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Welcome DT fans from around the world.  It's my esteemed pleasure to inform you that the "crack crew" at DartsThailand.com has sobered up long enough to bring you yet another very special newsletter issue.
We feel that this our best one yet and hope you will enjoy it - including a special interview, some new things and of course our popular favorites. Ultimately our goal is still to get back to a more regular issue of our newsletter.

Updating our local Bangkok darts scene since our last Oct 2012 newsletter - here are some places we mentioned. Sadly the Side Pocket has since closed and the even newer darts venue we'd mentioned on our FaceBook page - The Spa & Bar - has changed hands and no longer has darts. So much for the bad news and onto the positive. Buddy's Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22 thrives and is featured below. As well - The Sportsman doing well in their new location as seen below by receiving a visit than none other than Phil Taylor.

Have a growing  group of steel-tippers that have really been enjoying our visits to iDarts Thailand on Ekamai. Good news for soft-tippers - word has it that iDarts will be starting a weekly event possibly with competing teams as well as a monthly event. When we get more details on this we'll be sure and put the word out. Bourbon St. Restaurant back as a darts venue? Chances looking good. As of last week owner Doug Harrison was mentioning getting darts back as Bourbon St. was a darts mainstay for twenty plus years in their prior location in Washington Square. Well known to us locals - here's a tip for newbie soft-tip darts players in Bangkok. Allow enough time for a meal at Bourbon St. before darts as they are only a short walk from iDarts on Ekamai.

In response to some correspondence - yes, we are doing our best to get more darts news from other than just Bangkok. DT crew recently returned from Pattaya and will be making more regular visits (with reports) as Pattaya is now the happening darts place.
Special thanks to Simon of The Irish Rovers and Charlie from PCDO (Pattaya City Darts Organization) for the Pattaya darts information seen here and in upcoming updates. Putting out as much darts information Thai-wide as possible is our ultimate goal here at DT. Now grab a cold drink, sit back and enjoy the rest of the newsletter. - -  Johnny

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Back in January, Bangkok played host to none other than 16 times Champion of the World Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Fresh from his latest victory at the Alexandra Palace in London, Mr T was in Thailand on a promotional tour of darts venues in and around Bangkok.

DartsThailand.com  International Correspondent Damian Hardy caught up with Phil at Domino Pub to talk darts, Thailand, and the local cuisine.


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Buddy's Bar & Grill on Sukhumvit, Soi 22 - a relatively new darts bar quickly making its mark as a major player of the darts venues in Bangkok.

No surprise that - with an airy & open friendly atmosphere - great darts throw and a top notch staff.

All this plus the great food (huge portions) in this classic diner-like design are no lucky chance of a newbie to the business but the creation of our good friend Tom Nordell of the D'Pelican Inn found just down Soi 22.

Easy to find - just steps in from the Sukhumvit and Soi 22 intersection and across from the brandy new Holiday Inn.

Well worth a visit - bring your darts and a hearty appetite.    

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Hi Baby. My name is Tanya and we have some DT Cartoon Gals ready to help you get your darts advertising much more noticed.

Our gals are waiting for you in the DT Cartoon Department.

High resolution, large sized, graphics on transparency file format that can be used on any of your darts advertisements be it print posters or online.

Check out our gals by clicking on the "Click Here" button on my desk to the left. See ya there - - Tanya


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So the New Cowboy on Sukhumvit 22, my fave darting watering hole had it's first Cowgirl knockout , the brain child of friend of DT, Scott. Our 8 Annie Oakleys lined up , pistols at the ready and ready for some tough saloon darting action. All gals shot well, young 'Deadly Little Miho' (Miho) after finishing her homework and watching her cartoons on TV is Cowboy's young rootin' tootin' whipper-snapper of a darter and has come a long way since she first threw an arrow several weeks back, these days she actually throws them point first. 'Sheriff Tia' (Tia) the law enforcer of this part of the Old West of Bangkok threw with Colt 45 precision as did the ever steady handed 'Lasso Laylai' (Laylai) and 'Ellie Mai' (Mai) and 'Nine Shooter Nee' (Nee), two new cowpokes on the scene. 'Deputy Dang' (Dang) was a surprise gunslinger of precision on the night but the big surprise was poor old 'Wai-at Earp', her usually accuracy was missing, possibly too many red-eyes the night before. The tournament was won by New Cowboy's fastest gun in town, 'Sioux City Su' (Su) who was the pre show down favourite and she blew away all in sight. Well done to all and a fun filled night was had until the sun set over Dodge.....well Soi 22.

So darters and darter-ettes of Soi 22. A challenge has been set down to our darting adonises of the area by cheeky, wannabe upstarts 'the Irish Rovers' from the LK Metro area of some place called Pattaya. A challenge match where they actually believe they can come here and beat the pride of Bkk on our own patch. A date has yet to be set but bring it on you Shandy Drinking Southeners :-) (If Simon is reading this I don't mean you, I mean them other blokes).
Watch this space for more details and news of our impending triumph.
- - Jayke - -

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Khao-San Rd-Un-Amazing Thailand - For those of you who don't know, Khao San Rd is the apparent backpacking, spiritual REAL Thailand of Bangkok for those who come to live the Thai style, rough it, be at one with the locals and drink cheap beer, local food and 'find themselves' whatever the hell that means.

Every year thousands flock to this mecca of Thai culture and blend into the Thai lifestyle to be at one with the heartbeat of Bangkok and the South East Asian people.

Before we continue with our discussion of the Buddhist sanctuary of Khao San, anyone called Jarvis, Tarquin or Serendipity who has actually spent time there may want to look away now and get out your Zen bible and do some yoga exercises to stimulate your tiny mind instead.

Khao San is all that is wrong with Bangkok and Asia. A flux of middle class idiots visit this plastic cauldron of nonsense every year causing much amusement to locals and ex-pats alike. Firstly you have to look the part. A back-pack the size of a teenage boy, braided hair done by a 'local' and henna tattoos, Che Guevara always a good bet. A t- shirt from one of the stalls, Chang Beer vests always a good bet, help the local economy or better still the stall owner who is laughing himself stupid as you haggled him down to a price that is on par with a downtown department store. Banana pancakes are almost a fashion accessory as well. You can't look a complete fool without eating the 'local' grub. In between talking about how the corporations do this blah blah blah there is always Starbucks, McDs and KFC available to keep your hunger in tact on this spiritual un-spoilt haven. You can even buy a Bob Marley rasta hat outside to really look the part. Ironically there is a local temple nearby , the Thai word for temple is Wat or Watt, the latter being an anagram of a Khao San Road tourist ironically.  


Now the food and beer prices. Whilst these tourist trapped fools, sorry spiritual visitors are regularly heard discussing their slummy 1000 Baht guesthouses, little do they know they are paying the same as a nice hotel downtown, oh yes and REAL Thai people live downtown as well by the way in case they felt by leaving Starbucks on their Buddhist enclave that they weren't helping the economy.

Ironically all these guesthouses accept Daddy's Amex card as well, the REAL Thailand eh? Now the bars, this poor area where you can feel at one with the Nirvana of Buddhism and rough it so you can tell tales to your best friends Rupert and Portia on your return to Mayfair has some of the dearest pub prices in Bangkok.

The down-trodden poverty of Mulligan's Irish Pub (5 UK a pint) and of course service charge included, wouldn't want diddle the poor ex farmer of a waiter out of his tip would we? Premier League football on the big screens, English Breakfasts available and live bands blaring out the latest hits. Khao San screams look at the fools and their parent's money from every corner. It also seems that looking like you haven't showered in days is another fashion statement in this beautiful corner of the Thai capital.......the local water festival was mid April and what I'd have given to put a water cannon on this whole street, in fact forget the water bit.
Due to the recent election, Bangkok bars were shut on a Saturday but on hearing that Khao San had beaten the booze ban and it was after all football night on TV, myself and DT's own roving cameraman, Damo, donned our shabbiest clothes, bit our lips and headed off to watch our respective matches. Well done to all the bar staff who whenever we mentioned switching TV matches that the empty bars were showing we were met with them same two words...'Man U'!!!! Damo did actually manage to find his beloved Everton on one screen, settled down with an over-priced pint and as the teams appeared from the tunnel, click, yes they switched the TV over to Man U which was already coming from every other screen on this joke of a street .Annoyed and keen to get away we headed through the crowds and laughed ourselves stupid at these spiritual beings we encountered . A guy dressed in a blanket obviously soaking up the vibe of Northern Thailand and it's spiritual essence and monasteries was a favourite, just before he popped off for a Big Mac of course. Our fave had to be a young English lad though, boasting to his friends that 'Ya , I've just been up with the Buddhists in Chiang Mai' , much to their looks of excitement.  

I mean, Buddhists in one of Thailand's biggest cities!!!!! What next? Irish men in Pubs? Chinese in casinos? What further tales young Sebastian from Richmond had we can only guess and no doubt all thoroughly spell-binding and so mesmerising that Michael Palin would only be able to listen in awe.

So there you have our take on Bangkok's REAL side according to anyone who has seen the diabolical piece of celluloid called 'The Beach'. If you fancy a game of darts there then don't bother, I mean darts are so dangerous and pointy man and represent everything that is wrong in the world, Ya?

To all our Khao San Roaders, please don't EVER leave there as is a good way from the lights of UN-REAL Bangkok and the last thing we want is you people on our streets looking like the plastic tourists you are. Keep Daddy's credit card to the ATM's of the non corporate banks of HSBC in your own ridiculous part of town.

In case you haven't noticed I don't like Khao San or its people. In the mean time, Happy Darting and YA!!

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01 - 02 June 2013
EGAT "Wan Kaew Project Charity Open 2013" - EGAT Bldg. - Nonthaburi



We hope you've enjoyed this newsletter issue and will be doing our best to lessen the time before the next one. Looking good on that with the addition of one more skilled contributor on the DT team. We welcome Adam to the DT crew and you'll get to meet him in the next issue with his dart bars reports from Chiang Mai and Cha Am. Really proud of the quality of work that DT now produces with this talented crew and happy to be part of it. Stay tuned for a much expanded DT video department as pro video TV cameraman Damian upgrades his kit. And we're also setting up regular Pattaya Darts Leagues Updates. And for those who contributed in the past we invite you to join us again. More good things coming on DT !

 If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

Johnny "The Big Witkowski"

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