ON THE ROAD” Report #04 by Miss Ting Tong

Q Street Bar Sacramento CA

The Q Street Bar in downtown Sacramento is a long established watering hole. Also know as Benny’s this location is in a part of town where seven bars are in walking distance of each other. Although this bar statistic is hardly worth mentioning anywhere in Thailand – where any one bar is usually in an area of many more – it is notable in CA. When entering Q Bar your first impression is of a really small pub. Well into his first pint – Johnny finally asked the publican if they had any dart boards – not expecting a positive response. But through a doorway is a side room with not only one but two soft-tip dart units. And outside the back door is a really spacious patio area including a bar to service this area. Being the hottest part of the day Johnny and brother David were the only ones outside appreciating this area which also happened to be the smoking area.

Moving on to the next watering hole – David was shooting some of the classic houses while stopped at intersections. Note that the more artistic photos posted here are David’s – shot with his i-phone. Sacramento streets are really pleasant – tree lined with so many classic buildings. Rustic would be the kindest word to describe our next stop – Old Tavern Bar & Grill. The only thing notable here was the number of draught beers they’ve had over time with the tap handles displayed with other memorabilia on their walls. The addition of darts could only help class up the Old Tavern.

All in all it was a good day discovering some interesting bars. Johnny is constantly in awe of the large selection of draught brews in nearly every bar you walk into here in the area. As expected – the bars have to carry at least one lite beer for those patrons who know absolutely nothing about a proper beer. But the high majority of draught selections are high quality that any beer aficionado can really savor and appreciate. – – for DT “On The Road” – – Miss Ting Tong

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