AUGUST  2011


Better late than never again applies to the release of this newsletter issue. We've had a few late added stories to contribute to this but more so due to trying to time the release of this issue with the completion of some major renovation upgrades found here over the entire website.


Darts Thailand was started with a fairly simple theme of basic information to include our dart bar venues page which does extremely well in all major search engines. We know that there are still some dart bars out there that are not listed. If you're an owner or regular in one of these please contact us with your bar's information and we'll be happy to add you to our listing. We receive regular inquires from visitors asking about where they can find a darts bar.

Having DT grow with no plan for expanding meant that the total navigation of everything on the site was sometimes less than smooth. Many pages kind of dead ended. The most noticeable change is the new navigation drop-down menu found now at the top of every page. This menu is user friendly along with the DT Help Desk at the bottom of all pages to allow the user to continue on to any point on the site. We still have some areas that will be upgraded to include our links & darts suppliers pages. As always - we appreciate your input on pointing out mistakes we've made or points that we've overlooked. - - The DT Staff

Congratulations to all the Thai players doing well at the recent Kuala Lumpur tournament. Thai players doing well and winning at the international level is nothing new as many reading this from around the world may recognize some of Thailand's more formidable players in the photo upper right.


But who we want to introduce you to here is a truly remarkable up and coming superstar of Thai dart players - Miss Hattaya Kanjanarungsima or nickname - Ploy. The lovely Miss Ploy - the champion in the women's singles event - most impressive in itself even more so when you consider her year (yes singular one-year) of playing experience. Natural talent plus her calm, laidback but confident personality which allowed her to remain unruffled and play at her best in the finals on the main stage with an audience watching. When I asked if she was nervous in the final - she replied - no.


Ploy is a member of the TG AOT (Thai Airlines) Darts Team playing out of the Singha Darts Club in the BIDL (Bangkok International Darts League). She works for the Airport of Thailand LTD. Asked what got her interested in darts she said watching friends and with the talented players on the TG team she had some fine players to watch and learn from. Ploy uses Target Silica darts. Had the opportunity to meet up with Ploy and her team at the Silver Dollar but missed the match. Hoped to get a group photo but it was a fast match - no surprise that - when I saw their score sheet.

I'd missed a great doubles round with Watanyut and Ploy as partners. BIDL doubles are a 601 game. Watanyut led off followed by Ploy for this game result - 180 - 140 -140 - 100 - 41 (41 out in two darts). That's a 14 dart out 601 game with an 11 dart out being the perfect game. Now I don't care who you are or where you play darts in this big world - that's some great darts!


I asked Ploy what she'd like to say to Darts Thailand readers. "I like to come out and meet friends and play darts and enjoy meeting new people and socializing which is all part of darts. I hope to meet you at the darts oche." Keep your eye on this lovely young darts player as I'm sure that you will be seeing many more of Ploy's future accomplishments as one of Thailand's up and coming darts superstars. GO BACK UP

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Darter of the month

Full Photo Gallery - Miss Nam - Darter of the Month - Aloha Bar

TDA (Thailand Darts Association) will be issuing ID Cards to all league members. With your player ID number there will be no more confusion of players with the same name. Unlike many other darts leagues most players here only use a first name or nickname. We've already begun collecting players' registration forms including photos. We now have an approved card and printing has started. Registration forms are available from team captains or at the Sportsman Bar or you can download a PDF form - CLICK HERE.

We've been receiving registration forms and photos but we need all players playing in the leagues. Photos should be passport / visa quality. If you do not have any of these and have no need for them other than this card then I can take a photo of you for this purpose.
  TDA ID Cards for all Darts Players in Thailand - Get yours now
Mention it to you team members who will also need a photo so we can get as many people together in one place at one time for these photos. - Johnny

Darts Bar of the Month

Most happy to report that we've recently been contacted by Hua Hin's top darts player who also runs the Hua Hin Dart League in his spare time - the always affable Rune. Seems that the friendly darts folk in Hua Hin are ready for another friendly challenge match. Was a while since the last one but didn't think it was that long ago till I dug up these pics from the DT photos - file from Nov 2007. Think it's well past time for a rematch. The rematch will consist of a Saturday play in Hua Hin and one in Bangkok with a format similar to our LSDL and their HHDL. Last meeting there were enough players to have A and B teams playing in two venues in each location. Will hope to have dates set and announced by next month. Last one was a great time for our Bangkok darters. We hired a van and left midday Friday and returned on midday Sunday. Interested Bangkok players can contact us here at DT to sign up for the Bangkok team.


Bangkok Darts Leagues Update - July 2011 - LSDL - BIDL - BMDL

The LSDL & BMDL are now in between seasons and the BIDL has a few matches remaining in their current season. The date for the upcoming combined leagues end of season party will be announced at the end of the BIDL season. All team captains will need to get a list of their team members who will be attending the party.

This is needed to better plan for the party and insure that there enough food prepared but not too much so as to be wasted. For those with some creative ideas for special awards or gag awards - the medals you've seen members receive at recent league parties - please let us know or email your ideas to DT. We'll need this as soon as possible to design them and then submit the artwork to the trophy shop.


Starting in the upcoming season there will be a entry fee for all teams to cope with rising operational costs. An entry fee of 2800 Baht per team/per season in LSDL and BIDL will apply. Payment of your entry fee is made to TDA prior to the start of the season. Any questions in regard to entry fees should be addressed to Mr. Vichai Govindani - president of TDA (Thailand Darts Association) Mobile number: 081-811-4847. GO BACK UP


Bangkok Darts Sponsored by TDA, Singha Darts Club, The Sportsman and D'Pelican Inn - 2011 DartsThailand

2011 LSDL Darts League, BIDL Darts League, BMDL Darts League

Another two darts bars are now only memories in the darts annals of Bangkok - Bada Bing in Queen's Park Plaza - Sukhumvit Soi 22 and Larry's Dive on Sukhumvit Soi 22. I personally enjoyed shooting (Nikon D90) in both these venues as they had sufficient lighting that I was able to shoot darters in action without flash and need of a tripod - pictured above Boggs on the left and Simon on the right. The former Bada Bing has been renovated and is under new management with a darts board. Talked to one of the girls an believe the new

name is Classic Club. No new sign up when I was there but will confirm that when new owners are there and will have that information in next month's newsletter. Larry's Dive website has a message that they are moving to a new location. If they will have a darts board in their new location was not mentioned.


Now for the good news. Have been in contact with Nick Wetzel - owner of the Pickled Liver an established bar formerly on Sukhumvit Soi 11/1 now in the process or relocating to their new location on Soi 7/1. Nick is setting up a darts throw in the new Pickled Liver and intends on joining one or more of the leagues. Sure he's interested in all darts players looking for a home venue on Soi 7/1. Nick hopes to have the the bar operational sometime this week. The darts area will be on the second level and completion of that will be sometime afterward. They seem to be experiencing some delays in their major renovation construction completion date. Construction delays - here in Bangkok - never would have imagined that considering how our newsletter is always out on time.


Jayke's Take - Darts Analyst Jayke's Take - Darts Analyst
Welcome back to another Newsletter and another serious look at the darting world. This month a tale that isn't for the feint hearted, so kids please look away as we delve into the afterlife with a chilling tale from the oche.
'Wooooooooooooo Matron. What a Carry On'
Former bus conductor and avid crossword fan, Fred Beagle has contacted Darts Thailand with a tale to make

your toes curl. Beagle aged 76 of Potnoodle Lane,

Huddersfield, Yorkshire in England told us ' I was settling down with a cup of Horlicks to watch 'Countdown' on Channel 4 and blow me...........there it was. It was the ghost of bleeding Hattie Jacques playing darts in me front room as bold as brass'.

70's bawdy fat actress Hatty Jacques (real name Hatstand Jacques Cousteau) was best know for playing the lardy nurse in the series of Carry On films died several years back apparently, perhaps from eating too many pies.


'Bleeding cheek' continued lunatic and former psychiactric patient Beagle. 'The council don't pay my rates so

some 3rd rated actress' entity can have free use of me dartboard.' When asked about the 'ooh matron' stars darting abilities he said ' she wasn't bad to be honest. She managed to throw darts with one hand and

eat a chocolate eclair with the other'. Beagle ironically was forced out of his previous home as he claimed that the spirit of Dwane Doberman from 'The Phil Silvers Show' haunted his bread bin. We at Darts Thailand tried to contact that bird from the X Files re her thoughts on the plump spirit and would she be interested in investigating but we didn't have enough credit on our phones.


So proof that darting lives beyond the grave. If any of our readers have had similar encounters- perhaps Liberace roams your hallway playing mincy darts or Ghandi appears for a spooky game of Mickey Mouse in your pantry- please contact

us here at DT and we'll send round our crack team of inverstigators. So until next time all you darting folk - don't have nightmares and dart well.

And finally this month we bring you a new feature.  GO BACK UP

D'Pelican Inn on Sukhumvit Soi 22 is the place to find one of Bangkok's most popular darts events - the Ladies Knockout. You see some really fine darts by some of the most talented darts players in Thailand - the ladies. And all the men have to do is drink and cheer on their favorite lady. D'Pelican's Tom & Matt know how to run a great show always with new surprises for all. Everyone is a winner with a chance at some great draw prizes and the more you drink - the better your chances of winning - you receive one draw ticket with each drink. Hope to see one and all at this event. For a location map or to learn more about D'Pelican Inn - check out their website - CLICK HERE.
The PEA Darts Open is one of the major annual Bangkok tournaments where you can expect to find some of Thailand's top players competing as well as players from abroad. By next month's newsletter we will have a printable location map with instruction written in Thai for those using a taxi. An example (without written Thai) from last years PEA Open can be found from the drop-down menu under calendar. For you techy types using Google Earth or Maps you can copy and paste in either of the following listed coordinates for a map of their location. (13.850859,100.558127) - (+13° 51' 0.02", +100° 33' 25.88").

SOFT TIP DARTS  Received a flyer from our friend Thino of Medalist about their upcoming tournament. Advert has a lot of nice artwork but unfortunately no details such as prize breakdown - type events or registration and or entry fees or address of Mida City Resort. Nor does their website listed on their advert (www.mmeplc.co.th). Come on Medalist - lets try and get your act together! We do know that you need a Medalist Rating before you can play in any of their tournaments. If Medalist releases the details of their upcoming event we'll list that in next month's newsletter.


NOTE - DT lists all known darts events both steel-tip and soft-tip. Soft tip events are highlighted (as above) for clarification as some people assume that we only promote steel-tip. Also many darts events on our Events Calendar are received at short notice and do not appear in this section of the newsletter. Be sure and check the Events Calendar for all upcoming events.

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Best Darts Editor 2011

Slowly but surely we hope to get this newsletter released somewhere closer to the first of each month. Remember all contributing writers are welcome here and we look forward to hearing more about darts from other areas of Thailand. Would also like to feature darts bars outside Bangkok. If you are interested in having yours featured as the "Dart Bar of the Month" please contact us.

If you're a darter traveling to Thailand by all means pack your darts. New to Thailand? Contact us and we'll point you in the direction of the nearest darts bar. Traveling in a group and want an impromptu darts match - no problem.

Johnny "The Big Witkowski"


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AUGUST   2011

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