Chris & Dee Visit NCB by Simon


In this update from one of many fun Friday night darts at the New Cowboy Bar:-
Kenny said “You have something important you have to say.”

Strangers become friends

The perils of travelling with tools of the trade

Crossword distractions

We were privileged on this night to be joined by two distinguished guests from far afield, indeed a field not far from where some of us regulars became acquainted with this great game. Chris and his wife, the delightful Dee dropped into the New Cowboy Bar to join us. Dee explained that she would not be joining in with the play but I’m sure that was just to spare us and let someone else win a few legs! The lots were drawn, the pairs decided and we were off! Well my darts were off all over the place. Chris, with a keen eye and a steady hand on the oche proved himself to be a most worthy opponent indeed with numerous respectable scores as we wended our way down the fabled double out. Why, do I hear you say, “our way?” For your correspondent on this night was none other than his doubles partner! My humble contribution was to hit a couple of doubles to wrap up some legs, it was the least I could do (I’ve always hated that expression!) See you on your next trip over…

At the end of the evening Chris displayed his travelling darts case, not so much a case as a travelling darts wonderland wardrobe! A fantastic array of darting necessities which brings me conveniently on to my next point. The perils of travelling with our arrows. Darts in your carry on is a definite no no, in a hurried horrid packing frenzy I once left my darts in my backpack only of course to be found after checking in my hold luggage. After trying the line of “The flights are not in so they’re not loaded” came up against a total sense of humour failure, my bag was retrieved from the depths of Houston Hobby Airport’s bowls so that MY PRECIOUS and I would not be forever parted. A humble apology and thanks to all those involved in making this happen, (Just in case they’re reading this.) There have also been several occasions of having to explain the presence of three sharp pointy things in my check-in luggage as well but after seeing the pleading look on your correspondent’s face they have always given me an understanding if not sympathetic smile and not parted me from MY PRECIOUS…

26_simon_pro_surin_darts_master_sharpshooter_bangkokQuite often during the course of a darting evening, there comes a point when the dart play grinds to a complete and utter halt, albeit a temporary one. It will normally start with a distracted contestant being late to the oche (shock, horror), but peeked with curiosity, the other contestants will drift over to see what is so important that play has been delayed! An unfinished crossword! Is there anything more annoying? Heads are scratched, a few “Oh yea, of course” are uttered and play resumes once more.

Oh and by the way, Kenny checked 115…

For those of you with your speakers turned on, I apologise for the loud THUD just now, that was Johnny falling off his chair in shock that I have finally got around to writing this!!! – – Simon “The Surin Sharpshooter”

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