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Darts Adivce - Know Your Darts
In last month’s issue we dealt with finishing and knowing your numbers. Like all skill sets it is not essential to know how to finish a game of darts but if you want to be good at the game it is important in maintaining rhythm. Rhythm and tempo are also skill sets that must be developed and I shall expand on those along with repetition in the October issue.

Any dart can be thrown so long as it has the necessary components; point, barrel, cane and flight. The first thing we should consider when finding the perfect dart is weight. Unfortunately there is no easy out for this one, only trial and error will reveal the true weight for each person. Wherever possible when at your local try using as many different dart weights as are available. Pub darts are great for this exercise as no-one will moan at you for ruining their flights, but try this only after you have warmed up, a subject I will cover in October.

Once you have found your ideal weight and are prepared to buy them, consider feel also. Grip is an essential part of the overall game and though there is a different grip for every darter, few good players hold the dart with any force, and for that reason choose a dart that gives good grip without having to choke them to control them. Smooth darts may look the business but they’re useless to you if can’t control them.

The best advice for dart purchase is TWO sets. If you want to improve your game seriously then two exact sets will give you an edge. Firstly when you buy them also stock up with different types of flights and different sizes of preferred cane. Though the weight you buy is best for you, you may find that the flight and or cane they come with do not suit you perfectly. Being able to experiment with alternates with your two sets will enable you to fine tune your darts. Also when practicing throwing 6 darts will speed your improvement that much faster, and lastly if you manage to lose one set it’s not the end of the world.

• Warm up before trying other darts
• Find your ideal weight and feel
• Purchase two exact sets
• Add alternate canes and flights
• Do experiment to fine tune

Now you have perfect darts, next month we’ll perfect your technique.

Good shooting, Ben
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