Darts Doubles Decider by Steve


Well it was another Friday night and the weekly darts tournament at the New Cowboy hosted by the ever popular Tia is taking place. As always the evening involves imbibing of drinks and light hearted rivalry between the contestants. As we have eight players it required reviving Adams formula, held in high regard to ensure four teams all get a fair crack of the whip. All the names get put in a cup for team coupling and defining a captain. First up team A, is Simon and Jit, partners for the night and in real life. Next comes team B, Steve and Kenny could be described as the likely lads if that brings any memories to mind. followed by team C, Johnny and Richard a likely pairing with Johnny half way through a medical procedure. The last pair being team D, Adam and Bennett, the two dark horses of the night.

Ok teams defined, drinks on the go and the action at the board begins, the games are playing very fluidly, as during the evening we get to cycle through four rounds to determine the winners for the night. As normally happens, the games are played between smoke breaks, which allow for team talks and discussions to fix all the problems of the world. Mid evening Colin appears and out comes the dreaded crossword. For the uninitiated the crossword sparks 19_darts_pro_steve_reporter_website_doubles_tourney_bangkokinterest for everybody concerned and is a ploy to break the concentration of the old guard Darts players. It seems that on this occasion team “A” fell foul of this ploy more than everybody else.


There was tight completion between the teams not all the class action was displayed by the score lines. Team D romped away at the end followed closely by team B, Team C put up a valiant effort finishing in third place and the final team who actually finished the crossword brought up the rear.

The challenge and fun will continue the following week and is available for all who want to turn up to imbibe some beers and shoot some arrows. See you there! – Steve


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