Darts MVP Graeme by Miss MaoLaew


New Cowboy Darts Club’s coveted MVP award was presented to Graeme for his outstanding performance on Friday 12 Feb 2017. The recipient of the MVP award is decided by all players for someone’s outstanding darts on the night. It’s not awarded on any regular basis or time frame but on any night where the players recognize a player who is having a great night of darts playing above their regular level. Simple as that – recognition by one’s peers of outstanding performance.

Our night of darts was much like most of our gatherings – basically a round robin of doubles play lasting as long as the night allows. The winners claim bragging rights lasting until the next gathering. Again on any night – any player having an exceptional session can be recognized as the MVP. But on this night the doubles winners were clear but it was early enough to finish the night with a great game called Half-It. Now it was during this game where Graeme’s darts came to the notice of everyone earning him MVP.

10_darts_cartoon_girl_club_president_mao_laew_sacramentoFor those not familiar with this game – it’s well worth learning. I thought that we had a page here on the DT website on the set-up – rules and how to play Half-It – but not so. Hmm now there’s another upcoming project. This game gets you using the entire board as well as one unique aspect. For example in any 01 game – a poor throw still nets you a score although a poor score. But a poor throw in Half-If (missing the changing needed target) results in halving your accumulated score. Ah – a bit more of an added pressure.

Congratulations Graeme on your victory and as the New Cowboy Darts Club’s most recent recipient of of the coveted Darts MVP Award. Looking forward to our next darts gathering – usually unplanned but more common on Fridays and even more so on Sundays. Hope to see – you – at the New Cowboy oche at our next darts gathering.

Miss MoaLaew
New Cowboy
Darts Club


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