NCB Friday Doubles Draw by KTD (Kenny-The-Dart)


Hi darters, globally!!


Yet another great night was had last Friday the 29th!! All the lads and lasses arrived at various times to begin what was a very interesting evening of assorted dart games. Simon and his good lady (Ms. Jit) were present and raring-to-go! However, before the arrows could start “gliding through the air” to their hopeful targets, Simon agreed to do the “doubles-draw” for players eagerly waiting at the oche. Meantime, a young lady, by the name of “Ms. Kirico”, happened to be in the bar, showing a definite interest in the game!! She is currently in Thailand on a training course from her company in Japan and took the opportunity to pop into the bar a few days’ earlier and after chatting to our good friend ”Johnny” on that particular night, she was informed about our “Friday night get-together”, letting him know she was keen to “have-a-go herself”!!

Now, let me just say, Ms. Kirico is a “complete beginner” at the game and was still unsure of how to position herself at the oche, besides wondering about the best way to hold the dart. Simon completed the double draw, which consisted of ”A- Team”: Ms. Som and Mamoro; “B-Team”: Kirico and Kenny; The C-Team was Steve and Ms. Jit and the final “doubles”, “D-Team”, with Johnny and Simon.

Everything started off as usual, with “A” playing “B” and ”C” playing “D” and so forth and so on. As the evening wore on, it turned out that Ms. Kirico was a “very-fast-Learner” and the wins just kept coming!! The evening ended with Ms. Som and Mamoro, with 1 win; Ms. Kirico and yours truly with 6; Steve and Ms. Jit with 3; and Johnny and Simon, also with 3 wins!! Because of her exploits on the board as a “newcomer-to-the-game” and her friendly participation throughout the whole evening, we all decided that Ms. Kirico should be awarded 16_ktd_kenny_the_dart_pro_yorkshire_gentleman_reporter_bangkok_soi_22the MVP (most valuable player) title for the evening. Some of us met up again on Sunday, 31s, when the banter was all about how that night had turned out.

Just to end, by reminding everyone, we are a friendly bunch of darters and if there are any other players out there, who are maybe here on holiday and “fancy-a- game”, you are all very welcome to come along and join in!!


Meanwhile – drink heartily and aim true!!



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