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Darts Practice
Warm up and Darts Practice. There is no secret method when it comes to practice or warming up for a game of darts other than to say that whatever method used if it gets the desired results then it works. Consider adoption of the issues covered in last month’s article that all practice is good practice when executed well with discipline.

So with good technique in mind let’s move on to this month’s good habits.

Before any practice session can take place one must warm up. I believe that warming up with good habits is just as important as anything aforementioned.

Firstly, don’t waste time, a warm up session is all about awakening muscle memory and lasts much less time than a practice session. Get your beer, go to the toilet, and light your cigar before you start. Be selfish, knuckle down, others will come along and want to play with you while you’re warming up/practicing. Though you can’t prevent them from using the board, if they want to play with YOU then they shouldn’t mind waiting until you have finished your routine which again with practice shouldn’t take more than 10 -15 minutes. If they are wise they will use this time in a similar fashion.

At the outset mentally divide the board into quarters. In each of these quarters you will find at least two numbers that are regularly required to hit in games of 501 be it treble or double. Take on one quarter at a time in a clockwise direction.

General accuracy is the first thing to achieve when warming up / practicing. Utilize the good habit of throwing at that target the size of the semi-bull and don’t deviate from this until you feel accurate.
Next, still in quarters, move onto specific targets of the board where you score, 18, 17, 19 and 20 plus the bull. Here you are not looking to hit your target every time but looking to be accurate within that semi-bull margin with all three darts repeatedly. From there you move onto specific doubles, these are the doubles that you would deliberately leave yourself, but throw all three at that double regardless of success 6 if need be. It is not necessary in my opinion to throw a pre determined number of darts at every double and treble during warm up, you will discover why as you improve.
Last thing throw 3/6 more darts at the target you will score on in your game.
You are now ready to take on the opposition.

An important note.

Not all boards are hung to the same measurement; if you are playing on a strange board you may need to step away or in fractionally and throw to correct this. If you feel the board is high or long – step in gradually until you have made the correction. If hung low or short - step away. You’re bad performance at certain bars may not be your bad form, just bad measurements.

Practice sessions at home or when you have the board to yourself at the bar are just the same as a warm up routine, they’re just more concise, but still very disciplined.

The golden rule is NEVER be drawn into a game until you are ready.

• Adopt good warm up/practice habits

• Start with your semi-bull size target

• Work around the board in quarters

• Be equally proficient on all numbers

• In practice know when to take a break
Next month I’ll deal with etiquette and gamesmanship in darts.

Good shooting
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