NCB Darts Doubles Dare – by Miss Ting Tong


Greetings all you darts enthusiasts both local and world-wide. We sincerely appreciate your following us as we do our best to promote our beloved game of darts. Another great night of darts doubles competition was held at the popular darts oche at New Cowboy.

This session we welcomed the lovely Miss Bie – making her debut at the NCB oche. Any doubts of Bie’s darting skill were quickly dismissed as she approached the oche with her first chance at a double out and nailed it with her first dart. NOTE – Miss Bie’s name is misspelled on the photos due to the consistent ineptness of an individual (who will go un-named) in our DT Graphics Department. Our apologies Miss Bie for this error.


Bie’s impressive darts skill seemed to inspire her partner Adam – who together claimed an impressive victory on the night. The only team in near pursuit was the powerhouse team of Howie and Bennett putting on an impressive demonstration but not enough to catch the victors. Steve and CW – both skilled players had some moments but it just wasn’t their nigh to shine at the oche. Kenny and Johnny’s proclamation of ninety some years of combined player experience didn’t seem to influence any of their opposition – at all. Maybe you boys ought to consider refraining from mentioning that statistic unless you’re actually winning? Just my thinking.

Looking forward to the next “darts do” as more players seem to be back in town and the action at NCB darts oche is almost a nightly event. Remember that if you’re new in town or a tourist – you’re always welcome to join the darts action in New Cowboy. It’s a great way to meet people and always a fun, social night of playing darts. Hope to meet you at the oche.

Miss Ting Tong
Darts Thailand Correspondent


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