New Cowboy Darts Club UPDATE – by Miss Maolaew


29_darts_cartoon_sexy_miss_maolaew_reporter_sukhumvit_proSa wat dee kha (Hello) darts players everywhere around the globe. My name is Miss Maolaew – president elect of the New Cowboy Darts Club. Happy to be joining the DT reporting team and bring you articles of our local darts action. After a bit of a lull the club’s dartboard got busy with activity lately. Typical at this time of year but happy to report that we’re already scheduling events on next year’s calendar.

My report’s first event was Sunday 20 Nov – our darts club’s Birthday Bash / Doubles Duo. It was a great turn out with scrumptious pub grub including a birthday cake provided by Miss Tia. The one “minor” glitch on the night was that the guest of honor birthday boys – Kenny & Mamoru were not in attendance. Johnny was the individual entrusted to set up this event. Seems that he believed both would be there but failed to reconfirm just prior to the event. The moral of this story – Johnny may be a good choice to photograph your event but definitely not for setting up your event. But to sum up the night – some good darts were played with some newbies in attendance – whom were always happy to welcome. Stand-out player was Miss Bie – demonstrating her darts expertise as a double-out sharpshooter.

Friday 09 Dec was almost like a reunion of some club members we’ve not seen in a while. You could see a decline in some players’ performance (no names mentioned) while others maintained. But the stand-out player at this session was most definitely Miss Mookie – awarded the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award including wearing the coveted New Cowboy MVP Hat.

30_cartoon_darts_sexy_miss_maolaew_club_president_reporterSaturday 10 Dec the New Cowboy was honored to host some true athletes participating in a golf / darts / pool / triathlon. Yes – proving their athletic endurance these champions began the day with golf – then moving on to darts and finally completing this marathon with pool. This event was in honor of Leon’s birthday and many thanks to Leon and Adam for selecting New Cowboy for the darts event of triathlon. A special welcome to all the new comers and we hope to see you more in the future.

And finally a New Cowboy Darts Club – ANNOUNCEMENT. After a group consensus and confirmation with our good friend Captain Steen we have a date for our next friendly challenge match with Don’t Tell Mama bar in Jomtien. Round Five will be played on Saturday 21 Jan 2017 at DTM Jomtien Beach. We’ll have an advanced party going down a day early and the rest of our team on the day of the event with a min bus returning to BKK on Sunday. Fair warning to our good friends at DTM – you’d best prepare. We’ve all been practicing and drinking extra beer and Kenny’s even been watching an extra amount of pro darts on TV in preparation !

Miss Maolaew
President Elect
New Cowboy
Darts Club


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