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May 2008



Why so late?  Why so few articles?  Why so many cartoons and so few photos? Technical difficulties and late arriving reports. This month I could do little else than draw cartoons because my less than wonderful Nikon camera died. Now have a new backup - a dependable Fuji camera.

As it is already so late into the month we will save all articles with photos for next month's newsletter. Many thanks to all who took photos or loaned me their cameras to get all photos from our darts events. Always been more comfortable behind a camera - when asked why almost no photos of myself - my Mom can tell how much I've been drinking by my eyes. Leave it to the "Kleverness of a Kiwi" though. Thanks much, Gayle, for the photo on the right.

Early apologies for next month's newsletter that will also be late. I'm headed back to the States for a family reunion for my Mom's 80 birthday and Mom & Dad's 58th Wedding Anniversary. By the way, Mom's 80 and Dad's 81 and they enjoy a daily game of darts and a glass of wine after their daily few mile walk! - - Johnny





  As reported last month Kevin A Berlyn - Chairman and Founder of "Dartplayers Australia" wants a Thai Champ participating in the William Cross Pro-Am on 2-10 August. So do we and are currently working on setting up an qualifying event with the first place winner traveling to Australia. An event of this scope requires approval of the authorized governing body of darts TDA (Thailand Darts Association). Not only do we have TDA's approval but their support for all logistical requirements.

I met with Vichai Govindani - President of TDA and he is currently working on setting up a large venue for the qualifying event. Although one day will be required for the qualifying event, Vichai suggested holding a two day event - one day for the fun players giving many who have only played in one or two dart board venues the opportunity to play in a large scale tournament.

We certainly appreciate all the assistance we are receiving as this event is far larger than any of the fun events we have so far been organizing. Additionally Richard Lowy of Unicorn Group has offered to supply boards for this event. For those not familiar with Unicorn Group, I've already asked Richard for an interview for an upcoming newsletter.

We hope to have the venue, dates and schedule set and published in the upcoming June Newsletter. Tentatively a Saturday will be set for the fun tournament, not open to those in the qualifying event on the following day. The qualifying event on Sunday is open to all Thai Nationals and to foreigners with legal residency (passport with appropriate visa stamp required).  

For more information on the William Cross Pro Am  CLICK HERE  or the PDC logo.
To visit the Dartplayers Australia website  CLICK HERE  or the DPA logo.
To visit the TDA website  CLICK HERE  or the TDA logo.
To visit the Unicorn Group website  CLICK HERE  or the Unicorn logo.







  Other than Ned of the Silver Dollar Bar - a darter at the oche takes only a few seconds to throw his darts. Whatever is wrong or needs fixing CAN WAIT until the shooter on the line has completed his UNDISTURBED THROW.

The person scoring should never move as the scoreboard is in the shooters line of sight. The correct position for the scorer is looking at the scoreboard with his back to the shooter. A scorer should never move - especially to see where a first or second dart has hit. Only if the shooter asks - should the scorer move for a closer look.

Ideally you should never stand in the area of the shooters line of sight of the board. Some of our venues are small - if you're in the shooters line of sight - stand still for the few seconds he needs for his throw. Regardless of the venue - never crowd the thrower at the oche. When a shooter at the oche needs to reposition he should never bump into someone. Give the shooter at the oche the largest space bubble possible.

Thankfully these problems have not be the result of any intentional unsportsmanlike conduct but of honest over-enthusiasm of many new players. We are attracting lots of new players and this is good news. Teaching these new players the game should include basic darts etiquette. I've been reluctant to run this article for a while thinking I would be accused of nitpicking - but the truth is that I have been requested to run a friendly reminder of the basics by quite a few of our players. Keep it simple - sticking three darts where you are aiming (in ideal conditions) is hard enough - lets not complicate things. - - Johnny



   TUESDAY  AQUI-PAK  LEAGUE          Latest Update  
  Season 16 update: Three Teams from “The LSDL Premier League” of season 15 have applied to join “The LSDL Fun League” in the upcoming season 16. Teams may enter The Fun League only by winning a majority vote to that effect. A majority of the teams’ captains in the Fun League have submitted their ballot vote on behalf of their team; For or Against the three applying teams. The Lazy Pelican’s won a YES majority vote from the team captains in The Fun League. The Lazy Pelicans are now members of The LSDL Fun League.

The LSDL Fun League – Season 16, will begin on Tuesday June 10th 2008. Five teams from PatPong/Silom have been invited to join “The LSDL Premier League”. Two other teams from outside of our area have been invited also. Teams/venues from outside the Lower Sukhumvit area will not be accepted into “The LSDL Fun League”.

With new out-of-area teams possibly joining, The LSDL Premier League – Season 16, will begin on Tuesday June 17th 2008 a week after The LSDL Fun League.

Lower Sukhumvit Darts League  

Season now underway but still waiting on an update report.

Point of contact for this league - Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.



So - why haven't we heard all the usual "motivation" from Gayle to get our games played? Gayle had something much more important to do. She was down in New Zealand for a few weeks to greet her first grandchild.

She's now back on the darts scene in Bangkok packing her darts along with some photos of her grandson. A big congratulations Granny Gayle from all of us at DT. Can we now expect Gayle to act more grandmotherly?
  I'd say that it's a good bet that you'll soon be hearing from Gayle to get those past due games played.

Point of contact for this league - Granny Gayle -




The new season of HHDL is now in full swing. Cat bar gained couple of top players from Cha Am and are now seriously challenging Johnny Walker Black' s dominance of the last three season. Jungle Juice without Stuart is not quite the same as before but will give a good match to all teams. These are followed by Dick's Office A, Pink Flamingo and Johnny Walker Red. Teams promoted from division two after last season, Lazy Daze and Mojo's are finding the going tough in the upper division.

In division two Butterfly Rock have had a perfect start with three wins out of three. They are followed by Jaew, Bamboo Grove, Dick's Office B and Oasis. Headrock (two draws), Good Friends and Love Bar are still without wins. - - - Osmo

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.



It's now confirmed - a team of dart players from the Penang Sports Club lead by Yap - captain of the Darts Section - will be in Bangkok 11 - 15 July. Each year they organize an exploratory trip oversea to meet fellow darters and include a short holiday. Their group will consist of about 12 players (30% females) and level or standard - club darters.

With their date set - we've now invited HHDL (Hua Hin Darts League) and SIDL (Saigon International Darts League) to send teams and join in this friendly challenge darts event.

Saturday 12 July is set as the main day of the event. Yap has requested a two day event starting the day before. When we get more of a schedule set it will be posted in next month's newsletter. Moonshine Pub will be hosting the event with Flaming Moe's as co-host. But if we get enough players and more than four boards are needed - we have the support of our nearby darts bars.



Calling all darters interested in a return match between the Lower Sukhumvit Dart League and the Saigon International Dart League from Vietnam. It was way back on the first two days of September that the Saigon team captained by Rick Horton with twelve players representing SIDL visited us here in Bangkok for the first leg of this challenge match.

We need a minimum of eight players - have four - others saying that they will need to know a date first before committing. We need to set a date and then get the rest of the players needed to make up our team. Saigon is able to hold the event on almost any weekend. All interested dart players - check your schedules and let me know what dates are good for you and I will stay in touch with Rick until we can nail down a set date.

Ben usually heads up our international darts challenge matches but as he is still in UK I will be subbing for him until he returns. - - Johnny


Long time player in the LSDL is the lovely Miss On. What some in the league may not know is that On recently opened her own bar - The Sport Drink - on Sukhumvit Soi 22 (from Sukhumvit past the Queen's Park Hotel, past the schools and just before the second 7/11 on the right). No surprise - On already has a team entered in the upcoming season. Miss On will be celebrating her birthday Wednesday May 28th at her bar.

Aloha Bar home to the Aloha Bar Darts team will be celebrating Nigel and Steve's birthdays on Thursday May 29th. Free Food and Sanuk. The Aloha Bar is on Sukhumvit Soi 22 and they have a location map on their website  CLICK HERE





  There are still some (many) of us that need to learn our numbers. Not knowing your out numbers puts you at an even bigger disadvantage against a better player who knows his numbers. Now is the perfect time to start learning your numbers with two weeks before the start of LSDL Season 16. Ben's "Check Out Time" can be found in DT's library on the main page or  CLICK HERE  




  A full report (with photos) of the 19 April Knockout at Flaming Moe's.

  A full report (with photos) of the 20 May Knockout at Moonshine Pub.  






Apologies again for this short newsletter and getting it out so late. As well, for what I already know will be a late June Newsletter. But after that it will be on-time publishing - no doubt about it.

Yeah, right.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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