Looking Back 10 Years by Johnny

Greetings to all after a bit of a publishing break here on DT. Plan to get back to more regular reporting in the upcoming year. The covid years were difficult for so many businesses including some popular darts venues. Some not surviving, but look forward to a more positive future for darts.

Looking back to 2013 – I’ve selected some random photos from the DT library files. Apologies to any I’ve missed. Wow, time does fly. Hard to believe it’s been ten years! Hopefully these pics will bring back some pleasant memories for you.

The 2013 year began with a Thailand visit from all-time darts great Phil Taylor. Included in this report are only a few pics. If you wish to see all of our pics including an interview with “The Power” himself, click on the links listed at the end of this article.

Also included are some pics from the PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) Darts Open 2013. For those of you who do not know, the major utility companies here sponsor major darts events. An upcoming major darts event is the MWA (Metropolitan Waterworks Authority) Darts Open 2024 in Bangkok on 27-28 January.

For info on all known darts events, large & small, soft-tip & steel-tip Thai wide, check out our DartsThailand FB Group Page. Link listed below. The name – DartsThailand – describes the page content. Only posts about Thailand darts events, venues and players. FAQ we receive is why we don’t announce major darts evens earlier. Fact is – we post all darts events as soon as we learn of them.

Last but certainly not least is our DT Darts Darling, the lovely Jasmin. For the full article and her large photo gallery follow the link below. You may notice that the publish date on the link is 2016, however the photo shoot was in 2013.

Hope that you enjoy this report & pics and look forward to bringing you more in the upcoming year. Take Care, and Good Darts! – Johnny

DT Newsletter Vol. 31
Phil Taylor Interview

DartsThailand FB Group Page


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