Volume  007


August 2007


  After years of talk - it seems that the time of the much awaited match has arrived. Logistical details still being ironed out - we will proceed with the first match. We are confident that this will go forward and become a regular meeting of neighboring darters. Here's Ben's latest update.
  The latest information received from our counterpart in Saigon suggests they are making every effort to bring over two teams of 8.

With this updated info we can now open channels for all those interested in being part of the second team which will be more for fun rather than strict competitive play. Unless things change there will be three (3) days of play from Friday 31st August to Sunday September 2nd.

All those interested in taking part, please make this know by emailing Johnny or myself or use the forum detailing which of the days you would like to be included if not all three.

More information will be made available as and when we have it.

Ben       ben55mail@yahoo.com


Darter of the Month


This month's "Darter Of The Month" is the enchanting Miss Bee from The Sport Corner. A special DT welcome to The Sports Corner - the most recent Bangkok Bar to hang a darts board.

Not being on a league team - Bee is sadly the loneliest darter in town. Do not fret Miss Bee - with your charming charisma and darting skill we are most confident that you will have an awesome team ready for next season.








Why are some players more confident at the oche when they come into rage to double out? Better shooter - possibly -  BUT better shooters ARE more confident because they know their numbers. While you are chucking darts - they are using fewer darts because they know what numbers to shoot.

Ben has a solution. A clear, concise method. But not to worry, we at DT like to make learning fun. Assisting Ben with his presentation are the lovely DT Ladies.This is the first installment of a new DT section "Improving Your Darts". Don't continue to be at a disadvantage because of poor math - fix it.     CLICK HERE

(NOTE) The cartoon on the left has absolutely no resemblance of what we think Ben will look like in ten years. He would never use florescent green flights!



  This month's interview is with the president of The Seoul International Darts LeagueMike "Petro" Petrucelli.  Mike was down from Korea for the Asian Medalist Soft-tip Tournament held here in Bangkok. An avid steel tip player, Mike was out to meet our darters for some competition and DT got him off the board long enough for this interview.  
DT) What age did you start playing darts?
Mike) 21 - at least that was the first time a picked up a set.

DT) How did you get started playing darts?
Mike) I was in the military stationed as Osan Air Base in Songtan Korea. I had just started working a midnight shift and had a day off. I went to my favorite watering hole at the time to get out of the house and pass some time. It was a Wednesday night and the bartender was actively seeking a player to help field their team for the night and he asked me. I quickly told him that I had never even seen a dart before and would not be too good.


NAME - Mike Petrucelli
DATE OF BIRTH - 9 July 1976
PLACE OF BIRTH – Scranton Pennsylvania, USA
CURRENT HOMETOWN – Seoul, South Korea
DARTS USED - A well worn set of darts won in a money game – approx 21 grams.
HEIGHT – 5’10”
OCCUPATION – Site Manager
He assured me it was for fun and that the bar would pay my way into the league so there was nothing to lose. It was a “C” division team (at that time there were 4 divisions A-D) and I seemed to fit right in or not quite. I almost hit a 180 on that first night with the third dart hitting just above the triple, I finished the night with only one loss and from that point on I was hooked. The next season the league formed a Masters Singles Division in which I jumped right in and finished in the top 5, from there on out I played in the top division having fun and slowly getting better.  
DT) Who has most influenced your dart game? Mike) There have been several players that have made my game what it is today. Currently the person who most directly influences my game is Karl “Teachon” Hartman. Karl dedicates 3 or more hours a day to darts and travels 1 1/2 hours every weekend to play against me. There some local players that have greatly improved in the past year, so finding some tough competition is becoming easier now than it has been. On a side note, I did get my butt handed to me against Mr. Ronnie Baxter (PDC Professional) in Las Vegas for several pickup legs at a local bar a few weeks ago.

DT) What has been your most memorable win?
Mike) Two games stick out in my head; the first one though was not an actual win. I took 4th place in the Grand Masters Singles event in the Asia International Dart Tournament, losing a very close third leg to a great Japanese player. I have finished 1st in many of our tournaments here in Korea as well as other countries but my most memorable “win” would be the time I won the darts that I am currently using. It was about a year after I started playing darts and there was luck of the draw tournament at a bar on the third floor of this building. I was playing very well at this time due practicing almost 7 hours a day 7 days a week for the past year. During the tournament one of the better players at the time was having a hard time accepting the fact that a “newbie” was shooting well and progressing in the tournament. Our teams met in the finals with my team winning the event, this player was quite upset with this and challenged me to go downstairs (his home bar) to some money games where luck will not help me. We played several games of either 501 or cricket for 10,000 KRW (about $12 USD at the time) per leg. I was up around 100,000 KRW and he still wanted to play but said that he had no money left but would play for his set of darts. Over the course of the day and his attitude towards me, I gladly accepted the challenge. We would play Call Cricket Points – 1 leg 10,000 KRW or His darts depending on the outcome. I hit a double bull on the diddle then opened the game with a nine count (T20, T19, T18) I followed my next shot with 4 17s and T16. It took a few more darts on my next throws, but I ended up winning. Till this day I am still using those darts and this was some 8 years ago.

DT) In how many countries have you played darts?
Mike) Six (6) and still counting, The United States, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and Hong Kong.

DT) How many times have you been to Thailand?
Mike) Twice (2) with my most recent being in July and having a great time playing against some wonderful people, the third time should be a blast when we set up this challenge thing.
DT) Overall, how would you compare darts in Korea to darts in Thailand?
Mike) From what I have played in Thailand as far as steel tip darts goes there are a few players that take the game more serious (my type of player) with a smaller amount of players who participate. In Korea I am the president of the Seoul International Dart League in which we have 150+ players and growing. In our surrounding area league there are over 300+ active players. To compare our two might not be fair, I am unsure how long your league was been formed but both of ours have been around for more than 20 years. It is apparent to me from the players that I met at the blind draw, they are committed to the game and they are not going to leave the league and are only going to make it stronger. As far a comparison goes I would say that you are on the right track to be a great league. The only advantage here in Korea is that most bars have 2 dart boards which help to hold more tournaments, plus being located right outside of military bases on a remote assignment definitely helps to find players who want something to do. As far as the attracting new players, I would say that you have a big leg up on us with the tropical weather, nonexistent winters, and wonderful chalkers.
DT) Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand?
Mike) The scenery! The enthusiasm that the people in the dart bars actually have for the game. It seemed as if there was a dart board somebody was willing to play, even if it was Mickey Mouse.
DT) In general, how would you rate our dart venues, throw areas and overall atmosphere conducive to serious darts play? Mike) Well my thoughts are this; the places I frequented are set up for the fun and competition of everyday players. I would say that they rate right alongside with several of the bars here in Korea within our “B” and “C” divisions. One thing I REALLY liked about Moonshine was the raised oche; I wish more bars did this. That act alone moves the setup into the more serious dart scene. The atmosphere speaks for itself and I know it takes A LOT of focus for many of the men to play good, if you can learn to play with that many scenic distractions, you are ready to play on stage.
DT) Anything specific you’d like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT?
Mike) I look forward to future meetings against all of you. I am sure that I did not get a chance to play against all the good shots, but the people that I did get to shoot against were pretty good. I had such a great time and look forward to playing into the late/early mornings again. I will be back and will be out for another victory and maybe even a bottle of that Johnnie Walker stuff. Keep up the practice and with these challenge matches that are being created between the different countries is a wonderful thing and will only bring good things to the sport. I will form a team that will come to play both serious and fun games in the near future. I would also like to put out my personal thanks to Johnny for helping me organize my latest trip and letting me know where to go and who to see. It is obvious to me that he is trying very hard to make darts in Thailand a success and putting in a lot of work to make it happen. Keep up the good work with the league and the website. Also as I posted in the forum, thanks to Ben and Chris for showing such hospitality by allowing me to play against them for many hours of darts. I am a dart-a-holic and the only fix is more darts and they definitely helped me get my fix. Thanks to Dono and the staff of Flaming Moe’s for an unforgettable night of darts (I almost missed my plane – 3 min last one on), and thanks to all the other players that made the blind draw a fun night. Again thanks for the great times and shoot well.
  NOTE  - Petro & Teachon are frequent posters on the SEWA site forum. Our recent meetings of international darters have been a result of posting on SEWA. I invite you to join me. Thanks for your SEWA patch, Mike, as well as the SIDL pin. I will be sporting them on my next visit to "The Land of Morning Calm". Okay, we have year round pleasant weather but you have the advantage of soju - which I will most assuredly use to my benefit when we meet on the oche in Korea.  - Johnny  


Our traveling reporter is none other than Stoke City's favorite son - Jayke.
Don't miss his unique monthly reports on the darts scene where ever his travels take him.


.JAYKE'S   TAKE  -  Lost  In  Cambodia

  As of publishing time of this newsletter the only correspondence we've had from Jayke are his sporadic postings on our forum. Look for a full report next month - maybe. Seems he's enthralled with the women's darting ability and their Cambodian melons.  



   MONDAY LEAGUE          Standings as of Week 13 / 23 July  
  The “2nd Monday Darts League 2007”  No report from 30 July as it was a Thai holiday. Sam now leads the 180 pack with 3 followed by Domino Titan teammate X with 2. Four more shooters have one 180 - Ting, Pued and Noom of Domino Stars and Simon of Ball In Hand. Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant     dewdomino@hotmail.com
   Domino Titans 13 13 0 0 217 26  
   In Traffic 13 2 0 1 147 24  
   Old Others Office 13 8 3 2 183 19  
  Domino Stars 13 8 2 3 153 18  
   D'Pelicans 13 6 1 6 94 13  
   Ball In Hand 13 5 0 8 107 10  
   Domino Stone 13 5 0 8 67 10  
   Domino Seniors 13 3 0 10 73 6  
   On The Rocks 13 2 0 11 62 4  
   Down Under 13 0 0 13 2 0  
   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Round Eight / 24 July  
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League has completed round eight of Season XIV. There was no play on 31 July due to a Thai holiday. At a recent league meeting a committee was set up. Ben, Flaming Moe's / Dew, Domino / KaptainX, Moonshine / Matt, D'Pelican / Johnny, Silver Dollar. League organizer Mike was up from OZ for a visit and away from his computer. Up to date league results will soon be posted on the league's site.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          End of Season Party  26 July  

  End of Season Party of 4th Thailand Darts League was 26 July 2007 at  D'Pelican Inn  Sukhumvit Soi 22. The fun & festivities included - Trophy Presentations & Free Food & Chang Lite and Darts Luck of the Draw.  Additional photos from the party are on the Photo Galleries Page.

The league's new season will start 13 September 2007. Registration open until 28 August 2007. Entry fee 2,000 Baht per team. Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.




We still have a challenge match in the works between HHDL vs. LSDL. Interested players should contact Osmo in Hua Hin and Johnny in Bangkok. One match in each home area on different weekends. Check your schedules and lets get this one rolling.

The Hua Hin League team standings as of Week 21.

   Johnnie Walker Black 16 15 1 0 132-28 31  
   CAT 17 1 12 4 112-58 25  
   Pink Flamingo 16 11 2 3 101-59 24  
   Johnnie Walker Red 17 11 1 5 103-67 23  
   Jungle Juice 16 9 3 4 99-61 21  
   Bamboo Grove 17 10 1 6 98-72 21  
   Good Friends A 17 6 4 7 92-78 16  
   Jaew Bar 17 6 3 8 72-98 15  
   Dick's Office 17 4 3 10 72-98 11  
   Good Friends B 16 4 1 11 63-97 9  
   Bamboo Shoots 17 3 2 12 50-120 8  
   Ecosse 16 1 6 9 61-98 8  
   Love Bar 17 1 2 14 32-138 4  

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


This Month's Darts  Bar




Sukhumvit Soi 11      Bangkok - Thailand

25 years and still going strong - Domino Pub and Restaurant is a Bangkok darts institution. Domino has teams in all three of the city leagues but still welcomes new players. Three dart boards in the pub. Darts supplies - dart boards - dart sets - shafts & flights for sale in the pub.

They are one flight up from the ground floor -  look for the entry way - photo left. If you're unfamiliar with the area there is a map link on the Dart Bars Page.

Opens 11 AM with a full menu specializing in Swiss cusine.



Flaming  Moe's  Bar
15 July 2007
Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok

By Professor Drink (cub reporter)

  Following in the footsteps of the giants that have gone before me, I'll take my first crack at writing up
one of the soon-to-be legendary Bangkok Dart Knockouts. Our fourth such competition kicked off on Sunday, July 15th. As usual, it was co-hosted by Flaming Moe's and The Moonshine Pub.
  This time around, we had some special guests in town from Korea for the Medalist soft-tip tourney. Mike "Petro" Petrucelli and Billy Laxton both finished up their quest for electronic glory and headed to "the bar where no one knows your name", to test their luck in the steel-tip donnybrook that was about to go down.

And just how did the dart's knockout go down, you ask? Well, this is about all my liquor-addled brain can piece together, so, here goes:

A record-tying 18 competitors showed up, forcing us to have to pre-tourney matches before the 16 player bracket could be filled in. In the first preliminary, Seafaring Ray squared off against his teammate Ron 'The Ton' from the Ball in Hand Monday team. While the Flying Dutchman gave it a go, he wasn't strong enough to get past the Big Fin, and Ray went on to win in straight sets. The second prelim saw Boy face off against fan-favorite Sar. It wasn't pretty. Amidst the boos of the crowd, Boy sorted her handily in straight sets.


The bracket of 16 being set, half the darters (including this intrepid reporter) headed to Moonshine and the other half stayed on in Flaming Moe's. What follows is the tale of those brave men and women who survived:

We were graced with the presence of a rare farang female darter, in Gayle, who traveled from Vietnam, by way of New Zealand, to square off with the Thai boys. Alas, proving that chivalry is, indeed, dead, Ben dispatched her in a rather quick two sets. New Cowboy's Bob then squeezed past David, paving the way for a very interesting first round match-up between our two visiting darters, Billy and Petro. Despite his rather obvious size advantage, Billy wasn't able to withstand Petro's assault, and the smaller man moved on. Finally, on the Flaming Moe's side of things, Jay (who has been on a tear in League darts of late) got past Pat.
  Over at Moonshine, a whole different set of misfits squared off at the oche. The first match saw Moe Syzlak teammates Chris and Dono go mano a mano. In what could best be described as an uninspired performance by both participants, Dono managed to close just a bit earlier than Chris, and won it in two sets. Next came Moonshine's own KaptainX vs. Flaming Moe's Pisuth. Despite a game effort, KaptainX couldn't withstand the power of P, who was playing like a man on a mission. The third match saw internet dart guru Johnny squaring off against another Kiwi by way of Vietnam, Grant. This one went all three legs and was hotly contested, throughout. But Grant was able to pound in a couple of timely tons, which made the difference, giving him a 2-1 victory. The last match at Moonshine saw Ray squaring off against Boy in a battle of preliminary winners. Not unlike his countryman Pisuth, Boy played like he had something to prove, and Ray, fresh off his victory over Ron, couldn't manage to hold off the hard-charging Boy, who took the frame 2-nil.  
  With round 1 in the books, the survivors headed back to Flaming Moe's, while some of the less fortunate darters stuck it out at Moonshine, organized friendlies and, so I'm told, had a merry alcohol-fueled time. Meanwhile, back at Flaming Moe's:

Round two kicked off with Ben making relatively short-work of Bob, who may have been thinking too much about the free liquor prizes to fully concentrate on his game. Next, Jay and Petro stepped to the oche, eyes steady, greeting each other with "may the best man win". Well, on this night, that man was Mike Petrucelli, and a disappointed Jay took up the marker to score the next match...and an interesting one it was, as old friends Pisuth and Dono had to meet on the field of battle. While Dono's darts were a vast improvement over what he'd been throwing in round 1, they were no match for Pisuth's superior skill and steely-eyed intensity. Dono felt the Power of P, and bowed out with a crushing 2-nil defeat. Finally, in one heck of a match, Boy and Grant went at it, and they went at it hard. With the match tied at one all, and Boy claiming that he was temporarily blinded by the flash from Johnny's camera, things got tense. But, in the end, Boy turned it up a notch and sent our last Vietnamese representative home.

The semi-finalists were set: Petro from Korea vs. Ben from Flaming Moe's and Boy (from too many various Bangkok teams for me to recall) vs. Pisuth also from Flaming Moe's.

While it was a good match, our Benji couldn't hold off the hard charging Petro, whose darts had been steadily improving all night. Ben, a two-time prior Knock Out Champion bowed out gracefully, making way for the next match, Boy vs. Pisuth. In some ways, this was to be the match of the night. The boisterous Boy vs. "Silence is Golden" Pisuth. And one heck of a match it was. Though Pisuth was a clear fan favorite, Boy managed to overcome both fan-sentiment and his eye "injury" to best Pisuth in the third of three legs. Prior to the final, Ben and Pisuth had to square off to determine who would finish third and fourth. In what is quickly becoming a Knockout tradition, Pisuth sorted a well-soused Ben rather handily to claim the third place prize.

That set the stage for the final. The invading Korean darter, Petro, vs. Thailand's Boy. Someone shouted "Let's get it on!". And get it on they did. Boy burst out of the gates and won the first leg easily. Then Petro answered with a clear victory in the second leg. The tension was mounting in the Championship Leg when, incredibly, Petro chucked in a ton-80 to swing the tide. Hat's off to Petro, who won the whole she-bang, and won it with style.

After that...erm...Sar handed out some prizes and we all proceeded to get silly drunk until the wee hours of the morning, at which point we escorted the Korea boys to their taxi to head to the airport, heads filled with dreams of darting glory and free bottles of Johnnie Walker. All in all, as usual, a good time was had by most. Details of the next Bangkok Dart Knockout are below. If you can hold a dart and avoid striking other players in the head with it, we want you!


      2 GROUP SHOTS     



 Friday - 17 August -  8 PM
Moonshine  Pub
Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok

  By popular request - this month's knock-out will be a double elimination match. This will be the standard unless we get an extra large turnout. We invite you to join us for Bangkok's most popular singles darts competition event !

 UPDATE   It has just been brought to our attention that the government has called the constitution draft election for Sunday, 19 August. Usual procedure is to close all bars the night before elections at 6 PM (18 August the original date). Although there has not yet been any definite confirmation of this, it would not be unusual for this to happen only a day or two beforehand. So rather than put it to chance we have now moved the August Knockout to Friday -17 August.


 Thursday  -  23 August  -  8 PM
New Cowboy Bar  Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok


New Cowboy Bar on Soi 22 will be hosting it's first COWBOY LADY PLAYOFFS with a feverish round of 501 Knockout darts between the lovely ladies of the league, the bars, and the boyfriends. Anyone (of the female persuasion) is welcome along with her cheerleading squad of hairy blokes.

Premier tournament begins at 8:00 p.m. Thursday 23 August. Prizes will be given the first place winner with a fifth of tequila, and two smaller bottles being awarded for second and third place ladies. Other small prizes are to be awarded to the loudest, rowdiest, or maybe the luckiest of the cheerleaders as well. So men, unlike in the west, you aren't being left out.

In addition - the famous NCB buffet will be offered. So guys, round up your best lady. Or ladies, round up your best squad of cheering men. Either way you win, see you then. - - Bob




    Since our friend Hans provided us with a list of dart bars in Pattaya last February, we've received no further updates. Chris - DT's Senior Correspondent took it upon himself to travel there and provide us with this update. Returning back to Bangkok much later than expected - we put one question to Chris.   So, Chris, how did you find Pattaya?    
  I climbed on the Ekkamai bus and let the driver find it for me, thank you very much. I did make an attempt to find all of the dart bars listed on our website and failed. I grabbed what photos I could. I won’t editorialize but let the photos speak for themselves.

There seems to be dart league play six nights a week. The Saturday league is a private one between some Scandinavians and local Thais. I was there to observe a Wednesday league game and I was invited to play in a Thursday league. Sunday is quiet.

I was advised of the Wednesday game by Trev, owner of the Londoner. If you’re in Pattaya and looking for a fine, friendly fellow to get local info from, you can’t find a better one than Trev. (cheap beer, too.)

I was advised that the Wednesday league was the only serious dart league. But when I queried the players (Yate’s v Stars in Your Eyes) they had no idea why it was considered a serious league. I was also informed that the two teams I watched were at the bottom of their league.

All leagues seem to start at 9:00. Wednesday play begins with a round robin of doubles, followed by singles. The final game of the night is 1001. And it appears that all 1001 games in Pattaya are played for beer. The bars do not give food and/or beer as they do here. Play ends about 11:00.

All of the bars I visited, save one, are open-air bars or semi-open air bars. That really wasn’t as bad as I first thought as Pattaya is much cooler than Bangkok. Yate’s, like many, have an open front and no air conditioning. That was fine last week, but what about April?

Among the bars I found but was unable to enter were Crazy Eddie’s, which is actually deep down Soi 9 headed east off Second Road. That was closed by midnight Saturday. Good Luck Bar, also off Second Road, was not only closed but had a for sale sign on it. According to the folks at Cheer’s, Walsh’s Bar is also closed. Cheers apparently only opens the pool/dart room upstairs on Friday’s. Whether or not that room is air con, I may never know.

I found none of the bars on Pattaya Klang. I discovered that the street is also called Central Pattaya Road. From Second Road, I turned toward Beach Road, so I’m going to guess that the three bars there are between Second and Third Roads. Neither did I find Soi Nernplubwarn or Lucky Time Bar and I never got to Soi 2 to check out Chaplin’s.

Soi Yamato is no longer labeled on either end as Soi Yamato. From Second Road, there is a smallish yellow sign pointing to the restaurant Yamato. There are four dart bars there, but Place to Bee was nowhere to be found. The Londoner is on Soi Post Office, or 13/1, I think. It’s only one soi away from Yamato heading back toward Walking Street.

The next big dart area is off Soi Buakhao, which is the next major soi east of Second Road. There can be found Three Arrows, La Chiquita and the Helicopter Bar. While Three Arrows fronts Soi Buakhao about 80 yards north of the other two, La Chiquita and Helicopter are down a dead end soi east from Buakhao and marked by a sign for Jazz Internet and Apple Mansion.

Helicopter Bar allegedly has the number 1 team in Pattaya while La Chiquita Bar hosts the number 2 team. I was invited to play on Bentley’s Thursday team at La Chiquita. Bentley’s motto is that “if you can hit the board with three darts, you’re on the team. Well, two darts is ok, as well.”

Thursday worked this way: Bentley’s showed up with seven players; La Chiquita had nine. One of the La Chiquita players was swapped to Bentley’s and a blind draw set up was done for the singles games, which were played first. No such thing as two out of three; it’s one game. A bit of pressure there. Doubles followed from 701. One game only. There were two doubles games played followed by one 801 triple game so that everyone got to play two games in total. The final game is the beer game for 1001. Everybody plays. Play was finished by 11:00 after a 9:00 start!

Bentley’s is an upstairs bar supposedly converted from a go-go bar. Bentley’s is just past the night market headed north on Second Road. This was the only air con bar I visited. The bar features two boards and four pool tables plus a seating area focused on a large screen TV.

Saturday nights see a pool tournament and a free buffet. They are the only dart bar I know of that has a Happy Hour, which offers 20% off from 5:00 during off season and from noon during the high season. Food is ordered in for customers. See Mark there for more information, but they are always looking for dart players for their Thursday teams.

Unlike Bangkok, the balance of farangs to Thais in the leagues may tip toward the farangs and I never witnessed a truly great dart player while I was there. I might also comment that the volume during the games in Pattaya is much lower than here; people are a bit more respectful, in that regard. Also there is a great dart supply company which has moved onto the road to Jomtien directly across from Mac’s Hotel and near the old Captain’s Table but across the street, as well. Very good prices on boards, darts and supplies.

Would I head back to Pattaya? Sure. And in a conversation with the folks at Helicopter Bar, there is interest in an inter-city game. - - Chris

 NOTE   - Due to the load time of this page we did not post all of the fine photos Chris has provided. However you will (SOON) find all of them along with this most recent Pattaya update on a link from our Dart Bars Page directly under the Pattaya dart bar listing. Additional photos include the throw area in many bars as well as signs and landmarks to find these Pattaya dart venues.



     08 Aug New Zealand Open Nelson    
     12 Aug Singapore Open Singapore    
     31 Aug - 02 Sep Malaysian Open Kuala Lumpur    
    15 - 16 Sep Philippines Open Paranaque City    
    21 -22 Oct Australian Masters (Men) Geelong    
    21 -22 Oct Rene Stevenson Mem. (Women) Geelong    
    03 - 04 Nov Korean Open Seoul    

For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.


Seven months and still growing with more people contributing. By popular request the interview will remain as a monthly feature. When we have a darts celebrity in town we'll interview him. Otherwise we'll start interviewing our own players. You could be next !

Received confirmation last month that Bamboo Bar in Buriran is a dart bar but need their address before adding them to our list.  A special thanks to those contributing information. But we know that there are more dart bars out there. If your favorite darts bar is not yet on our list please email us the information.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem -  - Johnny


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