Why Darts 24 October 2014

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FRIDAY, 24 October 2014 Why Darts night was, as usual, another fun night of darts. Our good friend Otto joined us again as he just returned to Thailand on vacation. Welcome back Otto! For this night’s match, OTTO/ JOHNNY/ MAI were selected for one team and BENNETT/ TIA/ CW were on the other team. In the first game, Otto showed us that he still knew what to do on the oche by closing 52 with a single 12 then double-20. Way to go Otto! The second game saw Tia throw a 108 score, but it was not enough to stop Johnny from closing 53 with a single 13 then double-20 to give his team a 2-0 lead in the match. Good stuff Johnny! In the third game, Otto scored a 108 but it was Captain Bennett that took the point for his team by closing 32 with a single 8 then double-12 to make it a 2-1 match. The fourth game of the match got down to double-1 and Johnny finally closed it saying it was time for a smoke break. With the match now 3-1 in favor of Otto’s team starting the fifth game, Captain Bennett stepped up to the oche and checked out on double-20 to make it a 3-2 match. Way to go Bennett! The sixth game of the match was a little slow on closing until Johnny checked out on double-1 to extend his team’s lead to 4-2. In game seven, Tia said it was time for her team to make a move to get back in the match and promptly checked out on double-3 to make it a 4-3 match in favor of Otto’s team. Game eight saw both team’s fighting it out and hitting some good scores but when Johnny’s self proclaimed favorite closing number came up again, he promptly checked out on double-1, for the third time in the match, which gave his team a 5-3 advantage. That is how this night of Why Darts finished. With their 5-3 score in this match, Otto’s team won the coveted Why Darts Trophy on this night of Why Darts. Otto was chosen as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match. Way to go Otto!! Another fun night of Why Darts with good friends, good darts and good times, at a good bar. If you are a beginner to intermediate darts player, get along well with others and just want to have some fun (fun being the key objective), come join us for FRIDAY night Why Darts at New Cowboy Bar & Restaurant, Sukhumvit Soi 22. As always, looking forward to the next WHY DARTS match on FRIDAY, 31 October 2014. CW

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