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November 2007



Well folks this month Jayke's Take takes us to the lovely (former) quiet town of Hua Hin............yes our darting fraternity arrived there in numbers and took on the town's darting finest and er.........well it's taking part that counts really ! Myself, Johnny, Taxi, Pla, Gayle, KaptainX, Dave and Grant headed down by mini- bus whilst the posher sect led by Kenny (Yorkshire's aristocracy.........had an inside toilet back home) arrived by car with Steve and Kai in tow. Gayle fed and watered all en route and Taxi navigated (he did seem to be asleep to me to be honest but he was happy bless him).
  My first trip to Hua Hin and what a lovely place it is-Osmo made all welcome at the Bamboo Grove as we all set off on our warm up rituals for the next day. Yes the bars were plentiful and many girls recognised me as the 'Hansum man' I am..........obviously word had gotten through from Bangkok.

Saturday afternoon and the two captains .myself and Kenny ( think someone was having a laugh) split our troops up between Bamboo Grove and Lazy Daze, ready to meet up with tales of victory later. Someone did comment that I led my team like that chap from the 'Gladiator' movie - take it they meant Maximus not Oliver Reed!!!

  After a slow start things got , well slower. Anna from England , a fine woman with little memory as she obviously forgot what hotel I was staying in after telling her a dozen times, beat me a bit too easily followed by Rune a Finnish Viking pillaging Johnny , Eero from Norway doing similar to Dave and Supi and Dave doing similar to KaptainX and Taxi respectively. Only saving grace was the lovely Pla taking Osmo who's eyes seemed to be elsewhere.

Down the street at Lazy Daze was a similar story ,Jay, Noi and Tao did Thailand proud as did Jungle Juice's Stuart , Mick from England doing Good Friends bar proud and Lazy Daze own William Wallace, Martin completing the rout.
Obviously I should never have listened to Kenny's Captaining advice or things could have been so different, still a good time had by all..........special mention to Hull's very quiet and refined Joyce at Bamboo Grove for putting on an excellent spread also.

All in all a good weekend- Dave had to rush off for a modeling assignment ( really did!!) which was oddly cancelled at the last minute-strange that.

A thank you to all involved, especially the cashier at Starfish bar, an old friend of mine who forced me to drink several free Vodkas ......a fine lass.
  Until next month and tales of Phuket to come..........later. - - Jayke
  Click thumbnail below for a full size photo from the 07 Oct Saturday tournament. Many addition photos will be posted on the Hun Hin Photo Gallery Page within the next few days. Photos below from left to right......
Group shot of the A Teams at Lazy Daze Bar
Hua Hin B Team at Bamboo Grove
Bangkok B Team at Bamboo Grove
Group shot of the B Teams at Bamboo Grove
  Thanks Gayle for this photo from Hua Hin titled "Jayke Scores Some Pussy". Come on - you know this is a family website - what are you thinking?

Photo to the right  -Rated G-  and suitable for all ages.




Just in case you don't recognize him - our Halloween Darter of the Month is the Bangkok Pool League's own president - Mark.

Men dressed as women are nothing unusual and mostly go unnoticed around the bars but Mark changed all this. Cameras were flashing and drinks were flowing.

Great job Mark. To check out the Bangkok Pool League's site



November's featured Darter of the Month is the enchanting Miss Dream.

Miss Dream is the Special Events Coordinator at Aloha Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok.

Still without a dart board - Miss Dream assures us that it is only a matter of time before they hang one on their wall. She is working (closely) with Miss New (DT Sep Darter of the Month) & CW (internationally renowned darts advocate) and they assure us that the writing is on the wall and soon so will be the darts board !!!





  Anyone who has thrown a few darts around town a time or two has met Bangkok's most affable darter - Taxi. Special thanks to KaptainX who caught up with the guy who never stops moving - except for that rare special occasional evening time poolside martini.  
DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts?
Taxi) Well, I came to Thailand in the early 1980’s, however it was the mid 1990’s before I picked up my first set of darts, at that time we played in the Bangkok League, the only league and our team was called “The Midnite Cowboys”, Myself, Osmo and JD-Lek’. We played darts’ out of the New Cowboy Bar’ on Sukhumvit Soi 22. JD-Lek was the captain in those days. We’d sing “We love you Cowboys’, we do, We love you Cowboys, we do, We love you cowboys, WE LOSE. We had the waitresses in team’s colors, tight tops, short skirts with red & white pompoms cheering us on parading around the bar, “good stuff”.

DT) How did you end up with the nickname "Taxi"? Taxi) My nickname came about in good old days, when the bars were open round the clock and people bought their own darts. Now my nickname in Australia was “Butch”, however that didn’t ring off so well with a Thai accent as the girls used to call me “Butt”. We’d travel from bar to bar stopping off everywhere we could for a beer and move on, after we’d had one, I’d say “Taxi” to inform the boys that we were about to break camp and move to next bar. So people started calling me “Taxi” and it stuck, for 25 years now people have called me “Taxi”. The only problem is now that with all the touting taxi-drivers on the streets, when I hear someone shout “Taxi”, I have to determine whether it is friend or foe before I turn around.



NAME - Trevor Lemke
DATE OF BIRTH - Well over 21…
PLACE OF BIRTH - Melbourne, Australia
DARTS USED - English Darts 23 grams
HEIGHT - 175 cm
OCCUPATION - Photographer
DT) Who has the most influenced in your dart game? Taxi) Well at the New Cowboy Bar we had a wonderful chalky (scorekeeper), a Thai lady called “Mee” which translates as Bear in English, now I don’t mind saying that she had the most enormous chest so we got her a very tight T-shirt in the team colors and had her wear it at all home games in hope of putting the opposition off their throw, however it worked against us in the same way and one evening Osmo managed the miss the board and wedge the dart right into the poor girls thigh. “Sorry Mee”.
  DT) What has been your most memorable win? Taxi) It was when Osmo and Julian and I, played for the Blue Lakes Bar’ our team was called “The Blue Wings”. We were playing away that night at “The B52 bar”. I was playing a guy called Franco, he was a good dart thrower and I was well, anyway… so we were coming down to the finish, well at least he was, he had 32 to check and I had 138 to finish. It was my turn to throw, and I checked the game on 138, getting Triple 20, Double 20, Double 19. Franco was very surprised, he couldn’t believe it and Osmo was jumping around the bar, “Good Darts Taxi”. I won the cup for the highest close.

DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? Taxi) At the beginning, well my beginning, in the Bangkok darts league, with 4 divisions’ it was much more serious of an affair in those days. The teams were mostly Thai and you did what you were told, everyone listened to and obeyed their captain back then. No cheating and we had people that could actually chalk a game of darts. It wasn’t much fun overall though we had fun. With the LSDL starting up the game has become a lot more of a fun and social event, people use their Tuesday dart game now to meet new people and socialize. We like to play darts and win but we must have fun too.
DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand?
Taxi) Today there is too much underhandedness in the game, in the olden days the game play was much more sportsman like, as it should be. No cheating, No shifting players round and getting ringers’ in to wipe the floor with lesser dart throwers, it’s just not good show….less of this and darts in Thailand would be great.

DT) Anything specific you’d like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Taxi) Firstly, after being a captain for 10 years I’m now retired and just play darts, it not as easy as it looks, players need to get behind there captain and help them do the job, call your captain to find out where the next game is, why should the captain have chase round after his supposed team members? Listen to your captain and do what he/she says or go and start your own team and you can be your own captain and then understand what a task it is to round up the boys and get them each a set of darts and get them to the games’ location every week.

Secondly, Buy your own darts and drink your own beer! It’s bad show to come to a game and have to borrow darts every week. As fun a time as we trying to have, if you come every week to play then you should buy your own darts, your own spares parts and so on, you won’t improve your game swapping darts every week and its unfair that your captain to have to provide darts for everyone on his team.


Sunday 14 Oct Harry's Bar - Sukhumvit Soi 33 - Bangkok

  The inaugural Mixed pairs combined pool and darts competition was held at Harry's Bar & Grill on October 14th, unfortunately a deluge 45 mins before the proceedings started literally put a dampening on the event.

However the few courageous souls that braved the weather enjoyed an unusual afternoon, having quaffed cut price booze and scoffed an excellent free buffet the standard of darts was more than reasonable, sorry to say the same could not be said of the pool, which will result in slight rule changes for the next round!!

The overall winners were David & Elaine (not owner David) , with Shin & Ae sharing the prize for highest dart score (137) the highest finish belonged to Jayke with a lucky 94 check-out with partner On looking on in admiration (or was it disbelief) ?

Any way David owner of Harry's is looking to another completion in December (date to be announced) and thanks to all who attended in appalling conditions.
- - David



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          New Season Begins 13 Nov  
  Lower Sukhumvit Darts League - will begin our new season on 13 Nov. The reason for the delay is a good one - new teams joining our league causing the schedule to be redone. Look for the new schedule on our website as soon as it is finished.

A special thanks to Jack and Brandon our sponsors from Aqui-Pak for a great end of season party held at D'Pelican Inn on 16 Oct. Also happy to announce that Aqu-Pak will remain as our sponsor this upcoming season.

Up to date league results will soon be posted on the league's site.
Lower Sukhumvit Darts League
   THURSDAY LEAGUE          Week Six / 25 Oct  
  The 5th Thailand Darts League now in it's sixth week and the standings as of the Oct 25th update. The current league is made up of twelve teams in two divisions.

Standings as of week six
DIVISION ONE - Pinocchio - Domino 1982 -  G S B - Flaming Moe's -  T O T - Lazy Pelicans

DIVISION TWO - Offshore - Domino Seniors -  The Other Darts - Domino Stone -  In Traffic - D'Pelicans - 

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com


  This is open to anyone who can throw a dart, (or thinks they can) Once the Challenge gets underway I will form a ‘ladder ranking’ and it will be on notice boards in most of the Dart Bars around Bangkok – person at the top of the Ladder will have bragging rights to anyone wanting to listen.

How it works – (I think) Firstly all intended wanna be players are to email me with a day time/anytime contact number – and email address, letting me know the want to play. Those wanting to play and not yet on email and or mobile phone are welcome to join the 21st century and get the above prior to registering.

At this stage Close Off for this will be 30 November 2007. We will need at least 16 to 28 players to make this any sort of decent competition – we can always have more players added on. - - Gayle

Email – best501bangkok@gmail.com

  For Full Details   CLICK HERE




  Hua Hin Darts League Season 8 kicked off on Tuesday 29.11. This season there are two divisions with 8 teams in both.

Strong favourites to win the league this season are Jungle Juice, who had an excellent finish to the previous season. Also Johhnie Walker Black, Cat Bar and perhaps Pink Flamingo are trying to get to the top. The remaining teams in the division Johhnie Walker Red (a lady team), Dickes Office A, Jaew Bar and Bamboo Grove are probably fighting against the relegation.

In division 2 Mojos Trio are top favourites with so many experienced players in it. Lazy Daze, Eero (name bound to change), Bamboo Shoots, Love Bar, Dickes Office B, Deja vu and Good Friends are all a bit of question marks as they all have new players.  - - Osmo

The Hua Hin Darts League is sponsored
by the fine folks at Hot Property Hua Hin.

To visit their website
click the link button on the left


The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


This Month's Darts  Bar


19/1 Selakam Road - Hua Hin - Thailand


Slate Pool Table
42 inch Plasma TV
Extensive English & Thai Menu
Open Early for Breakfast
Voted "Best Expat Bar" in Hua Hin
Close to the Hilton Hotel

    Jungle Juice Bar & Restruarnt
19/1 Selakam Road - Hua Hin
Prachuab - Thailand - 77110
Tel: 0-9690-0832
Listed on Hua Hin After Dark
Click above Link Button for more info


Saturday 20th October
Sukhumvit  Soi 22  Bangkok

  And so it was, the Moonshine Pub Double Elimination Knock-out, on Saturday 20th October - fifteen people gave it their best throw. With the help of the Moonshine staff, those cheeky little devils them, we made the draw and set the games.

First up on Board 1 at the Moonshine Pub, and it was a harsh draw for Goy as she had to take on Ball’ who forged ahead and closed the first two legs. Next up Ben from Flaming Moes tackled Amon, he took the first leg and then Amon finished the next two putting Ben into the losers bracket s up against Goy, what a rough night she had, sorry Goy. Next out of the hat was Johnny but with an uneven number of players there was a Bye in the hat and Johnny got it. Next I (KaptainX) managed to steal the first two closes from the unsuspecting Dono putting me up against Johnny in round two, while Dono moved over and picked up the second and final BYE of the evening.

Meanwhile on board 2 at the moonshine, Pod took the first 2 legs away from Pad. Next Simon from Moes’ went up next to grant from The Down Under Bar. Simon got the first leg and grant came back to take the second and third legs, so grant had Pod to look forward to in round 2 while Simon would get his second chance against Pad on the other side. Yoong beats Sar next and then Chris gets 2 legs against the fun loving Gayle.

In round 2 Ball played Amon who tried his best but let Ball take 2 legs. Next I managed to sneak another 2 legs from Johnny, while Grant Beat Pod and Young wins his game to Chris on board 2. On the losers side, Goy gives it good shot against Ben, but Ben takes the game, meaning he has next to beat Chris to go through. Dono had a BYE, so he gets to play against grant next round. In a close game, Pad beat Simon and on the other board Gayle gets 2 legs against Sar. Next up, Ben steals Chris’s hopes of glory, then in another close game Grant put an end to Dono’s darting evening giving him more time to focus on his on his main job, being Professor Drink’. Pad now takes on Johnny, and closes the first leg on a fabulous 160! “Nice one Pad”, Pad closed the second leg and went through. Then Gayle put a great show against Amon taking the first leg but Amon managed to take the next two putting him up against Pad where he won again ending Pad’s run for the bottle of tequila.

Next up, even though Ben takes 4 tons to grants 2, Grant closes the last 2 legs pushing him through to face Yoong who had just lost 2 legs to Pod on the winners side, grant put up a good fight but Yoong took the first 2 check-outs. Next on, Me vs. Ball, even though Ball took 3 tons to my 1, I managed to get two legs to his one which meant I next had to face Pod next….however, I failed and lost the first 2 legs. In the next game there was a score sheets codge-up and unfortunately Amon played Ball again after playing him already in the second round. I didn’t spot it till the day after, can people please tell me if they spot any foul-ups in future “Thanks” if I don’t so I can fix them on the night. I apologize for this and it won’t happen next time, obviously we don’t want repeat matches and will avoid this in future, anyway Amon won the game putting himself through, next in a fast and furious game Yoong beats Amon putting himself up against me where he beats me 2 legs to zero.

Before the final was played we put everyone except the top 3 names back into a hat and held a lucky draw where Goy and Amon won a 6 pack of beer each.

To finish off a great night, In an exciting and Ton filled’ round of darts, Yoong, the winner of the losers brackets went up against Pod who won on the winners side and battled it out, Yoong got two legs to Pods’ one, giving Yoong first place and a bottle of tequila. Pod came in second and won a crate of Heineken and I got third place and won the crate of San-Miguel.

A big thank you to everyone for coming, let’s also thank Mitch and Wassana for sponsoring the event, nice one guys. The food was great, I love that Chicken you make Wassana. Thank you to the staff at the moonshine, they are always great. Thank you to the Lovely Miss Yui for helping us drunks do the math’s on the whiteboard. Thank you Ben, Dono and Yooung for helping me out with table and score sheets. David couldn’t make it this time as it was his anniversary…”Congratulations’ David and Co”.

Mitch and Wassana would like to thank everybody and look forward to you all coming to the next Knock-out. In November the event will be held at Flaming Moe's, Decembers’ Knock-out will be held at the Moonshine Pub.

Cheers everyone….See you all next time.





SATURDAY  -  17 NOV 2007






  This month we have Ben's fourth installment of DT's Special "Improving Your Darts". Now found in our new library section along with his three previous topics. Our beautiful librarians will guide you through all this valuable learning step by step.  

  Darts Thailand makes learning fun.




    03 - 04 Nov Korean Open Seoul    

For further information consult  the  Worlds Darts Federation  website.





Featured Team -  POUR HOUSE
Playing in the 2nd Division of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Dart League
Pour House Bar - 7 North Main St. - Ashley - Pennsylvania - USA

Maybe the first time for some to see American style darts - believe I am safe in saying that this style of darts is only found in the NE part of the States. Some say even more challenging than British style darts more common around the world?

Recently been in email contact with Brian Murphy NEPA PRESIDENT and he's been kind enough to put a link for DT on their website.

Why is Pour House our featured team? I was born and grew up in the town of Ashley. Although it's been many years since I've been back I still miss throwing a game of baseball.

We invite all players of NEPA Dart League to visit us for some darts here in Thailand.
  May not have your style of darts but the weather is always warm - the beer is cold - and some of our darters are so distractingly attractive that you may not even notice that you're playing a different style of darts !

To learn more about this league or American style darts click on the appropriate link below.


If you would like to have darts from your hometown featured - email me the information. - - Johnny Witkowski - HOMETOWN - Ashley - PA - USA



  Ideally we would like to report no rumors and only put out the facts. But we are not always able to confirm if a rumor is true or not by the time we upload this newsletter. In the case of darts events missed here or time or date changes we will email all on our emailing list. If you would like to be added to our emailing list - email us and we will add you.

1) Talk around town is that Koh Samui has an active  darts league. ** Source of Rumor - KaptainX's friend on Koh Samui
2) We've heard that there will be another EGAT Tournament possibly sometime this month. ** Source of Rumor - unknown
3) Mark - President of the Bangkok Pool League will start playing darts on the Tuesday darts league if allowed to wear woman’s clothes. ** Source of Rumor - Mark
4) Ned of Silver Dollar has been seen practicing a few hours each day fearing he may be sacked next season. ** Source of Rumor - The lovely Captain Dow of the Silver Dollar Darts Team
5) Nick of Popeye’s Bar is now using a computer and internet and reads the DT website. ** Source of Rumor - unknown

If you can confirm or dispel any of these rumors please contact us.


Sorry to report that we haven't received any details from the EGAT Open held on the 13 and 14 of Oct. If we get any information from that we will have it in next month's newsletter.

Welcome onboard Gayle our newest DT staff member. Pattaya - Chaing Mai - Phuket - if you would care to give us a brief update of the darts scene in your area we will be happy to include it in the monthly newsletter.

The sole purpose of this site is to promote darts in Thailand by having as much information as we can find published on-line. If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny


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