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Good day to darting enthusiasts.

Last Friday the 16th, our die-hard club of dart players and good friends met up again at NCB for an evening of beers, banter and darts. Steven was back in town after popping home to the land of Blighty and Adam also managed to come down. After handshakes & greetings the drinks were ordered and darts unsheathed.

13_sexy_darts_girl_babe_chic_player_beautiful_charming_bangkok_sukhumvitI started to practice with Adam, just to loosen up the old throwing arm. While we were ‘having at it’, I noticed Steven was cleaning his darts but unbeknownst to me, his set of arrows were brand new. From that moment, he looked like he was going to mean business on the board.
Johnny soon arrived providing the biggest shock of the evening…he was on time – which was a first, if memory serves! The ever-effervescent Ms. Tia was once again ready to do the chalking for us guys to (more or less) concentrate on our arrows, and maybe do something we’ve been trying to do all our darting lives – a dramatic 9-darter!

Ms. Tia had the job of deciding which players team up in the doubles and she decided that Adam & Steven should play the (much) older guys with the most experience, Big J and myself.

Well, I did mention that Steven had bought a new set of arrows, and did he disappoint? No, is the word! Adam and Steven got off to a great start notching up the first 2 games with ease. Big J and I did not fold however, and we gathered our strength (by quaffing some ale) and thoughts (with a much needed smoke break) and came back to chalk up a couple of wins ourselves.

I’m not going to drag this out with words of sorrow for big J and yours 24_darts_pro_ktd_kenny-the-dart_thailand_bangkok_yorkshiretruly however – we got our butts whupped fair and square, losing 12-5 to the better team. Those new darts of Steve’s soaring through the air, and Adam’s accurate arrows should have been filmed and downloaded for all to see.
This isn’t the end for Big J and I; we will come back stronger and better. I have been on the board at home for the last 3 night and will do the same every night until another evening of beers, banter, smoke breaks and darting action is arranged. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that elusive 9 darter is just around the corner…

Drink heartily and aim true.



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