DTM vs NCB – Match 2 – by Bennett


Last February 20, the much awaited 2nd round of the NEW COWBOY BAR – DON’T TELL MAMA BAR Darts friendlies was hosted by the NCB Darts team in their home turf at the New Cowboy Bar in Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok.


NCB resident masters Ken Illand and Johnny Witkowski were the first guys at the venue and were already having their first drafts when yours truly arrived at around half past five that afternoon. About a few minutes later, the duo Jayar and Jen arrived. It was some sort of the cue for the Don’t Tell Mama Bar players because, as soon as we entered the bar for warm up throws, they started arriving led by team captain Steen Laursen and DTM owner Bert with his lovely wife in tow from their hotels nearby.

After the initial chitchat and the welcome from NCB team manager P’Tia, players were accounted for and the visiting DTM players outnumbered the hosts, 15 players to 10 so at the suggestion of Jayar and to accommodate the visitors, we decided to have a doubles and 3-man team match up.

It was a brilliant start for the NCB team as the petite and sweet throwing Jen checked out back to back 40’s on double tops to race to a 2-0 lead.

The usually quiet AEG fought back with a check out of 20 on the third leg but his team with Thomas wasn’t able to sustain any momentum as the fast throwing and on form Jayar hit the first 180 of the friendlies en route to checking out a 36 with a single 4 and double 16 for the win. NCB 3-1 DTM.

SECOND DOUBLES MATCH. Bennett/Jessica (NCB) V. Stig/Peter (DTM)
It was a brave stand for NCB with the lovely Jessica shooting valiantly for the hometeam with her tonne and great production but unfortunately, she and yours truly were whitewashed 2-0 with Stig checking out an 8 and team mate Peter a 16 for the win. NCB 0-2 DTM. Note: the game was changed from a race to three to a best of three format due to time constraints and by popular request.


Yar of the visiting DTM team checks out the first mad house outing but the vivacious Jit of the NCB husband and wife team of Simon and Jit fires back with an outstanding single dart on the double 4 for a check out to force a decider. However, it was John of DTM who checked out a 20 for the W. NCB 1-2 DTM.

Resident NCB photographer and scribe Johnny must have gained tunnel vision from a recent eye surgery as he was dead on on a double tops check out for the first leg of their match. However, DTM’s Malcom was not to be outdone as he forced a decider with a check out on double 15. NCB’s Michigan Brawler CW secured the match for the home team with a double nine check out. NCB 2-1 DTM

FIFTH DOUBLES MATCH. Kenny The Darts/ Colin (NCB) V. Trond/Patrick (DTM)
Rocker Lemmy look-alike and funny man Ken “KTD” teamed up with the affable Colin for the home team to face DTM’s Trond and Patrick. Trond checked out the second mad house outing for the night and team mate Patrick fired a single 3 and a double 18 check out for the match. NCB 0-2 DTM

SIXTH DOUBLES MATCH. Bennett/Mamoru (NCB) V. Phil/Steen (DTM)
Late comers Mamoro and girlfriend Sam were supposed to be playing this match but instead yours truly stood in for Sam as she was feeling under the weather that night. Yours truly checked out the third mad house outing for the night but DTM’s Phil was not to be outdone as he fired back with a double 2 check out to force a decider. The usually game Tomadachi Koseki Mamoru checked out a double 7 to take the match for NCB. NCB 2-1 DTM.

FIRST MATCH. Tom/Sven/Yar (DTM) 2-0 KTD/Colin/Johnny.
DTM’s Tom checked out a double 8 for the first leg then team mate Sven checked out the fourth mad house outing for the night to draw first blood in the three-man team match ups.

SECOND MATCH. Mamoru/CW/Bennett (NCB) 0-2 Paul/Stig/John (DTM)
DTM took another match with Paul checking out a double 5 and John a double 4 for a possible whitewash in all the three-man team match ups.


THIRD MATCH. Simon/Jessica/Jit (NCB) V. Paul/Peter/Porn
The father/mother/daughter team of Simon, Jit and Jessica of NCB averted a whitewash of the NCB by DTM in the three-man team match ups by securing a win for the home team. Unfortunately, yours truly already had a drink too many at this stage that i am relying on the big W that is scribbled in the notes for this write up and cannot remember who checked out what. lol.
AFTER the three man team match up, another group game match up was on but I leave it to those who finished the game to tell the story of how it went.

At any rate and by all accounts, it was a successful 2nd round staging of the New Cowboy Bar- Don’t Tell Mama Bar friendly darts match up. It was nice having you DON’T TELL MAMA BAR!!!!!
Bennett with notes courtesy of Jayar.

“The Igorot Darts Warrior”


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