DARTS DARLING Miss Villai by Tim

It is my very real pleasure to introduce this month’s Darts darling Villai (her name is pronounced as “we lie”, but I assure you that we don’t lie when we say she has a sparkling personality that matches her lovely appearance).

Villai is from Maha Sarakham, a town on the Chi river 87 kilometres from Khon Khaen in the Isaan region. Maha Sarakham is a very pleasant town that I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago, it is famous for its educational institutes including six colleges and two universities, and it also sports a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) academy.

Villai is a valuable member of the Don’t Tell Mama darts team in Jomtien, with whom we at the New Cowboy team have had many good matches, the last one being in Jomtien on January 21 this year. She also became an honorary temporary member of the New Cowboy team when we played Buddy’s Bar at Sukhumvit soi 89 on February 17, as she was visiting Bangkok at the time. She is an accomplished pool player and a great cook, she likes to cook with red wine – and sometimes she even puts it in the food she is cooking!

She was an absolute joy to photograph, as she instinctively took up pose after pose with very little prompting, and of course she has a natural poise and charm. Villai has a sweet personality to match her looks, but as she was born under the Chinese sign of the tiger it would be as well to avoid taking her good nature too much for granted!

“Timmy Olsen”

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