With great pleasure the NCB Darts Club announces our End-of-Year gala darts event – The New Cowboy Bar Darts Rodeo Knockout. This event – a fitting culmination to a great year of darts – expanding a rebirth of darts interest in our locals – attracting so many new players and last but certainly not least – all the great visiting darts friends we’ve made over the year. One major factor to this success has been finally getting darts events started on time and finished at a reasonable hour. This has attracted so many of hmm – how shall I say – our less fortunate darts enthusiasts who still have jobs, schedules and careers.

The emphasis of our Darts Rodeo Knockout is to have an organized, on-time event with no down-time between games. With a maximum if 16 pre-registered players who must arrive no later than 7:30 on game night for the draw of players – we will begin knockout play at 8 PM sharp. And there will be no late arrival additions to this event. Please refer to the REGISTRATION & CONDITIONS section on the second page of our event advert.




06_chokdee_sexy_darts_cartoon_bangkok_johnny_witkowskiWe will update you with a roster of approved registered players and any other news. In addition to the free food, trophies and draw prizes there will also be special darts prizes awarded to the high-score & high-finish players on the night. We invite all darts players to join us for a fine night of darts – if not as a participant then as a supporter of those playing. NOTE – any resemblance of the rodeo character in our adverts to the darter known as KTD is pure intentional coincidence. “Good Darts” and hope to soon meet you at the NCB darts oche. – – Miss Chokdee

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