from Flaming Moes. Draw Prizes! – Scott, Tum, Ray The Man, Ray from Taffy’s place, Tom, Jeab, Nigel, Russell, Ae, Gayle & Boy all won Moonshine vouchers. Grant, Sai, On & MS David won a bottle of wine.

Thanks to Mitch & Wassana for the great food and great prizes as always, Cheers to girls at Moonshine Pub! And Thanks to Myself..Ha-ha, David, Johnny and anyone else who helped run the tournament that I have forgotten to mention….See You Next Time – KaptainX


   27 JUNE SATURDAY - 8 PM   Moonshine Pub Knockout - Trophies, Door Prizes and Free Food. 300 Baht buy-in with all buy-in going to players bar bill. Queen's Park Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok.  
   28 JUNE - SUNDAY - 6 PM   On's Place "Last Sunday of the Month Knockout". Prizes for Top Finishing Players, Door Prizes and Free Food. 300 Baht buy-in with all buy-in going to players bar bill. Sukhumvit Soi 22 (Nearer Rama IV) - Bangkok.  
   Your obvious question  - over one month's time why were these two events scheduled one day after the other? Answer - The Bangkok Pool League (both Mon 8-Ball and Wed 9-Ball) are at their end of season play offs already having scheduled events on the prior weekends. As you all know we share some of the same players and venues and do our best to accommodate each other. If this answer does not satisfy you - we encourage you to send all negative, complaining emails to Mark - president of Bangkok Pool League - email contact found at -  http://www.bangkokpool.com/  
   EDITORS NOTE  - Knockout Events are run by bars and not in any way governed by the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League). Although KaptainX and I are both committee members on the LSDL our promotion of knockout events is on behalf of Darts Thailand. Notifying us of your darts event allows better organization in scheduling so as not to have two events on the same night. Our new darts events calendar link can be found on the main page. And remember - the earlier you notify us about your event the better we can promote it. - -  Johnny  

  Looking back to the Thailand open darts Competition. 1985 The year of the "Singapore Slinger". April 1985 and darters from all parts of the world flocked to the Grand Palace Hotel Pattaya for the 1985 Thailand Open darts Competition the open singles, 4 man team event, and open doubles all sponsored by Singha beer, The Ladies singles by Johnny Walker and the cricket doubles by Courvoisier. The winner of the Singha open singles was the "Singapore Slinger" Paul Lim, runner up Japan's Isunisa Oguma. The ladies singles event was cancelled, so no new champion this year!  

1986 The honours go to a local player! Unfortunately I do not have a lot of information about this years Open competition, Open Single champion Sombat. EGAT - runner up Titti Phuket. Ladies champion Yow Marsden - runner up Tim Suarez. - - - Peter Rushby
1985 Nation Articles by Kenneth Ywin.

To view any of the newspaper articles full size - CLICK on the thumbnail. Once again we'd like to thank Peter Rushby - DT's Historian - for providing these treasures of Thailand Darts History.  



Darts Thailand - Jaykes Take

  Welcome y'all and a jolly May and new darts season thing to everyone. This month due to our mail bag being so full of letters from all Jayke's Take lovers we are going to delve into our postbag and publish what's on your minds. Keep em coming- sorry we can't answer all your letters and queries but I really can't be arsed.  
    Hi, I hate darts but am a keen vegetarian and recently got the munchies for some KFC. Would it be ethical if ate a chicken leg from KFC from a chicken that had it say bitten off in a fight or lost it whilst being run over by a tractor?  Mr C Sanders, Kentucky

JAYKE SAYS Absolutely- just make sure you check when ordering how the chicken you are set to purchase met it's maker. If it had it's limbs cut off in a slaughterhouse that is also ok.
    Dear Jayke, an apple a day keeps the doctor away so the saying goes.

Well I eat an apple every day and my husband, a GP comes home every night.

Mrs Gasleak, Leeds
  Dear Jayke, I think darts is rubbish but was wondering if you could recommend a good school in the Willesden area of London for my son Hubert?  Miss M Theresa, Calcutta

JAYKE SAYS- Personally I would avoid St Cuthberts in said area- despite being run by Nuns who call themselves the 'Sisters of Mercy', I find it quite ironic that the beat the living daylights out of the kids with bamboo canes on a daily basis for not saying the rosary.
    Dear Jayke, I recently bough a job lot of Happy Birthday cards but am unable to use them up and still have about 150 in my desk draw. Ay ideas what I can do with them? PS I hate darts as well. Norman Bates, Arizona

JAYKE SAYS- Simple, take a magic marker pen and simply add the word JESUS after HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the cards. That way you don't have to buy any Xmas cards and kill two birds with 1 stone.
  Dear Jayke, firstly Christopher Reid and now Madonna falls off their horses. Don't you think with all their money these stars would be able to stay in the saddle?
D Trump, New York

Dear Jayke, I played darts once and didn't much care for it. What do you think about the smoking ban in pubs? M Marceau, Paris

JAYKE SAYS I think people have gone off smoking and is the tobacco industries own fault. By putting these horrible stickers on packets warning of the dangers of smoking they have if anything put people off buying the product.
    Dear Jayke, I have never played darts. However, whilst watching an ad on TV the other day I noticed Burger King have a new slogan, 'You're the boss'. Can someone please explain then why after ordering a Whopper and Fries and large coke for FREE as they give to all their staff, I was ejected after refusing to pay? Prince Henry, London

JAYKE SAYS- am always wary about fast food joints. Pubs won't serve me when incredibly drunk but McDonalds will still serve the fattest person on earth 24 hours a day.
    Dear Jayke- what do you think about all the fuss regarding Prince Harry going to a fancy dress party in a nazi uniform? I can't see the fuss, the other night on HBO I was watching a film and there was Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton in full Nazi dress. I don't think any the less of them for it. H Himmler, Berlin

JAYKE SAYS- I think it's nice that Prince Harry still goes out of his way to remember his German roots.
    Dear Jayke, I saw darts on TV once. Do you think pirated DVDs are ruining the cinema trade? Fred West, Prison

No I like them. What does annoy me are those selfish individuals that don't go to the toilet before the film starts and ruin the camcorded version by getting in the way every 5 minutes.
  Dear Jayke, my Mum used to say 'life's too short to argue'. I have to disagree. This morning before work I had a blazing row with the missus, a set-to with a customer in the office and a fight with my boss. All this before my first tea break of the day.

Phil Collins, Wigan
    Whilst playing darts the other night a chap tried to pick a fight with me and then shouted 'I know where you live'. One thing is for sure, he doesn't work for the Thai post office as I've yet to receive a single letter in 5 years.

Mr Weasel, Ottershaw
  Dear Jayke, before going out to play darts my girlfriend warned me not to mix my drinks. However, the game was in a cocktail bar. Talk about not knowing what to do.

E Bristow, Sidcup
Well there you have it folks- this month's post bag- sorry we couldn't answer all them queries. In the mean time, be well and and happy darting. - -  Later days Jayke

  The Patpong area of Bangkok was once a locale to find numerous pubs with active dart boards. Even though I live in Bangkok - it's been nearly two years since I'd last been to Patpong but no problem. Our good friends Adul and the lovely Miss Ae offered to show me around what remains of the darts scene in Patpong. We met at what was and still is the major darts pub in Patpong - The Old Other Office.

The Old Other Office has been in operation for about 45 years. This has to make it the granddad of all Bangkok dart pubs. For those unfamiliar with Bangkok few if any businesses last this long nor the buildings as they are always leveled and replaced with larger taller structures. First called "The Other Office" it was later named "The New Other Office" and about ten years after that "The Old Other Office".
  The rustic ambience of the bar takes you back to the 60s with old Coca-Cola signs and movie posters of the newest John Wayne flick. A large pub with a pool table and a great dart throw area with two boards and a regular crowd of players most evenings. The Old Other Office has been run for nearly the past 39 years by two of the nicest people you can hope to meet anywhere - Toom & Pun.

Toom says that they will keep the bar just as it is for as long as they own it. She says she has so many good memories of meeting so many people over the years back to the Vietnam War era when the place was frequented by so many GIs on R&R. I asked Toom what she'd like to say to DT readers. Her reply - "To all my old friends - I'm still alive - come back for a visit."
  Our next stop was a few doors down to Tavern Two. This one time landmark of darts was the one I first found some fifteen years ago - my first visit to Thailand. Back in it's day there was never a shortage of players and this host venues always had at least two teams in the then Bangkok Darts League. But sad to say this is no longer the case with fewer local regulars and tourists. Tavern Two's darts throw area hasn't changed since my first visit and the walls are cover with photos of their many darters over the years. Tavern Two in operation for 28 years is run by the amiable Pet. Asked what she'd like to say to DT readers - her reply - "I hope to see all my friends and team members come back for a visit".  
  Photo left - Tavern Two today and the three to the right are just a few that cover the wall of past teams. Poor quality as I shot these with my camera. They really need to be scanned and saved. It's like a museum of Bangkok's darts history.  
While Ae and Adul had a few games of darts in Tavern Two I popped down a few more doors to In Traffic. With new owners I didn't expect to see anyone I'd known from the times this bar had a team in the Thursday league. But as I entered I was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely Miss Kay - who said that she most recently returned as manager.

Kay is working with a whole new staff - also commenting on how there are fewer darts players out and about lately. But I'm confident that if anyone will be able to get darts going again in - IN Traffic - it will be Kay. It wasn't that long ago that many darters still playing today remember what a great team they had. Even if the guys on their team were unable to make a match all the girls showed up - always a great night with attractive skillful players. To DT readers Kay says - " Hi everyone - please stop by."

  Next stop was next door to Pinocchio's Club once host bar to some top notch dart teams. The back bar still has wall to wall trophies of all their teams' past achievements. Up until recently Pinocchio had one of the top Thursday night league teams.
Got a few quick photos in here and was off - too many of the lovely ladiez with voices deeper than mine. To each their own but not my style of bar even if it is a darts bar.
  Back to Tavern Two to meet up with Ae and Adul and we were off to Cosmos. I had heard that Cosmos was a long time dart bar but had never been in before. This is a nice club and was chocker block full when we went in. Although they do have a dart board on the wall we don't have Cosmos listed on our dart bar index page as the board is inaccessible for play - the dart throw is blocked and not just by one table that could be easily moved. Really too bad as this is a nice place and seems to get good crowds and with the opportunity some would get interested in throwing some darts. Adul introduced me to owner Mr. Lee and hopefully he'll soon open up the darts area and we'll list Cosmos on our dart bar page.  
  Our final stop of my Patpong darts tour was Patpong Cafe - a Bangkok dart bar I somehow missed in my years long quest of every dart bar in Bangkok. This is one I will return to along with my old time favorite Old Other Office. Although the bar may not (yet) be frequented by many darters - their charming staff of attractive talented darts players makes for a most pleasant evening and their drink prices didn't slow down my normal consumption a bit. One bit of fair warning though - the place is a karaoke bar as well. After being subjected to many dart bars playing god-awful rap - I can say it wasn't all that bad - their girls can carry a tune. But if your lucky enough to be with Adul - he's one of the nicest dart players you'll meet - plays darts well and will introduce you to everyone like an old friend. But if he picks up a karaoke mic - it's best to have ear plugs handy.

For anyone reading this who was part of the Patpong darts scene in the past and would like to get a message to any old friends you have read about here - we have a category on our forum for contacting old dart friends. Realizing that most people mentioned in this article do not use internet is not a problem. Post your message on the forum or email us directly and we'll get your message to your old friend.

A Patpong Tip - many darts players from the Sukhumvit area are put off from going to Patpong because of the stationary tout taxis at the end of Patpong 2 on Silom Road - their exorbitant  price gouging for a a trip back home. Later at night even regular moving taxis on Silom heading toward Rama IV refuse to use their meters. Easy Solution - cross Silom Road and catch a taxi heading in the wrong direction. There is an easy U Turn just down the road and these taxis will use their meters.

I had a great night in Patpong meeting some old friends and would like to thank Ae and Adul for their Patpong tour and introducing me to new friends. - -  Johnny

  Darts Thailand - Darts SuppliersFAQ - Where can I buy boards, darts and dart supplies? We have a page listing all known suppliers and some on-line darts suppliers. We only list on-line companies that our players actually use. If we've missed you and you sell darts supplies - contact us and we will add you to our list.  

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If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

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