Volume  021


November  2008



Asked our friend Erhard what the darts action was like on his island home Koh Tao. He said he didn't know of any but promised that he'd send us some Koh Tao darts photos & Erhard always makes good on a promise. I've known Erhard since I first moved to Thailand then living on Koh Samui. Missing city life I moved to Bangkok whereas Samui got too busy for Erhard and he moved to the tropical island paradise of Koh Tao.

Erhard contacted Peter Bไr (Bepi) & Werner Haller (Isi) who operate the Reef Rider Divecenter. Reef Rider claim "We make the impossible possible for you" - and these photos are proof that they do honor that statement. Reef Rider operates with Laem Klong Resort - a friendly relaxed atmosphere offering inexpensive simple bungalows to moderate bungalows to their new VIP complex with air conditioning. They offer a discount to divers and we're checking into the possibility of a darters discount as well. To visit the Reef Rider Divecenter website  CLICK HERE  or on their logo.

Koh Tao or Turtle Island in English is located about 70 km east of the coastline between Suratthani and Chumphon, in the Gulf of Thailand. A special DT thanks to Reef Rider for these great photos. To view the full size photos click on the thumbnails.  

  Are special darts available for this adaptation of the game? And is special equipment available? We at DT don't have a clue but we do know who to ask. We took it right to the top and emailed Richard Lowy of Unicorn to find out.  - - Johnny  

Hello Darts Thailand !     FROM  RICHARD  LOWY

  It is an honour to be asked by Johnny to introduce myself to you. I have had a fond association with Thailand and Asia. For more than twenty five years I have traveled to an assortment of Asian destinations to further the development of the sport of darts with Team Unicorn players and to further Unicorn's business with our network of more than one hundred worldwide distributors.

The welcome by dart players in Asia and the generosity of their hospitality has always been very humbling, very much appreciated and second to none. The talent of Asian dart players is unquestioned with skill levels that can test the "A" game of many a PDC top ranked player. I recall being with Phil Taylor in Manila during 2000 where he had one of his closest matches ever,
a real nail biter. Phil often recalls that match and the skill of the players he met.

Unicorn has been at the forefront of the development of darts technology for more than 75 years. Our first dart in 1931 had an aluminium locking shaft, durable replaceable flights, precision engineered barrels etc etc, but underwater darts that I read about in this newsletter is a first for us. Can you use Unicorn darts underwater, yes you can, have we got a range under development in our research and technology centre sorry no we haven't, but darters watch them Sharks, please!

I will ask the uniBoffin at the uniLab (click on link to the left) what would happen to the darts in flight under these condition. We will need a new section in Dart Optimisation as presently our altitude setting is for above sea level only!

The darts scene is busy and as usual Unicorn is Winning. Phil Taylor rules Europe with a decisive win over fellow Team Unicorn player Adrian Lewis in the European Championship on November 2nd and along the way averaged over 113 to reach the final, Wow!. The next few weeks sees the Grand Slam followed by the World Championship. Thanks to the PDC it's all on TV, available around the world for millions to enjoy and all played on the Unicorn Eclipse Pro board.

Darts with Unicorn and the PDC has never been better and never more exciting. We see more Asian players in the PDC and I for one are very pleased to see that. The PDC has brought a new level of interest to darts. More than 70,000 people watched the Premier league live and TV tournaments are sold out months in advance. The atmosphere in the auditoriums is amazing.

I will be out in Asia twice between now and Christmas and look forward to meeting players who read this newsletter. Good darts to you all and Johnny keep up the good work with this newsletter. Please drop me an email if I can answer any of your questions
  Best regards
Richard Lowy
Sales Director Unicorn Products Limited

To visit the Unicorn Website  CLICK HERE  or on their logo.


Darter of the Month
Ever So Alluring
Miss Anne

The ever so alluring Anne works as the evening cashier as well as booking contact for D'Pelican Inn's food catering service. Even with all her work duties she still finds time to be a real darts competitor. Anne just missed the top honors in the past two D'Pelician Ladies Knockouts coming in 4th. In the last one she took the prize for highest close on the night. We expect Anne to do even better in the next one.








  With Matt's friendly laidback nature it's no wonder why he's one of the most popular darters in Bangkok.  Although he may not have the years of experience that many here do - his game is on the rise as we notice him going into the finals in recent knockouts. Of all of our file photos - we don't have a single one of Matt in a serious dart stance. Always smiling except for a pre-match hype photo as seen below. It's our pleasure this month to bring you our interview with Matt.
  DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? Matt) I remembered that I was in Phuket in 1998-99 and was living with my cousin who had a dart board at her place. Never touched a dart or threw a dart before then. It was me all alone and I would just grab them and throw some. Just aiming for the bull & actually then when I hit one then I felt good. When my cousin came home with some friends I asked them how to play then they taught me - Mickey Mouse! Whoever lost had to drink this local rice alcohol (lao kao). I lost a lot and I was the first one to get drunk and fall asleep. So the next days and following weeks I just practiced hitting the numbers expecting not to lose anymore - I meant to improve my game of darts. I got quite addicted to it. Then stopped playing for five years. I started working at D'Pelican Inn - trying to find some marketing for the place I'm still managing. I heard  about a Darts League in the lower Sukhumvit area. So I formed a team and we joined the league. From that day onwards I became increasingly interested in the game especially playing in tournaments - plus I found it fun and most enjoyable having a beer in your hand!. So I started playing proper darts at the age of 27 1/2 years.  


NAME - Matthew
DATE OF BIRTH - October 11, 1977
PLACE OF BIRTH - Manila, Philippines
DARTS USED - Harrows, 90% Tungsten
HEIGHT - 5’10 ”
WEIGHT - 23 grams (darts) but my weight? 85 kgs hahaha
DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game? Matt) Honestly I wasn't really influenced by anyone. I decided to join the Tuesday and Thursday leagues and knew that I must learn how to play darts. It's more... ummm I'd say "encouragement" to play some fine dart players around Bangkok and at the same time my interest in the game continued growing. And oh yeah, Filipino friends playing in Abu Dhabi. When they visited Bangkok they gave me good tips and pointers on how to improve my game and it's actually worked for me.  
DT) What has been your most memorable win?
Matt) Well, can't remember much but I guess maybe winning some games against those I know are really good players, better than me and more experienced players in the Bangkok League.

DT) You have been playing darts in Bangkok for a few years. What changes have you seen in the game in that time? Matt) 2005 is where I started and our team was only playing in the Thursday league which was really tough one for me as a beginner but after some months we created a team for the Tuesday league. I found it very enjoyable and more relaxing especially when they formed an upper division and a fun division. So for me, it was a great change. Winning is a great feeling but enjoying or playing darts with a balanced opponents feels better win or lose.
  DT) Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand? Matt) From what I hear from players who have been playing in a lot of countries - I'd say that it's unique in a way that players enjoy playing here more. Maybe also because we do have a lot of beautiful ladies that can actually throw some decent darts in the league. These statements I see as true! A lot of expats also find Thailand as "home" and most of the players know each other pretty well. And based off people who have traveled to so many countries and played in many darts leagues - they find Thailand as the most sociable.

DT) What changes do you see that would improve the popularity and quality of darts in Thailand? Matt) In my own point of view I guess the league here is going in the right track. Some players in the league come and go. People gossip, so when they enjoy playing darts here in Thailand it becomes more popular. All things change so let's have a unity to change for better, in a way like to be serious but not too serious. Arguments regarding darts sometimes occur, so players and captains should communicate in a nice way. And I also think players with an attitude should be removed or banned in the league for this might ruin the popularity and quality. Some people don't know how to behave with a minimum level of common sportsmanship - not happy when they lose and just can't accept defeat. And yeah more ads! Like having reports published in Bangkok Post again! yeah! That will help!

DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Matt) O well, not much. Just "Have Fun"! Don't "drink and drive" but "Drink and Throw"! Secondly, Create friendship within us!


  Sawatdee Khrab!  As always seems to happen, time is moving slowly as I count down the days to another visit to the Land of Smiles. I don't know why the clock seems to crawl each time such a trip draws near. Perhaps it has to do with some mysterious quirk of the space-time continuium. More likely, kind of like the night before Christmas, is has more to do with good old fashioned anticipation - of the sights and smells, cold Singha, great darts and the even greater looking, short skirted chalkers.

I land on November 15 and depart just a few days before Californians Rob "Dragon" Heckman and Scotty Burnett arrive to compete in the Medalist soft-tip tournament. Although I'll miss seeing them I'm intentionally cutting out early because I really don't want to get thrown in a Thai jail. Why they play soft-tip I'll never understand but of this I am certain: Medalist may as well cancel the tournament and give these guys the money now. Mark my words: one of them will win it.

The real anticipation is of seeing old friends. That's what I love most about our sport. There's Johnny "the Big" Witkowski who (his fiance confides) is not so big. There's Jayke - but it's really not him, rather the lovely Pookie who is always close by, who I am most anxious to see. I look forward to observing whether KaptainX has grown some hair (and whether Johnny has lost any more) and am hoping that CW will teach me the tricks that earned him his nickname, Mr. Gigolo. Of course, now that Ben has run away to England (probably because he's afraid to play me), I am looking forward to seeing Gary Dale and seeking my revenge - as it was he who ended my run before it ever started at the knockout the last time I stopped by Flaming Moe's and the Moonshine.

There are so many others, many whose names I forget. I believe it is Matt who does the dance, Gayle who posts the rumors for the monthly newsletter (but damn it, none that I have submitted) and Dono who does nothing but drink. And then there are those who I have not met, but can't wait to, like the vivacious Miss Belle, Miss Ka, Miss Muoi and the new girl at Aloha who wears the red devil ears.

But most of all this trip I hope to have the chance to take on the dart throwing elephant who works the show in Pattaya. I have been practicing against my dog so I'm feeling confident that I can give the packaderm a pretty good go. If he wins, I imagine I'll be rorng hai nam dtah bpen pao dtah - but I'm sure a few extra Singhas afterwards will help ease my pain.
So you all soon!  - - Dartoid

To check out Dartoid's World  CLICK HERE or on his logo.



  Scotty Burnett and Rob Heckman will be here in Bangkok for the Medalist Tournament. They will be arriving a few days early to do some sightseeing and check out our local darts scene. Keep Dec 2nd & 3rd (Tuesday & Wednesday) open for some darts with them in the Soi 22 & Washington Square Darts bars. Contact me with what days you might be free and we'll set up a schedule around your home bars. Neither Scotty or Rob are strangers to Asian darts tournaments but this will be Scotty's first trip to Thailand. Although Rob was born in Bangkok  and lived in Thailand for some years - it's been a "few" years since he's been back. Both are ranked players in not only soft tip but steel as well. To learn more about Scotty and Rob check out their websites by clicking on the links below or on their photos. Really looking forward to tipping a few pints and some darts with them and hope to see as many that are able to get out on the 2nd & 3rd of December. Fair warning Scotty & Rob - - - Paul (Dartoid) will be giving us pointers - so beware. - - Johnny


  Medalist Asian Dart Tournament will be held December 5 - 7 at The Royal River Hotel in Bangkok. For all the details and to view the full poster of the image left - CLICK HERE - or on the image. All information as well as online registration for this event can be found on Medalist's Singapore Website  CLICK HERE. To participate in this tournament you need a Medalist Ranking. To have a Medalist Ranking explained  CLICK HERE. Okay - all well and good for those already established with Medalist but what good does that do me at this late a date? I don't have a Medalist Rating or soft tip darts. Not a problem - we got the answers - read on.  


  Lee Peppard (Medalist Vice Chairman) and Doug Harrison (owner of Bourbon St.) have a schedule for anyone interested in getting a Medalist rating for the upcoming tournament. These events are open to everyone not just those needing a rating. For those of you that have been asking what are soft tip darts all about - this is an excellent opportunity for you to find out. House darts are available at Bourbon Street as well as soft tip dart for sale starting at 200 Baht per set.   

Sunday  Nov  16

1 PM Rating Test  
4 PM Tournament 100 / 500
7 PM Tournament 100 / 500
Wednesday  Nov  19
7 PM Tournament 100 / 500
9 PM Tournament 100 / 500
The initial Rating Test is on Sunday at 1 PM. This will get you started. You need to pay for your games with an approximate cost of about 50 Baht needed.

The tournaments have a 100 Baht entry fee and pay out "500 Plus" - meaning that Bourbon Street will put in 500 Baht "plus" meaning in addition to the 500 Baht depending on the number of participants - their 100 Baht entry fees.
  I hope that I have all this information correct from my notes. I'll know from experience after Sunday the 16th. I hope to see all of you at Bourbon Street for some darts. - - Johnny






Season XVI  -  Nov of the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League)

  THE LSDL PREMIER LEAGUE  The LSDL Premier League played their last fixture of season XVI at the end of September. The results as well as all the stats can be found on the Premier League Stats Site  CLICK HERE.
THE LSDL FUN LEAGUE  With only two weeks to go, The Lazy Pelicans have number one spot after a close win over Larry’s Rebels, Pel-I-Can in 2nd followed by Fur ball Job, only one point clear of 4th place – The New Cowboy Bar. Aloha Bar are three points ahead of 5th place - White-Lightening who are in close competition with Silver Dollar with only one point between them. The Rebels are in 9th, with The Sports Corner on their tails and The Moon Platoon who recently managed to pull a game draw, secure their eleventh place spot on the tables. Meanwhile The Sports Drink Bar battle on despite their position in the standings and have what might be a tuff match coming up against Fur ball Job.  - - KaptainX



November 18 - D'Pelican Inn - 8 PM

  Hard to believe that yet another season has come and nearly gone. The final match of the Fun League is 11 Nov and the following Tuesday - 18 Nov will be our End of Season Party - for both Premier & Fun Leagues. A great time - with D'Pelican's great BBQ feast - beer and spirits - provided free from our sponsors. It's our chance to meet and socialize with all the members of our league. Hope to see all of you there. - -  Johnny  

LSDL Premier League

LSDL Premier League

    THURSDAY - 6th  THAILAND  DARTS  LEAGUE           
  Standings as of  Week 28, Oct 30 for the 6th Thailand Darts League.  
Week 28 Oct 30 Win Lose
1) Flaming Moe's 23 2
2) Domino 1982 20 5
3) TOT 15 10
4) GPO 13 11
5) Domino Stone 12 13
6) The Other Darts 11 13
7) Offshore 10 15
8) D'Pelicans 6 18
9) Domino Seniors 3 22


Point of contact for this league -
Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com



  Week 10 marked the half way point in the Hua Hin season, with most teams having played 8 matches plus there has been one elimination round of the Cup; week 11 sees the first round proper of that competition. The front runners in both divisions are CAT bar, who have been very impressive as both are undefeated. Hot on their heels in Division 1 are JW Black and Paradise, while in Division 2 Butterfly Rock and Jaew have emerged as the closest contenders. Pink Flamingo have surprisingly struggled this season but even though they are bottom they are only 4 points away from fifth spot currently held by Dick's Office B in their first season in the top division. Love Bar are getting cut adrift at the bottom of Division 2 being winless and pointless, so hopefully they can rectify that in the second half of the season. Still everything to play for for all teams in both divisions as a couple of wins will make all the difference.

The individuals are being dominated, as usual by Stuart from Paradise Bar having transferred there from his previous home Jungle Juice, but our spies tell us that he has left or will leave Thailand soon for an unknown period. This will give the large chasing pack plenty of incentive! One of them is the much improved Bon from Dick's Office B who sits just behind the ever present Tao from JW Black. Not surprisingly the players from the two CAT teams are well represented in the lists, as are the other JW Black players. All in al an exciting and fun few weeks ahead for all in the HHDL - watch this space! Cheers - - Steve
 NOTE   For the most up to date HHDL stats from Barry - check our forum under the HHDL category.

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.



  Patong Darts League In one of the tightest finishes on record, league leaders Piccadilly shared the spoils 5-5 with second-place Queen Mary in the final week of action. The draw was enough to seal the league title for Piccadilly by just three points, and to bring the curtain down on an undefeated season. Hilltop won the beer leg, ending the season on 67 points, leaving Simply Red stranded on 66 points and saddled with the dubious honour of becoming the proud new owners of three toilet seats!

The new season starts on November 4th and runs to April 14th, 2009 with a two week break for Christmas and New Year. Amigos left the league, but Boozers Bar on Pisitkoranee Road (across from Monte's) has joined the league keeping the number of participating teams at 11. The Sick Buffalo has now morphed into the Skinny Dog and will be playing out of a doghouse located at 47 Nanai Road. The league party was held at Piccadilly on October 28.

This text courtesy of www.phuketgazette.net

Steen Jansen - Secretary - Patong Darts League
  Steen's "Patong Beach Dart Bar Map" is on our Dart Bar Index Page - check it out. It's a printable map that's great for new-comers to find all the darts action.  





  Food, Music, People...
It's all good!

Larry's Dive is an American and Mexican restaurant, sports bar and barbecued burgers grill with a beach and sun theme. We serve Mexican food, gourmet burgers & cheeseburgers, steaks and all day breakfast. The best barbecue pork ribs in Asia, and BK Magazine gave Larry's Dive The Best Burger in Bangkok Award for 2008!

For special food orders or parties ask for Khun Jack.
We also provide free wifi and Happy Hours from 5-8pm daily.

Larry’s Dive opens its doors 8 am to 1 am daily.

Come up to the Loft for blues and jazz, darts, pool and great company. Our darts team always welcomes new players.

If the people cannot come to the beach...
...then the beach must come to the people.

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   EDITOR'S NOTE   A photo gallery with many more photos from this event will be added soon after this newsletter is published.  


Tuesday - 25 November - 8 PM
"300 Baht buy in with all buy in going toward players bar bill"
 For this months knockout  - Moonshine will offer all ladies 50% off
the buy in (ladies buy in will be 150 Baht)
again - with 100% of the buy-in going toward their nights bill.
Moonshine  Pub - Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok



  Darts Thailand - Jaykes TakeGreeting Dart's people- back from the miserable cold of the UK and Jayke's Take is back for your reading pleasure. Can't say I was too keen on being there for 5 weeks although it does have one or two plus sides- this month we're going to look at some cultural delights which have yet to hit the sunny shores of Asia that make being back in the freezing hell hole that is Nantwich a bit more bearable.

Despite finding on my return that my brothers had 'borrowed' my lovely big TV in my flat and replaced it with something the size of a mobile phone that had shrunk in the wash the fantastic TV show that is 'Shameless' was great to see again. Managed to get seasons 1-5 in Bangkok from Food by Phone (yep they do DVDs as well) and is well worth shelling a few hundred baht on next time your ordering. Set in Manchester it follows a family on a Manchester housing estate- funny as they come and even Pookie a huge fan of this, ask her to do her impersonation of lead character Frank Gallagher . Sadly not a chance of this ever being seen on Thai TV as each episode would be cut to about a minute long due to every imaginable vice you could think of. Pretty accurate depiction of Manchester if you ask me. Check it out.

Bit of an In joke at home is Lucozade and Jaffa Cakes- corner stone of any nutritious meal as far as I'm concerned . Some good folk do fetch them over for me from time to time and to be fair live on them when back home. Lucozade was actually originally an energy drink for when you were ill- (never quite worked for me in that sense) but in recent years become quite trendy and in different flavours and you can even get it in pubs now. Not sure why we've never seen it in Supermarkets here, really is a great drink and first stop when I landed in Manchester was to buy a few bottles and a couple of packets of Jaffa Cakes. If you've never had Jaffa Cakes you haven't lived- a very kind soul sent me a food parcel of them last year which were demolished by the good staff in the Silver Dollar one afternoon. They do sometimes have them in Villa market near Soi 33 although have to be honest usually in short supply of late.

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to have been to Southern Ireland may well have seen Mikado biscuits - now Mikado aren't the most butch looking of things to eat - pink fluffy coconut with jam but they are so cool. Used to live on them as as kid and a can of Jolt Cola. Sadly Jolt has recently been taken off the market as was making kids loopy- I drank it for years, never did me any harm!!! Oddly neither ever surfaced in the UK but a good excuse for a trip to Dublin.

Nearest major town to me is Crewe. Now Crewe is the bleakest town on the planet and I've been to backwaters of South America and Africa, the only place that ever came near to Crewe was Memphis- Crewe makes it look like Vegas trust me. There is only one reason to go to Crewe and that is that most trains tend to stop there apart from the delight that is the Wimpy 'restaurant' that is. You'll find yoursely mingling with Burberry clad individuals with an IQ of single figures ( they're the brighter ones in Crewe trust me) in amongst charity shops and cars that were cool when CW was in shorts but the Wimpy is the greatest food ever. You'll never get a better burger or milkshake than in the Wimpy- the staff may all be toothless females who look like they're on day release from an asylum but worth the trip to Cheshire's answer to a bad day in Sarajevo. Strangely there's a 'Waterstones' book shop next door that I don't think I've ever seen anyone in- I kind of doubt anyone in Crewe can read to be fair . There's a fella who sits in the same seat ever day nursing a cup of coffee, me and my brother nicknamed him Jarvis a few years back as he bears a remarkable likeness to PULP singer Jarvis Cocker- couldn't believe when I went in for the first time in 18 months and there he was- still on the same cup of coffee from last time I was there by the looks of him.

Finally there's 'Viz'. Greatest magazine ever- it's crude but hilarious. Do sometimes find it in 'Foodland' in Bangkok but usually a few months old. Can read samples on their excellent website- the exploits of such greats as 'The fat Slags' , 'Billy the Fish' and 'Fru T Bunn' always have me in stitches, great reading but not for the easily offended. Check it out

There you go- a look back at the delights of home. Is good to be back to the 3 feet of rain in Pattaya and a decent drop of beer. You never know I might even play darts one of these night- Ned decided I was too drunk on my return and wouldn't pick me. Don't know he was going on about the senile old duffer- think we won, can't remember was bladdered. Until next month you crazy darters- be excellent to each other. - -  JAYKE


The Bangkok darts bar formally known as "The Sport Drink Bar" is now officially named "ON'S PLACE." As many local enquiring minds were asking during our rare sober moments - Why did the lovely Miss On ever name it that in the first place when all anyone ever called it was On's Place? When you need the facts and only the facts we call on our special investigative reporter CW (C Dub to his close associates) to set things straight.
  On's Place is located on the lower end of Sukhumvit Soi 22 nearer Rama IV - a stone's throw from those swanky joints The Davis and President Park. As CW reports - "Don't let Miss On's warm captivating smile put you off in competition. On's as competitive a darts player as you will ever expect to meet anywhere. Some say that her pool game is even better."
Thanks CW




Thanks to KaptainX we now got us a proper forum. Although you do have to register to make any posts and some may find this new one a bit more complicated - this change was inevitable. Apologies to all who's posts on the old forum are lost. On our old forum posts were being dropped as they hit the bottom of the page and advertisements were becoming increasingly intrusive. Our new forum will save all posts.

You can now send a PM (private message) to other registered members as well as send an email. There is also a chat room link that can be found on the second light blue bar from the top. There are currently six categories - General Discussion (darts related) - Non Darts Related - Used Darts 4 Sale - and three different League Categories. If your league is not listed and you have someone willing to make some regular league report updates - we'll be happy to add your league. As well any suggestions for useful additional categories are welcome. Hope to see you on the new forum.

  Darts Thailand - Darts SuppliersFAQ - Where can I buy boards, darts and dart supplies? We have a page listing all known suppliers and some on-line darts suppliers. We only list on-line companies that our players actually use. If we've missed you and you sell darts supplies - contact us and we will add you to our list.  

  Sukhumvit Eye is a hardcopy magazine that first hit the stands last January. They write darts reports from our articles and use some of our photos. Click on their logo for their website where you can find locations where their magazine is on sale.  

Darts Thailand - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"


Not as late as last month but not as early as we'd like to have this monthly published. Did have some late developments to wait on - some late arriving articles and one as you see that never made it.

Certainly hope that you'll be able to find time in your schedules to come out and meet our visiting darters. Looking at a busy finish to the year as we already have two possible knockouts right before the Christmas break.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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