Suk Dart League Meeting Report – by Johnny

Sawadee-kop (Greetings) from the great “City of Angels” – Bangkok. Now I will admit that after many years, I’ve yet to meet or actually see one of these angles. But over the decades there have been countless numbers of dedicated travelers, explorers here on a quest to meet one. To be fair, many have been very successful. Good on yah, but back to me darts update.

This report on the “Sukhumvit Social Darts League” Captains Meeting was a really nice experience for me. I haven’t played league darts for years and it was like an army unit or high-school reunion. I had a really great time meeting up with some of the “old guys” – as well as the “new guys.” But I wasn’t there as a participant, just as a beer drinking / photographer.

DT’s primary objective is to provide as much Thai darts information as possible. A common question we receive at DT is about Bangkok Darts leagues. Currently there are two. “Sukhumvit Social Darts League” Steel-tip & “Phoenix Darts Thailand” Soft-tip. Links found below. Phoenix league has excellent web presence and is easily found on any search engine with up-to-date league standings & pics. To be fair, I plan a future feature on this league, although they hardly need DT to improve their web presence.

And also to be fair, “Sukhumvit Social Darts League” has absolutely no web presence. No website, no FB page, no nothin’. When kindly invited to attend this meeting by Jack, the league’s administrator &, head-honcho, I said yes. But he was a bit put off when I told him that the league’s name – commonly referred to was “Sukhumvit Secret Darts League.” Hopefully this paragraph will motivate someone to at least give this league a FB web presence.


The Last Drop
Hot Spot (Kiwi)
B52 / New Cowboy
Buddy’s Bar

The upcoming season will have 12 teams hosted out of the above listed nine venues. NOTE – Hot Spot on Soi 24 is a soft-tip venue but play steel-tip out of Kiwi on Soi 8. – – B52 / New Cowboy is the new name of “one” venue formally known as New Cowboy. – – Buddy’s Bar, is the Soi 22 venue of their four Bangkok locations.

I sure do hope this article has brought some understanding and clarity of the current Bangkok Darts Leagues scene to you. Personally, I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. Actually, it’s done my head in and I’m more than ever in need of a cold refreshing draught pint. Until next time, good darts & stay well. – – Johnny –

Phoenix Darts Thailand

Sukhumvit Social Darts League
Hideaway Bar

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