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July 2007



  Paul Seigel (a.k.a. Dartoid) the web's most read darts writer visited us in Bangkok last month. We all had a great time meeting with Paul as well as a "few" games of darts. As one who travels the globe playing darts and no stranger to Thailand - DT was happy for the opportunity to ask Paul a few questions on his perspective of the current darts scene in Thailand.  
  DT - You’ve been coming to Thailand for some years, what differences do you see in our darts here over those years?
PAUL - Thailand is not much on the international scene now days. Years ago there was more apparent Thai talent participating in the WDF and the Pacific Cup where now there is none. The serious organization of darts is gone.

Interest is picking up with your current leagues. There is no where better for recreational darts. No where else with great chocking talent – all day! The girls are good shots and even better pool players.

The sights and smells are the same which is part of the attraction.
  DT - Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand?
PAUL - Girls chocking. Heavy expat participation. Mickey Mouse is not a Mickey Mouse game especially if you play it like Cricket. The girls kick butt and it’s a good practice game. Darts in Thailand – most international that I’ve found.
DT - What changes do you see that would improve the popularity and quality of darts in Thailand?
PAUL - More organized league and international involvement with an association. Office, rules, stats, captains’ report and the promotion and highlighting of good shots. It’s a shame that Thailand is out of the international zone. More organized darts are found today in China, India and even Iran.
DT - In general, how would you rate our dart venues, throw areas and overall atmosphere conducive to serious darts play?
PAUL - Nine-nine percent of darts anywhere is for recreation. Throwing darts in Thailand is a blast. Any pro coming to Thailand to play darts would have the time of their life. No better food anywhere certainly not in England except for great Indian food.
DT - Anything specific you’d like to say to Thai dart players and readers of DT?
PAUL - Never coming here again cause you guys kick butt. You have okay Darters of the Month but not as nice as my Double Outs.

 Check out Paul's website.   DARTOID'S WORLD



Darter of the Month


July's Darter of the Month is the lovely Miss Bow.

After a missed season on the Tuesday league New Cowboy is now back stronger than ever with  the  "lead by example" of Captain Bow. She has her team practicing a few times a week and it's easy to see that this new team is one on the rise an upcoming power soon to be one to be reckoned with.





Do you have a specific darts warm up routine? Do you require a throw of a minimum number of darts or play of a minimum amount of time before you’re ready to go?

Is libation for the lubrication of the old throwing arm a prerequisite? How many do you need before you are at the pinnacle of your completive edge? Have you ever played darts without imbibing in a single refreshing alcoholic beverage?

If you’re willing to share with us the secrets of your personal warm-up routine – we’d like to hear it. Post your warm-up routine on a new thread found on our forum.    CLICK HERE


  (13 - 15 July) We invite all visiting Medalist darters to come out and join our darts community (steel tip) for some competition darts on the evenings of your tournament. We’ve already been in contact with some of your players who will be joining us. We’ll be centered in Flaming Moe’s Bar and Moonshine Pub (two doors apart) located in Queen’s Park Plaza, Soi 22, Sukhumvit Road. Fm’s and Moonshine are in the center of an area of a dozen dart bars all within a five to ten minute walk. For a dart bars map of the area  CLICK HERE

We hope all from our darts community can get out on these nights and meet these visiting darters for some completive games. Tentative plans are in place for a Saturday, 14 July 501 Singles Knock-out. We are prepared for a handful of players or a large group. Due to circumstances beyond our control and the general attitude toward time here - we have become adept and more than proficient at last minute, impromptu planning of dart events.

For those unfamiliar with Medalist Games, they are an electronic darts company that is hosting the Medalist Asia International here in Bangkok at the Montien Riverside Hotel 13 – 15 July. No mention of this tournament was made earlier because you need a Medalist rating in order to enter the tournament. No Medalist boards are available for any local players that may have been interested in getting the required rating.




13  JULY  2007
Harry's Bar & Grill
1st Birthday Party
Prize 9 Ball
Drinks 70 Baht All Night
Sukhumvit Soi 33  12/12 - BKK

Harry's Bar & Grill



DT's New Feature - Our traveling reporter is none other than Stoke City's favorite son - Jayke.
Don't miss his unique monthly reports on the darts scene where ever his travels take him.



  Our first Pattaya darts preview of the season starting with the Tuesday night league sponsored By San Miguel. As the Tuesday league approaches half way- the 3 arrows on Soi Bukhao narrowly lead the way (There were rumours Bangkok's Johnny Lee was to join this team but they refused to re-name themselves the 2 arrows after the amount of darts he hits the board with). Near rivals also from Soi memorial the Roxy hotel trail by only 2 points with the Londoner from Soi Post Office currently mailing their way to third. The Helicopter who boast strong teams in each division are currently 4th with popular ex pat hang out Crazy Eddies in fifth place- check out their afternoon happy hour on Soi 2, great place to meet folk who can't speak or remember their own name- the New Jersey school of etiquette meets there once a week- check out their popular Brit Sit-coms on TV . The Drum and Monkey based on Moo 5 Naklua are bringing up the rear with only 2 victories to date.

The Wednesday night San Miguel league ( a completely different scoring system) is currently being led by the high flying Helicopter bar followed by La Chiquita based also on the popular Soi Buakhao who pushed the Mee Chew sports bar into third after their victory over them last week. The 3 arrows find themselves mid table just above Soi Yamato's popular Yate's Bar- check out their all day breakfasts and popular daily darts tournaments

To the Friday night Mickey mouse league where the Rising Sun lead the way. Check out their review - CLICK HERE   Again the Helicopter are second from the Blue Mountain on Pattaya Klang from the Drum and monkey and the Londoner Bar on Soi Post office- a real British pub in the middle of.........well let's say some hands on girlie bar. Was only there to get directions away from the place by the way!!!  - - Jayke                  Check out the weekly results on  Pattaya People



   MONDAY LEAGUE          Standings as of Week 10 / 02 July  
  The “2nd Monday Darts League 2007”  Sam and X of Domino Titans and Ting of Domino Starts each have two 180s. X has the top high close of 145. Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant     dewdomino@hotmail.com  
   Domino Titans 10 10 0 0 155 20  
   In Traffic 10 8 0 1 111 18  
   Domino Stars 10 6 2 2 129 14  
   Old Others Office 10 6 2 2 126 14  
   Ball In Hand 10 4 0 6 82 8  
   D'Pelicans 10 4 0 6 73 8  
   Domino Stone 10 4 0 6 54 8  
   Domino Seniors 10 3 0 7 54 6  
   On The Rock 10 2 0 8 40 4  
   Down Under 10 0 0 10 2 0  
   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Round Five / 03 July  
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League has completed round five of Season XIV. Latest results will be posted on our league's website in a few days. Apologies to those teams accused of not faxing score sheets. We're working on fixing the problem. Mike, our league organizer will be in town for a while taking a break from his current work in OZ.  You can expect to see him playing with his old team Wild Job and teaching the boys how to be a winning team again.         Lower Sukhumvit Darts League  
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          End of Season Party  26 July  
  End of Season Party of 4th Thailand Darts League will be 26 July 2007 at  D'Pelican Inn  Sukhumvit Soi 22 from 7 - 11 PM. Trophy Presentations & Free Food & Drinks and Darts Luck of the Draw.

Information of the final standings of the season will be posted here when someone sends them to me. Already 05 July and need to get this newsletter online.

The league's new season will start 13 September 2007. Registration open until 28 August 2007. Entry fee 2,000 Baht per team. Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.




  Due to a faulty attachment we were unable to open Osmo's latest league report from Hua Hin. Our apologies to Osmo and all from Hua Hin. When Osmo has time to get us another report it will be posted here. We were able to open an attachment with the league's Current Week 16 standings & top player ranking - link below.

  Week 16 League Standings & Top Player Ranking   CLICK HERE

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


This Month's Darts  Bar





Flaming Moe's  has one of the most active dart boards in Bangkok. If you're out looking for a game of darts - you'll find one here. FM's has teams playing in the Tuesday and Thursday leagues. FM's touts Tuesday night league's undefeated chaps for the past three seasons.

Happy Hour 5:30 - 8:30 PM Tiger draught 45 Bart. All bottle beer only 50 Bart.

Large cocktail menu including the famous "Flaming Moe" - dare to drink one of these and you'll get your name on their Hall of Fame wall.

A friendly attractive staff, darts, pool and the best prices on drinks. No wonder FM's is such a popular place.

Queen's Park Plaza
Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok



The Moonshine Pub
Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok

It was Saturday 16th June 2007, 7pm local time and the cream of the Bangkok darts crop’ were preparing themselves for a night of good darts, good fun and good Food. The “Dartoid 501 Knockout competition” co-hosted by  Flaming Moe's  and the  Moonshine Pub  kicked off at 8pm (8:30 Thai time). 16 guys, 10 sets of darts, 4 prizes to won and enough food to feed the 5000 paved the way for a great evening of tense, yet surprising dart play.

This is third 3rd 501 Darts knockout competition that has been held and this time round we had some known throwers strutting their best stuff. Paul Seigel, AKA (Dartoid). Another name in darts, Gary Dale Cearley , Chairman of Saigon International Darts League (SIDL) also made the event one to remember. After recently being transferred to Bangkok, Gary will be around more often, now playing for the “Peli-Can” darts team in division 2 of the LSDL (The Lower Sukhumvit Darts League). The league is now running its 14th season.
  An even number of dart players made the planning much simpler, with no further ado 16 names went into a champagne bucket (minus the ice and the champagne) and with the help of the beautifully cheeky Moonshine staff, the names were drawn.

Round 1
It was decided that each match would play “best of 3 legs” in the first round. To start the night off I (KaptainX, of the Moonshine Assassins) took on K. Pad - a friend of the Flaming Moe’s Bar’ darts team. Pad was unknown to me as he won the throw for bull and started the first leg. Pad buried some stunning darts into the board, getting a T40, a Ton and then closed the leg on 38 with a D19. I was nowhere to be seen in the second leg either as Pad pounded a T21, T21 and a T into the dartboard closing out on 16 with a D8. Pad took the first 2 legs and won the first game in stunning fashion.
In the second game of round one, Tris from the Moonshine Pub’ played the********’s Chris. Tris won bull and started the play off with steady darts. Chris took the lead right away until mid point in the first leg where Tris got a Ton and evened the standings, both players chase the double until Chris closed the leg on 2 with a D1. In the second leg, Chris took immediate control of play but tris manages to pull it back and closed the second leg on 4 with a D2. In the deciding leg, Tris had the game from the start with a round Ton and continuing to throw top darts until taking the final leg, again on a D2.

Next, Jay from Blues on the Rocks’ put on a top show against Boy from the lazy Pelicans’. Previously playing for the unbeaten in season 13 team Moe Syzlaks, Boy got one Ton in however, Jay was right behind him all the way with a T25 and a square Ton. The two battled the double out until Boy Checked on D4. Both players upped the game in the second leg, getting a well placed Ton each. With it neck and neck boy suddenly ended play with a stunning finish that amounted to an 83 point close taking him steaming into the second round.

Fourth up, Friend of the Moonshine Assassins’’ Big Joe played some self confessed, unconventional Darts. Dono put on a superb show of darting action from Bull to Double-out, closing the first leg on 76 with a fantastic 3 dart finish. The second leg was not so exciting, both players getting low averages. Big Joe throwing some frustrated darts but managing to pull one square Ton out of his favorite darting top-hat. This only spurred Dono on to catch up and take a D4 close, end the game, taking him through comfortably to the next round.

As last event, the 1st round was split in half, 4 games played at The Moonshine Pub’ and the other 4 games played at Flaming Moe’s Tavern’. Unfortunately, the two people pulled out of the hat early on in the draw where the two people responsible for taking notes for this write-up. With no notes from the 4 matches played at Flaming Moe’s, we only have the basic information from those matches. In the fifth game of the first round, friend of the Moonshine Assassins Matt, played a good game against Soi 22 Johnny, however Johnny took two legs and went through to the next round.

Next up Gary Dale Cearley, went head-to-head with Paul Seigel, AKA (Dartoid). This I’m sure was exciting game, but this was one of the note-less’ matches that were played at Flaming Moe’s. Gary-Dale took two legs from Dartoid taking himself in to the second round of play. In the seventh game of the first round: Pisuth Played Ben, both from the Flaming Moe’s Team. Pisuth won the game carrying him comfortably into the next round. Finally, Marc played Matt from D’Pelican. Matt took the Game putting him up against Pisuth in the second round.

  Round 2
The second round went by fast, First of all Tris from The Moonshine Assassins play Pad from Flaming Moe’s. Tris put on a good show getting a T05 in the First leg, but it wasn’t enough to beat Pad who won the bull and closed the first leg on 18 with aD9. In the second leg, Pad opened up with 2 T’s and quickly took the second leg with D1 finish, putting him first up in semi finals.

Next up, Dono played Boy and “boy! Did Dono play some good darts”, with a T40 and closing the first leg fabulously on a 106, 3 dart finish. Boy made a comeback in the second leg and closed out on a D13. With one a piece the two battled out the remaining leg, but it was Dono who managed to close the final play on 18 with a D9, putting himself through to the semi finals where he in turn faces Pad to fight for a place in the finals.

With one of the semi final matches already set, Gary Dale Cearley comes to the floor to Play Johnny and between them decide who will take their place in the second game of semi finals. Johnny gets 2 T’s and closed the first leg on a 32 finish. Gary Dale made a stunning comeback in the second leg, getting 3 T’s and closing on D1. In the deciding leg, Johnny went right on the offensive taking another Ton. Gary also got one round Ton, but Johnny took the third leg closing on 28 with a D14.

In the final game of round 2, Pisuth from Flaming Moe’s played Matt from D’Pelican. Pisuth took 2 legs from Matt putting himself up against Johnny in the semi finals.

Semi Finals
In the first game of the semis, Dono played Pad for a place the final. The first leg was Pad’s from start to finish throwing 2 T’s and a T29, then quickly finishing the first leg on 4 with a D2. Bombs away and the second leg plays out more evenly, both players pulling one Ton each. Pad suddenly took the lead and Dono’s fate seemed close to hand, however Dono wasn’t having any of it. Dono closed in on Pad quickly and took a clean 3 dart, 60 finish. With one leg each the two went in to the deciding leg. Pad wasn’t messing about this time, He took the lead with one Ton immediately followed with a T40 and closed the match on a D5.
Pad’s stunning show of darts had carried him right through to the final. Next it was up to Johnny and Pisuth to fight it out for the remaining place, who will play the unbeaten Pad? In the first leg Johnny wins the bull and kicks off the game with a confident 77 scored. From then on in it was an evenly matched game with both players throwing consistent, steady darts. With no T’s on either side Johnny closed the first leg on 32 with D16. In the second leg, Pisuth came right back into it with 2 T’s and finishing on a 40 with a well placed D20. The third leg opened quickly with Pisuth taking a T40 right off the board. Johnny played steady darts but Pisuth managed to hold his lead and close the third leg on 20 putting himself into the final with Pad, both finalist players from the Flaming Moe’s tavern on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Third and Fourth place runners up Before the final took place, Dono and Johnny who were the two runners up from the semi finals went for the bull to claim 3rd and 4th place. Dono got the closest (bulls eye) and took 3rd place, putting Johnny in 4th position.

The Final
After some debate we decided to ask the two finalists how many legs they wanted to play in the final round. Boy, Pad and Pisuth had a short discussion and agreed on “Best of 5 Legs”. Pad started the first leg off in style with a T25 followed by a T40, continuing to put top notch darts right where it mattered, Pad closed the first leg quickly by firmly planting his first dart of three at the double straight into the required D9 - One leg to Pad. In the second leg both Pad and Pisuth took a T40 and played a competitive leg throughout, however Pad got to the double first and closed out on 32 with a D16. The third and final leg to be, saw Pad throw some terrific darts, he took 2 T’s in this leg. Pisuth battled on but it was in vain as Pad closed the third and final leg on 36 with a D18. Pad took the first 3 legs of 5 and won the night in fine fashion.
Prize giving’

The Moonshine management, Mitch and Wassana put some great prizes up for grabs. First prize went to Pad, a bottle of Black Label. Second prize went to Pisuth, A super sized pack of Heineken beer in a stylish Heineken Beer cooler (great for a day at golf course). Third prize was a bottle a Ballantine’s Whiskey, third prize went Dono who won the ‘Closest the bull challenge’. Johnny taking 4th place won a 24 pack of San-Miguel Light.

With Thanks’
Thank you to our visiting superstars, Paul Seigel, AKA (Dartoid) and Gary Dale Cearley , Chairman of Saigon International Darts League (SIDL), Hope to see you guys again soon. Overall, we at The Moonshine Pub had great evening and we hope all the players and people that came to watch did too. We would like thank the management Mitch and Wassana and the staff from the Moonshine pub for hosting the event and putting on a great spread of food out for everybody to enjoy. I would also like to thank Mitch and Wassana for the great prizes they provided for the knockout competition.

Thanks to Tris, from the Moonshine Assassins’ - as he took most of the notes that I used to create this write-up. Also, thanks to Johnny for arranging the event and getting everybody down there. Thanks to everyone who came on the night whether to play or eat! You guys made the night what is was. The Moonshine Pub’ is looking forward to everybody coming again in July for the next Knock-out competition. See you Soon! - - KaptainX


   Challenge Match  Update :        


  In an effort to further promote our darts league a number of international matches against other leagues in regional cities has been proposed and well received within the LSDL. Within the next year if dates can be confirmed we will see teams from Manila, Jakarta, Singapore and Vietnam coming to test their mettle against our dart loving players. The first of these challenges will be Vietnam.

A date yet to be fully confirmed by the Saigon International Dart League has been set for 31Aug - 2 Sept (Fri - Sun) with a return match in Saigon to take place hopefully before year end. Playing formats and numbers will be confirmed shortly but we are hoping to field two teams. One for the serious stuff and one for the fun stuff.

Venue(s) for the event are being discussed and planned and will be posted here when confirmed. Anyone wishing to be part of this International 3 day event should inform Johnny through the usual channels or email me. Also if you are aware of anyone who would like to be part of this but doesn't use the forum/website please email us with their phone contact information.

In the interest of fairness those individuals who can commit to the away leg in Saigon will be given first opportunity to represent though this is not written in stone. Further info will be posted as and when it is available. - - Ben       ben55mail@yahoo.com



     08 July CC Australian Classic Gosford    
     28 July Pacific Masters Hobart, Australia    
     08 Aug New Zealand Open Nelson    
     12 Aug Singapore Open Singapore    
     31 Aug - 02 Sep Malaysian Open Kuala Lumpur    
    15 - 16 Sep Philippines Open Paranaque City    
    21 -22 Oct Australian Masters (Men) Geelong    
    21 -22 Oct Rene Stevenson Mem. (Women) Geelong    
    03 - 04 Nov Korean Open Seoul    

For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.



Darts Thailand is now in our sixth month. Our Darts Bar Page has a total of 76 dart bars as of this writing. Received confirmation that Bamboo Bar in Buriran is a dart bar but need their address before adding them to our list. Rumor has it that there are at least two dart bars in Udon Thani. Would appreciate help on this from someone in the Isan area. A special thanks to those contributing information. But we know that there are more dart bars out there. If your favorite darts bar is not yet on our list please email us the information.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem -  - Johnny


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