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May 2007


The Koh Chang 2007 Open will be held May 19 – 20 at Northern Lights. There will be a 501 Singles and Doubles competition with a maximum of 32/64 players. The Singles will be played on Saturday at 11 AM and the Doubles on Sunday at 11 AM.

Pools of 4 players, so everyone is guarantied at least 3 matches. From then on it’s a straight cup in the pool games - we play 3x501, and in the play-offs 5x501. The venue has 4 dartboards (more if necessary) and cold beer and good food is available. Some flights and shafts will be on sale as well. Prizes will be awarded. Registration is open till May 14. Contact Magnus at Northern Lights for registration information - northernlights@ethailand.com

Accommodations at Northern Lights – 8 rooms 300 Baht and upwards. Plenty of additional rooms and restaurants are available within walking distance. Check Koh Chang Guide Online for further information on accommodations and location and more about Thailand's second largest island. - - Magnus

Songkran Tournament  -  Hua Hin

(13 - 15 April Bamboo Grove, Hua Hin) The tournament was held for the 11th time. There were 12 players who were drawn into four groups of three players. Two top players from each group went to the knock-out stage. All games were best of three 501. In the quarter-finals. Dicky beat Osmo 2-1, Anna beat JJ 2-1, Jim beat Joyce 2-0 and Rune beat Paul 2-0. The semi-finals were close matches as well with Dicky beating Rune and Anna beating Jim. In the match for 3rd place Rune beat last seasonดs top 16 champion Jim 2-0. This match also saw the best leg of the tournament; Rune finished it with 16 darts. The final between Dicky and Anna was also very exciting. Both players play for Johnnie Walker teams, Dickey for last years champions Black and Anna for Red. Dicky was crowned this Songkrans champion with a 2-0 victory. He also had the highest check of the day: 109. - - Osmo

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


Darter of the Month


Taking a break from her practice routine for a few photos - the lovely Miss Wan the newest darts sensation in the Silver Dollar Bar.




   MONDAY LEAGUE          New Season Now Underway  
  The “2nd Monday Darts League 2007” kicked off the first week of play on 30 April. Players interested in joining Monday league play can contact Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant for information on teams looking for more players.     dewdomino@hotmail.com  
   TUESDAY LEAGUE          End of Season Party at D'Pelican Inn  

  John Smith’s Dart League held their end of season party at D'Pelican Inn on May 1st. A great time was had by all. Special thanks to our sponsor John Smiths Beer and the staff and management of D'Pelician Inn for a great night. Above photos - the beautiful Miss Ann keeping league members happy with free mugs of John Smiths.

Flaming Moe’s & The Moe Slyzak Experience won their respective divisions in Tuesday’s John Smith’s Dart League. For a full report of the league results check out the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League website. A tentative captains meeting is set for 8 May to discuss the starting date for next season. All captains will be notified as soon as the date is set for sure.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          Standings as of Week 13  
   Division 1    Division 2

  Coyoty 3000 A   Coyoty 3000 B  
  Domino 1982   Flaming Moe's  
  Domino Titans   Lazy Pelicans  
  G S B   Bully's Cobras  
  Red Bull   Tavern Two  
  T O T   The Other Darts  
      In Traffic  
      Domino Inter  
  Thailand Darts Association On The Rocks  
  for Thailand Darts League Domino Stone  


Paul Seigel (a.k.a. Dartoid) will be visiting Bangkok June 11 - 22. Undoubtedly the best read darts writer on-line for more than 15 years - and his book - "It's a Funny Game, Darts, Life". Paul is no stranger to Thailand with many articles from various parts of Thailand over the years.

Paul is up for any and all darts challenges. With league play schedules taking up most of the week, Friday 15 June and Sunday 17 June are the best dates for a major darts event. Been contacting players from around the country to see which date would be best for the majority of players to attend.

In addition to one major event, we'll set up as many others as possible depending on which venues are open for play - uncertain at this time with two new league seasons starting.

We invite all Thailand darts players to come out and meet Dartiod and give it your best shot in some competition. A set schedule will be in the June Newsletter. If you haven't already been to his website  Dartoid's World  check it out. The paragraph below from his site probably best describes Dartoid!

But what defines this adventure traveler, and earned him his nickname, is his absolute commitment to the sport of darts. When he isn’t engrossed in league competition or tournament play, he travels the world in search of the elusive Holy Grail – the perfect game in the perfect darts-dive. And, of course, the perfect beer. In a phrase, Dartoid does darts. And he’s done it everywhere.


This Month's Darts  Bar





Sukhumvit Soi 23, Bangkok



The Down Under Wabbalies


Downunder Sports Bistro is a three floor operation with a bar on each floor. Two dart boards and a pool table are on the top floor.

Along with three fully stocked bars their drink menu includes over thirty exciting cocktails. They have a full menu with Aussie favorites along with western and Thai dishes and open early with a full breakfast menu.

Sports - fifteen flat screen television screens ( 8 satellite feeds) - in any one of the five sound zones that allow different sports to be played at full volume at the same time. A schedule of sports events is on their website.

The Down Under Wabbalies darts team play in both the Monday and Tuesday dart leagues. All interested dart players are welcome to join the team for play on Mondays or Tuesdays or both.









   Challenge Match In The Works:        


  Been in contact with the Saigon International Darts League about setting up a challenge match. They have a keen interest in such an event and are willing to send 8 - 10 of their top Vietnamese and expat players here for competition. I have no doubt that we could field an equally qualified Thai and expat squad to meet the challenge. Finding a squad to fly to Saigon will be a bit more difficult.

First we need to assemble enough interested players. Then look for sponsors. And finally set up tournament dates. All suggestions to help this match become a reality are certainly appreciated. If you are interested please email me. As well, many of the best players in country do not use internet regularly or at all. If you know one of these players please let them know  about this. - -  Johnny          soi22johnny@yahoo.com


SEWA  Darts Forum

  SEWA Darts Forum  - We have a darts forum so why advertise another darts forum? Our form is primarily darts issues and announcements in Thailand. Posts from anyone around the world are certainly welcome but basically our forum is local news, Thai news.

SEWA is the most popular darts forum on-line - news and posts from darts players around the world. Interesting, informative and seeing that some problems and challenges we face promoting darts are not unique to Thailand. Future challenge matches from Vietnam and possibly Korea are a proof positive result of posting on SEWA. I enjoy participating on this forum and talking about our darts scene here in Thailand. A few more opinions from Thailand would be nice company.


Darts Thailand - now in our fourth month and growing. A special thanks to those contributing information and photos. Osmo from Hua Hin. Magnus from Koh Chang and Bill from Phuket. Our Dart Bars list will be over 60 with some new additions added within the next few days. If you know of a dart bar anywhere in Thailand please email the information and it will be added to the Dart Bars Listing page.

Chaing Mai is well known darts destination. We really need a contact in Chaing Mai. Internet searches have only provided out-dated information.  Many thanks to those who took time and replied to our email queries but with the sad news that they are no longer dart bars.  ---  Johnny


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