Darts Friendly Match #4 – by Johnny


13 Aug 2016 – Match #4 – The “friendly darts challenge” between “Don’t Tell Mama” (Jomtien) and “New Cowboy Darts Club” (Bangkok) has become one of the most popular, widely anticipated darts events regularly rotating between these two leading darts host venues. And the latest match at New Cowboy proved yet another great meeting of these two darts camps. New Cowboy’s own Mis Tia had the venue and all her excellent staff well prepared with some new surprises and most importantly insuring the beer & booze stocks were at their max capacity – learning from DTM’s last visit.


Some have questioned how this popular association between DTM and NC came about. Fact is that our two darts venues have a dart player following due to popularity as darts venues especially because the special events held in each. Noticing each other’s darts popularity on FaceBook – I had the great pleasure to meet my good friend Steen via FB and we discussed the possibility of a friendly challenge match. It should be noted that this didn’t just happen “poof” – but involved some extra work on the part of many not to mention a major factor – having great host darts venues willing to support such ideas. And that’s the rest of the story.

Game day and about 5 PM the early arrivers from both teams started to show up for darts warm up and some refreshing beverages. Captain Steen and crew arrived and we were disappointed to learn that the proprietors of DTM the lovely Mai and less than lovely Robert had to cancel their trip due to Robert having to go to the hospital. Hope all went well Robert as none of us here were even aware of you not only being a doctor but a skilled on-call surgeon as well. If you’re a darts player learning about Don’t Tell Mama Bar, Jomtien Beach for the first time here – it is most definitely a must see & visit darts venue in the Pattaya area. Be sure to call-in and meet the ever affable hosts Mai and Robert and darts captain Steen.


Miss Tia had a new surprise for this match – the “Miss Tia Ticket” a free drink ticket. Winning one of these was from a lucky draw bucket where you would pull a rolled up paper slip that had written on it either “have” or “no have”. This proved popularly received by all and I have it form a good source that Miss Tia will continue this special on a more regular basis be it for darts gatherings or any lucky patron getting a pull in hopes of a “have” slip of paper. Once again the New Cowboy kitchen staff did an outstanding job putting on a virtual feast. When the dinner is served announcement was made there was a short break in the darts action whilst all partook of some great food.

Seems a unique tradition of our friendly darts challenge series was started by Miss Mai on our first meeting at DTM. This tradition – cracking open a few bottles of sambuca poured into shot glasses for all participants and repeated. This does of course further enhance the overall atmosphere and general feeling of comradery – so this was a great idea Mai. But I do have one question – does anyone actually enjoy sambuca?

The darts – yes we were gathered for darts. As soon as we had enough players present we began the singles involving all participants. This was followed by some doubles matches and capped with a beer leg 1001. Some post match games continued on into the night. Our game plan in these friendlies is to begin as early as possible, maximize possible games during the match and finish the official match early enough to allow visitors time enough to get out and about to see the local attractions. Some of us stayed the distance and I won’t even pretend to remember what time that ended.


Although I was lucky enough to play a game or two, my main focus on the night was getting as many photographs as possible. Asked how I decide which pics to publish – I do my best to get pics of all participants. Shooting in New Cowboys low light without flash – many pics are blurred or have someone walking in front of the lens. My apologies to anyone’s photo that I’ve missed. A great time was had by all attending and many thanks to our host Miss Tia and her excellent staff. Already looking forward to our next match at Don’t Tell Mama and we’ll announce details of that when the date is set.

Good Darts !
Johnny Witkowski
Darts Thailand


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