Pattaya Darts Open 2010
( Special Report) Was down to the Pattaya Dart Open 03 -04 April. Great event and great news for Darts in Thailand - tentative plans for another open in a few months with the eventual return of Thailand hosting an international open. Special thanks to all those responsible for making this a reality again. The full story and more photos please check out our friends at To go to CLICK HERE or hit the RED BUTTON below to see the DartsThailand Gallery.

Events like these are not only about darts but a really nice reunion of darts players your have met over the years. Great to see some old friends as well as meet new ones. But when "game on" was called it was down to the business at hand each player stepping up to the oche with the intention of taking the prize. The competition level higher than usual for some as well as performing at your best with the much higher level of pressure of any large tournament. It's a whole different world from a friendly game in your regular pub or even league play. I myself can say that I was totally unaffected by any pressure - the only thing I was shooting was my Nikon D90 camera.

I tried to get photos of as many players as possible but it was catch as catch can for me moving around the room without getting in the way of any shooters or disturbing anyone with flash shots. (If you want a larger even higher resolution copy of any photo here for print email me at Sorry if I didn't get your photo or team photo this time out - but there is always the next one. I'll be at the next open and if you want your photo taken just give me a shout. I'm easy enough to spot - fat guy with thick glasses always in need of a shave with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other. We would like to personally thank Mr. Vichai Govindani of TDA (Thailand Darts Association) for sending our crack (crackpot?) DT news team to this event. - - Johnny
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