Sláinte & Toons by Johnny

Greetings and Salutations to all dart players world-wide from the always pleasant warm temperature capital city of Bangkok. Hopefully those of you in the still snowed-in, cold winter climates will shortly see signs of the arrival of springtime. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. My theory of the proof of this coming winter weather reprieve is the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th of the month. Sláinte to all and have a great night of celebration. Many of us dart players here take this special holiday a bit more serious and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year-round.

So am I of Irish heritage? No I’m not and as you may surmise by my surname – Witkowski – Polish heritage. Yes, in fact I’m an American of Polish heritage. So what’s my Irish connection? Decades ago when I first came to Bangkok I searched for a Polish bar or club with darts and a darts team that enjoyed drinking. Now to my great surprise – I found none. But I was advised to check out any of the many Irish bars or pubs with darts. And believe it or not – I was told that any Irish darts team that enjoys drinking is a foregone conclusion. Well, I was correctly advised, welcomed and always had a great night of darts and socializing. Bottom line – darts and the great folks playing the game transcend frivolous disagreements over race, religion or polities.

No darts events update? Actually no, been a bit slow lately. Now we here at DT are well aware of the recent situation and news articles of the probation of darts in Pattaya and more recently here in Bangkok. We are confident that these technicalities will be sorted and darts will continue to be be alive and well in Thailand. As we have stated before – DT does not tolerate any allow or tolerate any criticism of the Thai Kingdom, government or even any darts organizations, associations, league, group or website within. DT is an independent darts news source with no affiliation to any darts organizations, associations, leagues or groups. We have no paid adverts or reason to report other than what our contributors report – our first and foremost purpose to promote darts in Thailand.

Recently one of my toons has be criticized as being sexist, totally inappropriate and and absolutely politically incorrect. Out of respect to you “gals” in the SF area here’s a male dream pinup darts cartoon guy. (below) – DARTS MAN – Eat your hearts out girls !

I am – at best a hack cartoonist. I would like to personally thank those who acknowledge me as being politically incorrect. But sexist, nah not me. I have the highest regard for Thai ladies. Ladies yes – Thai women prefer to be called “ladies” – I respect that fact. DT policy does not use or allow derogatory terms such as “bar girl.” I will confess that some of my caricature gal prototypes have met with before-publication criticism. Can this be explained in politically correct terms? Nope and what a worthless vexation to even consider. Most common request change I receive – Can you make my boobs bigger? This edit is easy even for even a hack cartoonist. Do I “charge” extra for this? No – but I will admit I do usually receive a draught beer “pint-per-boob” for edits. Do I afford male caricature subjects (victims) the same before-publication option? Nope – “keep ’em looking goofy as possible” – hum yes – by request of the Thai Ladies !

That’s basically a bit of our general DT philosophy. Our “bottom line” remains as always – promote darts by showing darts players doing what they do best – playing darts – socializing & interacting – having a great time illustrated with our photos and cartoons. In this article I’ve selected current and past cartoons which I hope you see as promoting darts – especially in the Kingdom of Thailand. Do I over empathize our attractive travel destination attributes – yes indeed – guilty as charged. Now I do in fact hear a pint of draught beer calling me from my local darts haunt. So until next time or I have the pleasure of meeting you at a darts oche – Sláinte – – Johnny

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