Volume  024


February 2009

  Time flies when you're having fun and doing this newsletter is an absolute blast. Living in Thailand and playing darts in an ever growing darts community and constantly meeting new darters visiting Thailand on business or holiday. Throw a few cold draught beers into that equation and what could be better? Top all that off - we get to report about it. Most of us here at DT came from places with cold nasty winters and Thailand is a dream come true - sincere condolences to those of you now reading this from a nasty cold location.
Many thanks to you our readers and to all contributing their bit to this newsletter. We hope to continue to grow in our converge of darts news throughout Thailand as well as add features that you will hopefully enjoy. Your suggestions continue to help guide us in that direction. Coming to Thailand - be sure and pack your darts. Drop us a line and we'll be happy to point you in the direction for the best darts action for where you're headed in Thailand. - - Johnny


Most happy to report that the "Dream Team" is not just a possibility but a fact. Team Thailand is headed to Hong Kong to participate in the Bullshooter Asia Tournament. We'd especially like to recognize Rob "Dragon" Heckman from CA for all his time, effort and international phone calls making this a reality. Also like to acknowledge the others working to make this possible - Rob's sponsor Puma Darts - Chris Ngan organizer of Bullshooter Asia and Vichai Govindani- president of TDA (Thailand Darts Association) for sponsoring Giffy - Nattakhom and Young.





Been promising to finally announce the result of this BIG MATCH and now we can. We were waiting for Paul (Dartoid) to release the story first on his website Dartoid's World. To read Paul's full report from his last visit including the video check out his website -  Column 346 (12 Jan 09) titled "Omsin the Elephant."     

OR you can now view the video on DT's newest addition - our Video Production Department. It's headed up by our own KaptainX who is no stranger to filming unusual events having spent some years working for
National Geographic. With his computer smarts - he also performs all film editing and production. Bringing his movie experience to our vid department is Stoke Football Team's biggest fan Jayke. Undoubtedly Jayke's viewed far more films than the most ardent of movie buffs - although we can't mention most of those films here as we strive to keep this website family friendly. In addition to wearing the director's hat - with his unique oratory skills - Jayke also serves as video presenter (that would be announcer for US readers more familiar with Standard English).  - - -   Stay tuned for more Darts Thailand Video Productions.


Darter of the Month
Sweet & Petite
Miss Lolita

So sweet & so petite - is the ever so lively Miss Lolita - Sports Director at Powelly's Sports Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok. Lovely Lolita is a formidable darter with a true love of the sport. She held the title of top woman dart player in Osaka, Japan a few years ago. Although pleasantly distracting she will always give you a challenging game of darts. We proudly present the heavy hitter of Soi 33 and beyond - Miss Lolita.




While majoring in Japanese Studies at Kobe University - Miss Lolita was also a ranked darts player throughout Japan. Now back at home - she serves as Thailand's Liaison to Japanese Darts Leagues and players visiting Thailand. Her petite stature and demure manner fools many a serious player into complacency - but do not be deceived - she is still a true darts competitor.

Miss Lolita's fine darts t-shirt is complements of John Baxter from A - Z Darts -  CLICK HERE



  No need to introduce Vichai if you've played darts a day or two in Thailand. But for those new to darts in Thailand you no longer have to wonder where the dart boards and darts you may buy here come from - or the man behind TDA (Thailand Darts Association). Involved with the game of darts here for over twenty years - Vichai has kindly agreed to give us his history of the game in those years for a future newsletter issue. It's DT's pleasure this month to bring you our interview with Vichai.
  DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts?
Vichai) I Started playing Darts at the age of 18. I watched it on Television and got very involved in the game even if I was just watching and the interest developed. I said to myself I will become a pro one day and I did.

DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game?
Vichai) I didn’t have a mentor or a teacher who really influenced me, I learned to play darts by watching videos. I do think I have a natural talent and developed it by playing and practicing a lot.

DT) What has been your most memorable win?
Vichai) I have quite a few memorable wins : Thailand Open, Malaysia Open, and also some other ones that I won are Pattaya Open and other local tournaments.


NAME - Vichai Govindani
DARTS USED - Unicorn
WEIGHT - 27 Grams
HEIGHT - 174 Centimeters
DT) Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand?
Darts as usual are more popular in a Pub style environment not like other sports. The Darts competition in Thailand have been declining and the game seems to be less popular with the Thais than before.
DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years?
Vichai) Over the past we have been losing sponsors, who now turn to football or some other sport This sport seems to have very little importance and not very popular in Thailand. And less organizers for this game’s tournaments.
DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand?
Vichai) First we need a lot of sponsors to support Darts in Thailand. We also need a lot more competitions and tournaments around in Thailand.
DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT?
Vichai) Keep a positive attitude. Keep practicing. Anything worth achieving is not easy, so expect some downturns. Focus on your throwing ability, not necessarily wins and losses. Never give it up and believe in yourself! Practice hard! I would like the darts players in Thailand to behave themselves when playing darts in the pubs. Some have earned a bad reputation of getting drunk and troublesome in the pubs etc. I would like them to be focused and organized on the tournament.


TDA  -  Thailand  Darts  Association  website   CLICK HERE







LSDL – Lower Sukhumvit Darts League in Season XVII welcomes our new joint sponsor – SanMig Beer who has joined forces with our existing sponsors, Handmade Thailand and D’Pelican Inn – Details of the re-worked deal with SanMig will be made available to all captains soon.

The LSDL Premier League – Serious Darts and Seriously late score sheets – The season kicked off in late Jan 09 – Vichai’s TDA currently hold top spot followed by Flaming Moes - the two leading teams will face each other off in week four. Domino Seniors and Domino Titans hold center table with the new team TOT in fifth place.


Domino Stone continue to try hard again this season despite the competition, after a very close loss away at Flaming Moes in week three, Stone’ have found their strength and battle on. More news on The LSDL Premier League after we receive more results…  
The LSDL Fun League is approaching week 6 out of 14 – The creation of two divisions within the Fun League is going well – In Division One, Pelican hold top of the table, The Aloha Bar in second followed by our newest venue The Ship Inn who are battling it out with Wabbiles this season – neither team can decide who should be in 3rd and 4th place. New Cowboy Bar are 5th in week five – with Lazy Pelican’s surprisingly second from last followed by the new fun league Flaming Moes team. In Division Two the tables have turned with On’s Place up at the top - Silver Dollar and Moonshine are working out there stances in 2nd and 3rd – and finally White lightening and the second new venue this season, Corner Bar has center stage with Sports Corner on their tails followed by Larry’s Loft. More next time…KaptainX

LSDL Premier League

LSDL Premier League

  Jan 8th was the last game of the season. When the final results become available as well as the announcement of the start of the next season - we will have that posted here.

  Point of contact for this league -
Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.




 1) Queen Mary* 69
 2) Piccadilly 66
 3) Offshore 55
 4) Market Bar* 47
 5) Boozers* 40
 6) Celtic* 40
 7) Beach House 36
 8) Shakers* 36
 9) Hilltop 35
10) Skinny Dog 26
( * have had bye week)
January saw Piccadilly and Queen Mary fight closely to get the Number One spot. On January 13th Piccadilly lost their first game in almost 30 weeks, well beaten by Offshore 3-7. This sent Queen Mary up on first only to be reverted when Simply Red left the league same week. Queen Mary lost 10 points on this while Piccadilly lost only 6.On January 27th Queen Mary and Piccadilly met each other in the last game of first half of the season. Queen Mary won 8-2 and thus went back to first. The same night saw a black-out in most of Patong and in Shakers for several hours. However, nothing can stop dedicated dart players, so as you can see from the photo: Darts can be played using candles!!! - - - Steen  
  Steen's "Patong Beach Dart Bar Map" is on our Dart Bar Index Page - check it out. It's a printable map that's great for new-comers to find all the darts action.  


  Hope to have a monthly report back here. In the meantime - for the most up to date HHDL stats from Barry - check our forum under the HHDL category.  

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


  Quiet, tranquil, peaceful & oasis are words used by travel companies about Bangkok destinations that hardly live up to these descriptions. The Ship Inn does which is all the more impressive considering that they are only steps away from all the normal chaos of Soi Cowboy.
Proper pub grub like bangers and mash, fish and chips, a real English breakfast, a pork pie, or a traditional British roast lunch make this a popular hangout for all especially food-homesick British expats. Fully stocked bar including draught beer. Top that off - they have a great darts throw.
First named Dart Bar of the Month in Sep 07 - after recent renovations recessing the outside wall to create an open-air area - we again select The Ship Inn. In this crazed age influenced by distraught anti-smoking fanatics the Ship's smoking area (photo left) affords today's persecuted smoker a truly first-class environment in which to light up.

  NOTE  For those with a slow internet speed you may have to refresh or reload this page to have all the images load. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

  The first ever Larry’s Loft Knockout Tournament was held on New Years Day, yes, January 1st 2009. The host, Mr Jack fittingly dubbed it the “Hung-Over Knockout." Sixteen players showed up and threw darts that were only just half recovering from New Year’s Eve parties. The game format was 301 double elimination.
First up were Grant and David Russel. On this match Grant was the underdog and threw some great darts but still David stormed right on to the second round. Harry and home ground favourite Gayle were up next but Harry won convincingly. Pelican teammates Allan and Matt (me) drew each other. In a close game I was victorious and sent Allan to the loser’s bracket. KaptainX played rookie Patrick who couldn't outplayed Kaptain K so KaptainX comfortably went to the second round. And then it was CW’s turn against Tom. CW didn’t seem to find his rhythm and he failed to beat Tom. Adul and Mong were next but unsurprisingly Adul advances. Host Jack was paired against the well experienced Gary, an Englishman who is a ranked player playing in the Abu Dhabi league. So I guess you know who won. And last on the first round Su beat Loren.

On the loser’s bracket - David vs. Gayle - looked like a mismatch but surprisingly David lost to Gayle - she sent David back to his chair and told him to just “relax and practice more”. Then Allan beat Patrick and so it was CW against Mong sending both losers packing. Jack had a bye - his opponent Loren left - still recovering from his night before party hang-over.

  Then Harry and Grant who won their first matches played one another but it was Harry who managed to snatch the game sending Grant to meet up with Jack. Then it was me up against my nemesis Kaptain K but it was me who won and said Kaptain K “not this time buddy”! Then Gary showed no mercy and quickly beat Su in 5 minutes. Tom also managed to advance to the next round after beating Adul.
Back to the loser’s bracket - we see a female match between Su and Gayle but the more experienced Gayle took the victory. Then two of the unlucky good players of the night Allan and Adul faced-off but Allan won the battle - Adul more unlucky being one of the top players of the night and being eliminated early. Up next was a good match from Kaptain K and “Mr. Gigolo” CW (KaptainX claimed that he should have won that title last time and thinks it was bias claiming he is better looking than CW) but it was KaptainX who took the win and said to CW that even if I didn’t beat you in the Gigolo award at least I beat you in darts.
  The next match saw Jack take on Grant but no surprise Grant grabbed his place to advance to the next round.
So at this round we see the last 8 players with me taking on my former teammate Harry. But on our match I was convinced (only on that night) that he was a better player than me, hands up for he convincingly beat me  - badly and handing me my first loss of the night. It was Tom against Gary in the next match who people predicted that it would be a fast game in favour of Gary. The prediction was right - that Gary would be advancing to the QF but was it a fast game? No, for Tom seemed that he had enough drink and had a hard time to visualize the board but he was pretty determined to play. Against all odds, Gayle won her game against Allan and knocking him out, KaptainX then brought a close to Grant’s night of darts.
Then it was the two undefeated players Harry up against Gary but Gary still showed his strength by handing Harry his first defeat to book himself in the finals. Then it was me up against Gayle but unfortunately I put a stopper to Gayle’s winning streak. Tom was on a rampage by beating KaptainX to put himself and me in the last four. So I was up against Tom where I consider this match as the longest single game that I ever experienced with Tom dancing after every single dart thrown but I found it entertaining because it was a fun tournament anyway. But in some way I guess Tom found his rhythm by throwing and dancing and beat me and Tom booking himself for the Semi-Finals against Harry. But Harry convincingly won his match and put his dancing to an end.

On the finals we saw a rematch against Gary and Harry but Gary has to leave so with his consent he gave away his place to CW to face off against Harry. Deservingly Harry won the tournament winning the Larry Lofts Champion Award. The night didn’t end up that quick for host Jack was upbeat and put on some cool music that got everyone on the dance floor to dance the night out!

  The first ever Larry’s Knockout was a success and everyone enjoyed the night, even though most had a long night from New Year’s Eve. With Jack also giving away a lot of door prices which I counted - it was 15 items so everyone got a give away but guess what….. not me for there were 15 items and 16 players. Anyway to wrap things up we would like to thank Larry’s Dive and Jack for such a great and wonderful night of disco darts! - Matt  

 NOTE   Additional photos from this event are on the Photo Galleries page.


  ON’s PLACE, Rama 4 end of Soi 22 was the venue for Khun ON’s 2ND 501 Elimination Knockout and it was obvious from the get go that the standard was going to be high. Having competed in and witnessed many of the fun league tournaments it seems that the atmosphere of the specialist Darts lounge in On’s Place was bring forth the best of the players competitive nature, every player fought hard to win.

From the first match on board No 1 when an unlucky CW (last time runner up at On’s Place) met Boy in fine form, to the final 4 playoff, there was an air that something special was going to happen that night and it did. The opening match on board number 2 pitted a triumphant Allan up against Scott.
All through the first round there were classic match ups. The David and Goliath contest where Matt disposed of Gayle and Grant disposed of KaptainX, keeping the family in the main draw. Allan, a first game winner, came up against a determined Su, who would go on to stamp herself as one of the most competitive players of the night.

Thai female players (rightfully so in a bar named after a Thai lady) were really turning some heads with their results. Dow unlucky to be beaten by an informed Russell, Charnee making Matt’s knees tremble in a close finish, Jar (representing the home bar) put in one of her best darts performances in some years defeating Matt and stretching Pisuth to the limit, this form would prove the “blue blood” form line for the night and we haven’t heard the last about Jar for the night.

Early on it was obvious that some cream darts players were surging through the early rounds of the draw. Boy won his first 3 rounds and ended the brilliant form of Russell who also threw the first 180 for the bar in elimination tournaments. Congratulations Russell.

  Pisuth and Adul stopped many inspiring winners, Colin L, repressing the irrepressive Kenny, Jar (On’s Bar) and Boy were all defeated by a cool, calculating Pisuth. While Jaa (Pelican Bar), Tik, Grant (choking just a bit in a game that would set up the destiny of the 2nd finalist) and an ever improving Su who had beaten all in her way, including a dramatic close against Jay, were all beaten by the flamboyant Adul.

Luck door prizes had been drawn all night and the quality of the winners here was no less. Jay won the first draw, the never out of the prizes man CW won the second, Allan got some consolation (after bowing out of contention in the first round and later out of the tournament in the hands of fellow team player Russell) by winning the 3rd draw and a just desert for a fine nights darts saw Russell pick a consolation prize.

  There was still a very competitive second chance draw being played out. Jaa (Pelican Bar) recovered from her loss to Adul beating Dow for elimination, only to be eliminated by KaptainX who was stopped in his tracks by Jay, an unexpected second chance Darter after being sent packing by Su. Jay then eliminated all in his way John, Matt and Boy) to set up an unexpected show down, but a pleasant one for On’s Place, with our own Jar for 4th place. Jar in turn had disposed of all the Thai females that had fought so hard to get through. Her great friend Tik, 360 scoring Russell and the emerging Su, lion killer from the previous round. Su never really recovered from her torrid previous game against Adul, where she had the flamboyant recently crowned “Mr Gigolo” in a tight corner. But Adul has more than personality and he worked his way through to a playoff, for a berth in the final, with a fine close.

The 5th round game between Pisuth and Adul, to see who was to be the first to go into the final was a darts classic. Pisuth the cool always in control Darter pitted against the extroverted, almost intimidating nature of Adul. Each man’s styles could not be more different yet they were trading 100+ scores in turn causing the scoreboard to descend faster than a falling 20th floor elevator. In a very tight, extremely high quality match, where you could have heard a pin drop in the gallery, Pisuth earned the right to be in the final and sent Adul back to the second chance draw.

Waiting there for him like a tiger in the bushes was Jay, brimming from his run of victories and showing no signs of the disappointment when unexpectedly beaten by Su. Adul on the other hand wasn’t ready to give in quite yet, inspired by his opportunity to get a second chance at Pisuth and driven by the belief that he could have just as easily been the first player into the final. He accounted for Jay and earned his place as the second finalist. Behind him in the wake of his demolition of this tournament was un unlucky Jay for 3rd and the dogged, determined 4th place getter Jar (On's Place).

The final wasn’t the match that the semi final was, Pisuth had the advantage of not being beaten and game in hand should he loose. He didn’t need it. He accounted for Adul in his usual cool, calculating fashion, with Adul laughing and joking in his formidable style but being a very deserving and gracious runner up.

In summary, whilst the men took most of the prizes (lucky door included) in extremely high quality darts elimination, the women were the shinning stars of the night. Dead eye Russell, Su the Lion Killer and the determined Jar in 4th place showed that the margin between the men’s and the ladies ranks is not as much as the men might think.

A night with many twists and turns. Grants opportunity to dull Adul chance was a missed opportunity for him and catapulting Adul into the semi final. Su’s defeat of Jay put a cat amongst the pigeons in the early stages of the second chance draw. Jay then going on to eliminate many fine, inform players who through fate had finished up on the same side of the draw. Jar’s (Thai lady darter stopping) run to 4th place.

Above all of this drama the night was Cool hand Pisuths’ with an unbeaten and uncompromising performance of accurate darts, all night. “Mr Gigolo” Adul was a worthy and entertaining runner up and the crouching tiger Jay was a popular 3rd place getter in more than memorable 2nd On’s Place 501 elimination knockout.

Thanks to the gracious LSDL community who always offer to help with any job, to KaptainX and Johnny for their tireless work behind the scenes and to the Girls of On’s Place for their service. Keep an eye out for On’s Place next knockout tournament which will be a completely new concept in team darts knockout, expected to be held at the end of April. - - -  Lightening John


 NOTE   Additional photos from this event are on the Photo Galleries page.


The 3rd Ladies Knockout was again held at D’Pelican last January 24. And once again successful nights were 16 female players attended in the tournament. As for the guys, they were really entertained by just being lazy and sit while a having a beer in their hand and watching their favorite player threw some darts. And that’s not all; it’s also because all ladies were dressed up sexy hoping to win the “Lady of the Night Award”. All games were played with 501, one game, double elimination.

Unfortunately, I have to be honest with you guys that I lost the statistics of the whole match tournament. So it means, I don’t have not much to report on what happened game by game on the night. But I do remember all the names of the players. There was Tum and Sai (Flaming Moe’s), Jar, Moo (Sports Corner). Nok, Jaa, Yuy (D’Pelican), On (On’s Place), Noi, Nit, Tik, Aey, Giffy (Domino), Wai (New Cowboy Bar), Dao (Silver Dollar) and Yay. Anyway it was a fun filled night with I guess an attendance of at least 30-40 people. A lot of door prizes were also given away like shirts, caps, booze, gift certificates, bags and a lot more. And also BBQ provided for everyone. There was a ballot vote for the winners of “Friendly of the Night”, “Sexy Lady” and “Mr. Gigolo”. Without a doubt On from On’s place won the friendly award, Aey dominating the votes as the Sexy Lady of the night and Mr. Adul snatching the throne from CW with only one vote to be crowned the New Mr. Gigolo.

And as the tournament goes on there were only 4 players at the end of the night competing, which were Giffy from Dominos, Wai from New Cowboy, Sar from Flaming Moes and On from On’s place. These games I remember when it was On and Giffy the 2 time lady champion of D’Pelican Knock out challenge faced off each other. Both players were throwing great darts but surprisingly it was On who took the victory and ends Giffy’s chance for a hat trick. So On advances to the semi finals against Sar of the Flaming moe’s.
  In a match that could go either way but it was Sar who played a bit better when it comes to closing and booked herself in the finals against Wai who was a two time finalist in this event. Sar, the undergog has to win 2 games to be crowned champ and Wai only needs one. Wai started very good but had a hard time closing the game so Sar took advantage of it and won the first match. Everyone was attentive to this match. Wai threw very consistent in this final match and despite Sar’s effort the match turned to be in Wai’s favor. Wai was well deserved victorious against Sar.  
  To wrap things up I would like to thank everybody for their support in this special event. Special thanks to Johnny, KaptainX and David. Hope to see you in the next tournament. Cheers - Matt  




NOTE   Additional photos will soon be on the Photo Galleries page.



Saturday - 21 FEBRUARY - 8 PM
"300 Baht buy in with all buy in going toward players bar bill"
Moonshine  Pub - Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok

   EDITORS NOTE  - Knockout Events are run by bars and not in any way governed by the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League). Although KaptainX and I are both committee members on the LSDL our promotion of knockout events is on behalf of Darts Thailand. Notifying us of your darts event allows better organization in scheduling so as not to have two events on the same night. Our new darts events calendar link can be found on the main page. And remember - the earlier you notify us about your event the better we can promote it. - -  Johnny  



Darts Thailand - Jaykes Take

  Well folks- the new dart season is upon us- my team thanks to Witkowski are without a win which is hardly headline news let's be fair. This month Jayke's Take takes a serious look at things as we bring you our February survey. Answers will be kept in strictest confidence before I SMS them to everyone.  


(1)  You go into a shop for dart supplies but the ones you want are on the top shelf. The assistant has to climb a ladder so what do you do?

 (A)  No time to wait- you use your strength to pick him up one handed whilst he gets your order.
 (B)  You wait until his back is turned and shove as many darts flights inside your large overcoat while he's not looking 
 (C) You wait until he's up the ladder and then take a peek up his trouser leg to check out his bottom
(2)  You just come in from a night of darts and want to relax in front of the TV. Do you?
(A)  Open a can of 'Musclo' power drink and sit down to watch 'America's Strongest man'
(B)  Pop into the local DVD store on the way home and shove the entire season of 'Lost' and a couple of 'Twix' bars down your shorts before leaving quickly.
(C)  Invite your chum Tarquin from San Francisco round to watch 'Brokeback Mountain- the Director's cut'
(3) You are hosting a dart's tournament and need to invite a celebrity guest. Who do you call ?
(A)  Charles Atlas- TV strongman and kicker of sand in beach wimps faces.
(B) Great train robber Ronnie Biggs and nick his wallet when your mate in his hoodie distracts him.
(C) Camp 'I'm free' actor John Inman from TV comedy 'Are You being Served'
(4)  You are playing darts and there is too much noise in the bar so you stick on your I pod. What do you listen to?
(A)  Mr. Motivator's workout tape and stretch and flex in between shots to firm those biceps.
(B) You don't have an I Pod so you pinch the opponent's Nokia N95 while he's throwing and tune into FM radio.
(C) 'In the Navy' by The Village People followed by 'So Macho' by Sinitta whilst singing along camply.
(5)  It's fancy dress dart's night-what outfit do you wear?
(A) A 'Tony's Gym Pattaya' muscle shirt
(B) A black and white striped jumper with dark beret and eye mask with a bag for any possible SWAG on display.
(C) A red Indian before changing into a Policeman outfit followed by a construction worker then a leather biker.
 You are about to check on double 20 when the chalker calls foot foul. Do you?
(A)  Get him in a wrestler style headlock until he changes his mind
(B) Point at where he called the foul and when he's looking the other way nick his ATM card
(C) Mince over to him saying it's ok and hand him your mobile phone number
(7)  What is your favourite pre dart drink?
(A) A power shake with  several high nutrient energy bars to follow
(B) 5 cans of Red Bull you swiped from the 7-11 en route
(C) A pink Lady with a Pims chaser followed by a virgin Margharita
(8)  Who is your favourite actor?
(A) Johnny Weismuller- Tarzan actor, body builder and Olympic swimming champion
(B) Winona Ryder- Beverly Hill's clothes store cleptomaniac and manic depressive
(C) The effeminate guy from 'The Birdcage'
(9) Where is your favourite place to practice darts?
(A) A muscle beach- a quick 20 push ups between games keeps the muscles flexed and impresses the local hotties
(B) A pub in Manchester- you can buy an XBox  360 or PS3 from behind the bar whilst improving on your Mickey Mouse game.
(C) A sweaty American steelworks.
(10) Finally, what kind of darts do you use?
(A) 150 gram lead weighted tungsten enhanced endorsed by Jean Claude Van Damme
(B) A set you pilfered from 'Argos' in East London
(C) 'Hello Kitty' glitter enhanced candy flavoured extra blunted in case you drop one on your foot. In fact they are too nice to throw.
There you have it folks- our first darts survey of the year. If you answered (A) to all of the above you really are a powerhouse of a being and don't belong in this dart's league. If you answered (B) then chances are you are from Liverpool and have a rather large collection of plasma TVs and Credit Cards in your home. If you answered (C) to any of the above.........erm............just keep away ok!!!!!

Next month we will be starting 'Benwatch'- basically will be a list and interviews with all the people he has annoyed whilst playing darts. I hope this site has the bandwidth to cope. In the meantime- happy darting and later days y'all. - - -  Jayke



  NEW  PHOTO NOW ON FORUM  Guess the dart player. Can't be all too difficult to identify a darts player that you know from their photo - can it?  Hmm, how about if that photo is a "few" years old. Look for a new category on our forum "Guess The Dart Player".

The first go at this proved to be a great hit at at the Christmas Knockout. A lot of people especially the girls that don't use internet had a great time with the guess the darter photos that we had printed for the night. Groups in discussion closely studying the photo and scanning the Moonshine Pub trying to identify the darter from his older photos. With this in mind we will try and release the online version in conjunction with a darts event so all will have a chance to participate.

Only photos posted by KaptainX (KaptainX) will be actual photos of darters that you know. I can only guess how many erroneous photos Jayke will be posting. If you are one of the regulars - full time or regular visitor -  basically any darter known by our Bangkok darts community please email us your old photo and any hints you may want to give. - -  Johnny
  .KaptainX@dartsthailand.com johnny@dartsthailand.com  





  Darts Thailand - Darts SuppliersFAQ - Where can I buy boards, darts and dart supplies? We have a page listing all known suppliers and some on-line darts suppliers. We only list on-line companies that our players actually use. If we've missed you and you sell darts supplies - contact us and we will add you to our list.  

Darts Thailand - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"


In addition to our continuing challenge of trying to get this newsletter published somewhere closer to the first of the month - in our third year we will strive even harder to find correspondents from other darts communities willing to give us monthly updates on the darts scene in their area.

Again - many thanks to all who have contributed their specialized skills to make this publication what we hope is informative - entertaining and maybe even interesting. As well - thanks to so many readers for a lot of useful feedback, input and suggestions.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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