UPDATE – New Cowboy – OPEN – New Ownership

Classic Bangkok Darts Venue – remains open now under new ownership! New name – “B52 / NEW COWBOY” – Darts Club & Restaurant – the new owner is Miss Ja from B52 Bar. Miss Ja is no newcomer to the Bangkok darts scene. Herself a player, she can have a competitive darts team ready for any competition, right now.

My apologies to our DT followers asking me – “What will be the future of this classic Bangkok Darts Venue?” – I admit that I was privy to some of the “insider happenings” to this business transition. But because, I was asked to wait to announce any developments till it actually happened – I have. So, here’s the deal as it now stands:

1) “B52 / New Cowboy” – fully operational & still open for all business.
2) New photos coming – when Miss Ja finishes her current renovations.
3) All regulars remain the same, even that Welsh guy Liverpool FBC fan.

For you, our DT followers – Miss Ja’s new innovations will be announced with photos as they happen, although the newly proposed Olympic-size roof top swimming pool on their building is still under critical debate. Additional goofy DT news will be published as DT corespondents sober up – if ever!

In all seriousness, long-time fans of New Cowboy bid a sincere yet, sad farewell to Miss Tia. Speaking for myself – Miss Tia, you’ve kept a bunch of us foreigner “farang” types (sometimes inebriated) at bay with some of your wise “native gal” Isan words. Now, now Miss Tia ain’t really going to retire. She will remain at “B52 / New Cowboy” to help with a smooth transition. But she already has plans to open a new restaurant in her hometown. Wishing “Good Luck” to Miss Tia on this venture.

The photos included with this post are from DT’s poorly managed & totally unorganized massive collection of great folks having a good time socializing & playing darts. I truly hope these pics bring back some happy memories.

Until DT’s next report – I wish you well & please get out and patronize your regular local – otherwise it may not be there when this dreaded virus is over. – Johnny – DartsThailand.com

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