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September  2008


Bangkok  May  Lose  Six  Dart  Venues  January  2009

  Washington Square may be coming to an end. Many would argue - same statement made by so many for the past decade with nothing ever changing. But it may be different this time round - this time the bar owners are saying it. All leases in the Square are now finished on the 6th of January. This is a first. The Square is controlled by three lease holders and never before have all leases ended at the same time. As the time comes close - all of us that hold Washington Square near and dear to our hearts wait in nervous anticipation.

Don't know when the Square was built but the first bar "Square One" was founded over 25 years ago by Cowboy the same guy who opened bars on Soi Cowboy that now bears his name. The days of darts bars on Soi Cowboy are long gone with it now being one of the three most popular a-go-go bar areas in Bangkok. The allure of the Square? A more refined drinking atmosphere - female companionship available but without all the neon lights and music at a volume where conversation is near impossible. Although many long term expats visit Soi Cowboy venues along with crowds of tourists - many expats claim a Washington Square bar or two as their favorite regular neighborhood hangouts.

The six darts venues - 1) Bourbon Street is Bangkok's only restaurant that specializes in New Orleans style Cajun cuisine with one steel tip board and the only soft tip boards (three) found in town. 2) Cat's Meow is a long established darts bar, manager Miss Kai a former member of the Thai National Women's Darts Team. 3) Lone Staar along with serving food is the unofficial meeting hall for the American VFW. 4) Silver Dollar - their new darts throw area probably the best in town and their Tex-Mex cuisine undoubtedly the best along with a Monday Night BBQ that packs the house. 5) Studio 22 was once Bangkok's main darts venue - still has boards but now more concerned with pool. 6) And the Wild Country Bar - well erm - "a bar where the concept of 'hands on experience' goes beyond mere lip service".

The Square has a total of 12 bars five that are bar / restaurants - a Korean Restaurant - 2 Japanese Clubs - Mambo Cabaret, Bangkok's 2nd largest ladyboy show - a Mui Thai Boxing gym -  2 Thai Restaurants one also a mom & pop store - 5 massage parlors - 1 karaoke joint - an internet shop - printing shops and various daytime business offices and outdoor food vendors operating from early morning till late late at night.

For more information on Washington Square check out Mekong Kurt's website (the Square's unofficial mayor) Bangkok A to Z or Will Morledge's website Bangkok Eyes - offering a historical perspective to Bangkok's Nightlife. Sure hope you boys have absolutely no bad news to write about concerning Washington Square in January. But if you do - you will find me in Nick's bar Popeye's across Soi 22 looking back at the Square. I'll be the fat, bearded guy smoking a cigar - crying in my beer along with many others I'm sure. - -  Johnny

Darter of the Month
The Tantalizing
Miss Tum

Miss Tum is the darts secretary for the D'Pelican Inn darts teams, two on Tuesday league and one on the Thursday league. An accomplished player who plays on the teams Miss Tum further showed her stuff by finishing second in the recent open D'Pelican Ladies Darts Knockout.






  CW needs no introduction to anyone who's played darts a day or two in Bangkok.  Always straightforward - CW will tell you things as he sees them. Been after him for a few months for this interview and finally got him to agree. He's a bit reluctant to be in the spotlight except when it comes to the ladiez. It's our pleasure this month to interview our good friend - CW.
  DT) How and at what age did you get started playing darts? CW) I was 36 years old and working at the US Embassy, Bucharest, Romania in 1981. Each year during the winter months, personnel from the British, Canadian and US Embassies formed a dart league. I had never played darts in my life but was persuaded to play on one of the teams. I was given a set of brass "bomber" darts (which I still have) by my friend Ed Landefeld and he coached me on how the various dart games were played, how to throw the darts, at which group of numbers on the board were best to throw at, etc. Not many of the people were very good but we had a lot of fun. I was then hooked on the game of darts. Before my second season of darts, I bought a dartboard and a set of Accudart, 25 gram, Tungsten-Nickel Silver darts (which I still have).

DT) Who has influenced you the most in your dart game? CW) Several people in different ways. Ed Landefeld for teaching me the basics and encouraging me to hang in there and not quit when I was frustrated because with practice I would get better. The guys in the Bangkok Darts League when I used to visit Bangkok in 1983-1987 (Viroj, Boy (who died in a motorcycle accident), Pichai, and others) who took me under their wing and showed me some simple things I was doing wrong when I played darts and let me play some darts with them (though I never won a game off them). The guys on my team in the Seoul International Darts League in 1992-1993 that encouraged and taught me I could play at a higher level of darts than I thought I could (if you think you are going to lose you will). 1993-now, several people I have played pick-up darts games, lucky draw darts, singles knockout matches and league games


NAME - W. C. Williams
Age - 63
DARTS USED - Winmau, 25 grams, 90% Tungsten
HEIGHT - 5 ft 8 inches
Current  Team - The New Cowboy Bar
with that have gone out of their way to give me solid advice on how to be a better player (Kenny, Ben, Johnny, Dennis, and many others). And, the advice I got from Phil Taylor at the New Cowboy Bar when he was visiting Thailand several years ago after I tried to throw his light darts when I told him I couldn't hardly see how he could play so well with them. He turned to me and said if you can hardly see now, keep drinking the way you are and you will go totally blind!!
DT) What has been your most memorable win? CW) While I was in Bucharest, playing league darts at the British Club. The team we were playing had a guy on their team that had never played darts before. I was playing against him in a 501 singles game. I was ahead by 359 points and had double 1 left to check. It took me 23 turns (69 darts thrown) before I checked. Everyone in the club cheered and their Ambassador rang the bell. Will never forget it.

DT) In how many different countries have you played darts? CW) In league play - Romania, Burma, Suriname, Korea and Thailand.
  DT) You have been playing darts in Bangkok for quite a few years. What changes have you seen in the game over those years? CW) The old Bangkok Dart league was a very serious business with a capital "B", serious players (all 4 divisions), serious sponsors, serious corruption. Dart venues had to pay fees to join. Osmo was a breath of fresh air for darts when he started the LSDL. Just a few teams but a lot of fun. As time went on, some venues ended up with very good all Thai players teams (not good). Then most venues "fired" their Thai teams and got a mixture of fair to good Thais and Farangs, or all Farang players (good). Now their is talk of some venues "loading" their teams with very good/excellent players (not good). This issue is being addressed by the LSDL Committee (good).

DT) Is there anything you see as unique about darts in Thailand? CW) Because Bangkok/Thailand is a major hub in asia/southeast asia and many business people and tourists come here, we have people from all over the world passing through, of which several have an interest in playing darts. This is great for anyone wanting a game of darts.
  DT) In general, how would you rate our dart venues, throw areas and overall atmosphere conducive to serious darts play? CW) Not as good as it was in the 1980's to mid-1990's. There are a lot more pool/snooker tables around now than there used to be because venues can charge players and make a little money off of them. No charge to play darts. So the pool/snooker tables are the priority in most venues and the dart areas suffer. It seems that the game of darts has been having a resurrection in Thailand over the past few years so maybe conditions for darts will improve. I truly hope so. Come on darts venues everyone get your darts areas up to the same high standards that used to exist in Thailand!! Your business will benefit.

DT) What changes do you see that would improve the popularity and quality of darts in Thailand? CW) See my remarks above!!
  DT) Anything specific you'd like to say to dart players in Thailand and readers of DT? CW) With very few exceptions playing darts in Thailand is a pleasure. There is no place I would rather be playing darts than here. You will not find a more friendly amicable group of people in the world than here. Just remember to respect the other people playing. You want that same respect when it's your turn to toe the oche and throw your darts. Think positive, never quit, never hesitate and throw true. Hope to see you on the oche soon. "CW"  






Darts Thailand - Drunken Darter Cartoon

  Is a bit of libation part of your darts warm-up? A few beers, a shot or two of Jack or something else? Basic question - do you feel that alcohol is necessary for you to play darts at your best? A common darts topic - well at least here in Thailand.

1) Are a few drinks necessary for you to feel more confident in your darts game?
2) If so, how many and what's your drink of preference?
3) Is there a point that you feel at your peak and more drinks cause your decline? If so, how many?
I emailed these questions out to our contacts around the world then our good friend Paul "Dartoid" forwarded it onto his many contacts. Richard Lowy of Unicorn Group also replied and promised a few additional replies from some of his many contacts.  The number of responses has been overwhelming - so much so that I will run this as a series for a few months. All responses will be published in the order I received them. "Many Thanks" to all those responding. - -  Johnny

Erik  McVay

Does Alcohol Enhance Darts Performance? -- Short answer? NO! NO! NO!  However, some people get relaxed or calmed with small amounts of alcohol use and this helps them deal with the stress of competition. BUT, and it's a big but, this effect is offset by the loss of focus. Any alcohol use will reduce the ability to concentrate and focus. It's simple really, the idea that alcohol will help your darts is a fallacy -- it hurts them.

Basic question - do you feel that alcohol is necessary for you to play darts at your best? -- No in fact, if you read my first answer you will realize that :) Truth is my best is when I am stone cold sober and had about 1 to 2 hours of warm up.

Are a few drinks necessary for you to feel more confident in your darts game? NO! Is there a point that you feel at your peak and more drinks cause your decline? If so, how many? I'm at my peak if I don't drink -- when I do I decline. But to be honest this question should be in two parts: 1. Does alcohol help the casual pub players darts -- it may. 2. Does alcohol help your darts at the highest level -- nope.
  Erik runs the the SEWA website - one of the most popular darts websites worldwide. The site has monthly articles, helpful darts information and a top-notch forum with posters from around the world. We invite you to join our growing number of DT posters now participating on SEWA. Let people know that darts are alive & well here in Thailand.  -  Team SEWA World  


Emailed this question to Richard Lowy of Unicorn Group who just happened to be traveling recently with Phil Taylor and John Part to Japan. Not only did Richard get the opinions of these two darts greats but he has also agreed to do an interview for us here at DT. Haven't found your photo online yet Richard - so you can either email one for the article or make a trip here and I'll photo you. The later choice not being the most unpleasant you will have ever made - that's a grantee!
Does alcohol improve your performance? In short both Phil Taylor and John Part say it depends on the player and it certainly is not necessary to play darts or play at the highest level. However used within the sensible capacity of the individual it does not detract from performance.
  Used in excess of the individuals capacity certainly distracts from performance. At the highest level of darts in the PDC they both say that those who are recognised as heavier drinkers are known not to have highest achievements.  
      Richard Lowy
Sales Director
Unicorn Group

Rick  Horton

Are a few drinks necessary for you to feel more confident in your darts game? This is an excellent topic. If you check on SEWA there are several threads on this topic. As for me, it has changed over the time I have been playing. When I first started, I only played in the bars with friends, so I was always drinking. As I got better though, I bought a board and started practicing at home sober. Over time it got to where I was better sober than when drinking. Then came the part where nerves entered in and I went back to drinking again to calm my nerves. As usual, there is a certain threshold that you need to be at to calm your nerves, but still have functionality. I have found that the more I practice, the more confident I become and the less nerves I have.

How many and what's your drink of preference? I usually drink beer, with the occasional shot (from friends usually). I would say I can perform the same anywhere between 1-10 beers. After that, my darts and my concentration deteriorate quickly. Is there a point that you feel at your peak and more drinks cause your decline? If so, how many? I would say my loosest would be at 6 beers, and I decline after 10.

Any additional comment that you would like to make in reference to drinking while playing darts? Just for the record, many professional players drink during tournaments. They just aren't allowed to drink on stage (TV), or at least not allowed to show it. (do you really think Peter Mannely is drinking water on stage???????) I have read that many top players will go back stage between matches and take a few shots of their favorite beverage to calm their nerves.
Rick Horton - Chairman
Saigon Int. Darts League


A brief answer for you – hope it helps. First, I think it’s important to highlight the distinction between ability and performance. Ability is a person’s skill at throwing at physically throwing a dart. Performance is how that ability manifests itself in competitive situations. My contention is that alcohol doesn’t inherently “improve” anyone’s ability, rather, it MAY prevent external forces from negatively affecting one’s performance.

The anxiety many people experience when competing can cause physical changes to the way a person throws the dart (i.e. their mechanics). Small amounts of alcohol generally cause a person to feel more comfortable and relaxed. When one is more relaxed, the chest, arm, and hand muscles are less likely to tense up and interfere with the person’s natural throwing motion. Alcohol, it can be argued, places a person in a physical state which closely matches the one which exists when they are practicing at home – arguably, the optimum throwing environment for any player. Therefore, some people believe that alcohol can improve a player’s success by allowing their performance to match their ability.

Here’s one way to explain it (this may require a little imagination – or a few beers!) - Imagine a blank wall with a window at its center. The wall, from floor to ceiling, represents the worst and absolute best levels of play. The window represents a person’s current performance level. Each time a player competes, his performance will fall within this window of ability – sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top, but usually somewhere in the middle. Players who are very, very consistent (like top players) have a window that’s located high on the wall and is very small – they tend to throw at nearly the same skill level at all times. Others, who get nervous when they compete, have a long window centered near the middle or lower half of the wall. When this type of player consumes alcohol, their window shrinks (some argue that the bottom of the window moves up considerably, while the top of the window moves down only slightly). This smaller window represents the player’s narrower range of performance. In more practical terms, after drinking the player is much less likely to throw poorly, but will be prevented from throwing their absolute best.

When a player finishes a match, he or she usually performs some sort of self-evaluation (“I played a pretty good game”, “That was the best game I’ve ever played”, “Wow, that was terrible”, etc. – in short, they are describing where their performance fell within their personal window of ability).

What gets really interesting is trying to figure out why alcohol has this effect. I personally believe that the human brain generates a self-awareness feedback loop that asks, “How do I appear to others?” or “How well am I doing this task?” The more concerned a person is about their performance, the more likely they are to get nervous or feel anxious. This anxiety can cause their performance to suffer. By diminishing the brain’s ability to process this self-awareness feedback, alcohol prevents many of the normal competitive stresses from negatively affecting a player’s performance.

I would argue that having a few drinks doesn’t improve your ability to dance, but it dampens the performance anxiety you may experience which would otherwise prevent you from dancing or keep you from being so self-conscious during the act of dancing that you are not able to fully relax and express yourself as you might when no one was around to watch you. You stop asking yourself, “Do I look stupid out here on the dance floor?” The best dancers in the world would probably not find that alcohol aided their “performance,” but self-conscious less-skilled dancers might.

Regards - Wade  -   NOTE  - Wade played on the U.S. National Team, U.S. World Cup Team and U.S. World Masters Team

P.S. - I suppose you could argue that since a bad player has a bad throwing technique, a heavy dose of alcohol could affect/impair his mechanics to such a great degree that his throw doesn’t remotely resemble his “regular” throw and therefore has a chance of being an “improvement” – but that’s a bit of stretch if you ask me.



Drink of choice – Whiskey & Soda, Vodka & Cranberry or Miller Lite

  The quick answer is yes, drinking for most people lets them shoot better. The more complicated answer is still yes, but only to a certain degree and length of time. There is a reason a common nickname for booze is “liquid courage”. It is not the alcohol making you shoot better, it’s that your feeling more confident and it shows in your darts.

The difference between good and great players largely has to do with their confidence in their ability. And their ability to deal with pressure. Alcohol tends to give people that little extra confidence and remove most of the pressure (or at least mask it) while playing. So in the short term, Yes. Have a drink!
Now try to keep that perfect buzz for 5-10 hours during a large event and see how you make out. You are better off hitting the practice board to build your confidence so your stamina is there when you need it. See you at the bar!
  Scotty Burnett
Medalist World Ranked #2
ADO Ranked #47
WDF Ranked #95

Scotty's Website

Scotty is also a
regular on SEWA



Are a few drinks necessary for you to feel more confident in your game? I wouldn't say confident in terms of having a few drinks to help mentally, however I would say it makes me confident in terms of relaxing and unwinding from any stress and tension I may be experiencing at the time. I do find it hard to relax if I have been under any stress or have worked a long day at the office, and a few drinks helps settle those nerves.

If so, how many and what is your drink of preference? I prefer Jack and Coke, and have dropped my "pre-game intake" from four to two since I quit drinking coffee.

Is there a point that you feel at your peak and where more drinks cause your game to decline (and if so, how many)? Once I get started at the oche, roughly one drink per hour / hour and a half seems to be just right for me. Exceeding that may result in a decline depending on my surroundings. In other words, I don't feel that if I drink more my darts are necessarily effected as a direct result, but my train of thought and focus on the other hand will - which in turn can effect my darts indirectly.

Please feel free to include any additional comments you may have concerning the drinking and darting conundrum! I have experimented in the past with this, and I did discover that without having anything to calm my nerves my game is just terrible. I also discovered that if I cut loose and drink as much as I feel like drinking, I get easily distracted from darts by the atmosphere - music, females, conversations with onlookers etc...

During my experiment I also monitored my practice and arrived with the same conclusions. I have to unwind a little before I am relaxed enough. I also found that I can drink an unlimited amount and still throw consistently during practice as there are little to no distractions when playing alone.

Recently however, it has been brought to my attention that my nerves may not be the issue at all. It has been suggested that I am Hypoglycemic and/or possibly Diabetic. The symptoms effecting my darts over the years have included uncontrollable shaking. I had always been attributing that to my workload, stress, nerves and perhaps caffeine. Jack Daniels has been the remedy for those symptoms for years and still is. If indeed I find that it is my blood sugar, I will of course take action with improving my diet and monitoring my exercise. Which may benefit and allow me to cut back on the drinking as a remedy. - -  "Rags"
  Kelly R. Ragland
Rags To Stitches Productions
Web Design and Development
mailto: rags@a-stitch.com

Kelly “Rags” Ragland is a darts player from Texas (and he’s also designed the new Dartoid’s World website)  


Hello Johnny, We've never met, but my buddy Scotty (Burnett) forwarded an email to me from you to him. He asked if I could comment on the questions you asked and give you a little background on myself for when I come to the Medalist Tournament in December. I was born in Bangkok Thailand and lived in Khorat until I was 5yrs old. My mother is Thai and my dad American or "Fa-lung". My moms family still lives in Thailand and I haven't been back since I was 15yrs old, over 20yrs. So I am definitely looking forward to seeing all my cousins, aunts and uncles. My Thai is a little rusty, so I will have to brush up a bit.

I live in California now, about 45 minutes away from Scotty. I have been playing Medalist and Steel darts for about 14yrs now and have won the Grand Master Singles Title and Open Masters Title for Medalist in the past. I have recently turned Pro and obtained a professional sponsorship from Puma Darts of New Zealand www.pumadarts.com  Thino, the Medalist liaison in Thailand and I met in France last month, don't know if you know him or not. You can get a little more info if you want at my website, www.robertheckman.com  Now for the answers to your questions:

1. Not now, I used to have to drink a bit to relax and not feel so nervous. But in the last year I have been playing Major Tournaments without drinking, so I can control my own nerves without the aid of liquor. 2. When I did drink, it was mostly 7 and 7, or Vodka and Soda Water. Don't get me wrong, I still par take in a beverage or two! 3. There is that magical point when you drink and play darts. You get to the so called "right level" and must watch how much you drink after. Your adrenaline keeps so focused, but if you have an adrenaline dump, all the alcohol will hit you at once. Each person is different, so the amount cannot be written in stone. 4. Drinking while playing can help relax you while playing and keep the nerves at bay. Alcohol is labeled medically as a "depressant" and helps lower anxiety and nerves, but I think if you can do it, try and play sober or drink free and work on controlling your feelings naturally. It will be tuff at first, but worth it in the end and cheaper on the wallet.

For my departing words, I cannot wait to come back to my birth place and see my family again! The anticipation is building and you could say I am getting a little home sick. I love the Thai culture, the people and miss having that in my life on a daily basis. I have heard great things about the Thai Darters from Paul Lim and Thino and look forward to playing with them. Best Wishes and Good Darting! - -  Robert Heckman  - -  Website  CLICK HERE
  Once again - many thanks to all those contributing to this series. We will post all replies in the order that we receive them. Looking forward to all coming over for the Medalist Tournament in December. Never been here before and have any questions? No worries. You have the best people in the world at your service - darts people! Give us a holler and we'll be happy to answer all your questions. - -  Johnny  






Season XVI  -  Week 9 of the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League)

  THE LSDL PREMIER LEAGUE  As the LSDL Premier league passes the half way mark in season 17, this season newcomers Vichai’s TDA hold onto a very confident 1st place with a 4 point clear lead over 2nd place and last season Champs – The Moe Syzlak Experience. Vichai’s TDA have a clean sheet, 9 played, 9 wins. Domino 1982 is in a definite 3rd place after beating The Other Darts. Flaming Moes and Domino Titans continue to battle it out for 4th and 5th, and finally, Domino Seniors and Domino Stone this week can’t quite decide on who should be in 6th and 7th place on the tables.
THE LSDL FUN LEAGUE  The LSDL Fun League is now in the second half of season 17, The Lazy Pelicans at the top of table with Furball Job in second only one point behind. The New Cowboy Bar holds onto 3rd place despite their Draw last week


  against White lightning. Pel-I-Can continues to keep their comfort zone intact being 4 match points ahead of 5th place – The Aloha Bar. The Down Under Wabbilies keep it steady in 6th place after a 9-1 win over The Moon Platoon; Meanwhile Larry’s Rebels playing well this season fight it out with White Lightning for 7th and 8th spot on the tables. The Sports Corner Bar needed a win at their last game against The Silver Dollar to ensure an 8th place position over their opponents however Silver won the game 6-4 and denied their attackers the win they needed. The Moon Platoon are only just off the bottom of the table with The Sports Drink Bar closing in fast. More Next Time from the LSDL… KaptainX.  

Lower Sukhumvit Darts League  
    THURSDAY - 6th  THAILAND  DARTS  LEAGUE           
  Standings as of  Week 19, Aug 21 for the 6th Thailand Darts League.  
Week 15 July 24 Win Lose
1) Flaming Moe's 15 1
2) Domino 1982 13 4
3) GPO 12 2
4) Domino Stone 9 8
5) TOT 7 9
6) The Other Darts 6 8
7) Offshore 6 9
8) D'Pelicans 3 12
9) Domino Seniors 1 15


Point of contact for this league -
Dew at Domino Pub & Restaurant.    dewdomino@hotmail.com



  As our good friend and Hua Hin correspondent - Osmo - is still away on a well deserved holiday so we're not getting the "full" report. But we can see that the league's new season, now having played two weeks, is larger than before. Can't say that I'm a bit surprised. Having had the pleasure to meet the fine darts folk from Hua Hin - I've no doubt that their league will only continue to grow. A DT salute to the Hua Hin Darts League!!!  HHDL standings after week two.  
Scandic Bar
Lazy Daze
J.W. Black
J.W. Red
Dick's Office B
Pink Flamingo
Butterfly Rock
Dick's Office A
Lucky Shot
Love Bar
Bamboo Grove
Bentho Sports Bar
Good Friends

The Hua Hin area
including Cha Am
is darts country.
12 active darts bars
a darts league
and regular
Monday and Friday
darts events.



  Patong Darts League August saw the position as League Leader switch back and forth between Queen Mary, Piccadilly and Offshore. Piccadilly now leads the league with 86 points and 11 won beer legs versus Queen Mary's 86 points, but only 8 beer legs. Offshore is third on 81 points and 10 beer legs. As Offshore has already had their bye week the positions at the top can switch very quickly! As the loser of the league is always awarded a nice toilet seat with sweet greetings from all other teams (to hang next to the board!), the league also has a tough competition to "Avoid the seat". End of August this is between Simply Red at 41 points and Hilltop at 42 points.  
  Patong Darts League A week with big scores. Offshore beat Hilltop 10-0 (first real 10-0 this season), Piccadilly (still undefeated) sent Simply Red home 9-1 and Market Bar got a 10-0 as Dogs Bollocks forfeited the game. Shakers just managed a 5-5 against Celtic with Shaun closing out the beer leg with a double 2. Nigel of Celtic took high score with 140.Queen Mary went 7-0 up against Beach House, but Beach House turned in all their force and took the last doubles and the beer leg (playing 5 against 6!) so the end result was 7-3. Queen Joy, sorry, Queen Mary's Joy took high score with 140 for the third week in a row. August 26 results: Beach House* 2 - Queen Mary 7; Piccadilly* 8 - Simply Red 1;Hilltop 0 - Offshore* 9; Marker Bar* 9 - Dogs Bollocks 0 (forfeit); Shakers* 4 - Celtic 5; Sick Buffalo bye;(* winner of beer leg) Standings:1. Piccadilly (86 pts., 11bl); 2. Queen Mary (86,8);3. Offshore* (81); 4. Market Bar* (74); 5. Sick Buffalo* (67);6. Shakers (65); 7. Beach House (57); 8. Dogs Bollocks (52);9. Celtic (49); 10. Hilltop (42); 11. Simply Red (41);(equal points, beer legs won mentioned)(* have had bye week) September 9 match-ups: Celtic vs Queen Mary; Sick Buffalo vs Offshore; Market Bar vs Shakers; Dogs Bollocks vs Simply Red; Hilltop vs Beach House; Piccadilly bye; (home team first) - -   Steen  
Steen's "Patong Beach Dart Bar Map" is on our Dart Bar Index Page - check it out. It's a printable map that's great for new-comers to find all the darts action.




Open 9am until 2am (food non stop).
Biggest selection of international food in Patong.
Steaks, Fondue, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza's, Pasta, Thai food & more.
Belgium beer on sale.
All major sports events shown live on big screens.
Darts & Pool.



SHAKERS - Proprietor - Oliver
241/2-3 Rat-U-Thit Rd  -  200 pee rd
Patong Beach - Phuket.
Located near Baumanburi Resort & Spa.


  NOTE  For those with a slow internet speed you may have to refresh or reload this page to have all the images load. Sorry for the inconvenience.  


  D’Pelican’s 2nd Lady’s Knockout held last August16 (Saturday) was once again filled with fun (for the girls), excitement (for everyone) and entertainment (for the boys). “This event is more entertaining or may I say fun, more fun than us guys throwing a game of darts”. Most will agree with me on that statement - specially for those guys who attended the night where you just have to sit and enjoy your drink and cheer for your favorite player! All games played were 301 best of 3 legs, Double Elimination.

Su and On of the Sports Drink Bar started game #1 that took half an hour with On winning 2 games to 1, while Sai and Tum both of D’Pelican’s dart team were playing on the other board. Sai put Tum to the losers bracket with a 2-0 victory. Meanwhile, it was a close battle between Mo and Anne of D’Pelican team with Mo hitting 2 tons on her first leg but Anne was determined to snatch a tie but still lost 2-1. On the other hand the unpredictable Jaa of D’Pelicans and Noi of the Sports Corner. Observing the game Noi seems to be consistent enough to win an easy 2-0 victory. Last Lady’s Knockout Champ was also on the scene, Giffy of Dominos and Jar of Sports Corner. But like everyone expect it was a fast game with Giffy trashing Jar 2-0. Na and Tik was a bit predictable result because it was Na’s rookie season, still finding her way how to play darts, 2-0 to Tik! Next up was the last Lady’s Knockout 3rd runner up, Oi and Charnee of the Aloha Bar. It was again another close game that could go either way but it was Charnee who was victorious and send Oi to have her second chance against Na on the other side. Next stop was Dao of Silver Dollar and another Pelican player Sai, in a close game Sai advances with a 2-1 victory. Dream took on Giffy but again too strong for Dream and Giffy send her to the losers bracket.

We took a short break and had our first "lucky draw" with raffle ticket prizes - then started the 2nd round starting with losers bracket. Jaa vs. Jar was the first in line and Anne against Su. Jar and Anne both winning 2-0 and sending both Jaa and Su out of the competition. Next game was surprisingly a good game for Na despite losing to Oi 2-1 for she snatched one leg against a more experienced dart player like Oi who finished on a 76 on the final leg. After Jar was drawn against the top seed Giffy and losing on the first round she pulled out a commanding win against Tum throwing great darts and closing on a 70 on the 2nd leg after already winning the first leg. Also worth mention - Dream who lose against Giffy threw some great darts seizing her first win against Dao to remain in the tournament.
We return back to the winners bracket were Sai, Giffy, Charnee all comfortably win 2 straight legs against Noi, Sar and Tik. Only the game between Mo and On were Mo won 2-1. Now game matches from those competitors that only lost once are up next on the boards but we decided to pick a lucky loser to fill up Sar’s spot of Flaming Moe’s who possibly head back to Dono unaware that it was a double elimination. The lucky name that was picked by David and KaptainX was Tum of D’Pelicans. And indeed she was lucky enough to beat well experienced Oi and crashing her out the competition with a convincing 2-0 victory! On the other hand On, Dream and Anne won their games 2-1 against Jar, Tik and Sai despite these losers threw a ton each against none to the winners.

A short break was once again called for the 2nd "lucky draw" with special prizes including bottles of wine, gift certificate and shirts. Last chance player - lucky loser Tum continued to be lucky against On despite losing her 1st leg and should have lost the 2nd leg as well. But after earning a 3rd leg game she threw 2 straight tons and sent On packing. While on the other board Anne won against Dream in 2-1 with a great check of 66, two darts and one dart check of 40. Then, unbeaten players Giffy vs Mo, Noi vs Charnee played one another. But Giffy and Noi won comfortably against their respective opponent 2-0. Charnee was matched against Tum and surprisingly I guess, Tum the lucky loser can be now considerably lucky when she came again from behind against Charnee capturing a 2-1 victory with 2 tons on her third leg again. Another exciting game between Anne and Mo was an interesting one probably because with Mo throwing a ton each leg but still lost 2 straight legs against Anne who won the 3rd leg with the night’s high close of 96.

Then we came to the final stages of the tournament where 4 players were left for the semi finals. Undefeated Giffy and Noi with two Pelican players Anne and lucky loser Tum. First, undefeated Giffy vs Noi was up and the winner would surely seal a place in the finals. Noi gave Giffy a good battle with her winning the first leg but Giffy finished the 2nd leg with an 11 darts finish, and the third leg was once again anyone’s game and end up with both D1 but it was Giffy who ended up victorious. To determine who would be up to challenge Noi, who just lost once was between Tum and Anne. In a close game both gained a leg apiece to the deciding 3rd leg and Tum managed to win - who sent Anne a bit upset for her eager to win at least 3rd place. Last Lady’s dart she end up 4th but a consolation for her winning the High Close of the night! Tum and Noi faced each other and whoever won would be eligible to match up against Giffy in the finals. Once again! Tum seems to find her rhythm scoring 2 consecutive 81’s a couple of tons winning 2-0 against Noi who settled for 3rd place. The battle for 1st was defending champ Giffy vs. the “lucky loser” Tum who went to win 4 matches after losing 2 straight defeats. First leg, Giffy started with a “Bang” with a T40 and Tum answered with T34 but consistent Giffy managed to win the first leg with a D10 check. And the 2nd leg Giffy become more consistent giving no chance to Tum to have a try for a check.

Then to wrap off a great night we had the last door prizes given including “special awards” for the night for Ms Sexy Lady of the Night, Ms Friendly and of course Mr. Gigolo of the night! Anonymous votes determines the winner from the guests who filled the ballots. Sexy Lady and Friendly Lady award went to one person… Dao of the Silver Dollar. But the Highlights of the night was The Mr. Gigolo award with 90% votes from all the people inside and outside D’Pelican - none other than Mr. CW! I was one of the 10% so what happened? … stop asking me! He was indeed expecting an award but what he doesn’t expect is he got to hug all the girls and have a photo with all of them! Murmurs all over the place saying… “you, you…. you lucky CW!”

  Once again in behalf of D’Pelican, I would like to thank everyone who made this night possible and really enjoyable! To all the participants, spectators and friends! Special thanks to Johnny, Kenny and Harry (who couldn't attend). And also to David, Kaptain K and Allan for helping me organize the night! It was a great night and we expect to see you all once again on the next one! - -  Matt  
 NOTE   A Photo Gallery from this event can be found on the Photo Galleries Index page. Many additional photos including photos of all raffle prize winners - large group shots of the participants and large shots of all the ladies with Mr. Gigolo - CW.




  Still waiting on Professor Drink's write-up from the 23 August Knockout at Flaming Moe's. A Photo Gallery with many photos from this event can be found on DT's Photo Gallery index page.  




Saturday - 20 September - 8 PM
"300 Baht buy in with all buy in going toward players bar bill"
Moonshine  Pub - Sukhumvit Soi 22 - Bangkok



Darts Thailand - Jaykes Take


  It's been away and we're back. Stoke winning their first ever Premiership game v Aston Villa has resulted in week long celebrations and a day at Starbucks has resolved the problem - sort of. With the Premiership back, the Olympics, probably some cricket and rugby games somewhere in the world and those Yanks dressed as motorcycle carriers mincing about throwing a ball and hugging each other in between 10 minutes of adverts- this month we have our own WORLD CUP- of beers.  
  1st - The Frogs. The Cheese eating surrender monkeys know their way around the footie and rugby pitches, Gaalic flair is never short- Platini, Henry etc but what do they know about lager? A fair bit to be honest, in-between supping wine, refusing to shower eating snails and making saucy movies they brew a decent drop. Kronenbourg 1664 - A cheeky brew that can leave you finding a bird from TV's 'Eastenders' attractive after too many. For Frenchies they impress on this front although the Thai version is flatter than Kate Moss's chest. They may wear stripey shirts, ride bikes and sell onions but on the suds front they get to the semi final.

2nd- The Dutch - They speak like Teletubbies after inhaling Helium, they have some very broad tastes in all things naughty and their most famous actor is 'Goldmember', however in-between shmokes and pancakes what do these weirdos drink? Oranjeboom  'It's a lager not a tune' went the advert. Well it ain't too bad to be fair. They may wear clogs and listen to the Smurfs but this tipple is bound to get you peeking at the latest issue of 'Saucy Horse Weekly' and acting all Hollandish as a result- nice colour unlike their awful footie shirts and if you want a hangover this is the stuff. Get some down your Ruud Gullit and you won't go wrong. Not quite the top of the tree but quarter finals for the Netherlands.

3rd- Australia Crown Beer - Not one of the better known exported Oz brews but a few of these will tie you kangaroo down sport and you'll feel like you have Thunder Road in your noggin'. They like that Rugby nonsense and that game where they chuck a ball at some sticks and ain't too bad at the real game of Footie. When it comes to lager they pack a punch too- unlike Aussie Joe Bugner who lost at shadow boxing. Australians are known for their weaker Fosters, XXXX and VB when it comes to exporting, probably introduced in most countries as an after work brew to take your mind off their mind numbing early evening soap operas Crown like Tooheys is the Rolf Harris of sherberts unlike its Yahoo Serious counterparts. Good stuff this- we sent them our spud stealing convicts they send us their watery lager and keep the good stuff at home. Fair dos to the sheep shearing Sheilas. You'll roo the day you don't try this one- semi finals for the Wallabies.

4 The Yanks - Oh dear oh dear- they're known as the nation who can't handle a drop of the yellow stuff and we know why. Possibly the brewers of the weakest fizzy lager pop on earth that a Rugrat could happily soak it's Coco Pops up with. Schlitz - What can I say- not knocking all our friends from over the pond, we know the Big Witkowski can sink a sud or 20 but his Polish roots obvious the reason for that. I can only think that when they named this, the guy who was taking notes mis-spelt it slightly giving it a slightly more street- cred name. This really is vile, from a country that excels in sports they invented and no-one else is interested in, no surprise they are the only nation on earth that would touch this erm............cat pee pee if my Mum is reading. I reckon Jesse Owens ran so fast and jumped so far as he was trying to avoid drinking a can of this. Don't bother - they fail to qualify with this stuff.

5 The English - The country that couldn't go to war without a cup of tea but now spends most of it's holidays going to war in holiday resorts with any country that speaks right funny. You'd think the World Cup would be their thing, they flock in their thousands but miss any sporting activity as they're too busy breaking windows and throwing plastic chairs at the local police in -between being tear gassed and getting the beers and kebabs in. Carling Black Label-  Simple recipe- leave some dirty dishes in the sink, add some Y fronts to soak, a dash of bleach, stir and there you have it, England's best selling lager. The can suggests it best drunk after several hours of binge drinking accompanied by 3 onion bhajis, a Mutton Vindaloo , 3 keema naans and to really enjoy, collapse on the floor and empty your guts into a taxi on the way home. As for the lads - go really crazy then drink. As with it's footie team- well advertised, well packaged but goes out in the first round. Avoid.

6 The Irish - Sleeping and eating is wasting good drinking time in Ireland. Most of the world wants to be Irish and most of the Irish live in other parts of the world. School dinner favourites in the God's country include ale soaked in food with the food taken out. They open pubs on every tourist corner going and the only folk who don't drink there are the Irish. Let the tourists have their moments of Blarney and talk about their Great Grandmother's cat who was half Irish. Caffreys - a creamy- head banging- thick as treacle ale if ever there was one. Forget your Guinness and Kilkenny etc- they're for plastic Paddys. Caffreys is the biz, they reduced the alcohol content several years back due to an outbreak of morning illnesses in potato country and came back with a beer that you could shower in it smells and tastes that good. A few jars of this would shut even Bono up and has a head the size of Sinead O'Connor herself. Great effort- narrowly beaten on penalties in the final.

7 The Germans You wouldn't think those tardy, chisel bodied cleanly shaven Erics would like a beer but shock horror they're known to sink a gallon or ten per head a day. When they're not putting their beach towels by the pool at 6am and eating Sourkraut, the country that brought us such delights as 'Kraftwerk' and 'Knudleschtik', the tomato iced lolly ferment a fine shandyI - Lowenbrau - head gear and fighting juice for the masses - I can boast a 4 inch scar on my head after a seesion one Xmas knocking these back and trying to pick up my pizza in the snow resulting in a trip to casualty. One thing I give it credit for is I didn't feel or remember a thing until the next day. A fine amber nectar from Munchen according to the label which I believe is somewhere near Munich where they have black forest gateau in a forest , Like all things sporting from our Deutshe pals- efficient, does the job and invades places it shouldn't. Ich Bein Ein Fan- try it, losing semi finalist.

8 Italy The land of culture- Pizzahut, Sbarro - it has them all. So good even the Pope lives there and their footballers foul the opposition during the national anthems. Wine- you could buy some there although it's not quite 'Blue Nun' standard and they like pasta on their chips . Many arty films were made there, my fave being Saucy Sicilian Schoolgirls' and beer- even comes in fancy glasses and they make a half last 3 hours. 'Morretti'- is the greatest beer ever brewed. So good they can stick some dude older than CW on the label with a moustache that makes Kennys look normal. If you've never drunk this then you don't like booze- no wonder those Priests keep setting fire to the chimey at the Vatican with this stuff around- wins the world cup in style There you have it- if you don't agree send your own favourite beers to someone who might take the time to read your e mails. Until next time- keep chugging and maybe play some darts in between.  Later days - -  Jayke

  Darts Thailand - Harry SezWelcome again fellow Darters, once again into the breach we go together, with the ups and downs of the inn's and outs of Darts in Thailand. Again thanks go out to all that past on their comments, in passing or by E-Mail. - APOLOGIES - I would like to pass on my apologies to the organizers and participants, of the 3rd ladies Darts Knock Out held at D'Pelican Inn. I had promised to do M.C for the night but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to attend. My thanks must go out to David (Moonshine Bar) who covered for me for the night, and I have been informed done an excellent job, that good in fact I have already been asked if I can be sick for the next one too. Sorry and Thanks to all!

MOANS AND GROANS - We are starting to enjoy this and more and more players are talking about the points you are raising ,keep it coming that's what it's here for. Remember also that any Point raised in this section or in past issues, that you believe is aimed at, You, Your bar, or Your Team you have the right to reply, we will again keep ALL names of senders confidential.

(1) We are hearing talk going around about, Trophies/Cups being introduced into the Tuesday League. If this is the case then we believe they should be for the Premier League only, giving the better players/teams a reason to be playing there. Leave the Fun League to play for what it plays best FUN!
(2) It has been stated that in certain bars Dartboards are falling well below an acceptable level of usability. The game board in any bar must be playable, if you are using more than one board on a match night they must all be serviceable. It cant be a great outlay for a bar to replace the board every couple of years. WE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!
(3) Language at the Oche, don't forget that when you are saying things like F**king Sh*t,it is not understood by all that you are cursing yourself, but taken that you are cursing the player you are playing against. We know it's hard but try to cut down on it a little?
(4) Throwers are tending to throw second and third dart when they have already busted, don't do it ,it doesn't look good on you or your team.
(5) Now for one of my favorites and I didn't post it. - Knockouts Must Must Must have some sort of cut off time. It is no good players calling to say they are going to be a little late, and then turning up an hour later because they were watching the Olympics on TV. The Knockout this month will be held at The Moonshine Bar if any player has anything more important to do, like washing their hair, or shopping, please call, we will wait for you, having turned up 15 minutes before the posted start time. We hope you noticed that whatever event you watched at The Olympics, the participants ALL turned up at the official start time for the event!!! - - Again hope you enjoyed the above points, keep them coming.

(1) The point raised last month Foot Over The Oche. Raised a few replies, everything from ,"My shoes are to big" or "I only wear thick shoes so cant feel the strip" to "I don't look down so don't realize my foot is over the Oche" The simple answer to ALL is you are CHEATING!!!
(2) No I am not trying to undermine The Committee's of either the Tuesday League or the Thursday League. This is just another route for players to air their views. I work very close to the organizer's of both leagues, and if any point is raised, that I believe warrants immediate action, it will be passed on to the relevant area/league organizer. Again NO NAMES will be forwarded.
(3) To the person who researched my family background, I think the word you were looking for is love child, the term you were using is very much out of date. It did get me thinking though, whenever I asked my mother where my farther was, she replied "He darted off" I wonder if he played the game too????

(1) ALOHA BAR Friday September 12th. - Come and help celebrate our 2nd Anniversary along with John's Birthday - Free food and a good night don't miss it!
(2) D'PELICAN INN Last Friday every month, Shuffle Board competition, Prizes and the famous Pelican Barbecue not to be missed.
Remember if you are shown on the Darts Bar Page and have an upcoming event none darts related E-mail us we will post it. We must have details before the 25th of the month to be able to add it to News Letter.

COMPLIMENTS - Don't seem to receive too many of these, wonder why? - (1)We are now at the midway point of the season and would like to pass on our thanks to, Owners, Managers and Staff for looking after us so well thus far CHEERS.

(1) "Thai Speak" For Visiting Players
(Eng) I want to go to Sukhumvit Soi 22.
(Thai) Bai Sukhumwit yee sip sorng (karp/kar) (male/female)
(2) What would you like to see in the Newsletter, email us we are open to suggestions?

Well I think that about covers it for this month, please come back next month to see the points raised. DISCLAIMER  -  HARRY IS NOT A RESPONSIBLE PERSON
A Dart in the hand is worth 2 in the 10.  -  HAVE FUN  -  HARRYSEZ  -  sezharry@gmail.com

  Darts Thailand - Gayle's Rumour ControlBack again by popular demand! (yeah right!) I have been flat out with visitors, 3 lots in as many weeks. It is amazing what you can do in one day – Swim at 9am – leave home at 11am - BTS from Phrom Pong – Via Siam – to Saphan Taksin – express Boat (only 22Baht) to Pier 13– walked to Kaosan Road – had lunch – Taxi to MBK – 4 hours there – had foot massage – BTS home – had a few G&T’s – Taxi to night Bazaar – Dinner & Long Island Ice Teas – MRT to Asoke – and we then found ourselves in a bar along Soi Cowboy – walked home at 12.30am ish had then a quiet Baileys! – The next day I let find their own way around. Anyway enough about me. . . .

Rumour had it that Scott (Aloha Bar) was leaving town, I checked sources and this is untrue he has signed a contract with K Harry to play darts for at least another season – I also think he one of the few that have one of those day job things.

Another rumour is that some Captains are stacking their teams, this according to The Committee is untrue, I’m still not convinced, but shall bow too, dear I say superior knowledge. There I have had said it.

Also we (Larry’s Rebels) are guilty of having a ‘ring in’ Last week against the Sports Drink Bar, we were down a player – and I rung Khun Rikki, and he came to play for us. So he is back from early retirement.

Now also among the rumbles is DT Fun League will split into a third league, I have it from the horse mouth, that this will not happen in the foreseeable future – BUT what MAY happen is the fun league splits into two division – and not an A and B – but Darts Thailand - Gayle's Rumour Controlsomething like teams that came 1-3-5-7 in one and 2-4-6-8 in the other. But who really knows of course before any of this happens I am sure we will all get fair warning so we can all voice our opinions.

'Viagra' is now available in powder form for your tea/coffee. It doesn't enhance your sexual performance but it does stop your biscuit going soft. Right well the maid has started to vacuum so it’s time for me to get a coffee.

Until next time
TTFN (ta ta for now)
Email - 


"Not a Discussion"

  Last month's article about Bourbon Street Restaurant introducing soft tip darts to the local darts scene generated a lot of feed-back. Hard core steel tippers called it blasphemous. Of course soft tippers were happy to see it. But an even larger group in the middle are curious - wondering what exactly is soft tip darts - asking if we can have a knockout competition. KaptainX and I went over to talk to Doug Harrison - owner of Bourbon Street and see if he would be interested. He most definitely is and the tentative date set for the "show-down" is Saturday Oct 18th. For this knockout half the games will be played on soft tip the other steel tip. Doug has a team ready to go and all those interested in joining our steel tip team are welcome. Three soft tip boars and two steel tip boards will be available for the event. Doug also assured us that he has a selection of soft tip house darts knowing steel tip players will not want to buy a set for one evening of play. Look for more information on this event in next month's newsletter. - -  Johnny  

  Darts Thailand - Darts SuppliersFAQ - Where can I buy boards, darts and dart supplies? We have a page listing all known suppliers and some on-line darts suppliers. We only list on-line companies that our players actually use. If we've missed you and you sell darts supplies - contact us and we will add you to our list.  

  Sukhumvit Eye is a hardcopy magazine that first hit the stands last January. They write darts reports from our articles and use some of our photos. Click on their logo for their website where you can find locations where their magazine is on sale.  

Darts Thailand - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"


More stories + more delays = more beer consumed and later and later dates that we publish this newsletter. Fortunately Thailand has enough beer on hand to meet our needs - so far.

As always - many thanks to all making this publication grow and put out the word that "Darts are Alive & Well in Thailand". Now that this is finally online it's finally time for a non-pressure, relaxing, refreshing pint or two or three of draught beer.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem

-  - Johnny "The Big Witkowski"



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