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January 2009



  Been in recent contact with our friend Rob Heckman about the possibility of a Thai International Team entering into the Bullshooter Asia Tournament. Team requires three males and one female. Two of Thailand's top players Nattakhom and Young are going. Heard that Giffy was trying to go. Phoned Giffy and yes she is trying to go. Together with Rob they would have a Thai Team. Yes you have to be Thai but Rob qualifies as he still has his Thai Birth certificate and can claim dual citizenship.

This is a major electronic tournament and there will also be MANY international Teams there ie; USA, Canada, Germany, Philippines, Japan, China, HK Team, Spain and maybe a France Team. So after some years we may once again have a Thai Team competing at an international darts event.
From Rob's post on our forum - "This is an electronic tournament, but many of the players are steel as well and it is a very lucrative tournament to attend. If anyone is interested, no matter the skill level, please contact me ASAP so I can get approval for a THAI Team." You can contact Rob via his website  CLICK HERE  or email us here at DT and we will send an email right off to him.

Look for updates to this story on our forum under Rob's post "ASIA BULLSHOOTER HONG KONG". Best of luck getting this team assembled Rob and have no doubt which team the darts community here will be rooting for to win.  "Go Team Thailand" - - Johnny







  All known darts events that we at DT are made aware of are posted on our Events Calendar. Events are posted on the calendar as soon as we receive information. The calendar is easy to find from the main page - look for the link shown above. All events throughout Thailand are welcome and we encourage all - especially those from Pattaya and Chaiang Mai to inform us of your darts events. Relatively new - the calendar shows events from Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket. We hope to have every Thailand darts event listed as more people learn of this.

Regular weekly events are listed and projected into future months. Why aren't special event's listed earlier than a month prior is a common question we receive. Truth is that it is extremely rare for a special darts event to be planned more than a month in advance.

Receive email asking about the next Thailand Open. Sad to say that there is not one in the planning. You best believe that if there were you would not only see mention on the calendar but regular updates here in the newsletter as well.

If you are holding a darts event that you would like well attended - don't keep it a secret. Send us the information and we will happily list it on the calendar and put the word out here on the newsletter. All darts events information can be emailed to -  info@dartsthailand.com

Darter of the Month
The Ever So Delightful
Miss Pui

The ever delightful Miss Pui is a certified fitness expert that enjoys moonlighting at On's Place as their sound tech - music director.  A fitness person that excels at darts - who'd a thought?  Keep your eyes on the league stats cause the frequency of Pui's 180s are no more uncommon than her trips to the gym. Will the beer-bellied dart players prevail? Stay tuned. Odds are that this young lass will show us a thing or two about the game of darts. On's Place is on Sukhumvit Soi 22.







  Well - finally, after a long wait we get to hear about The Big Man with the Big Cigar, The Man Behind The Camera, – The mastermind behind DartsThailand.com and numerous other websites about Thailand and Darts in Land Of Smiles – A guy who spends endless hours in-front of the bar – Sorry I mean, in-front his computer, to promote and organize our beloved sport in the City of Angels – known to some as The Big Witkowski – The Chairman of the LSDL Bangkok Darts League….Lets hear it for Soi22Johnny. - - KaptainX
  DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? Johnny) Started playing darts as a teenager fourteen I guess. American darts AKA widdy darts - popular and the only darts where I grew in NE Pennsylvania. Basement rec room with a dart board and my folks held lots of family parties. I got hooked on darts. Joined the army - neighboring New Jersey first assignment lasting ten consecutive years - American darts still the game. Board in my barracks room and practiced as much as I did trumpet, my job in the army. Next assignment on the DMZ in South Korea - five years no darts. Last assignment Fort Jackson in Colombia, South Carolina - soft tip darts was the only game in town.

Retired the army headed to Thailand - stopped in Korea for a few beers - somehow signed a one-year work contract staying seven. Introduced to the Seoul Darts League (1993) - my first go at steel tip darts - became even more hooked on darts. Winters too cold - moved to Koh Samui and kept up at the game. Samui air too clean - moved to Bangkok  - found the Silver Dollar Bar and the Lower Sukhumvit Darts League.


NAME - Johnny Witkowski
DATE OF BIRTH - 07 December 1955
DARTS USED - Magic  "The Dart"
WEIGHT - 21.5 Grams
HEIGHT - 183 Centimeters
DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game? Johnny) My two uncles, Adam and Steve. Uncle Adam taught me the the basics but most importantly love of the game. Never had a serious game with uncle Steve, he enjoyed fun darts and clowning around at family parties. The only time uncle Steve was serious about darts was for money games and as a coal miner his darts helped him get his family through the depression.  
  Years after he passed the older guys in the local dart bars were still talking about his perfect game in a big money showdown match. It's all about love of the game and my parents continue to influence me with that. Mom 80 and Dad 82 enjoy a daily two mile walk followed by a glass of wine and a few games of darts.  
DT) What has been your most memorable win? Johnny) Playing for a real underdog team in Seoul, Korea. As a newbie to steel tip I had no idea what to shoot at and required constant coaching, which many would say hasn't changed much since then. But darts are darts and even as a widdy player my darts where hitting what I was told to hit. We didn't win our division but placed well higher than was expected. Winning any game against a better player - that is most memorable. First time I took a game from Bill Smith, now living down in Phuket, I closed on 130 to do it.

DT) Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand? Johnny) A darts community that is no doubt one of the most enthusiastic to be found anywhere in the world. Thais and expats topped of with so many visiting darters makes this a truly unique world hub for darts. Being such a popular warm weather tourist destination we see so many players and many of the greats coming here to escape nasty winters in their home countries.

DT) You have been playing darts in Thailand for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? Johnny) Increasing popularity of special darts events that is attracting new players as well as some who haven't played in some years. League and regular weekly events tend to attract most of the same player base. Periodic special events are more diverse with more attraction. Varying formats depending on home venue capacity and turnout - monthly knockouts - women only events - invitational events not open to top players and one now in the works - a Mickey Mouse tournament - these are getting more people coming out and competing and as this also proves to be a success for hosting venues - they are offering more prizes as well as great food. End result - more venues hanging boards and more players joining leagues.

DT) What changes do you think would improve our sport of darts in Thailand? Johnny) More available darts information - dart bars, leagues and special darts events. Of the major darts communities throughout Thailand - Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket regularly provide information. Getting Pattaya and Chiang Mai involved will improve our sport that much more. Other possibilities - city vs city competition of the major communities. This could be done at the grass roots level and wouldn't require much or any backing. Larger scale events would require sponsorship - a Thailand City Cup -  an annual tournament between the five major darts communities for a trophy cup. Each city to take a turn at hosting the tournament year by year. And hopefully the return of a Thai Open to attract players worldwide.

DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? Johnny) Many thanks to those contributing to DT which we hope will continue and help darts popularity grow throughout Thailand. Would especially like to thank Paul Seigel (Dartoid) for introducing us to so many darts celebrities around the world - many who have kindly contributed to our newsletters. Special thanks to John Lowe and Stefan Lord for exclusive interviews. It is certainly my pleasure to be a part of DT and continually meet so many darters as a result. Hope to soon see you at the oche for a "few" pints and some darts. - -  Johnny






Season XVII  -  Jan 2009 (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League)

  The LSDL Season XVII will start 13 Jan for the Fun League and one week later on 20 Jan for the Premier League. PREMIER LEAGUE starting a week later as two teams are still working out final details on home venues - Vichai's TDA and TOT. The Moe Syzlak Experience, Domino Titans, Domino Seniors, Domino Stone are back giving the league a total of six teams for Season XVII. FUN LEAGUE will begin Season XVII on 13 Jan. After the league vote Flaming Moe's was accepted into the Fun League. Welcome to two venues - Conner Bar in Queens Park Plaza will be hosting a team for the first time and the Ship Inn on Soi 23 will be hosting a team again after some years. Cat's Meow will not be fielding a team this season but all other teams will be be back. The league will have a total of 14 teams and be divided into two divisions.


  For all the latest check out either of the LSDL leagues websites. KaptainX's usual more detailed write-up will be back next month as he is now busy with schedules. - -  Johnny  

LSDL Premier League

LSDL Premier League

  Standings as of  Week 35 - 18 Dec for the Thailand Darts League 2008.  
Week 28 Oct 30 Win Lose
1) Flaming Moe's 29 3
2) Domino 1982 27 5
3) TOT 20 12
4) Domino Stone 14 17
5) The Other Darts 14 17
6) Offshore 13 18
7) GPO 13 19
8) D'Pelicans 8 23
9) Domino Seniors 5 27


Point of contact for this league -
Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com



Where's the write-up? Missing a write-up this month, but look forward to having it back in next month's newsletter.
For the most up to date HHDL stats from Barry - check our forum under the HHDL category.

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.


 1) Piccadilly* 50
 2) Queen Mary* 49
 3) Offshore 45
 4) Market Bar* 33
 5) Beach House 31
 6) Boozers* ? 17
 7) Hilltop 27
 8) Simply Red* 26
 9) Skinny Dog ? 16
10) Celtic* 23
11) Shakers* 16
( * have had bye week)
The last night of play prior to the Christmas/New Year break saw Queen Mary jumping back to trailing league leaders Piccadilly (who had a bye night) by only one point. Skinny Dog was beaten 9-1 with Steen of QM taking high score with 135.

Offshore's Peak and Rob took high score with 140 in Offshore's 7-3 win over Shakers, but Josh closed out the beer leg for Shakers from 46 with a nice 10, double 18. Beach House got the better end over Simply Red, 6-4, with Justin taking high score on 125.

The league will start again on January 6, 2009.
Secretary,Steen Erik Jansen
  Steen's "Patong Beach Dart Bar Map" is on our Dart Bar Index Page - check it out. It's a printable map that's great for new-comers to find all the darts action.  



2 Dart Boards & 1 Pool Table

Full Western Menu
Open for Breakfast at 9 AM
Best Tex-Mex Food in Bangkok
Daily Specials
Monday Night BBQ Rib Feast

Happy Hour 5 - 7 PM

Fascinating, Charming Staff

"Stop in once and discover why SD Bar will
become your Favorite Bangkok Destination."


  NOTE  For those with a slow internet speed you may have to refresh or reload this page to have all the images load. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

  Tuesday 9th December at On’s Place on Sukhumvit Soi 22, The first in a hopefully new series of darts events, the latest to come out Darts in Bangkok – The 501 Sudden Death Knockout. 8pm and hosts John and Khun On put on a great food spread, with 20 keen darters, David (The Mouth) – I mean commentator and Myself, we were set for good night of darts. After the draw we kicked off with 501 double out, best of one leg.

There was four pre-lims, first up Boggs played Kenny which was a fast game of darts, Kenny squeezed out a win and sent Boggs through to the loser’s bracket. Charinee from Aloha Bar in excellent match beat David M – Aloha Bar Scott beat Brian from The Moonshine Pub and MS Colin went up against Tik and stole the win.
  With the Pre-lims in the bag, off with the first round – David beat teammate Su from Aloha, Jaa lost her game to Kenny- next up after a superb start Charinee just lost out on the double in her second game with CW from New Cowboy Bar going through to round two. After being out of the game for a few years, Franz got back in on the action winning his first game against Russel from D’Pelican Inn and Matt knocked host John over to the loser’s brackets. I snook in a win over Scott - Boy sent MS Colin packing and Tom who is moving to On’s Place Tuesday League Darts team in the coming season XVII of the LSDL won his first game in his new home bar against Harry.
Quarter Finals now, first game and David R showed Kenny a thing or two, Franz took a loss to CW – I won my game against Matt from The Lazy Pelicans and Tom played a great second game in his trials for his new spot in his new team beating Boy from the LSDL Premier League. Tom is now taking requests for Q&A sessions from the darting community of Thailand leaving his ex-captain David a very unhappy camper.
In the Semi Finals – CW on a winning streak put David R out of his misery; Tom put me in my place in the loser’s brackets leaving himself in one of two spots in the finals. In First Round on the other side of the line, D’Pelicans Inn’s own Jaa Sent Moonshine Brian back to his beer, Home player Tik was in good spirits after winning her game against Charinee, Aloha Bar Scott lost his last chance at a win to Boggs and David M desperate for win sent his prodigy MS Colin away with his tail firmly between his legs.

  In the losers second round - Jaa beat Su, Russel won her game against Tik, host john took a walk over to the bar after losing his last blast at the finals to Boggs and then Harry playing well beat David M to end the round. In Round three on the losers’ side, Jaa tried her best against Boy in vain, Matt beat Russel – Boggs took a win from Franz and finally Kenny brings Harry’s darting night to a close.

Losers Quarter Finals now and Boy lost all chance of glory against old teammate Matt – Boggs winning streak came to an end with Kenny sealing his fate – David R just in from the winners bracket lost out on a place in the final to Matt –Kenny sent me back to my chair and continued on to lose his footing against CW who had just been sent over from the winners brackets with the intention to get right back in them – CW won the game and went into finals with a smile on his face but was not quite good enough to overcome the nights champion and winner of the First Sudden Death knockout Tournament at On’s Place Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22 – Tom - after a fabulous night of darting action. “I think he earned a place on the team anyway David!”

  First Place Tom won a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label, Second Place CW won bottle of Wine, 3rd Place Kenny won bottle of Wine too, Three Draw prizes were handed out – Tik, Wassana & Russel won 6 pack of beer each.  

  Thanks to everyone for coming, Thanks to Hosts On and John for a great night and great food at a great venue. Thanks to the mouth, I mean David for MC’ing and helping my sorry drunken self out with the paper work – Looking forward to many more such events at On’s Place on Sukhumvit So2 22, Bangkok – Thailand.   C U Soon, KaptainX

 NOTE   Many additional photos from this event are found on the Photos Galleries Page.

  Kenny Christmas Knockout at the Moonshine Pub In December proved to be biggest turn out so far with 40 players, loads of prizes and a pool table full of Wassana’s famous culinary delights.

Round One 501, Sudden Death, first up – JR and On with On going through to the second round, CW lost a game to Roger from the home bar – Charinee lost a close match to Bushy and Taxi beat Jeab from Corner Bar. Aloha Bar John lost to Moo – Moonshine Brian beat Noi – Su beat Nut and Boggs sent Nit through to the losers brackets. Nangh from Bradmans Sports Bistro stole the game from Oi - Wai from the New Cowboy bar beat Jar from On’s Place – Gayle wiped the floor with me – Mike from Sports Corner Bar lost to Meow from Cats’ Meow – Ron beat Jaa from D’Pelican Inn and John from On’s Place lost his game David from the home venue – Marco from Cat’s Meow put Tom in his place – Inge beat team mate Matt from D’Pelican Inn – Tim lost his game to Colin.L – Somehow Jayke beat Kip – Nigel slipped in a win over his opponent Fred and in the last game of the first round, M.S Colin beat Scott from Aloha Bar.

With the first 20 games out the way and many more to come at the annual Christmas knockout, round two kicked off with On beating Roger - Taxi beat Bushy – Moo beat Brian and Boggs sent Su over to the losers brackets. Wai, playing well showed Oi how to play darts – Meow taught Gayle a few lessons – Sports Corner Ron moved forward after sending David from Moonshine Pub over to the other side – Marco continued his winning streak putting Matt out of place – Jayke was on his toes when beat Colin L sending himself through - Moonshine Colin won his game against Nigel and then Colin beat Jayke in a fast moving game giving himself a chance at first place.

Now onto the losers brackets – A fight to get back up into the final – In a surprising game JR lost to CW, Charinee called a close on Jeab’s night – Aloha Bar John gave his seat up to Noi, Nit beat Nat, Nangh beat Jar from On’s Place, I managed to pull off a win against Mike from Sports Corner – Jaa sent John packing and home player Tom sent Inge back to the bar. As the race for the finals continued, Oi picked up her pace sending CW running for cover – Charinee pulled out all the stops and told Gayle to go practice – with home team failure on the cards, MS David lost his game to Noi – Nit beat Matt, Roger got one back for the Moonshine Pub winning his match with Nangh – the tables turned and Jack Daniels got the better of me and with Bushy on top form, I had no chance – Brian had to leave, giving Jaa a BYE game and Su met her match with Tom as she said goodbye to the finals.

With some catching up to do in the losers brackets still - Charinee was on the rampage, sending Oi home to bed – Nit rolled forward on with her winning run beating Noi – Bushy dug his heels into the floor ending Rogers effort to secure a seat in finals and Jaa lost her game to Tom. Kip from D’Pelican Inn forfeit his match sending Tim right through to face Nigel; Tim lost the game bringing Nigel that much closer to a promotion back up to winner’s brackets. Fred ended Scotts darting night and continued on to beat Colin L, Nigel and then finally bringing Jayke back down to earth.

  In the quarter finals on the winners side, On beat Taxi – Boggs won his game to Moo – Wai beat Meow and Ron from Sports Corner sent Marco on Meow’s trail, right over to the losers brackets. Semi finals ready to roll – first game K.On beat Boggs in great game of arrows leaving Boggs with one more chance on the other side and Wai showed her strength, leaving Ron to the same demise.

With only a few more games to go in the losers bracket, Moo unfortunately put a stopper on Charinees run to the final – Fred beat Nit and then Moo, putting himself in against Ron - Marco was throwing solid arrows as he beat Bushy – and Tom brought a close to Meow’s night of darts. Marco went on to beat Tom however lost his next game to Boggs – Ron then beat Boggs setting himself up for the next game securing himself at least 4th place in the tournament.

  Back up on the winner’s side and getting close to the end of the night, Colin beat K.On and Wai making those there first games lost of night – Wai went through to the losers brackets where she quickly ended Boggs’ run and put K.On in 3rd place. Determined to win, Wai was straight back onto the winners side and in the final against Colin from Moonshine Pub – After a tremendous run wining battle after battle, Wai won the game, the night and the first place trophy. Colin came in second as one of this year’s biggest improvers in the game darts in Thailand.

It seems Santa Claus did visited the Moonshine Pub this year only not in the traditional sense as there’s no chimneypot at the moonshine pub – instead Kenny The Dart’ – The sponsor and co-organizer of this Christmas Invitational Knock Out - showed up with a red face and no tie surprised to find everyone else in the bar sporting their best neckwear - Casual Kenny with a sack full of prezzies – Sixteen gifts were drawn and won by the nights revelers. Tim, Roger, Meow, Marco, John from On’s Place, Jeab, Jayke, Fred, Tom, Boggs and Moo all Won a gift on the night, Inge won the Christmas basket kindly donated by Bushy & Nat. JR, Nangh and Scott won a bottle of wine each kindly donated by Mitch and Wassana at the Moonshine Pub and Nit won the Dartboard kindly donated by the TDA.

1st through 4th place won trophies for their trouble and Wai received an extra special trophy presented by Kenny himself for being the “Friendliest Darter of year 2008”


  Thanks to all who came to support and or play in the event, Thanks to Mitch and Wassana and the staff at Moonshine Pub for hosting Kenny’s event and putting a great food spread out as normal, Thanks to all the people who helped keep a score on the night, Thanks David and I, Thanks to Johnny for doing the pictures and photo galleries - and thanks to anyone else that I forgot to say thanks to.

Have a great 2009! Looking forward to seeing everyone in December 2009 for the next annual Christmas Invitational Knockout presented by Kenny and hosted at the Moonshine Pub…….KaptainX         NOTE   Additional photos will soon be on the Photos Galleries Page.



SAT - JAN 24 - 8 PM
Special Raffle Prizes
For Everyone
(Raffle ticket for every drink)


Also Special Prizes to be given for High Close, Sexiest Outfit, Friendly Lady Player of the Night and Mr. Gigolo of the Night!
BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Steak, Hotdogs, Chili, Potato Salad, Mixed Vegetables, Thai Food and much more . . .
Come on out for what is becoming Bangkok's most popular darts event. All lady darters are welcome and all men - come on out to drink a few and cheer on your favorite lady player. Hope to see everyone for another great night. - - Matt


   EDITORS NOTE  - Knockout Events are run by bars and not in any way governed by the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League). Although KaptainX and I are both committee members on the LSDL our promotion of knockout events is on behalf of Darts Thailand. Notifying us of your darts event allows better organization in scheduling so as not to have two events on the same night. Our new darts events calendar link can be found on the main page. And remember - the earlier you notify us about your event the better we can promote it. - -  Johnny  




Darts Thailand - Jaykes Take


Well Tis New Year and a Happy 2009 to y'all in the lovely sunshine of Thailand. Is -5 here and about as warm as a Witkowski greeting when you call him at 9am. With the new league upon us- Johnny and KaptainX have been busy between beers of putting together the new league and good to see it expanding quicker than Rosie O'Donnell's waistline.
  Firstly I as some of you know will be captaining the up and coming season's future champions and what a fine bunch we are. After missing most of last season due to not being in Bangkok which made playing difficult, was a tricky choice who to join and despite numerous offers - (mainly people offering me a beer to play elsewhere I might add) a new team is born. I have to say I scoured the internet and discovered this lot which kind of appealed to me for some reason. Not sure if it is because they use 22g Unicorn darts or the Winmau razor wire board that attracted me to them but sad to report they won't be playing in our league this year so had to go it alone. At least these girls wear more than certain players at some bars in the past.  
Latest from Johnny B in Japan is that he's doing very well in the dart league over there. He's still hairy and miserable by all accounts and has sworn blind his days of hanging out in the seediest bars known to man are behind him- shame really as was looking forward to going out drinking with him on his return. Anyway, now that he is the all round reformed character he was explaining to me about the new family atmosphere the Japanese have adapted and even sent me a picture from his latest game. Now Johnny claimed this was a bullseye but think he might have misunderstood the rules somewhat.
(Johnny's - Misawa, Japan Dart League   CLICK HERE )
With the expansion of the league and the success of Dart's Thailand and of course our good friend Dartoid and his website, is nice to report one of our players is launching his new darting range. Harry as we all know is one of the better known if smaller players in the LSDL but this hasn't stopped him . 'Arry's Arrows' will be available (on lower shelves) in the supermarkets in the next few days. As you can see by the demonstration here and the real life size person using them, they are actually designed for Harry but you will be pleased to know they are suitable for children aged 3-7 and if you want details of how to hang the board- the bull should be 30 centimetres from the ground and 1 metre from the oche. We're hoping to get R2D2 over for a celebrity game with Harry sometime this year.
On a more serious note I was saddened recently to see that girls in the bars I frequent are finding it harder and harder to afford clothes - In fact some of them are forced to dance wearing nothing at all. On a recent visit I managed to secretly photograph these poor unfortunates playing darts in very little. I think it only fair that this year I launch 'DART AID'. What I'm hoping to do is raise money for these girls and perhaps then pop by in person and perhaps cheer them up by taking them out for a drink and perhaps buying some clothes for them in that Patpong market stall that sells Nurses and Maid uniforms. My thinking here of course is that if they get work as say a Nurse or a Maid then they won't be forced to have to shell out more money. Your donations to 'DART AID' will be much appreciated and will be collecting at a bar near you soon.
And so to CW- with the new feature on the Forum- check it out 'Guess the dart player', was great fun at the Xmas do trying to work out who the hippy actually was. I was convinced it was CW but alas was wrong. Just like to thank CW for sending me a photo of himself to once and for all convince me it wasn't him. The pic is actually his old dart's team in New York celebrating their championship and the end of prohibition. See if you can work out for yourselves which one he is.

Finally for those with 'You Tube' check this out. Non darts but obviously of interest to me and has made sporting news all around the world. December 28th 2008- West Ham v Stoke City. As you know a bit of a fan of the latter- we were winning 1-0 and on the way to our first away win of the season when they equalise. Our captain Andy Griffin makes a mistake and they score. Watch the clip- our Jamaican player Ricardo Fuller gets a bit annoyed and walks over to him and hits him in the face. He is then red carded for hitting his own player!!!! Could only happen at Stoke and we lost 2-1 to make it worse.

YouTube Clip  CLICK HERE    Oh well- no doubt will be back by the time Johnny publishes this but until then- be well and see you all in the new season.  Later Days - -  Jayke



  "Come to Aloha Bar on Friday, January 16th and help celebrate Charinee's Birthday. We have free food and lots of fun. If you wear Blue Jeans with white shirt/T-shirt you get one free drink!"
Hope to see everyone out to celebrate Charinee's birthday. The lovely Charinee more recently joined the darts scene by first setting up a great throw area and then attracting a talented sold-based team due to her support.  Although a small bar -Charinee, her staff and her darts players are the biggest supporters of all special darts events with the most players from any one venue.





  Reported back in the September Newsletter about the doubtful future of six darts venues located in Washington Square as their leases along with all businesses in the Square would be up on 8 Jan 09 and not renewed. Again  we are late publishing the newsletter but we are happy to report that as of today - 12 Jan all is normal and all bars are still operational. All will agree that the future of Washington Square is not going far into the future - but we that enjoy this quaint, unique hub of friendly bars are hopeful that their lease on life will extend at least a few more years. The next few weeks will more than likely be critical on any such decisions.  


  Has anyone seen Ben anywhere about town? He promised (threatened) on the forum that we could expect to see him back in the dart bars - returning anywhere from late December to the first week of January. If anyone has seen him or knows when he'll be arriving please let Jayke know ASAP as Jayke is planning something special at the airport in conjunction with Ben's arrival. Word is that Ben has heard of Jayke captaining a darts team in the upcoming LSDL season and is now afraid to return - all these rumors started by Jayke. But Ben hasn't turned up. So . . .  could there be any truth in this ? ?  


  Jayke received am email from our good friend Johnny B saying that he would be doing some major traveling and plans to stop in Bangkok before he return back to Japan. Been a while since we've seen him out and about in our local watering hole and we look forward to his return.  




  Reported last month that the results of the big match would be announced on Paul's website on the first of January. Paul was in UK the first week of January covering the PDC championship. Paul's full report including a Youtube video (filmed and produced by the Darts Thailand Video Production Department) can now be found on Paul's "Dartoid's World" website.

Paul's website Dartoid's World   CLICK HERE



  Guess the dart player. Can't be all too difficult to identify a darts player that you know from their photo - can it?  Hmm, how about if that photo is a "few" years old. Look for a new category on our forum "Guess The Dart Player".

The first go at this proved to be a great hit at at the Christmas Knockout. A lot of people especially the girls that don't use internet had a great time with the guess the darter photos that we had printed for the night. Groups in discussion closely studying the photo and scanning the Moonshine Pub trying to identify the darter from his older photos. With this in
mind we will try and release the online version in conjunction with a darts event so all will have a chance to participate.

Only photos posted by KaptainX (KaptainX) will be actual photos of darters that you know. I can only guess how many erroneous photos Jayke will be posting. If you are one of the regulars - full time or regular visitor -  basically any darter known by our Bangkok darts community please email us your old photo and any hints you may want to give. - -  Johnny
  .KaptainX@dartsthailand.com johnny@dartsthailand.com  

  Darts Thailand - Darts SuppliersFAQ - Where can I buy boards, darts and dart supplies? We have a page listing all known suppliers and some on-line darts suppliers. We only list on-line companies that our players actually use. If we've missed you and you sell darts supplies - contact us and we will add you to our list.  

  Sukhumvit Eye is a hardcopy magazine that first hit the stands last January. They write darts reports from our articles and use some of our photos. Click on their logo for their website where you can find locations where their magazine is on sale.  

Darts Thailand - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"


A New Year and a new record for how late we are finally getting this up online. Anticipated being late with the holiday season but hope to get pointed back in the right direction as the year progresses.

Time flies when you're having fun. We came online with the Newsletter segment two years ago late in January with February being our first edition. We're growing and hope to continue expanding our coverage of our great sport of darts and promoting it's popularity in Thailand and awareness of the Darts scene in Thailand throughout the world.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



Back to Darts Thailand Website  -  CLICK HERE





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