Darts Comp to Avoid – by Miss Ting Tong

Why would we at DT ever consider an article – “for darts players” – strongly advising to avoid this type darts competition? Because we do not want you to loose money and also to avoid unnecessary grief. This kind of contest is not one that any darts player willingly enters. You won’t read about this on any other darts site – but we want to make you aware of this terrible nemesis as it can personally effect you – anywhere in the world. So – what kind of darts comp do I speak? Lost Darts Sets Competition.

Long-time friend of the Bangkok darts community – Kenny (aka KTD, Kenny-The-Dart) is known as a skilled player who personally has done more than any other darter to help newbies learn their double-out numbers. Kenny can be a serious competitive player when needed but sadly no one wanted to see him become so competitive in this competition. Kenny had his favorite darts for decades – since way back in his hometown in Yorkshire. Sadly – Kenny lost his most valued set of darts then quickly afterward lost a set of replacement darts he had purchased. This move put Kenny in a three-way draw with CW and Graeme – all having lost two sets of darts to date.

CW started this off years ago jumping off to a dramatic lead by loosing two sets of darts on one night. This is exactly why we here at DT strongly suggest against using a two-darts-set darts case. Common belief here at DT is that it’s not a matter of “if” you get drunk and loose your darts in a taxi – but “when.” So – minimize your loss.

Now Graeme’s second set of lost darts was a matter of some controversy as some argued that he received assistance from airport security as he attempted to board an airplane with darts in his carry-on. Miss Tia of New Cowboy Darts Club convened a special independent darts council to investigate the matter. After long-winded and mostly useless investigation they finally ruled that Graeme was in fact responsible for the loss of his second set of darts.

As always – we welcome all darts players to pack your darts when visiting Thailand a check out our friendly darts venues. But we do not recommend you participating in the on-going darts competition mentioned above. In conclusion I’d like to ask you two questions and invite you to join us in discussion on our DT FaceBook Group Page. – CLICK HERE

1) Who do you think will take the lead in the current three-way draw – CW – Graeme – Kenny ?

2) Have you ever lost your darts?

Wishing you good darts!
Miss Ting Tong
Darts Investigative Reporter


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