TBT vol. 011 – Sawasdee-kop by Johnny


Welcome or welcome back to DT’s latest article in our TBT series. Flaming Moe’s was a major darts venue or maybe even the most popular Bangkok darts joint in its day. For sure it was one of my all time personal favourites. Even on non-event or non-league nights – you could always expect to find darts players looking for a game on their active dartboard. Locals both Thai & expat and visitors from everywhere in Thailand & internationally came here looking for non-stop darts action.

A “Simpsons” theme bar – Flaming Moe’s was a popular “must visit” Bangkok destination. Drink an infamous Flaming Moe multi-alcohol, huge drink & you get your name and hometown up on their wall. Prices were not listed in Thai Baht but in Simpsons Bart. Flying off their shelves – selling as fast as they were able to order them were their t-shirts. Listed on the shirt was the percentage of how “rat free” they were – this number differed depending on printing time of the the shirts. Do you still have your Flaming Moe’s t-shirt?

Flaming Moe’s always had darts events going seen in pics here. As always we remember those departed friends. Our Main Objective – remembering the happy times that we shared together. We sure do hope that these pics bring back some happy memories for you. If we haven’t heard from any of you (pictured) for a while – please comment here or contact us at DT.

Aside from supporting their own teams in various Bangkok darts leagues of the time – Flaming Moe’s always had some kind of darts special event going on. Move their pool table against the front window and poof – an efficient food buffet table plus ample space to set up a second darts throw. For its size it was an amazing two-dartboard venue. And when even a larger dartboard venue was needed – Flaming Moe’s partnered up with Moonshine Pub only steps away in the plaza. Many a great time was had in the name of darts at these venues.

Ah, looking back at me favourite darts bar and how many photos am I in? None. I prefer to shoot darts behind the scene with me always trusty Nikon camera. I did manage to be included in a darts weekly update in the Bangkok Times Sports section with my league 160 close. My personal darts highlights are nothing compared to my most valued friendships that I have acquired here at DT.

Until our next timely – update report – stayed tuned. – Johnny – DartsThailand.com

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