Miss Pam – DT’s New “Darts Darling” by Johnny

Greetings & Wishing You All the Best in 2021! – – Ain’t starting out so great, but we move on. Now for some good news. Introducing DT’s January 2021 Darts Darling – the lovely, ever affable, vivacious – Miss Pam. She is quite the gal! Pam’s title at darts venue B52 / New Cowboy is their official DI – “Darts Instructor.” Although Pam has a really bright & bubbly personality she may at first seem a bit on the shy side – until she steps up to the darts oche. She definitely lets her darts do her talking. Miss Pam hails from Nong Khai – a northeastern Thai province on the banks of the mighty Mekong River. Nong Khai is the gateway to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, via the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. Great language education system in this area. Pam, speaks fluent Thai & Lao, of course – as well as excellent English, some Japanese and a bit of Korean & Chinese. Pam aspires to continue her studies and eventually become a nurse. Sincere Best Wishes to You Miss Pam on This Venture ! So what’s the darts scene like in this northeastern part of Thailand? Been years since my last Nong Khai visit. But we do have an expert DT contributor & long-time friend based in the neighboring Province of Bueng Kan also on the Mekong River. Famous sports writer David Brook of “Brookies Sports Bureau.” You may remember David as the popular publican of long time popular Island Larger Bar on Phuket before relocating to Bueng Kan. Hopefully travel will open up again soon. Then we’ll impose on David for a northern on or near the Mekong Darts Scene report. Until then check out David’s “Brookies Sports Bureau” FB page. (All links listed below) – Here at DT we only focus on one sport – darts & in only one country – Thailand. Ah, David’s Brookies covers all sport internationally as well as provided DT with one of our gem interviews from David. Many moons ago whilst knocking back a few brews between 501 games with long-time friend – Paul “Dartoid” Seigel on the outdoor patio of Ned Hughes’s internationally acclaimed Silver Dollar Bar in Bangkok – I mention to Paul that it sure would be nice to get an interview with a big name darts celebrity. Paul knew darts great John Lowe was visiting his long time friend David Brook on Phuket. Paul made the call and after short mobile phone conversation – DT had an upcoming John Lowe interview by David Brook. Again here at DT our focus is on darts but only everything darts in Thailand. When I look for international darts reports, I look at Brookies Sports Bureau. I’m also a long time fan of Dartoid’s World, where Howie Reed’s column is found. There’s also the Thai connection, David based in Thailand and Paul and Howie visiting and involved in darts here for decades. Back to the lovely Miss Pam. As you see on her bio photo pic, Pam’s favorite dart player is Howie Reed. No doubt, she’s got an eye for such a sophisticated, classy dressing, talented darts player. She’s a bit nervous about meeting you at the darts oche, Howie. But she continues to practice. Imagine such a formidable darts doubles team Pam & Howie. – Pam in her sexy, low-cut, sparkling sequin dress & Howie in his stylish, dapper attire. In closing, I’ve not forgotten about updating the progress on the renovations in the B52 / New Cowboy. I’ve been asked by new owner Miss Ja to wait until she completes all changes. – PLEASE NOTE – the photos seen in this article are from a photo-shoot just prior to our most recent virus close-down restrictions. For how long will the current close-down restrictions remain in effect? No Idea. Remember, I’m a musician by trade not a magician. Good Darts . . . Johnny Witkowski DartsThailand.com David Brook – Brookies Sports Bureau https://www.facebook.com/phuketbrookiessportsbureau/ JOHN LOWE IN PHUKET INTERVIEW by DAVID BROOK DT’s Newsletter Volume 013 – February 2008 http://www.dartsthailand.com/darts-thailand-newsletter-feb-2008/ Dartoid’s World – by Paul “Dartoid” Seigel http://dartoidsworld.com Howies Reed’s Column “Toeing The Oche” With the Old Darts Coach


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