Volume  014


March 2008


  Only one thing is certain about the new anti-smoking campaign here in Thailand -  No two people Thais or foreigners have the same understanding of what's official.

No official document has been delivered to any bar as is the normal procedure, all reports from newspapers and TV are conflicting and inquires to the police reveal they know as little about it as the general public.

Most believe that the new non-smoking law will prohibit smoking in any air-conditioned bar. But two open air bars on Sukhumvit Soi 22 aren't sure and now request their patrons that smoke to step outside the covered area of the bar to light up at designated smoking tables.

All dart bars in Bangkok are enclosed air-conditioned venues. At this writing about two thirds of them have already gone non-smoking. Some of these change policy day by day based off the latest disinformation they receive.
  Dart players that smoke are upset - UPSET an extreme understatement for a few of the more hardcore smokers. Outraged that their last safe sanctuary for smoking - bars - are now becoming smoker-unfriendly. One result here already is the same as seen in other parts of the world that have gone the non-smoking route - dart matches take longer as game time is delayed waiting for players who have stepped outside for a smoke.

If and when this all becomes understood and a nonsmoking ban does become an enforced law - Bangkok dart venues will be hardest hit. Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and others outside Bangkok have mostly open air darts venues.

How do you feel about bars going no-smoking? Are you a dart player that feels having a smoke while you play is part of your game? Or do you think that this is yet another Thai law that is going on the books but never to be enforced? We'd like to know what you think. A new thread is now on our forum for your opinions.  Darts Thailand Forum  CLICK HERE

March Darter of the Month
The Lovely Miss Ann.

Not only is this beauty a member of the Silver Dollar Darts Team. Ann's main responsibility is golf coordinator for The Silver Dollar Bar & Restaurant. Ann was most happy to model her new line of SD Golf Shirts which are available for sale at the bar. Click below to visit the SD website which is currently undergoing a long over due update.







  Harry is one of the most laid back captains of a darts team to be found anywhere. The obvious result is that he is never in need of players. Quite the opposite - Harry attracts so many players to the game with his friendly way and genuine enthusiasm that new teams into the LSDL have been a direct result of Harry. Harry never fails to keep the game in a realistic perspective - you're not a pro so just have fun playing. A match with Harry's team is always a fun night and there must be something to his sage advise as Harry and his team have excelled this season. We're most happy to bring you our interview with Harry.

DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? Harry) I am very inexperienced towards other players in the league and have only been playing for about 21/2 years, although coming from England I used to throw a few darts in the bars, before they brought in pool tables. But that wasn't anything special as it was the real old type darts, brass with wood and feather flights. But I was always into the more physical sports, used to run a few marathons although you wouldn't believe it now. Going off the point there a little, started playing for D'Pelican about 21/2 years ago. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go for a game. I did and have been playing for them ever since.


NAME - William Charles Corbett B.E.M.
DATE OF BIRTH - 20 Dec 1956
PLACE OF BIRTH - Lincoln, England
DARTS USED - Make Not Known 25g
HEIGHT -  5ft 51/2 inches
Weight - For How Long
DT) How did you get your nickname? Harry) My father's name was also William so they called him Bill, so couldn't call me Will or Bill. And at the time there was a comedy show on TV called Steptoe and Son. The star in that was called Harry Corbett so they called me Harry after him.

DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game? Harry) Like I have already said, I wasn't that interested in the game before I started playing for D'Pelican.
But if I may I will give you two players from each league that I admire. 1) Ben (Flaming Moe's) - because he does the job that someone needs to be doing and does it well, but does have to take some stick for it. 2) Sam (Domino) - because he is so laid back, never seen him get excited about anything. And he will always give advise and help if asked. Additionally Gayle (Down Under) - she has such a great love of anything darts, always happy and attends every function, knockout, game with so much energy it's unbelievable. And Kenny (Wild Job) - he has an honest approach and loves anything to do with LSDL. Always a pleasure to play with or against and is always ready to help new players or old with advise.
  DT) What has been your most memorable win? Harry) My next one, I try to enjoy every game I play in, win or lose. I have hit a 180 and a close of 154 but both them games were a night otherwise of poor scores. I also won the Christmas Invitational - don't know what happened that night. Think there was something wrong with my darts, I was hitting everything I aimed for - have since rectified that and back now to 7, 11 and 26.

DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand? Harry) Would like to see more teams trying to bring through new players, but other than that I think now we have what is called the Fun League we have the right balance.

DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Harry) Enjoy the game, don't like to see players getting angry if they are not hitting what they aim for, and if you do get angry it will only make your game get worse. Also would like to see teams turn up on time, it's not as though the bars are a million miles apart. Mainly have FUN that's what our league is about.




  Darts Thailand has connections with all the darts communities throughout Thailand. Contact us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with the nearest darts action. Bangkok has two active dart leagues playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With many players traveling - there are always a few teams that can use a player or two. Although we'd love to have you play here long term we are always happy to welcome new players for as long as you are here. Our leagues range from fun darts with players new to the game to some of the most competitive league play found anywhere in the world. We invite you to come on out and meet some of the best people in the world - darts people!  



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Latest Update  
  In the Premier League; Domino 1982 only managed a draw against the Lazy pelicans, however were able to hold on to top spot in February- 2 points clear of Titans who have second place on the tables winning their last match 10 – 0 at home to Domino Seniors. Over on Soi 22, Moe Syzlak Experience are in 3rd, just above Flaming Moes who won their game 10 – 0 to visiting team Cat’s Meow. With several score sheets not received in the last 2 weeks it makes it difficult to do a write-up as the tables are not actually ‘up-to-date”. In some cases no sheets from either team were handed in making it impossible to add any data to the system from those fixtures. With the information I have available to me, the individual stats in the Premier League go something like this: Pod’ from Moe Syzlaks’ has poll position and is 20 points clear of number 2- Sam’ from the Titans. Pisuth is heading for the top, currently in third place 5 points clear of Giffy.

In the First Division, we have another postponed game but an existing un-played match between Pel-I-Can and Larry’s Lobbers from Jan 22nd, was played and ended up with Pel-I-Can taking a home win. The fight for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place continues between current top team-New Cowboy Bar’, The Aloha Bully’s and Pel-I-Can. Aloha Bully’s claimed an away win at the Sports Corner Bar on Soi 20, meanwhile The New Cow Boys were at Moonshine winning the night against White Lightning who now drop down to 5th place. Over at Silver Dollar’, Pel-I-Can were doing their thing walking out at end of day with a close- 6-4 win. Wild Job go 4th after beating the DownUnder Wabbilies at Wild Country Bar. In the last fixture of the 19th Feb’ Harry’s Hooligans’ hosted and toasted Full-Moon, beating the visitors 8-2. The Individual stats are shaping up now with more and more data being entered all the time, Miss Wai’ from The New Cow Boy Bar is well in 1st place- 18 points clear of number 2’ Kenny from Wild Country. Last week Wai had a slow night and Kenny managed to pull some Tons out of hat however still not quite good enough to overtake Wai. Grant from DownUnder Wabbilies screeches into 3rd place just a few points clear of David from the Aloha Bar. More next time from the LSDL…  KaptainX

Lower Sukhumvit Darts League  
The Final Play-Off of the current Thursday League Season will be Thursday 06 March. Dew will have all the stats of the season after that date.

End of Season Party & Open Dart Tournament - Thursday 13th March 2008 At Domino.

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.



Hello and Kia Ora - Well here it is that time again – when you walk into a bar and the biggest surprise it that they are serving alcohol! Maybe the US should put an alcohol ban for their voting!

But enough about politics and back on to darts the 501 challenge is well underway – Even Khun Taxi managed to play a few games – still hasn’t caught up but he will – I love to nag, just ask Grant.

According to the web page - we have 16 players – 120 games and 59 results, so not yet half way – well we are but Soi Johnny hasn’t sent in a result –  A quick look at the leader board

Kennythedart, playing 11 and winning 11 games. Chris, Yes the American, played 11 won 8 Jay, with a hair cut, played 9 won 8 Simon Played 11 won 7 and at the bottom Gary Dale (DOB 5/3/08- He will turn 41) played 2 won 1 Matt played 3 won 0 Sar played 5 won 0 Taxi played 3 won 0

All you ‘others’ are some where in the middle, if you do not win – then you should come last! If only to get your name in print. Other wonderful Stats are Most Tons – He who walks on water) Kennythedart with 49 Simon with 37 Jay with 25 Most 180 Simon 3 Kennythedart 2 Highest finish is also Simon with 112 –

For anything else you can check out the web page
That is all from me
“She who must be obeyed”
Gayle – the token (white) Female, just about everything
Point of contact for this league - Gayle -  best501bangkok@gmail.com



  Hua Hin Darts League's current season is almost over. In division one the battle will go to the last week as only a point separates the two top teams JWB and Cat Bar, Jungle Juice is one point behind Cat Bar.

In division two Mojo's Trio are still unbeaten and will win the division title Butterfly Rock and Lazy Daze are battling for the second place.

In the singles top 16 Stuart will be the highest ranked player as his lead over the second placed Tao is almost 70 points. - - Osmo

Division 1 - Johnnie Walker Black - CAT - Jungle Juice - Pink Flamingo - Johnnie Walker Red - Bamboo Grove - Dicks Office A - Jaew Bar

Division 2 - Mojos Trio - Butterfly Rock - Lazy Daze - Dicks Office B - Good Friends - Love Bar - Bamboo Shoots - Dejavu

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


  Osmo is now rallying the victorious HHDL (Hua Hin Darts League) for a return challenge match with LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League). LSDL will play host to the HHDL darters on the last weekend of this month - 29 & 30 March. Bangkok host venues for this competition will be Moonshine Pub and Harry's Bar.  



The Hua Hin darters were the most gracious of hosts on our prior meeting in Hua Hin except when it came to play on the board where they handed LSDL our hats. We of LSDL hope that we can repay the gracious hospitality as well as some fierce play on the darts board.

Heading up our LSDL squad is our own "lead by example" Kennythedart. All LSDL members are welcome to join the LSDL squad for this return challenge match. If you're interested in joining the fun let Kenny know when you see him or you can email Kenny at kennythedart@gmail.com

Our Bangkok darts community is interested in additional challenge matches with darters from our neighboring cities. Already talk of one between Pattaya and Bangkok. Stay Tuned . . .



  Calling all darters interested in a return match between the Lower Sukhumvit Dart League and the Saigon International Dart League from Vietnam. It was way back on the first two days of September that the Saigon team captained by Rick Horton with twelve players representing SIDL visited us here in Bangkok for the first leg of this challenge match.

A special DT congratulations to Rick the recently appointed Chairman of the Saigon International Dart League! I received an email message from Rick about setting up our return match to Saigon. Rick wrote "As one of my first tasks, I would like to submit an invitation for you to field a team for the return leg of the Saigon Bangkok challenge".

We will need a minimum of eight players and Rick said that they would be able to hold the event on almost any weekend.

All interested dart players - check your schedules and let me know what dates are good for you and I will stay in touch with Rick until we can nail down a set date.

Ben usually heads up our international darts challenge matches but as he is still in UK I will be subbing for him until he returns. - - Johnny


This Month's Darts  Bar




The platform to a good evening, symbolic bar on the heart of Soi Kepsab.

Traditional English , fish and chips, Thai and English food.

Darts, pool-table, and live English football. Massage salon on the second floor, Happy Hour 10 AM to 5 PM.


Tel: +(0)66 76 292 137        Email: turpin1@hotmail.com        Website  CLICK HERE




Saturday - 16 Feb - 8PM


Where's The Article?

  Come on Professor Drink - soon as you get it to us we will have it here along with photos . . .  





The 2nd Ladies Knockout will be held at D'pelican on March 8 2008 at 8pm onwards. Free BBQ Buffet for everybody! BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Steak, Hotdogs, Chili, Potato Salad, Mixed Vegetables, Thai Food and much more. 3 throphies to be awarded to the top 3 winners. Special Raffle prizes to be given to the lucky numbers. 1 raffle ticket for every drink ordered. Also on the night special prizes to be given for High close, Most sexiest outfit, friendly lady player of the night and Mr. Gigolo of the night! Sounds fun eh? So come on and have fun!
Matt  (D'Pelican's In-house Darts Pro)

D'Pelican  Inn - Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok



Saturday - 15  March - 8 PM
"300 Baht buy in with all buy in going toward players bar bill"
Moonshine  Pub - Sukhumvit S
oi 22 - Bangkok





Darrell Fitton,  Gary Anderson  &  Gary Robson

  As reported last month, Darrell Fitton, Gary Anderson and Gary Robson were in Pattaya from 26th Feb to 5th March. Alex of Lucky Time Bar in Pattaya was planning darts events on each of those evenings. Our apologies from the staff of DT that none of us were able to make it down. We hope that the events went well and photos were taken. As well, we hope to get a report of all the action and will have it in next month's newsletter.  

  Well here we are again- is March and this month Jayke's Take travels to the North-East and Buri-ram. Yes my first visit to the provence and what can I say............erm...........well..........there was the airport, and there was a 7-11 and my hotel. Kind of it really- oh yes there was a bar and we were the only 2 in it- apart from that was pretty exciting- if you're thinking of going bring your own bar and some company is my advice, made Krabi look like Las Vegas. They had blueberry Cornettos in the 7-11 though so worth the hour flight.

Anyway enough about Buri-ram -mainly because there is no more- I know a few of you chaps get nagged by the other half when going out for a few arrows, understandable as chix don't understand darts, have seen Gayle play. Was trawling the internet looking for photos of the Olsen Twins when I accidentally came across this- I'm sure many of you wouldn't mind a set of these- blow darts  CLICK HERE  Am sure the Sports Corner might win the odd game if we had a set of those-
  On to the darts tournaments in the Uk- I remember Ben saying what a refined game arrows is- played by gentlemen and all well behaved- sure he was thinking of croquet to be honest.

For those of you non footie fans- Robbie Savage is the man they love to hate in England's Premier League- not just because he's Welsh but he looks like a girl and acts like one. For some reason he decided to join Derby County of late.

Wh??? no-one seems to know- was formerly At Crewe, Leicester, Birmingham and Blackburn before joining the club that last won when CW was a kid. For those without You Tube apologies ( actually no just go and get a decent computer) but Robbie was spotted at a tournament in Sheffield, UK recently. Obviously well liked in the darting world.  CLICK HERE  Poor old Robbie, couldn't happen to a nicer lad.
This month saw Johnny B head back to Japan and let's be honest- he hasn't got any better. Johnny '2 darts' is still uncomfortable with putting 3 in a row in the board- so much so we've found the ultimate solution- we've managed to track down a manufacturer that could help him out - currently in the prototype stage but chances are South Carolina's finest might hit the board with this.

Time will tell
  Finally a word about our sponsor- Johnny 'the big Witkowski'. Johnny in case you don't know gained his nickname from the rather excellent Coen brother's film the Big Lebowski, a film about bowling. Maybe he should take up bowling as he sure can't chuck darts. Anyway just got me thinking- there's a character in the film, Walter Sobchiek, played by Jon Goodman. Polish origin, ex army, brash and rude, drinks a lot of beer and is never wrong. mmmmmmm, remind you of anybody??

On that thought I bid you a pleasant March- early St Pat's Day and we're currently running a book if after a month Ned can remember what he does in Thailand on his return.  Laters - - Jayke



  Ideally we would like to report no rumors and only put out the facts. But we are not always able to confirm if a rumor is true or not by the time we upload this newsletter. In the case of darts events missed here or time or date changes we will email all on our emailing list. If you would like to be added to our emailing list - email us and we will add you.

1) Gayle has landed the part of Lady Penelope in a Kiwi only production of the TV show 'Thunderbirds'. Plans have been put on hold though as they couldn't find anyone in New Zealand suitable for the character of 'Brains' ** Source of Rumor - Kiwi Sheep Farming Weekly

2) Bar closing times are causing confusion in the town of Ilford in the UK. Apparently every time Ben enters a bar, night or day the Landlords are calling time. ** Source of Rumor - The Landlord's Association of Ilford

3) Dave from Harry's bar has landed another major modeling contract. This particular range of balaclavas will be available in the MBK soon. ** Source of Rumor - Vogue Magazine Cardiff

4) Ned has been spotted boarding a plane to Turkey. 'Damn it I knew it began with T' he said on his flight home. ** Source of Rumor - The American Embassy, Istanbul

5) Kennythedart has entered the digital age with the purchase of his first digital camera. Having no idea how to use it he turned it over to the girls in his office for instruction. The girls claim that Kenny has made remarkable progress now that they have convinced him to stop buying film for the camera and it will be only a few more months before he becomes an active shutterbug. ** Source of Rumor - The girls in Kenny's office

If you can confirm or dispel any of these rumors please contact us.

Sincere apologies for getting this on-line so late especially to D'Pelican with their event this Saturday. My power box along with some bits and pieces on the mother board of my computer blew out and my computer spent a few days vacationing in the repair shop when I could have most used it. Now that I have it back my camera and computer are not on speaking terms. That's why I used some file photos of you Harry rather than your newest killer shots. Will get this problem sorted and Harry's killer shots will eventually be posted. Look for next month's newsletter closer to or on the 1st - yeah right!

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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