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Another year goes by and the DT "monthly Newsletter" returns yet again? Yes and no - yes recounting the past but no in regard to the future. We've regrouped and will now focus on what we enjoy best - this website - updating all of our darts information and reporting darts news in this newsletter.  We're no longer involved with any league administration - a time consuming task that goes mostly unappreciated at best. Cheers to those of you who do perform that task!

DartsThailand.com is an independent darts publication. We are not affiliated with any darts league, club, association or organization in Thailand or any other country and therefore have no conflict of interest reporting all darts news. Gearing back up is taking some time and the news here is what we have found and contributors so far have sent us. Apologies to any who've we have missed. Email us and we will be most happy to include your darts information and or news. You can always add an event to the DT Calendar yourself - if you have any problems with doing that just give us a holler.

After publishing this newsletter our first priority will be updating our darts venue page. Providing DT readers - especially those visiting Thailand - with as much information about "your" darts bar or venue (including links to your website and or FaceBook page) has always been the best service we provide you to connect with new dart players and customers. So we're really happy to be back and look forward to providing you as much darts news especially at the grass roots level in the future. Our intention is to return with a regular monthly news letter although it may sometimes be every other month. After all - there are only so many hours in a day with darts to be thrown - beers to be drunk and women to be chased! - -  Johnny

Bangkok Darts Bars Update is not always a happy or pleasant newsletter article and even more so in this issue. Washington Square's long time favorite for so many including all of us at DT is the demise of the Silver Dollar Bar. Although its skeleton structure still remains BBC, CNN nor DT can confirm the authenticity of YouTube videos of Ned chained to the SD Bar pool table screaming - I'll never leave. After years - maybe decades of local bar talk from "insiders" claiming to know of the final days of Washington Square - it's finally happened leaving even the most hardened square regular with a tear in his eye. Ironically the only remaining darts bar in what's left of the square is "Square One" the very first bar on the square founded by the famed Cowboy for whom the infamous Soi Cowboy is named.  But for Square One and the half dozen or so few bars left around the Soi 22 entrance of the square - across from the Regency Hotel - their days are definitely

numbered. In Washington Square's more recent heyday it contained eight dart bars. Entering from from Sukhumvit Rd. - Sportsman, Silver Dollar, Texas Lone Star, Wild Country, Cat's Meow, Bourbon St. and 52 Bar are now only found memories of WS. Nearby Larry's Dive on Soi 22 is also gone. Numbers remain the same but some bar name changes in nearby Queen's park Plaza - look for our new update. So much for the bad news and now onto the good.

From the square - B52 moved to Queen's Park Plaza but unfortunately no longer has space for darts. Sportsman is slated to open a new operation on Soi 13 - including darts. Bourbon St. has been operational in their fine new location on Soi 63 Ekamai - still one of Bangkok's most popular eateries but sadly without darts. Owner Doug Harrison is a handy darts player although seeing him at the darts oche now days is about as common as a direct overhead solar eclipse. When in Bourbon St. - tell Doug he needs a darts board and you can quote his golf teacher Ned Hughes on that.

The best news we have for this article is three brand new darts bars. 1) Buddy's Bar on Soi 22 just in from the Sukhumvit intersection is part of the expanding D'Pelican Inn group. It's a cozy diner style open-air place with a nice darts throw area.  2) The Side Pocket is located on Sukhumvit Rd on the second floor across from the Landmark Hotel. It's operated by longtime Bangkok darter Matt - but not their best player. The lovely Miss Ann - pictured left - is their "in-house" darts pro. It's not only a great bar with darts but also pool tables - a great menu and some of the best live music in Bangkok. We'll have both of these featured in upcoming newsletters. 3) is our featured "Dart Bar of the Month" - iDartsThailand on Ekamai (just a stone's throw from Bourbon St.) This virtual darts palace is operated by Andy and you can read all about it in the article below. Back To Top


New Cowboy's FaceBook & Website Back To Top


A-ZDarts.com hardly need any introduction being one of the largest online darts supply companies in the world. But news to me is the "on the road" show they are able to put on as seen from the above photos on their website. Always enjoy my visit to the A-Z shop when visiting my parents in the Sacramento CA area. Be sure and stop in and see them if in the area as mentioned on their website. Onhand to help are John Baxter and his fine staff of darts pros - including Scotty Burnett. Needing a good set of soft-tip darts John set me up with some dandy darts  Eddie Lawrence signature series Puma darts seen photo left. John always provides DT a darts shirt to be "filled in" when I return to Thailand. If you're interested in DT filling in one of your darts shirts - contact us. Seen below is the lovely Miss Ya. A FAQ we receive at DT is - are your photographed gals really darts players? Answer - yes. Miss Ya not only owns that motorcycle and her own darts but is a skilled player. I got a draught pint that says she can kick your butt at any darts game of your choosing. Back To Top

A-ZDarts.com FaceBook & Website



iDartsThailand.com on Ekamai Soi 63 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok is definitely the most impressive darts venue I've ever see and I doubt if many or any could top that claim. Purpose built for darts - iDartsThailand has two floors with twelve Darts Live boards comfortably spread with every seat in the house able to see the main stage board - with super size projection above it. They also have a fully stocked bar - food menu - darts supplies and even a pool table for their less skilled patrons. You really do need to see this place to believe it - Andy Ho who runs the operation will be happy to show you around.  If all this ain't enough to already spark your interest then check out their specials. The one that really caught my eye - their October Beer Buffet - all the draught beer you can drink for only 399 Baht. Whoa baby all the draught beer you can drink in a great darts bar - now it just don't get no better than that!


"Dartoid" AKA Paul Seigel is a regular visitor and longtime friend of DT as well as the Thailand darts community. DT staff Jayke, Damian and me recently accompanied Paul to iDartsThailand on Ekamai Soi 63 Sukhumvit for an absolutely great night of darts in their venue which can only be described as a darts palace. Now consider this observation is from four steel-tip players. But Dartoid says it best in his recent column "It's time to wake up and smell the plastic!" click on his website link to read the entire article. It's spot-on and a great read for both soft & steel tip readers. Be sure and follow all Paul's darts adventures around the world from the following links and we'll be sure to let you know the next time he's headed back to Thailand.  One more point about iDartsThailand that still has me chuckling - the lovely gals in these photos are not waitresses or only waitresses - their title is DI. Being retired army DI has (had) only one meaning to me - Drill Instructor in basic training. But no these DI gals are "Darts Instructors." Now if they had DIs like this when I joined the army - I'd of spent my entire career in boot camp!  

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Pattaya is one happening darts town in Thailand and it's really great to see such a boom in the popularity of darts there. Recently visited a few bars there with Jayke and typical of DT reporting policy - we had no plan - out on Saturday night with total focus on TV football (soccer for our American readers). Even so - we met lots of great people - darts people and will soon return on their darts nights - just about every other night - for more photos and reports. The scoring machine pictured left is standard in all Pattaya dart bars. Strange - never seen one in any dart bar in relatively nearby Bangkok. I prefer the traditional board & marker - not because of my strong skill in maths but my personal hatred of learning new devices.  

The Irish Rovers is a "must see" darts venue in Pattaya - run by affable publican Simon - pictured above. By no means a small place but what you notice right off the get-go is how efficiently they have utilized their floor space. Three competition darts lanes with a forth used as a warm up board. Irish Rovers runs regular darts events that attracts players not only from Pattaya but many Bangkok players as well. A well stocked bar is across from their pool table with every seat in the house having easy view to their many TVs and one large screen. They also have a great menu and rooms for rent. Last but certainly not least is Irish Rovers' bevy of babes and we will take up Simon's kind offer to return for a photo session. Expect to be seeing some of the lovely gals from Irish Rovers as Darter of the Month in upcoming newsletter issues. Ah - so you have to wait till the lazy bums from DT photo department return before you can see some photos? Not at all - you can check out their photo galleries on both their FaceBook & Website by clicking the following buttons.  


The Mee Chew Bar is a long established Pattaya Darts bar run by a darts legend - Mel. The photos and newspaper clippings of him and other greats leave you with absolutely no doubt that you're talking to one knowledgeable darts player. We only missed it by a few weeks as one of Mel's darts pals was recently at Mee Chew visiting - Gary Anderson - won't miss another opportunity like that again in the future.
Mee Chew has a great laid back atmosphere were some serious darts happen.
Will definitely be back here with some future reports. 


The Londoner Bar in Pattaya is run by our good friend Angus - the least distinguished looking gentleman upper right - in the above photo. Angus was a great supporter of darts even as a non-player here in Bangkok where he previously owned a pub. Guess the Pattaya Darts Enthusiasm Bug bit him as he is now an active player in Londoner Bar and their winning team. But his claim on their FaceBook - of hitting his first 180 has yet to be confirmed by any player or even any of his own staff. As the Saturday football games finished - we enjoyed a few games of darts. Angus holds court with the regulars every night and Londoner Bar is definitely a friendly darts pub worth visiting.


Located in Chonburi - about midway between Bangkok and Pattaya - Chonburi Darts Club is run by the affable Aek - seen in the grey shirt. Only a few months old - they hit the ground running becoming a popular darts venue and have already hosted the first Chonburi Darts Open - many photos on their FaceBook. CDC has four steel-tip boards and one soft-tip and also a pool table and a snooker table. They have a food menu and their Thai food is excellent. They have a great selection of darts and darts supplies and carry both Puma and Winmau dart boards. We really enjoyed our visit on Sunday and long time friends Sam & Noi just happened to pop in while we were there.  Look forward to our next visit and am sure you'll see a lot more of CDC in upcoming darts news. Special thanks to the lovely Miss Tan (lower right) for allowing Jayke (lower left) to win a few games otherwise all of us would've had to listen to him whine the rest of the way back to Bangkok.


Actions speak louder than words and boy ain't that the truth with Pattaya City Darts Organisation (PCDO). In their relatively short existence they've accomplished more than many well established darts organisations. Many thanks to Charlie - administrator of PCDO for sending us this information. Job well done Charlie - now someone needs to buy that guy a beer or two or three! And speaking of that - we here at DT look forward to some darts and a "few" beers when down your way next.

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Scully's Korong Vale Hotel in Korong Vale, Victoria is our featured venue in DT's new International Darts Highway report. Thailand's darts communities are unique to most in that so many of our players come from all parts of the world. This feature allows us to introduce darts venues of our players from "back home."

Scully's Korong Vale Hotel is a long established business founded in 1891 that was recently taken over by our good friends Gary & Amon Sinnott - photo below. More about Scully's from their FaceBook: Good Family fun. Darts, pool and good music. Excellent authentic Thai food and a great range of Aussie food favourites. Dart players well catered for - 2 permanent boards and strong competition - 3 teams playing League Tuesday nights, Open board Friday nights. Visiting dart and/or pool teams welcomed! We can provide good strong opposition and we have 12 rooms available for accommodation for just $30.00 per night single, $40.00 double, inc. Breakfast. Only 240 Km from Melbourne, we will provide you with a great weekend of darts, food, booze and friendship.

In his spare time when he's not running Scully's as well as another business - Gary servers as president of Loddon Darts Association Inc. and webmaster of their website. Where does the guy find time for darts and a few beers? Spoke to Gary about a possible friendly challenge match - one of his locals against one of ours via skype with a few extra cameras. Hope to still accomplish this one. Be sure and stop in Scully's but if it's a bit out
of your travel range be sure and visit their FaceBook and click their like button. Back To Top



13 - 14 Oct 2012
"PEA Darts Open 2012" - PEA Building - Bangkok
10 - 11 Nov 2012
"Vichai Thailand Open & PDC Qualification"  - Maxx Hotel - Bangkok
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Welcome to all new readers and to all of you that followed us before let me say -  on behalf of the entire DT staff that it sure is good to be back and back we are to stay. Keiran, Jayke and me are happy to introduce our new full time staff member - professional TV cameraman Damian. And for those who contributed in the past we invite you to join us again. Again we'll be doing our best to get everything updated and getting out a more regular newsletter than once a year. Apologies to PEA Darts Open for getting this issue out so late in the month - days if not hours before your fine event begins.

 If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem.
Johnny "The Big Witkowski"




OCT  2012

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