Volume  009


October 2007


OCTOBER 13th - 14th

  Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) was established on May 1, 1969 by the promulgation of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Act B.E. 2511 which merged assets and operations of the three previous state enterprises, namely Yanhee Electricity Authority, Lignite Authority and the Northeast Electricity Authority. It presently is the state enterprise under the Ministry of Energy.

EGAT has been involve in several social service projects such as youth camp program, reforestation project, vocational training program, construction of King Rama VII memorial statue etc. Presently, EGAT builds, owns and operates several types and sizes of power plants across the country accounting for about 59 percent of the country's generating capacity. EGAT also purchases electric power from private power companies and neighboring countries.
  Currently, there are over 20 sports clubs at EGAT including darts. EGAT Darts Club has raised money for several charity causes; for example, the purchase of school supplies for under privilege children, the building of schools in different provinces etc. EGAT Darts Club also hold annual tournament under “EGAT Darts Open.” This year the tournament will be held on October 13 and 14 at EGAT. - - Jay   (DT correspondent & Thai English translation expert)  

 For the complete schedule and entry fee & prize information   CLICK  HERE

  Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Bangkruai Nonthaburi 11130
Telephone No. 66 2436 0000
Fax No. 66 2436 4723
Website: www.egat.co.th
For more information about EGAT or EGAT Darts Open please contact the following persons:
Khun Verawat 081 658 4350
Khun Veera 081 457 0433 / 081 457 3678
Khun Kittipan 081 234 1104

The lovely Miss Aom is our Darter of the Month for the month of October. Aom is the cultural attaché for The Corner Bar in Queen's Park Plaza Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok.

Although the Corner Bar has a dart board on the wall the throw area is not usually open for play as they are primarily a pool bar. But be forewarned - Aom is a formidable opponent with darts or a pool cue.





Sunday 14 Oct - 4 PM - Harry's Bar - Sukhumvit Soi 33 - Bangkok


Harry's Bar is holding a Twosome (Couples) combined Darts and Pool Competition on October 14th (Sunday) starting at 400pm - Darts best of 3, 601 and best of 5 Pool 8 ball. No partner? No worries. If you're without a partner you can select one when you arrive or we will have a drawing to pair up unattached couples for partner teams.

There will be free snacks beers 80 and spirits 100 (with mixers) Prizes for the winners and runners up plus for top close and highest score.

We are also have with immediate effect a late happy hour from 9.00 to closing weekdays and all day weekends prices as above with darts and free pool.



  Rick Horton is one of the high scoring members of the Saigon International Darts League. Rick captained the squad from SIDL that came over to Bangkok in August for our first of what we hope to be many more challenge matches. In between games we sat down to get this interview with Rick.  


NAME - Rick Horton
DATE OF BIRTH - June 21, 1971
PLACE OF BIRTH - Columbus, Ohio USA
DARTS USED - 19.5 gr. Unknown brand
HEIGHT - 6’2” (188 cm.)
DT) How did you get started playing darts? Rick) When I first moved to Vietnam I started hanging out at an Australian theme pub. I really liked to play pool there. One day a friend from basketball came in and was throwing darts, next thing I know I’m in a big Mickey-Mouse game with 8 league players and I won. Since then, I’ve had the darts fever and have been working on becoming the best player I can be.  
  DT) Who has most influenced your dart game? Rick) There have been two people. The first one was a former professional player named Blaine. He was the president in the league in Saigon when I first started playing. He often mentored me and answered my many questions I had. The second would be Mike from Seoul. He was interviewed (here in DT) back in July. We had many battles for the year I spent in Korea and really expanded my game and strategies.

DT) What has been your most memorable win? Rick) It would have to be my most recent. I just organized and ran an open event here in Saigon for the visiting Singaporean darters. Although they didn’t field a very good team, the event was a big success. I took first in Singles and second in Doubles with the lovely Na as my partner. I also took home the 180 King trophy (had two).

DT) In how many countries have you played darts? Rick) So far it has only been Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand in that order, but I hope to have that number increased soon. My recent Thailand trip was my first. I really enjoyed the trip and meeting all of the great people and good shooters. And the women aren’t that bad either!!!
  DT) Overall, how would you compare darts in Vietnam to darts in Thailand? Rick) In Vietnam of the 150+ league players we only have 4-6 Vietnamese players, of which three are in the top 20. It seems like you have a lot of talented Thai players in your leagues.

DT) In general, how would you rate our dart venues, throw areas and overall atmosphere conducive to serious darts play? Rick) The venues that I visited weren’t too bad, they were just small. The nicest of which would have been Domino’s. Everyplace I was in had a good setup though, nice lighting, properly hung boards, etc. There also didn’t seem to be one “top shooter” dart bar. In both places that I have lived and played there was one bar that was the “dart bar”. By dart bar I mean the place that all top players went to and you could easily get a competitive game any night of the week. In Seoul that place is Blue Frog, in HCMC that place is Ice Blue. In Bangkok, I don’t know the place. I played some competitive darts at Flaming Moe’s, but there were 6 of us waiting to play singles on only one board.

DT) Anything specific you’d like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Rick) We (Saigon Darters) all had a great time there. Even though we weren’t that competitive, we still thoroughly enjoyed the matches. We are looking forward to the return leg in Saigon.


Our traveling reporter is none other than Stoke City's favorite son - Jayke.
Don't miss his unique monthly reports on the darts scene where ever his travels take him.





  Well another month has passed us by pop-pickers and the end of the season approaches. Before we get under way with the serious stuff (!!!!) I would like to mention individually all those bars that have gone out of their way to take care of the visiting teams this latest season-as you know- it isn't compulsory that bars provide food etc for the visitors but this term deserves a special mention for those that have put their hands in their pockets and fed us darting reprobates. We take for granted some of these bars so credit to..........

The Silver Dollar..............not sure if young Neddy is aware that that his bar puts on a spread but no one leaves there disappointed (apart from his own team after the result)  New Cowboy.............Bob and Co, top scram fellas as always  Moonshine..............as we know Mitch and Wassana never fail to impress on either a dart night or competition night. Great stuff guys  Harry's Bar and Grill..........newcomers to the league and have done themselves proud...........if you can get to the food before Powelly that is!!!! Top first season and a gold star for them.  Domino................as we know there is always a hot plate to fill your face with at this place.......nice one

Wild Country...............to be honest not visited there ( honest Mum!!!!) but believe they put a good spread on for a dart's meeting so good on you guys  Bullys.............sadly missed in the latter stages but did enjoy the cracking food on a previous visit, hope to see them next season  D'Pelican Inn ..........never fail to impress, well done Matt and Tom  A special mention to Down Under..........second season and a fantastic effort. The boys at Harrys still talk about the excellent spread and there was enough to feed a hungry Rosie O'Donnell..........top billing this season to Tom and Johnny and the gang. 10/10  As I said it's not compulsory but bring a packed lunch to the other bars if feeling hungry ;)

Those of you unfortunate enough to have encountered the league's own Capt Jack Sparrow-wannabe-Johnny B may or may not be aware that he is leaving us next Saturday for Japan for 12 months. On October 6th , South Carolina's finest will no longer be one of our darting fraternity. Just to let you know his going away party will be held all over Bangkok at various venues on October 7th. God speed Mr. Lee.

Finally c/o Johnny Lee we have our end of season competition............below are several of our darting finest as you would see them on TV's South Park-all you have to do is decipher the clues and the first correct entry wins a signed photo of Keanu Reeves. If we can't find a photo of Keanu Reeves then just a photo of somebody's friend or relative will do.

A This USA Southerner tends to hit the board with only two darts per round. Enjoys something called A Lynchburg Lemonade for breakfast ...........and for lunch and for a night-cap. Yee-haw, who am I? B This 'darter' is often confused...... by most things. Enjoys something called golf which includes hitting a ball with a stick and walking after it. Sounds fun. Has a twin brother called Ted who's birthday he can never remember. Who is this son of a gun?


  C This fine darter sometimes turns up for games........not always at the right venue. Struggles to reach the double top-on a stool. Rumours this picture is actual size are not true. To be sure who is this fella? D Handsome, literate, debonair, suave...............these are a few words he can't spell. Likes beer...and erm.........beer. Very partial to a Cuban..........not so keen on French. I'm walking here.......who is this?
  Answers must be marked - Johnny B, Ned, Jayke and Johnny and emailed before the 25th December 2009. First one out of the hat wins.  Until next month y'all...............enjoy darting - - Jayke  



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Last 2 Rounds & Party News  
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League - With only 2 more rounds to go in Season 14 we see a fight to the finish in both divisions. Tied for first are Domino Intra and Flaming Moe's in the first division and Domino Seniors and Stone teams in second division.

Our End of Season Party will be on Tuesday 16 Oct at 8PM at D'Pelican Inn - featuring their famous BBQ buffet and free beer and spirits. This party is provided by our sponsor Aqui-Pak.

Up to date league results will soon be posted on the league's site.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          Week Two / 27 Sep  
  The 5th Thailand Darts League began its new season on 20 September 2007. The current league is made up of twelve teams in two divisions.

Standings as of week two
DIVISION ONE - Domino 1982 - Pinocchio - Flaming Moe's - G S B - T O T - Lazy Pelicans

DIVISION TWO - Domino Stone - Domino Seniors - Offshore - D'Pelicans - In Traffic - The Other Darts

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com
   MONDAY & FRIDAY LEAGUES          Status Report  
  Now uncertain if or when both the Monday and Friday leagues will start their new seasons. Unlikely that either will start before January of next year. We will post information here if either decides to get going again.  



  HHDL season 7 finished on Tuesday 2.10 with the top 16 tournament. This seasonดs league winners were the defending champions Johnny Walker Black who managed to keep Cat Bar two points behind them. In the cup final Jungle Juice beat Pink Flamingo 6-5 after a very exciting match. Individual champion came from Jungle Juice, Stuart beating Tao from Cat Bar 4-1 in the final.

The meeting to decide about the format for next season will be held at Johnny Walker bar on Tuesday 16.10 at 19.30. The only thing that is bound to change is that due to the additional number of teams joining the league, we will have two divisions next season. This seasons top 8 teams will join the 1st division and the rest along with the newcomers division 2. - - Osmo





The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


Saturday 27 Oct - Hua Hin - Thailand

  The date has finally been set for the Hua Hin Darts League (HHDL) vs. the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League (LSDL). LSDL will travel to Hua Hin and HHDL will travel to Bangkok for the return leg at a date yet to be determined.

The LSDL will be lead by Captain Kenny and the current plan is to leave Bangkok in a group using a hired van.  Plan on departing early enough on Friday the 26th to arrive in Hua Hin in time to check in and participate in their regular Friday night darts event at Bamboo Grove.

The challenge match will commence on Saturday the 27th and be played in various dart venues around Hua Hin. Sunday will be available for any unfinished games. The visiting squad will travel back home to Bangkok by van early enough for those with regular day jobs and work on Monday.

All members of the HHDL and LSDL are invited to participate. Contact Osmo in Hua Hin and contact Kenny in Bangkok. If you don't have Kenny's contact information email Johnny from this site. Keep in mind - the organizers intend this to be a fun darts event.


This Month's Darts  Bar


Long time favorite of many expats as well as a popular darts bar - The Offshore Bar. Adjacent to the fish & chips shop they are connected inside. Always looked forward to as an away venue because of the great pub grub that Ray has laid on for a darts evening.
The only Bangkok dart bar with a camera on the board that can be viewed by all on a large screen TV.

Opens Early
Great Menu
Fully stocked bar & Heineken draught

The Offshore Bar
Sukhumvit Soi 23
Bangkok, Thailand




Sukhumvit  Soi 22  Bangkok
by Professor Drink (cub reporter)

  The date was September 15th 2007. The venues were Flaming Moe's and the Moonshine Pub. That's about all I really remember, so what follows may or may not be mostly fiction.

Once again 20 eager darters stepped to the oche and four emerged with something to show for it. Round 1 highlights included Boy sneaking past a hard-charging Grant and our own Johnny losing to new-comer Bot. Jay squared off against Dono and finished him off by pounding in a 120 finish in the third and final leg.

This being a double-elimination format, the consolation bracket featured Marc sneaking past Grant and ending the normally game darter's night early. An unusually successful knock-out night for KaptainX saw him pushing past Pelican's Matt, and good friends Chris and Ben went mano a mano, with Ben emerging victorious.

Back in the winner's bracket, Somsak eliminated Boy, while Pad sorted out his mate Bot in what was a heck of a showdown. Jay and Yoong also made it through to the next round. On the consolation side, Amon ended Marc's run for glory and KaptainX battled through the fun-loving Gayle. Day got through Bot by firing in the only 180 of the night...erm...the only one I saw, anyway. This set the table for a big showdown with Jay and Day, with Jay emerging victorious. Meanwhile, Amon finally put the kibosh on KaptainX's Cinderella run for glory. This put Jay and Amon against each other to determine who would face the winner of the other bracket....speaking of which...

On the undefeated side of things, Pad, looking nigh unto unstoppable got a forfeit victory over Somsak, who resigned upon finding out who his opponent was. Yoong sent Jay to the loser's bracket to set up a match with Pad. Two great darters squaring off again, but the night was to be Pad's, eliminating Yoong in straight sets before taking out Amon in the final.

I'm sure Pad "Neung Roy" once again emerged the champ. I'm pretty sure the rest of the order was Amon, Yoong and Jay, but Johnny's photos should sort that out. As I recall, either Johnny or Gayle won some sort of lucky draw prize, as well. Again, see handy attached photos.

As always, a good time was had by most. Free food was consumed, free liquor was doled out and (at least in spurts) a surprisingly high standard of darts was played. Hats off to all who participated and a special tip o' the cap to Pad who, if memory serves, now joins Ben as the only two-time Knockout Champ. Until next time, I remain confused as always.

20 OCT - 8 PM
Soi 22 - Bangkok



    A darts community with an active league does exist in Chiang Mai. Internet searches provided only a 1998 report with little or nothing more recent found online. DT Senior Correspondent Chris brings us up to date after his visit.    
  This Chiang Mai report will be soon superseded by a new web site by a local resident, Dave, so I’m just going to give you a quick overview. I only found six bars there anyway.

Most everyone can locate the Thapae Gate. We begin our tour here.

If you walk out of the old city straight ahead is Loi Kroh Rd. From there you can see Lucky Bar. It’s about three bars north of the intersection. They report they have a Monday and Friday league, but that’s all the information I have on that. The major league appears to be Wednesday. Continue down Loi Kroh and you will encounter El Toro. It’s about 100 meters in and on the north (left) side. The board(s) is upstairs and I wasn’t allowed.
  You need to walk further down Loi Kroh past the night bazaar to the next intersection which is Charoen Prathet Rd. It’s the next large N-S road past the bazaar in any case. Turn left here and walk just beyond Pornping Hotel and entertainment complex and on the same side of the road (left) you’ll find Ralph Fitch. This bar has just recently changed names from the Rock Hard Bar. Upstairs there are two boards. Ask Ms Jay to turn the lights on for you. Jay is a dart player who speaks great English.

Moonmuang Rd. runs N-S inside the moat. Almost across from the gate is Soi 2. On the corner is the Hash House Harrier Bar, aka H3. They have a board but apparently, and for some unknown reason, the team plays out of the PS Guest House about 120 meters down Soi 2.
  If you’ve located PS Guest House, you’ve gone some 50 meters too far past Half Moon Bar. As with all the Chiang Mai bars I visited, this is also an open air bar. This pub is owned by Steve and managed by Toy, a Chiang Mai native and superb English speaker and her assistant, Lee, who also is well spoken. I didn’t eat there but the menu is pretty extensive with pub food.

Not only is Half Moon the best dart venue I saw, it is also the only real expat bar with a expat dart team. The vast majority of dart players in Chiang Mai are Thais. This is where you’ll find Dave, who is starting a Chiang Mai web site which I hope will be linked to our Darts Thailand site.
  I was invited to play with the Half Moon team at Hobo’s where we met the top team in the league.
  Hobo’s is a difficult bar to locate. It’s off Ratchawithi Rd. The only landmark to use is Northern Tour and Trekking Center. The lights will be off by the time you get there but it’s large and well lettered. Walk up that unnamed soi to the first bar on your right.

Hobo’s is a miniscule bar run by Jan, a graduate of Half Moon. Their team would give any of the Bangkok bars a run for their money. And I hope someone else goes north to uphold Bangkok’s honor. I regret to report that I could not.







  This month we have Ben's third installment of DT's Special "Improving Your Darts".

Now found in our new library section along with his two previous topics. Assisting Ben with the presentation of all his valuable information are the lovely Darts Thailand Girls.

Darts Thailand makes learning fun.




    21 -22 Oct Australian Masters (Men) Geelong    
    21 -22 Oct Rene Stevenson Mem. (Women) Geelong    
    03 - 04 Nov Korean Open Seoul    

For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.




  Playing in the league and have enough players on the team so as not to worry about getting enough guys together each week. Then one week everyone gets sick or is out of town. You don't want to forfeit. You start calling around but everyone is already committed to another team.

But what about our friends with the pool cues? Most guys that shoot pool have thrown a few darts in their day and visa versa. They may not be interested in playing darts on a regular basis but would be willing to help out on a night that you turn up short of players - especially if you are willing to return the same offer and help them on a night they turn up short for the pool league.

Thanks to Mark who runs the Bangkok Pool League for allowing me to post a similar invitation on their website. Something to think about team captains - meeting some pool players and a bit of mutual cooperation and you should never be short of players. - - Johnny


Special thanks this month to Jay for his work with EGAT. We look forward to working with them on their future dart events.

Also thanks to Chris for finally making a Chiang Mai connection. Good luck to Dave and his website on darts in CM. Let us know when you're up online and we'll get you linked.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny


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