Kenny’s latest Darts Update


Hi Ya’ll. I wasn’t going to do a write for last Friday the 3rd but I’m free for the next hour, so I’ll just tell you what went on in the bar and on the board. I was keen to get down there and arrived a bit earlier than usual. Johnny and CW knew I was coming down, so I thought; get some practice games in before they showed up. I’d ordered my beer first, that’s a no brainer of course and just as I’d thrown my first dart one of the bar staff picked up a set of arrows and challenged me to some games.

Not Ms Puk from last week but a Ms Mai. Word must have gotten around that I’m an easy win at the game. Now, Ms Mai is a small petite young lady and I thought she wouldn’t be able to reach the board but how wrong I was. Yes, you guessed it; I lost the first and won the second by the skin of my teeth. I had to pull out all of my 45 years experience to clinch the 3rd. I was a bit put out on the night because my cheer lady doesn’t work there anymore but that’s another story.

Big J arrived and we started to play some singles games until other players popped in to challenge us. CW was a bit later than usual, so a phone call from yours truly confirmed that he couldn’t make it and he decided to have a night in by the fire with a cocoa and a good book, anyway about 8:30ish our friends Mr. Mamoru and t24_darts_pro_ktd_kenny-the-dart_thailand_bangkok_yorkshirehe lovely Ms.Som came in for a few games.

It was quickly decided that Big J and I would take them at doubles while the ever charming Ms. Tia did all the scoring, what a god send she is! We only played half a dozen games because big J had to drop out, so Ms. Puk took over his place. Johnny did though take many photos from many different angles, so I’m sure some of them will be up loaded with this write up. Thank you for all the players and staff who helped make it a good night.

Drink heartily and aim true.


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