THROW-BACK-THURSDAY Vol.001 – by Johnny

Greetings all darters following us at DT with all of the “Thai Darts News” – sadly now none due to the dreaded virus. We remain hopefully optimistic that restrictions will soon be lifted and we can all get back together at the ole darts oche for a few games and a few friendly social sippers.

Been very little posted on our website with nothing going on. Been posting some TBT “ Throw-Back-Thursday” memories on our FB Group Page. Received some positive feed-back about doing a darts history. Sounds like a plan and will have TBT historical pics listed in a separate category on DT where the pics will live and be accessible.

Where to begin? Usually the beginning is a good place to start. But with no recorded darts history – I only have DT’s photo files, my memories of over twenty some years and a few guys I can still ask about the old days. Special shout-out to Peter Rushby our historian who has provided us with lots of scanned memorabilia that I’ll get gathered up and in our TBT historical files.

Our first TBT featured darts venue – Domino Pub. Up until the time of their closing at the end of March 2017 – they were the second oldest existing darts bar in Bangkok. Not oldest but “oldest existing” darts bar. However, the oldest existing darts bar (maybe oldest by any count) going back to the Vietnam R&R days is “Old Other Office” in Patpong. Third oldest is The New Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 22. When the dust settles and bars are allowed to re-open we hope to find Old Other Office back open. New Cowboy will reopen under new ownership as the B52 / New Cowboy and continue their fine darts tradition.

Domino Pub – either you were lucky enough to be part of Bangkok’s darts scene and know what a great darts venue this was – OR – you missed out! Ever affable publicans Dew & Peter ran a class operation welcoming not only some of the top world famous darts stars but anyone wanting to learn how to play darts and join a darts team. With multiple darts teams in many leagues at different levels they were able to accommodate all their darts playing Domino enthusiasts.

Domino Pub also had weekly darts events. Lucky Draw – all players names in a hat and two matched. You had the possibility of being teamed up with one of Thailand’s most talented, rated darts pros. All good stuff. But we here at DT will ask the question so many wondering about. Dew & Peter when & where will you open a new Domino Pub ?

No need for me to use words to describe the once great now gone Domino Pub. Pictures worth a 1000 words ! ! Thanks to me current & always trusty Nikon Camera. BTW – I never miss a darts shot when shooting me trusty – Nikon – hmm, can not say the same with me darts ! – Johnny

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